No Rules In Bad Ideas

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Bad Idea Thirteen

Chapter Thirteen

Mauricio Reyes

My legs are killing me.

Coach has me running what he calls “killer” drills.

I was late to practice again.

Papa was supposed to pick up the kids from school twice now. Both times he called me saying that he was too drunk to drive. Those two calls only made me want to throw my phone across the school’s parking lot.

“Keep it going, Reyes! Next time don’t be late for practice!” Coach Hollis yells from across the court and I have the sudden urge to flick him off.

I look around the court to see all my teammates playing a game while I’m sweating my balls off.

This is fucking great.

“Come on, Coach! Let me play one game before practice ends,” I yelled across the court and knew he was going to put me in regardless.

He flicked his hand and I let a smile of relief take over my face.

I joined the team on the court and teamed up with the side that has fewer players.

The boys were passing the ball to each other and running around the court. And it felt damn good when I got to score at least one time.

Easton walks up to me, “You still coming over later tonight? After hanging with Malia” I nodded my head, “Yeah, I should be there around eight. That’s if your girlfriend lets me leave the bedroom.”

Oh shit.

No, no. I did not mean it to sound like that.

I can see the way his eyes turned dark and hallowed. The memory of the charity played in his eyes and played in mine.

“I’m sure I’ll be there before eight. Malia did say she was hanging out with Josie after.” I quickly changed the subject and Easton nodded, “Yeah man, maybe we should join them.”

Okay good, back to normal.

I shook my head with a small laugh passing my lips. More like a relieved laugh but it’s all good now.

Coach Hollis blows his whistle and tells everyone to clean up and go home.

“I’ll see you guys tomorrow after school. And Reyes, don’t be late.”

Some of the boys snickered and I walked up to them, flicking all off and telling them to shut up.

“Look at the bright side, Reyes, you wouldn’t have gotten your ass beat by me on the court today if you were in the game longer,” Mark laughed while putting wrapping his arm around my shoulders.

“Please, we both know if I was on that court today? I would’ve beaten your ass.”

The boys laugh and some even agree.

Easton playful rolls his eyes and we all enter the locker rooms where some of the soccer players are cleaning up.

“Yo, Reyes, man I wish you luck on Saturday. Our coach had us doing some crazy exercises today,” Dante, a teammate of mine, scoffed and rubbed his thighs as if he was in pain.

I groaned, “It’s like these coaches want to kill me.”

Fernando, another teammate, was about to say something until he was cut off by an alerting question that came from Joshua.

Joshua Camarie, Josie’s ex, and also against my better judgment my teammate.

“So, Hall, I heard you have a thing for Josie?” Joshua comes up to Elias who’s gathering his stuff for a shower, “I don’t know where you heard that but it’s not true.” Elias’s face turned hard at his question.

Mark bumps his elbow into mine and gives me a confused look. I shrugged not knowing what Joshua was up to.

“Right, so, you’re not dating my ex-girlfriend?” The smug smile on his face looks as if he’s proud to be calling Josie his ex.

That pisses me off.

“We’re just doing a project together,” Elias said already closing his locker.

Before he could leave Joshua had to open his mouth, “Man, you’re missing out. She was good as hell in bed. I hope you’re not lying and getting my leftovers.”

Okay, fuck this.

“I suggest you shut the fuck up before I—” Easton puts a hand on my shoulder and tells me it’s not worth it.

“You know what I think?” Joshua walks past me, eying me down before standing in front of Elias’s who now angry as I am.

“Nobody cares and nobody asked, Joshua. Go take a fucking shower you stink,” I growled at him but he ignores me.

I’m beating his ass after this.

And to think it couldn’t get any worst, he says, “I think we should make a bet. If by the end of semester one you get Josie to kiss you? I’ll give you three hundred dollars. And if you get her to put out? I’ll double it.” Elias rolls his eyes and says, “That’s stupid. What would you get in return?”

I don’t miss the smirk growing on Joshua’s face.

“If she doesn’t kiss or put out by the end of the semester then you have to help me get her back.”

Tyler is quick to step in, “For what? So, you can fuck her then leave her again?”

“Or maybe my intentions are real this time,” He shrugged.

All the boys in the locker room scoffed at this. We’re not stupid to think this asshole’s intentions are true to anybody he dates.

