No Rules In Bad Ideas

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Bad Idea Sixteen

Chapter Sixteen

This is my fourth drink and I need to slow down since I am the one who’s driving myself home.

Easton had to bail on me since Princess Jianna finished her horseback riding early. She decided to tag along last minute and Easton couldn’t say no to her, of course, because whatever princess wants she must fucking get.

Fuck it, I’m going to walk home. I’ll make Vikki take me to pick it up in the morning.

I grabbed a bottle of Don Julio and started to chug it down.

This was supposed to be a sports party, only people from school that are in a sport could attend. But some people lied and said it was for everyone. So, here we are surrounded by all the grades from school.

“Fuck what I said before. I fucking hate parties,” I mumbled as I looked around for Josie. She and I came together but she’s leaving with Elias since she’s going to talk to him.

I spotted her sitting down in a circle with some of our friends...and Mauricio. I walked over to her and sat down next to her.

“Oh, would you look at that? Miss Hernandez has decided to join us,” Loui said chuckling and I playfully rolled my eyes, “I was busy trying to get some freshmen off me after I agreed to one dance. He kept trying to grab stuff he wasn’t allowed to grab.”

“Who was grabbing stuff he wasn’t supposed to?” Easton’s voice erupts from behind me and I look over my shoulder to see him standing there with Jianna clinging onto his arm.

This is fucking great.

I faced forward and took more sips of the Don Julio hoping it’ll calm my anger. From the corner of my eye, I can see Mauricio staring between Easton and me. It’s as if he knows what exactly is going on.

“Nobody,” Mark jumped in and continued, “Why don’t you both sit down and play truth or dare with us.”

I closed my eyes hoping they’d say no but of course nothing goes my way so they agree and sit down right across from me.

My eyes land on Mark and I slide my finger across my neck, pointing at him after. It’s his fault I’m going to be watching the boy I love being handsy with another girl.

Wait—what did Mark say we were playing?

“What are we playing again?”

“Truth or dare.”

I rolled my eyes, “Seriously? We haven’t played this ever since Mark got his braces off.”

Mauricio looks over at me smugly, “What? You scared that you won’t go through with the dare or that we’ll discover your darkest secret?” I narrowed my eyes at him before sitting up straight, “All right, hit me.”

Mark ends up saying he’ll do the honors.

Okay, I trust Mark more than I do Mauricio. I’m sure Mark won’t make me do anything drastic.

“Truth or dare, greeny?”


He thinks for a second before a smirk takes over his face.

Oh no, no. I know that look and he’s going to make me do something drastic. Never trusting him again.

“I dare you to make out with Josie.”

I raise my eyebrows at this knowing my boyfriend is on the other side of me. And I’m not sure if he’ll agree to this.

“You can’t be serious,” I scoffed and Mark shrugged, “You opting out of a dare, best friend?” Oh, he’s getting a beat down after this.

I looked over at Easton who’s looking at Mauricio. Both boys seem to be telepathically talking to each other and after a while, they nod their heads in unison.

They both turn to me with mischief in their eyes and I already know what’s about to happen.

“No rules...” Mauricio says, “in bad ideas,” Easton finishes.

Well, that’s great. Both boys seriously are going to get a beat down also.

I turned to Josie who’s staring at me with wide eyes.

“Just close your eyes and picture Jared Leto kissing you instead of me,” I mumbled and she nodded her head, “You do have nice eyes,” I tell her to shut up and close her eyes. Once she does, I pressed my lips against Josie’s and we both kiss each other in sync.

I’ll have to say, this is one of the best kisses I’ve had so far.

Josie is my literal soulmate.


Mauricio Reyes

I’ve never been so jealous of Josie. There hasn’t been a time I was ever jealous of her until now.

Josie kissing the girl who I remind every day how much I hate her.

