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Bad Idea Fourteen

Chapter Fourteen

Malia Herandez

Here we go again

I sighed trying not to get angry, but anytime my dearest mother is brought up it creates anger like never before.

“Sarai, I just want to know what time you’re taking her. You know I’d never force you to visit your mom.”

“I know dad but why can’t Vikki take her? I have things to do.”

He pressed his lips together firmly which told me he knew I was lying.

“I’ll ask Easton—” Dad grunts at the sound of my boyfriend’s name, “—if he can take us. We’ll drive around the city a bit and even get something to eat.” I shrugged accepting defeat and he gave me a small smile before going to Lilybeth’s room.

I grabbed my phone to text Easton.

Me: Dad asked if we could take Lily to my mom’s.

Easton: Yeah no problem

Easton: When?

Me: Tomorrow.

Easton: Sounds good. See you later tonight?

Me: Right, forget the asshole next door has to take me. How fun *rolls eyes*

Easton: Have fun :)

Yeah, like that will ever happen. Nothing is ever fun when Mauricio and I are alone together. We bicker like crazy and insult each other as if we weren’t capable of being nice to each other.

Easton can’t take me to the club tonight. His dad is doing some kind of meeting with the school board of USC again and he’s going to be attending the club later.

So, Mauricio, of course, being the one who lives the very closest to me—against my better judgment—he’s taking me to the club with that death machine of his.

The other day, after school, he was taking me home since Easton had to take Jianna to some business meeting with their parents, the asshole dared to scare the living butterflies out of me. He was talking to me about a problem he had with the project when suddenly he did a stoppie front flip.

I never screamed so loud in my life and I’ve never heard Mauricio die of laughter like he did until that day.

When we got home I ignored him the whole time which made him laugh even more. He kept telling me how he wished he saw my face.

What. An. Asshole.

I forgave him after he promised to let me hit him on the butt with my bat. Of course, I am still waiting for the opportunity to hit him.

My phone started to ring and I quickly saw that it was Josie calling me.

I answered it, “Hello, Mrs. future Hall, how’s it going?” I hope she can feel the smirk on my lips.

“Oh well, very well, Mrs. future Reyes, how about you?”

Okay, well, now I can feel her smirk on her face.

I glared at my phone before asking, “So, what’s up sexy? Why’d you call?“, “Well, something happened. Something like Elias kissed me. And I kissed him back.” She let out a small squeal which made me widen my eyes.

“Back up, back up. When? Where? How?”

“He came over last night, we were talking about the project when suddenly he grabs my face and kisses me. At first, I was like wait a damn minute but then I kissed him back.” She was talking way too fast for my liking but thankfully I understood everything.

“I can’t believe he kissed you and that you kissed him back. How was it?”

She was silent for a moment before I realized exactly what she was saying.

“Please tell me he at least tried to grab that ass I so desperately wish I have,” I laughed and she laughed also, “Oh, yeah, he grabbed it, and he claimed it. Also, please, you have a bigger ass than me. I’m jealous of it sometimes.” I could practically see her eyes rolling from here.

“Yeah, it’s all fun and games until some jeans don’t fit or look right on you.” This time I’m the one who rolled their eyes.

I can’t stand clothing companies sometimes. They make women’s clothes so unwearable. I bought two pairs of jeans from two different brands, same size, same style, and neither fitted me.

It was frustrating and I later ranted to Josie about how people don’t understand how difficult it is for women to find the right size of clothing. Either something is too big, too small, or in my case, my butt looks like it’s going to pop out of my jeans.

“Malia, I don’t know what to do. When I tried to make it something more...he—” I cut her off with a dramatic gasp, “Oh my god, was he not hard?” She is quick to answer, “No, you, bitch. He pulled away and left. The guy seriously looked at me like he regretted it and left.” I mentally wince knowing how much that must’ve hurt.

“Oh, Josie, I’m sorry. I’m sure there’s an explanation for this. Maybe it’s a guy thing?”

“Seriously? A guy thing, Mal? He regrets kissing me and how in the hell am I supposed to see him tonight? It’ll be too embarrassing.” I heard her flop down on her bed and huffed loudly.

