No Rules In Bad Ideas

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Bad Idea Fifteen

Chapter Fifteen

Malia Hernandez

“It was awkward the whole night.”

“Yeah, tell me about it.”

Both Josie and I had a very interesting night at the club. She and Elias kept avoiding each other just like Mauricio and I was. It was funny when we said we’d been using each other to stay as far away from the boys.

“It got even more awkward today in the morning. I asked him if he was coming over after school for the project and he mumbled a yes before walking away,” She sighed while putting her hands on the table, clenching onto it.

“Talk to him tonight about it. I’m sure he’ll give you an answer since I did forget to tell Mauricio about asking Elias,” I put my hand over my face and tried to hide my apologetic smile.

She pushed me slightly, “You know what this thing between Elias and me looks like? It looks like when Mauricio was ignoring you for god knows what reason but without you kissing each other.” I stared at her for a moment wondering how in the hell Mauricio managed to keep to himself on why he was ignoring me.

He’s just an asshole.

“So, you going to talk to him about it?” She sighed and nodded her head, “I mean might as well. I don’t want things to keep being awkward considering next year we are going to be living together.”

Wait, what?

“Living together?” I raised an eyebrow at her and she stared at me confused, “You don’t remember? Mark, Tyler, Elias, and I are going to get ourselves an apartment next to Morhills University. We decided it’d be better since the dorms cost the same as the apartments around there.”

“Back up, you’re going to live with three boys?” I stared at her as if she was crazy.

She nodded her head slowly, “Yes because Khloe and Meliana are sharing a dorm. Tyler and Remi don’t plan to live together until after college. And well, you’re not sure where you are going. Mauricio was supposed to be in my place but he said himself that he plans to attend an Ivy League.”

Mauricio, wants to attend an Ivy League?

And now, I’m thinking about college applications which should be getting started by this month. Some of the school’s deadlines are November while others aren’t until February.

“Oh well, maybe you should just talk to Elias yourself,” I shrugged and she looked at me as if I grew two heads, “Talk to him about what?” Now I’m the one who’s looking at her crazy, “About the kiss. Tell him it won’t happen again and to move on from it. I’m sure he’ll agree considering you both seem to be freaking out over it. Unless you want something more to happen?”

She went silent for a moment and the sound of our classmates talking took over our hearing.

When she finally did say something, it was not what I expected.

“You’re talking like you’ve done it before...” She trailed off for a second before looking at me with wide eyes, “Did you and Mauricio kiss?”

I blinked at her and I know from the look on my face, I’m practically saying she’s crazy with my facial expression.

“No, you bitch, he and I didn’t kiss. I meant Easton and me. Remember that both of us kissed then I told him to act like it never happened.”

“Oh right, and then a week later y’all was fuckin’.”

“I can’t stand you,” I rolled my eyes and she laughed.

“Okay fine. I’ll do that and hopefully, we don’t fuck by next week,” She winked at me and I flicked her off, “I hope you like...I don’t know...fall off the cliff.”

“If I fall, you fall with me.”

Anyways, who agreed to that? Cause I didn’t.

“Changing the subject. So, went to my mom’s this weekend.” I gave her a thumbs-up, “Oh god, what happened?” She raised her eyebrows and I sighed, “After we dropped off Lily, she walked over to the car and tried to talk to me. I told Easton to drive off and he did.”

The bell rang and we gathered our stuff. Josie waited for me to get up from the chair to finally ask what else happened. But she didn’t get the chance to. Instead, she was cut off by the teacher.

“Miss Hernandez, may I see talk to you for a moment?” Mrs. Grandos talked over the commotion of my classmates leaving and I nodded my head, “Sure...uh Josie I’ll meet you out there in a bit.” Josie gave me a weird look which I shrugged to before she left.

I walked over to Mrs. Gandos’s desk and put my backpack on.

“Is something wrong?”

She looked up from her notebook and pressed her lips in a thin line, “Yes, there is. Your skirt is too short. I caught two boys whispering about how they can see the inner place of your thighs.”

Is she fucking serious?

I looked down at my skirt and tried to comprehend the fact it’s nowhere near past the higher part of the knee.