“So do we have a bet in the works?”

I stare hard at Elias trying to figure out what his answer will be. If he says yes I swear to god I’m kicking both their asses. Josie does not deserve the shit they’re planning.

Elias looks at us before saying, “Yeah, whatever man.”

You got to be fucking kidding me.

The fuck is wrong with him.

I don’t even realize Elias already left to take a shower by the time I got myself to calm down.

“I’ll be right back.”

“Mauricio, don’t,” Tyler warns me but I ignore him.

Fuck this.

I go to the showers and walk up to where Elias is. I don’t care if my shoes get wet or my gym clothes do too. This asshole has some fucking explaining to do.

“The fuck were you thinking? Why did you agree?”

I’m this close to throwing him into the wall.

Elias sighs, “Look, I took the bet because I need the money. My little brother’s dad hasn’t paid for child support and I need it to pay for his school.”

Well shit, how can I be mad about that?

“You better hope Josie nor Malia finds out about this.”

“Why Malia?”

“That girl has threatened to slice me open once when I joked about getting with Josie. And I have no doubt she’ll do it to you.”

I almost winced at the memory of her threat. She also threatened to cut my balls off and


Malia Hernandez

Lacrosse practice was good.

It’s been a while since we’ve practiced and it feels very good to be back.

My legs are killing me but it’s still all good.

“Hey, Mal, you going to Mark’s party?” Jasmine, a teammate, comes up to me and almost smacks me across the face with her lacrosse stick.

I rolled my eyes, “It’s his dad’s birthday. Trust me, if Mark was having a party it wouldn’t involve anything that has to do with his dad.”

Jasmine shrugged, “My parents said they’re doing these separate tents. I heard Mark and your group were going to have a private tent though?” Right, we told Mark to make sure we had a private one so Easton and I could hang out for a bit before Jianna got there.

She has some horseback riding competition and will be there late.

“Yes, we do. We just wanted our personal space,” I shrugged and wondered why in the hell it was any of her business.

Maybe it also has to do with the fact Jasmine is one of Jianna’s friends.

Is something going on here?

“I also heard Mark’s step-mom asked you guys to sing at the event? Mauricio and you?”

She just had to remind me.

Jacinda called me the other day and told me all about how she enjoyed the way Mauricio and I sang at the charity event. She wants us to sing at Mr. Thomas’s party as an opening for a band they’re having as special guests starring. We have no idea which brand but I hope they’re good.

I ended up agreeing. Only because Jacinda wanted us there not because it’s Mr. Thomas’s birthday. If the asshole would have asked, I would’ve said no.

When I did first tell Mauricio he refused. He went on and on about how the charity event was enough for showing off his guitar skills. So, of course, I threatened to expose the fact he has Stewie from Family Guy on his boxers. I might also add that it says right on the crotch area, “I have been rather naughty.”

He agreed after, of course, not wanting people to know about his holiday underwear.

“Yeah, it’s good money so we took the opportunity.”

Jasmine was about to speak again but a familiar, annoying voice cuts her off. And yet, my heart still did a small happy flip at the sound of his annoying voice.

“Walk any slower, Myers, and you’re walking home,” Mauricio spoke up from his motorcycle, and I flicked him off.

“You’re an asshole,” I walked up to him and his stupid motorcycle.

The smug look on his face told me he knew exactly how much an ass he was.

“And you’re a brat,” He grabbed my lacrosse stick and tried to act as if he was passing the ball.

He looks stupid.

Wasn’t he the one who taught you most of what you know?


“I’m going to punch you in the face,” I snatched back my lacrosse stick and put it into my backpack pocket.



A minute passes before he mumbles, “You’re not gonna punch me right?”

“No, that would probably hurt my hand.”

“Okay, good,” He nodded his head and I nodded mine.

“You wanna go get food?” He asked and a smile took over my face.

“Oh god yes!”

Since we are ninety-five percent done with the project, we decided at lunch to get some food after school and then go back home to at least finish up a little more of the project.

We’re both heading out to hang with people. Mauricio is going to Easton’s place and I’m going to Josie’s.

It’s been a while since we’ve hanged out with our best friends because of this project. So, we told each other since we’re almost done we could hang out for an hour or two before parting ways. Before we would work until eight pm or sometimes eleven pm.