When Easton had looked over at me for reassurance on agreeing to this, I had to take advantage of this opportunity. I rather have Malia kissing another girl than my best friend. So, of course, I gave him a ‘this needs to be done’ look and he agreed.

Now we are all here watching the devil’s duo make out.

“This is the best day of my life,” Mark hollers loudly and the group laughs at his excitement.

Mark was dying to make two girls make out. And so, he wasted no time making Josie and Malia make out in front of him.

Both girls pull away and everyone starts cheering. They also seemed to enjoy the show.

“Alright, I did my dues. Now if one needs me? I’ll be in the kitchen getting compliments from freshmen.” Malia stood up from her spot and left to the kitchen as she said.

Josie looks over at me and I sighed knowing why she’s really going to the kitchen. Malia is going to find some alcoholic beverage and drink it all until she doesn’t remember the fact her boyfriend is here with the horseback riding princess.

This has been done before.

Josie was about to go after Malia herself but I shook my head. She looked at me confused as I stood up from where I was sitting.

“Ey, games not done, where are you going?” Maddie quickly grabs my hand and I pull it away from her hold so I could ruffle her hair, “I need something to drink. I’m thirsty and there has to be water somewhere around here.” She nodded her head and let me go.

I left the circle to only make my way towards the kitchen.

My phone vibrated in my pocket so I took it out to see Josie’s contact name.

Josie is nosey: Don’t upset her right now. She’ll burst out on you.

Me: When doesn’t she?

Josie is nosey: I am serious!

Me: Fine. I won’t piss her off more than she already is.

Josie is nosey: Thank you

I almost give myself a pat on the back when I chuckle at her contact name. It was changed the other day when she kept asking if anything was going on between Malia and me. I threatened to change her contact name if she didn’t stop and well as you can see she didn’t.

If I told Josie something was going on...well more like my feelings from when I was ten years old are slowly coming back, against my better judgment, of course, she’ll tell Malia and never let me hear the end of it.

My thoughts are cut off when I feel petite hands wrap themselves around my shoulders.

“Mauricio, hey!” Jess Kidman comes into my vision and I almost physically groan in discomfort.

Here we go again.

“Jess, hey, what’s up?” I looked around her to find a way out, “Nothing much. I was wondering if you wanted to dance?” She pressed herself against me and admittedly I could smell the amount of alcohol in her breath.

“Listen, Jess—” I was cut off by someone when they yank me out of Jess’s hold.

My head quickly snapped over to the person and I see that it’s Malia.

What is she doing?

“Sorry, Kidman, he promised me a dance. Next time?” Malia raises an eyebrow at Jess and I can see from the corner of my eye Jess glare at her.

“Yeah, next time,” Jess mumbles before leaving, walking away from us.

Malia snorts letting go of me and chugs down a bottle of tequila. I could almost feel the burning sensation in my throat as if I was the one drinking it.

This can’t be good.

The look in her eyes tells me she’s drunk and not going to stop drinking until she’s passed out.

“Drinking now are we?”

“You know it, asshole.”

I watched as she took another chug down and almost stumbled on her feet.

“Alright, come on. You need to sit down,” I said grabbing her and helped her walk over to the couch. It had some people making out on it but I kicked them away so we could have some space.

I sat Malia down on the couch and tried to take away the bottle but she’s quick to react.

“No, no! This is mine. It helps me forget that my boyfriend is off kissing another girl,” She says taking more and more sips of the tequila.

I sighed, “Malia, if you don’t give me that drink right now—” She cuts me off and scoffs, “You’ll do something? Like what?” She leaned forward to get a better hearing range from me and I rolled my eyes, “Fine. Fuck up your liver.”

The music took over and I bobbed my head a bit to the sound of ‘Stargazing’ by The Neighbourhood.

When I look over at Malia, she’s looking at something on the dance floor.

My eyes follow hers and a rush of guilt fills my stomach.

Fucking great.

Easton and Jianna are dancing against each other. They’re kissing and roaming hands all over each other.