“Okay, you know what?”

I just got the most amazing idea.


“When we all meet up tonight I’ll make Easton—actually not Easton he’ll spill the beans on who told him—I’ll make Mauricio ask Elias what happened.” I felt good about myself considering I can threaten Mauricio with anything and he’ll do it.

I mean it’s no fun when he threatens me too but I’m sure I have more dirt on him than he does on me.

I hope so.

“Aw, you mean your boyfriend Mauricio? How sweet,” She says laughing and I glare at my phone, “Oh no! You’re breaking off. I’m going under a tunnel—” She cuts me off, “Mal, I know you’re home.” Anyways, “Gots to go bestie! See you later!” I hung up on her and threw my phone onto the bed.

I looked around the room, “Alright, back to cleaning this dirty ass room.” I put my hands on my hips before going back to cleaning. Then I shall take a shower, get ready, and be the bad bitch I am.


Mauricio Reyes

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate this family?

Well, I don’t exactly hate them, I just hate it when my parents fight. It’s not a matter of when, more like a matter of “all the damn time”.

“Muy paternal de tu parte, Enrique. Tu hijo perdió dos prácticas porque tu no puedias recoger a los niños.” There goes Mama talking about how Papa was drunk off his ass when he should’ve been picking up the kids.

“Por qué tu no puedes recogerlos entonces?”

Did Papa seriously just ask Mama why can’t she pick them up?

Newsflash asshole, she works unlike you.

“Yo trabajo. Tu no. Yo pago las facturas. Tu no. Yo soy quien pone una casa sobre nuestras cabezas y comida en la mesa. Nunca tú,” Mama says fiercly and I almost applaud her right then and there.

Papa grumbled some cursed words, giving up on the argument considering he did lose. I can hear him walking up the stairs, going to his bedroom.

Once the bedroom door closes mama calls out to me.


Oh shit.

Shit, shit.

Wait—I look down at my superman boxers and widen my eyes.

“Shit, shit!” I mumbled quickly trying to find my sweatpants.

I had just gotten out of the shower when I decided to eavesdrop on my parent’s argument. The door was cracked open already so I thought “what the hell” might as well considering they were arguing about me.

When I finally got ahold of some sweatpants, I heard mama’s footsteps coming up the stairs.

I put on the sweatpants quickly and look around my room, looking for something to grab so I can pretend I’m using it.

The Handmaids Tale comes to my vision and I quickly grabbed it.

Mama walks into my room, I look up from the book to see her staring down at the book.

“Oh, Mauricio, you finished the book?”

“Yes, here you go, mama. Go crazy with it,” I handed the book to her and watched as her face lit up. She always loved it when I shared my books with her.

When I was younger I wouldn’t even let anyone touch my books. I’d get so angry when Mama would pick them up and read the description. It was during my “stay out of my room” phase. I’m lowkey still in that phase but only when I feel like I need to be alone.

She thanked me for the book and said, “I wanted to talk to you about something.”

Oh no.

“So, I was thinking you could talk to Malia about something.” She walked over to my bed and I mentally start panicking.

“Sure, que paso?” I sit down next to her and she sighs, “I was hoping you could Malia if she would ask Vikki about picking up the kids after school when she picks up Lilybeth.” I looked at her as if she was crazy, “Mama, I can pick up the kids—” She cuts me off when she shakes her head, “No, Mauricio, you have practice and I know how important that is. So, please, ask her if Vikki can, and if not then I’ll figure something out. Other than that I don’t want you picking up the kids anymore on your practice days.”

I sighed feeling frustrated with all of this. I’m also angry considering the person who’s supposed to be picking them up is always too drunk to drive.

“Okay, fine. I’ll ask her tonight.” I shrugged and she nodded her head, “I’ll tell the kids and make sure to tell Reuben to let Lilybeth know after Malia confirms that Vikki can.” I nodded my head and watched as she got up, left the room with the book in hand.

“Fucking shit,” I mumbled and flopped down onto the bed.

I’m going to make something up about why my dad can’t pick them up anymore. I know Malia and she’s going to ask why so hopefully I can make something up on the spot. I rather not tell her about what goes on at home.