It’s crazy how fast we finished this project. Elias and Josie are nowhere near done as we are.

It’s going to be a good relief when I finally get all my free time back. And I’m sure Mauricio is also happy we are almost done.

So, why does it feel like I’m losing him in some way?

“I was serious when I said I’d leave you. Get on, already.”

Mauricio was already on his motorcycle, the engine running, helmet on when my thoughts finally left me.

He was staring at me with narrowed eyes and I snatched the extra helmet he was holding up for me.

I got on his damn death machine and put on the helmet.

This time surprisingly he waited until my arms were wrapped around his waist before he drove away from the school.

“Where do you want to go?” He yelled over his shoulder as he drove and I thought for a bit before saying, “Let’s get Jack in the Box.”

I watched as he nodded his head and stopped at a red light, “Damn, well that sucks. We’re going to Wendys,” He shrugged and I glared at the back of his head, “I hate you so much, you know that right? You make me want to grab my bat and hit you with it.”

He chuckled I bet at the memory of when he broke into my room to retrieve his guitar and drove off when the light turned green.

Can I push him off this motorcycle?

He’s being his asshole self again.

You love it.

Maybe a little. I rather have him being an asshole to me than ignoring me like he did the other week. Worst fucking week of my life. That whole week all he gave me was “yes” or “no” answers. Sometimes he would even say “Myers” as if it tasted like toxic on his tongue. It was scary.

We come to a stop and see we’re at Jack in the Box.

A smile took over my face and I am so glad the helmet covers it. I don’t want him to see how big I’m smiling right now.

He pulls off his helmet and says, “Let’s go.”

I cleared my throat, getting off the motorcycle and pulling off the helmet.

My smile stayed on my face the whole time we ate.

I guess sometimes he can be decent.

Just sometimes.


“You like him.”


“What? You do.”

“You do,” Josie’s little brother, Sebastian, says from his room.

Great, even Josie’s little brother thinks I have a thing for Mauricio.

“I don’t like him. All I said was that it was nice to be on speaking terms again,” I sighed, laying back onto her bed.

She rolled her eyes, “Please, I know when you’re lying.”

“I am not lying,” I snorted and shook my head at her, “Mal, you can’t tell me you haven’t thought about kissing him. At least once.” She flopped down next to me and met my green eyes with her brown ones.


“So?” She raised an eyebrow at me.

I stayed quiet for a bit before accepting defeat.

“Fine, I have thought about it. Since we are on the subject I’ve also thought about other things,” I mumbled the ending of my sentence and watched as she dramatically gasped.

“Malia Hernandez. You dirty bitch. Why are you thinking about fucking your boyfriend’s best friend, huh?”

I pushed her slightly, “Don’t put it like that!“, “But it’s the truth! He is your boyfriend’s best friend. He’s also the guy who hates you but doesn’t tell anyone why he does.”

Mauricio has yet to mention why he hates me. He hasn’t opened up to anybody about it and I’m starting to get frustrated.

Is it possible to hate someone for no reason?

I hope not.

“I should have never told you.” I turned away from her, “Oh, come on. Will it make you feel better if I told you that I think of Elias doing stuff to me too?”

Okay, now I’m the one who’s dramatically gasping.

I turn back around, “You dirty bitch...wait—you guys hang out here—oh hells no.” I quickly got up from the bed and stared at it with disgust.

“Calm down, weirdo. I didn’t act on those fantasies. How could I when he won’t even admit he likes me.”

“That obvious?”

“Obvious as you liking Mauricio.”

I flicked her off and sat back down on her bed.

“If I admit I like’ll change everything. It will make me question my love for Easton and I don’t want to put myself in that position.”

“What position?” Josie sat up and put her hair in a bun.

“In a position where I have to choose,” I shrugged and she nodded her head, “And who would you choose?” I stared at her with my eyebrows brought together.

Who would I choose?

It’s bad enough I’m questioning it.

“I don’t know. And that’s not going to be a good enough answer for the three of us. Mauricio will demand an answer, Easton will probably break up with me on the spot, and I would be left regretting I ever admitted to feeling something more than hate towards Mauricio.”

Josie gave me a sad look and said, “Well, it’s a good thing neither of you has feelings for each other, right?” I nodded my head agreeing, “Right, besides, Mauricio feeling something more than hate for me? Please, that guy can barely go a day without reminding me how much he hates me.”