“Fuck this,” Malia mumbles already standing up and walking past me.

I followed right behind her, just in case she almost falls or decides to cause a fight with someone for no reason.

We both went outside and the cold air hits us in a rush.

October in California is always the worst. Especially in December.

“You should have expected this.”

She snorted, still walking towards the sidewalk, “You don’t think I know that? I’m the one in the relationship.”

I shook my head, “Then why do you stay?” I started to jog up to her so I was caught up.

She stopped her tracks, turning towards me. Her green eyes are now red with tears.

Maybe I shouldn’t have said anything.

“Because I love him—” Hitting right where it fucking hurts, “—and when you love don’t think about the consequences of loving them. You just love them with everything you have and hope you’ll overcome anything standing in the way.”

He pressed my lips together and looked away from her. It’s times like these I knew my sarcastic jokes needed to be put away.

“You have nothing to say now?”

Yes, I do. I have so much I want to say. So much.

I want to tell you about that day...the day I started hating you. I also want to tell you about how slowly my old feelings have been coming back. And yet, the feeling of hatred is still there. If you weren’t his, I would’ve claimed you as mine. All mine. I wouldn’t have cared how much I hated you or how much you hated me. I was going to show you exactly what I’ve been fantasizing about since we were ten.

She scoffed wiping her eyes, “Let’s go.”

I did meet her eyes this time. She sniffed, standing up tall so she was almost my height.

“What?” I asked confused.

She rolled her eyes and walked over to me. Our bodies inches apart and the body heat taking over the cold air. Green to brown eyes. And if I were to tilt my head down our lips would touch.

God, help me. I have turned into a guy who has feelings. When the hell did this happen?

“What are you doing?” I whispered trying to keep my eyes from looking down at her lips. She doesn’t say a word but does slowly reach her hand into the front pocket of my jeans. And I watched as she pulled out my car keys.

“Let’s go.”


“Somewhere. Anywhere. Far away from my boyfriend and his princess girlfriend.”

Malia started to slowly pull away but something came over me, something like a reflex.

My hands wrapped themselves around her waist and I pulled her against me. Our bodies now touching and our faces pressed against one another, our noses brushing against each other.

I have officially gone insane.

Let her go, man. She’s not yours to touch. Never will be.

I don’t want to nor do I care.

“What are you doing?” Her voice is a mere whisper and I can see both the confusion and fear in her eyes.

Good, she should be scared. Shit, even I’m scared.

“You won’t remember this in the morning.” I brushed my nose down her cheek, right to her neck where I lightly brushed my lips. She stood still in my hold and not once did she pull away.

“Why—” I groaned tilting my head down so my lips brushed themselves down to her exposed upper breasts, “—why are you so beautiful? One taste of you and I promise you, Malia’ll have me on my knees for you.” With that, I pulled away and watched as she fell limped.

Her green eyes are wide and those red-stained lips are parted with heavy breaths leaving them. The way she tried to regain her control was pleasing to watch. Knowing I had that effect on her was enough to create a bold grin on my lips.

I licked my lips, grinning boldly, “Come on, Myers. Let’s take you home. You’ve had enough for tonight.” She nodded her head slowly and threw me the keys. I caught them in a swift move and we walked over to the end of the street where the impala is located. Our silence had finally let the sound of leaves rustling take over.

We drove home in silence.

The radio was on but not even that could stop the awkwardness in the car. I could practically hear how loud Malia’s thoughts are.

I’m betting she’s trying to either make herself forget or make herself remember. Let’s hope she forgets.

‘Bad Idea’ by Ariana Grande comes on and Malia turned up the volume.

“See! It is times like this when I forget how much of an ass you are. All I have to do is remember your amazing taste in music,” She started to sing along and I shook my head, “My taste in music is fucking awesome. I know.”