She’d probably use it against me or use it as a joke.

No, she wouldn’t. And you know it.

Yeah, maybe not. Just maybe.


Tyler passed me the ball and I quickly kicked it into the net.

“So, your sister still having that whole Quince thing?” I ran over to the ball and passed it over to him.

He nodded his head, “Yeah, she’s at home practicing the dances with her friends. Remember when I was in Malia’s Quince?” I snorted at this, “Yeah, I also remember mama dragging me there and telling me that I should’ve volunteered to be part of the court.”

The memory of mama telling me, I shouldn’t be reading at the party almost makes me laugh. But then, I remember how she made me dance with Angelina on the dance floor. Everyone wasn’t specifically watching or anything but at the time I didn’t know how to dance. The next day I asked mama if she could teach me how to dance and she did. Now, of course, I am a pro.

“Malia and you didn’t talk then huh? It wasn’t until Easton and she started dating that we connected our groups. You, Easton, Elias, and Maddie were in one, and Malia, Josie, Khloe, Meliana, Loui, Mark, me, and Remi were in one.”

“Don’t forget Christian, Malia’s cousin.”

We passed the soccer ball between each other.

“Oh right, Christian. I forgot he used to hang out with us. Have you heard from him? Both of you were friends too,” He picked up the ball and threw it in the air before hitting it with his head, “We were friends. He played in the boy’s lacrosse and whenever he’d want to practice I’d help him.” That’s the reason I knew so much about lacrosse.

Christian Vasquez was Malia’s cousin and my friend. He was also our next-door neighbor, well, he lived in the house next to Malia’s. He had to move to San Francisco after his dad died from a heart attack, his mom had family in San Fran so they ended up moving there. It’s been forever since I’ve seen or heard from him.

Maybe Malia has heard from him or at least knows what’s he up to. I’ll ask her later about him.

“But yeah, we didn’t start talking until she dated Easton. We did use to get forced to hang out when our moms would hang out themselves,” I said shaking my head, “We didn’t talk much either then but you know?” I shrugged and he nodded his head.

He went silent for a moment before asking, “So, you going to tell me why you hate her?”

I took a deep breath and picked up the ball from the grass.

“If I say it then you’ll tell Remi who’ll tell Meliana. And Meliana will tell Malia and I like that Malia doesn’t know., not going to tell you.”

“How did you know I’d tell Remi?” He brought his eyebrows together and I gave him a face, “Tyler, let’s not forget how I told you about Josie’s soccer shoes that I got for her birthday last year and you told Remi who told Meliana to which Meliana told Josie.”

He made an O with his mouth and I playfully rolled my eyes, throwing the ball at his chest.

“Yeah, oh. Now come on let me kick your ass for gossiping with your girlfriend.”


Malia Hernandez

“Would you hurry up?”

I glared over at Mauricio who’s standing in my bedroom, next to the window eating a slice of pizza my dad gave him.

The asshole had to cut short his playdate with Tyler since Remi needed Ty to help her pick out a matching outfit with him.

Mauricio, of course, hated it when I called it a playdate so instead, I called it a date to which he told me to shut up after.

I stared into the bathroom mirror wondering what to do with my hair.

Maybe I should ask Mauricio.

“Oh, this should be good,” I snorted and made my way into my bedroom.

He was now leaning against the window, staring down at his phone and once I walked into the room he looked up at me. I watched as he did a double-take on me and raised his eyebrows.

“What? Is something wrong?” I went to the bed and grabbed my phone to see myself on the black screen. It doesn’t seem like anything looks bad.

“Nothing, nothing. I’ll just be downstairs. Hurry up,” He quickly left the bedroom and I widened my eyes at how fast he left.

Uh, okay?

I looked down at my red dress wondering if something was on it. But nope, there is nothing. It looks perfectly fine.

“Okay, Reyes has officially turned into a weirdo,” I mumbled walking back into the bathroom.

I ended up putting two pins in my hair and left it like that.

It was the safe option and I ended up looking like the sexy bitch I am.

Okay, I need to get going before Mauricio leaves me. He’s done it before.