“That boy hates you so much,” Josie laughed.

“I hate him just as much.”


Mauricio Reyes

“I fucking hate your dad.”

“And I hate your dad.”



I nodded my head as we played basketball

Easton and I just got done discussing all the shit our dads have done this week.

Let’s just say Easton’s dad is once again pressuring him to be better and my dad is still getting drunk as always.

“You boys coming back in for a snack?” Mrs. King yells from the house and we turn to her.

“Yeah, mom, thanks. Be there in just a second,” Easton replied.

I jumped up to throw the ball into the hoop.

“I won,” I gave Easton a smug look and he cursed under his breath. “I was distracted, it doesn’t count, man.” He grabbed the ball and dribbled it between his feet.

I rolled my eyes, “Nah man, I won. Let’s go inside anyways. I need to check up on Reuben.”

Reuben ended up coming with me here. He said he wanted to hang out with Denzel which Easton and I teased him for on the way here. Easton even gave him the girlfriend’s brother talk which cracked me up. It consisted of a lot of punching threats and tracking him down. The look on Reuben’s face was what made it all better. He looked so terrified and when Denzel came down to take him upstairs to her room, he looked at Easton he gave him a look which made Reuben tell her if they could hang in the living room.

Easton threw back the ball at me and I caught it.

We walked into the house to see both kids watching television, eating the small sandwiches Mrs. King made.

When we got to the kitchen Mr. King was there. He was eating some of the sandwiches while reading something on his face.

I saw the way Easton tensed up and straighten himself up at the sight of his dad.

Shit, I did the same thing.

If I could punch Rafferty King in the face I would.


Mr. King looked up at his phone and placed both eyes on us.

He gave us a curt nod, “Boys. You two playing basketball?” I was about to give a smart-ass comment but Easton spoke before. He knew what I was already trying to do. It made me snort.

“Yeah, Mauricio won. He cheated on the last one though.”

“You’re just mad I won.”

Both Easton and I laugh but Mr. King seems to be the only one who’s staring hard at his son. Easton notices and tries to change the subject.

“So, you going somewhere?” He pointed down at Mr. King’s suit, “Yes, your mother and I are attending a meeting with Jianna’s parents. You’re taking care of Denzel.” Easton nodded his head already knowing he was going to babysit.

Jianna had already told him about the meeting. Easton just needed something to talk about so his dad would stop staring at him as if he did something wrong.

Mr. King left the kitchen and we waited until he was out of hearing range to talk.

“Fuck sakes, I lose a silly game of basketball to you and he’s staring at me as if I broke his favorite watch.” Easton shoves a sandwich into his mouth and I do the same.

We eat a few of these since we were hungry.

Playing almost all afternoon does that to you.

“So, David Guetta is playing at the club this Saturday. You showing up this time?”

“Are you showing up? Last I heard you didn’t show up either,” I gave him a knowing look which he rolled his eyes at, “Yes, I am attending this one. I told Jianna that it was a guy’s night. She bought it.”

“Yeah, man, I also told my girlfriend—oh wait I don’t have one. And thank god for that because then I’ll end up like you.”

“What? Being in love?”

I scoffed, pointing at him, “No, having two girlfriends at the same time.”

He flicked me off which earned him an air kiss from me.

“Who has two girlfriends?” Mrs. King walks into the kitchen.

Easton and I quickly start to panic.

“Uh—Mark does. He has two girlfriends,” Easton is quick to answer and Mrs. King shakes her head, “That boy will never learn. Women are not to toy with.” Well, shit, couldn’t have said it any better.

“Oh no, mom, the girls know. They said it was okay,” Easton added which earned a scoff from me and raised eyebrows from Mrs. King.

“Oh. Well, let that boy have his fun. You’re only teenagers once.” She grabbed some sandwiches then left the kitchen.

Easton and I sighed in relief.

“Fuck, I almost called code red there.”

“Yeah, anyway, about this whole two girlfriends thing...” I trailed off and he flipped me the finger once more.

“Fuck off.”

I laughed as we started to leave the kitchen. I even made sure to shove another sandwich in my mouth just in case.

Your boy needs his strength to win again.

And even without it, I always win.

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