“We should make a playlist together. Something between us.” She glanced over at me. I know she’s trying to make me look at her so she can see the answers in my eyes. The answers to all her questions on what happened before we left the party.

Too bad, I’m an asshole remember? I don’t have to answer shit.

I keep my eyes on the road and agreed, “We should. I’ll make sure to remind you tomorrow.” I pulled up to my house and parked the impala right behind mama’s van.

I do see papa’s car parked also so I know he’s home.

That’s fucking great.

Malia is quick to get out of the car but to her mistake, she ends up stumbling down onto her knees.

“Shit, Myers,” I mumbled quickly getting out of the car and going over to help her up. She surprisingly accepts my help when I reach out and she takes my hand to pull herself up.

“These stupid boots are never up to any good,” She bends down to take them off but again stumbles forward.

“Okay, okay. How about we go inside and I’ll help you pull those off?” I grabbed her and put her arm over my shoulders so my arm could wrap itself around her waist.

“You are being too nice. So, what? Did the great Reyes get laid tonight?” She pokes my cheek and I ignored her so she would get the idea that I am not in the mood to talk about my sex life.

My very now none existent sex life. I mean I was never one to sleep around with girls but it’s been almost two months since I got laid. It’s the longest I think I’ve gone without getting any action.

When I walk up to her house Vikki and Lilybeth were already opening their front door. They had smiles on their faces as they looked between Malia and me. Mr. Hernandez even pops up behind them and gives us a small wave.

I love my family but I would kill to have the same relationship the Hernandez family has with each other.

“Mi familia! Oh, look, Reyes! They’re all here to support me on my drinking!” Malia suddenly becomes full of energy and pulls away from my hold so she could walk up to her sisters.

Both Vikki and Lilybeth catch Malia in their arms. The three of them hug each other and Mr. Herandez ends up joining at some point.

All of this made me laugh.

“Alright, let’s get her to bed. She’s going to have a killer hangover tomorrow,” Mr. Hernandez said pulling away from the girls and he helped them take Malia upstairs to her bedroom.

“Thank you for the ride, Reyes!” Malia yells from the top of the stairs and I snort, “No problem, Myers!”

I’m about to leave when I hear my name being called out.

I see Vikki walking towards me and she’s giving me a knowing look.

Oh no, not this again.

“So, what happened? She normally doesn’t get drunk unless she wants to distract herself.”

“Easton and Jianna happened. She came to the party with him.”

Vikki sighed heavily and put her hand on the door, closing it slightly hoping Malia couldn’t hear us.

“We both know she deserves better.”

I didn’t say anything but the look in my eyes was enough to show Vikki how much I agree with her.

Of course, I agree. I will always agree when it comes to both my best friend’s and the girl next door’s happiness. Even if I do somewhat hate the girl next door and sometimes wished she was in my bed instead of his.

All right, that’s enough for tonight.

I am too sober to be thinking all of this shit.

“Oh right, uh Malia told you about picking up the kids, right?” I dug my hands into my pockets remembering the reason why Vikki is even picking them up at all.

“Yes, she did. I have no problem with it at all.”

I thanked her and made sure to tell her about telling everyone goodnight for me.

I went home right after. There was no point in staying on that porch wondering if Vikki seriously knew about my agreement on Malia deserving better.

It makes me feel guilty that I have to take this side of things when Easton is my best friend. I’ve supported him on a lot of shit but I can’t say it didn’t anger me when I found out about his relationship with Malia. Not only is this all going to end badly, but they are also all going to get hurt in the end.

When I walk into the house I see papa sitting on the couch drinking a beer.

Nothing new.

“Good to know you’re drinking at two am,” I rolled my eyes locking the front door behind me. He took a big chug of his beer before saying, “Y que? Tu estabas con la novia de tu mejor amigo. Los dos estamos haciendo cosas que me tenemos que hacer.”

Yeah, I was with her. But not in the way he thinks I was.

Not in the way I wished I was.

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