I grab ahold of my things and make my way downstairs. My dad, Vikki, and Lilybeth are all sitting on the couch watching Friends.

“Hey, you’re watching it without me!” I dramatically gasped to which my dad waved me off for, “You can watch the episodes when you get home. I’ll text you which episodes we watched. Have fun.” The whole time he was talking, not once did he even glance over at me. My dad is ignoring me for Friends.

Oh, see, now I know where I get it from.

“Mauricio is watching for you outside...oh! Right, he said if you’re not out in two minutes he’s leaving you,” Vikki said not bothering to look at me either, “Oh yeah, he also said hates you.” Lilybeth does send me a quick smile only to keep her eyes on the television so it was more of a side smile.

My family has officially become Mauricio’s friend and he’s now probably their favorite person. They haven’t acted like this since I brought Mark around.

This is just great. So great.

I told everyone goodbye and got some lazy waves with mumbled goodbyes. It almost made me feel better about them not meeting my eyes when they were talking.

When I got outside Mauricio was already on his motorcycle, engine on, and helmets ready to be put on. I walked over to him and he handed me the helmet, not looking at me once.

Great, not him too.

“Just get on, Myers. We’re going to be late,” He rolled his eyes and I put on the helmet, “Reyes, when did you start caring about being on time?” I sat down behind him on the motorcycle and wrapped my arms around his waist.

He drove off, “When I realized how much faster I can get away from you.”

Yeah, never mind, nothing is wrong. He’s being the asshole he always is.

We drove with the music playing loudly and the wind passing by us. It felt good to let the air blow through my hair and dress.

When we got to the club everyone was already there. Mauricio had surprisingly helped me off the motorcycle since my dress kept getting lifted because of the air.

“You should’ve worn jeans,” He mumbled as we walked into the club, “When do I ever jeans, Reyes?” I rolled my eyes and he gave me a side glare.

I was about to walk over to the booth where the group is when I feel someone grab ahold of my hand.

My eyes meet Mauricio’s brown ones and I stare at him confused.

“It doesn’t—” He hesitated before spitting it out, “—it doesn’t matter what you wear, Myers. You look good in everything even those silly PJ shorts you wear every night.”


The fire became alive between us and we’ve forgotten all about everything that is around us. I had even forgotten that he was still holding onto my hand. The warmth of it circled my fingers and I didn’t want him to let go.

Green to brown eyes.

I could stare into those beautiful brown eyes of his for forever and never get bored. Never feel the need or want to look away. Such beautiful, beautiful eyes for such an angry soul.

Mauricio Reyes, tell me all your secrets and I’ll tell you mine.

“You—” I was about to tell him how good he looked but someone came up behind me and cut me off.

I turned around to see Mark and Josie. They were both looking down at Mauricio and mines joined hands. The smirk on their faces was easy to notice.

Mauricio and I snatched our hands away and avoided eye contact.

“You guys coming? The David Guetta is starting to play,” Josie said trying to fight back her laughter.

I nodded my head, “Yeah, let’s go get a drink.” Grabbing Josie, we left both Mark and Mauricio behind. We went straight to the bar and Omar served us some drinks.

The memory of him telling me about Easton and Jianna being here creates embarrassment in my chest. He probably thinks I’m some kind of my mother.

No. Stop. You are not her.

And yet, I couldn’t stop the memories of what she told me that day from coming into my mind.

“You are no better than I am. I know about you being with that basketball boy. The one with a princess girlfriend? You’re a whore.”

“He’s never going to choose you. Don’t you get it, Sarai? You’re not pretty enough or skinny to ever be chosen by someone like him. You’ll never be her.”

“That boy will leave you the minute his father tells him it’s time. It’s time to get married and you’ll be left watching from the back of the church, crying like the idiot you are.”

I chugged down my drink, hoping, begging for it to be enough. Enough to make me feel something other than the pain and anger she caused that day.

What if she’s right?

I glanced over to Easton who’s laughing at something Mauricio said.

The music of the DJ blasts all around the club. And I watched as both boys, Mauricio and Easton, walked over to us. So, of course, when they did come up to us, Mauricio and I avoided any type of conversation or eye contact with each other.