“It’s disruptive and I suggest you wear jeans from now on. Also, please button your shirt more and make sure that tie isn’t loose around your neck. You are excused, you may go.” She flicked her hand at me and I looked up from my skirt to look at her.

Oh, fuck no.

“Disruptive? To whom may I ask?”

“Everyone in this school.”

Oh really?

Okay, let’s find out if that’s true.

“Well, if you’re so sure about that then how about we ask everyone if it’s disruptive.” I walked off, left the classroom to the hall where all the students are mingling.

Mrs. Grandos is, of course, right behind me and telling me to come back inside the classroom.

“Miss Hernandez, I suggest you come back inside this classroom before you’re given detention,” She snarled behind me and I ignored her, “Hey, everyone!”

The whole hall goes quiet and puts their attention on me.

“Mrs. Grandos here—” I point behind me and practically can feel how angry she is from standing here, “—tells me I am being disruptive because of how high my skirt is. Am I disruptive to you all?” I tilted my head to the side and smiled innocently.

Everyone says no.

I turned around and smiled widely at Mrs. Grandos who’s glaring at me hard. Her face is all red and the anger in her eyes is hilarious.

“It seems like you were wrong. I expect an apology tomorrow Mrs. Grandos.”

She steps towards me and growled at me, “You are supposed to show your teachers respect.”

I stepped towards her and held my head high, “I give respect when I am respected also. If you respect me, I respect you. It doesn’t work any other way.” I walked away after and didn’t look back.

But something came to mind. Something very mischievous.

I stop in the middle of the hallway, all eyes on me, and let a smirk take over my face. My hands slowly made their way down to the waistband of my skirt. And just like that, I pulled up my skirt higher and higher. I left it a few inches away from where my underwear is located.

Everyone erupts in wolf whistles and hollers, mostly boys but I know damn well the girls are hyping me up.

The bad girl princess strikes again.

I went to my next class with the feeling of victory written all over me.


Mauricio Reyes

“Did you hear about what Malia did?”

“Heard? I was there. I saw those beautiful thighs any guy would be lucky to be between of.”

“Yeah man, I also saw. Even got a glimpse of those red panties.”

My eyes rolled so hard I was surprised I didn’t become cross-eyed. And the way I was clenching onto my pencil, I was surprised it didn’t snap in half.


Never mind, shit, now I have to get up and pass these assholes. It’s bad enough I’m listening to them talk about how Malia showed the whole school those thighs I also wished I was in between.

“Mr. Reyes?” Mr. Lewis calls out my name and I look over at him, “Yes?” He signals for me to go where he is and I quickly do.

“The principal is asking for your presence in his office.”

“Did he say why?”

“Nothing bad, trust me. It’s about the valedictorian spot.”

My throat closed at the sound of this. I could feel my heart begin to beat fast and slowly drop at the sound of this.

I wasn’t sure I’d even make it.

He handed me a hall pass and I thanked him before going back to my desk, gathered my stuff, and quickly left for the office.

When I did get there the office ladies were already waiting for me. They told me how excited they are about this opportunity for me. Some of them even told me how much I deserved this. I thanked all of them and hoped for the best.

“Mr. Reyes, the principal will see you now.”

Clearing my throat, I stood up from the chair and walked into his office where I saw someone already sitting in one guest chair.

She had beautiful black, long hair and the way she tilted her head to the side seemed so familiar. And when she laughed at something the principal said I admittedly knew who she was.

“Mr. Reyes, please, sit down.”

Malia turns around in her chair to only meet her green eyes with mine. I can see the gleam yet surprise in them as she looked at me.

We both had no idea what was going on.

I removed my gaze from hers and sat down on the chair next to hers. From the corner of my eye, I can see she put her skirt back at knee length. It almost disappoints me but then I remember those assholes talking about it so it also satisfies me. She shouldn’t be showing what I want so desperately to be mine.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have concluded that there’s something here. Something deep, deep...deep inside me that wants Malia. After the whole nightclub incident, I went home and didn’t stop thinking about her. All I kept thinking was how she challenged me with those red-stained lips and wide green eyes. The way she told me how beautiful my eyes are. I also kept thinking about what I would’ve said back. But, of course, just when I was about to say something back I had looked back to see my best friend.