I can still the way his fingers tightened around mine.

“Yeah, no, I’m not doing this. Josie lets’ go dance.” Mauricio was already pulling away Josie away from her drink to the dance floor.

David Guetta is playing ‘Titanium’ by him and Sia.

Easton looked over at his best friend and mine with confusion.

“What did he mean by that?” He glanced over at me and I shrugged, “No idea. I have always told you Mauricio is not okay in the head. You never listened to me.” He laughed at this and pulled me in so he could kiss me.

“I missed you,” Easton mumbled against my lips and I smiled, “I missed you too. You still coming over tonight?” He nodded his head.

Good, I am going to need a distraction after tonight.

The rest of the night, we ordered more drinks and danced to the music. Sometimes Easton and I would sneak off to the booth where we would make out. He would tell me over and over that he loved my dress. I also didn’t miss the way Mauricio made sure he was nowhere in sight. The asshole kept telling Maddie or the girls to dance with him.

He doesn’t even like to dance...does he?

Yeah, I don’t know I’m a bit drunk and my mind can’t think correctly.

I’m dancing with Josie on the dance floor, a drink in hand and my breast feels like they’re going to pop out every time I jump. Josie even tells me that I need to wear a jacket but I keep telling her it’s fine.

‘Memories’ by David Guetta and Kid Cudi comes on and the whole crowd cheers.

Josie pulls me against her and we move side to side. Our fingers intertwined, arms up in the air, and bodies a few inches apart.

“I want to try something!” She yells into my ear and I almost push her away.

“What?” I yelled back and she started to jump backward. She encouraged me to do the same thing and I did.

I started to jump backward, moving back until we were arms lengths. And that’s when I feel someone bump into me. Their back hitting against my head.

“What the—” I let go of Josie and turned around only to see his brown eyes after a whole night of not seeing them.

Mauricio looks down at me with his hair falling to his eyes. There’s a little bit of sweat on his forehead but he doesn’t seem to care.

I look over his shoulder to see Maddie now dancing with some guy. Good to know she’d ditch Mauricio for some guy she won’t even put out to.

“My bad, Myers, didn’t see you there. You know—since you’re a shorty and all.”

He’s throwing shots, is he?

“And yet, this shorty can—” I pretended to twist a knife into his chest, “—kill you in an instant.” I licked my lips with my eyes staring up at him, my eyelashes fluttering at him.

Mauricio’s brown eyes darkened and he stepped closer making our bodies inches apart. He put on his best smirk and moved his face to where my ear is.

“I’d like to see you try,” He whispered into my ear and a wave of butterflies surrounded my body.

That voice.

The smell of alcohol comes into contact with my nostrils and now I know he’s drunk. This is surprising since Mauricio never drinks, he rarely ever does.

I moved my face back so my eyes could meet his. We stared at each other with the flames igniting, surrounding us once again.

What is going on?

It’s a good thing we’re drunk but also a bad thing if that makes any sense?

“Your eyes are so...” I trailed off while tilting my head so I could somewhat get a better look, “ beautiful.”

He lifted his lips into a mischievous smirk and was about to say something until his eyes left mine to look over my shoulder at someone.

At that moment, Mauricio’s smirk and the flame in his eyes dropped. It was all gone in a second. He even stepped back a few feet.

I whipped around to see who made him act like this.

It was Easton.

He was looking between Mauricio and me. I can see the way his eyes questioned everything at that moment.

This reminds me of the charity event.

Oh god.

I need to do something before anything happens.

I walked over to my boyfriend and pulled him into a kiss. He didn’t kiss back at first until I pulled him against me more. The kiss was forced and not wanted. But I had to show Easton some way that I’m his.

I am not going to lose my boyfriend over some stupid chemistry I have with the boy next door. The same boy has told me countless times how much he hates me.

Easton slowly pulled away and I smiled, “Come on. Let’s go home and show me how much you missed me.” He gave me a small smile but looked back over at Mauricio. Then we left the club without looking back.

If I looked back I would be forced to see the look on Mauricio’s face. And this is so much worst than the look on Easton’s face tonight.

So much worst.

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