At that moment I knew there was something more. It also occurred to me after she had kissed Easton in front of me and I suddenly became angrily jealous.

I know it’s wrong. She’s my best friend’s girlfriend and someone I am forever supposed to hate. But if Malia Hernandez told me she’d wanted me this second? I would be hers.

“So, I have brought you both here to tell you about the spot for Valedictorian. You are both in the running, side by side, a tie for an easier term,” The principal cuts my thoughts off and I almost choke on my spit.

“A tie?” I choked out and Malia gaped at me, “Why do you sound so surprised?” I turned my attention to her and brought my eyebrows together, “I’m not. I always knew something like this might happened considering half of what you know is because of me.”

Malia, of course, scoffed at this and turned her body towards me.

“You—” She pointed her fake nail at me and raised an eyebrow, “—didn’t do anything and I’m pretty sure I was in the academic scholar program before I even knew you. So, stop being an asshole, and let’s figure out what we have to do to get the title because mock my words, Reyes, I am going to be valedictorian. Without your help.”

I smirked boldly knowing how much I got under her skin when I said that. It works every time I pretend to take credit for her hard work. She’s very passionate about her work and she won’t ever let anyone take credit for it.

“Alright, settle down. If you must know there is nothing you can do. At least not until your exams come and end of the year grades are submitted. Whoever has the highest grading score will be the one to take the spot. I wish you both good luck and hope for the best. You may leave now.”

That’s it? We can’t do anything except wait?

Fucking awesome.

I mean it’s not like I’ll have any trouble at all with grades. I am a straight-A student and have been since middle school. There’s no need to worry.

Malia and I stood up from our chairs at the same time. We didn’t notice how much we were in unison until we were side by side outside of the office.

“One of these days I am going to punch you and not regret it for breaking my hand for it.”

I laughed, “Always so aggressive.” This time she laughed but dryly, “Oh, you have no idea how aggressive I can be.” I don’t doubt it, Myers.

The bell rings and all of our classmates start spilling out from their classrooms.

It’s the last period of the day and also practice’ day’ for those who have basketball, lacrosse, baseball, and soccer as a sport.

The good thing is yesterday I had asked Malia about Vikki picking up the kids since I’d forgotten to ask when I last saw her. At first, Malia looked at me weirdly to see if I was playing around or being for real. But when she asked why and I told her about missing practices and my new job she believed I was being truthful.

“So, today’s your first day of working at the bookstore right?” She asks as we started to walk over to the gym where the lockers are located.

I got myself a job at a bookstore a while back. Never got to work there until now because of my busy schedule but now that Vikki is picking up the kids and the project is almost over? I get to work part-time. It’s just temporary until I find out what college I am attending.

“Yeah, why? You excited for me, Myers?” I smirked over at her and she snorted, “Please, I hope it goes horrible,” She fake snarled at me and I laughed at it.

“It’s a good thing you don’t read. I don’t have to see you at my work. The freedom!” I put my arms up in victory and she flicks me off, “Haha, very funny, asshole. You won’t admit it but you love being around me.” Now I’m the one who’s scoffing, “No, you’re the one who’s always following me around.”

She stops her tracks and gapes at me, “I’m sorry what? Did you just say I follow you everywhere? Must I remind you that we do the project at my house because of some unknown reason you don’t want me over your house?”

Fuck, she’s got me there.

Come on, Reyes, think of something.

“It’s not unknown. The truth is I’m afraid you’ll murder me all over my beautiful bed so I rather get murdered on your bed.” I had stopped my tracks to shrug at her. She glared over at me and started to walk again, calling me stupid.

Good save, Reyes.

If Malia ever found out the real reason, I am afraid something will change. Change between us and I’m tired of change. I don’t need any more of it. Nor do I want it.

I like how things are between us.

Insults. Name-calling. Nicknames. Middle fingers. And the feeling of hate.

It’s us, it’s who we are and always will be.


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