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Bad Idea Seventeen

Chapter Seventeen

Mauricio Reyes

I’m stacking the books on the bookshelves when my coworker tells me that he’ll close up tonight. I thanked him and finished up stacking the books so he didn’t have to.

I left my workplace the minute I finished. Malia was waiting for me at her house so we could finish up the project.

My work hours are from five-thirty to seven-thirty. This is only on weekdays since I am still a minor and I shouldn’t be working so many hours.

Malia had been waiting by my motorcycle after practice earlier today. She’d forgotten that I had work today so when the annoyed look on her face took over? It gave me some sort of pleasure that she has to suffer and ask Easton for a ride. Who by the way, was also taking home Jianna today.

Fun times.

Do you know what was more fun?

The messages I got from Malia after she left with Easton.

Myers: I am going to kill you.

Myers: Seriously.

Myers: I am going to rip you apart limb by limb. I’ll even make you eat your dick.

The last one made me wince at the image of it. It was not pretty at all. But my response to those messages was good.

Me: I’m sorry the person you have threatened to make them eat their dick is not here right now. He does not text back to crazy, psychotic brats.

She surprisingly didn’t text me back after. What scares me is what’s going to happen when I go over to her house. Just because she didn’t text back doesn’t mean she’s done with our bickering.

We never give up.

I drove to her house slowly so I could figure out my escape plan. It’s just for precautions if she does decide to kill me or make me eat my dick.

When I got to her house I could see Vikki entering a car. A car I’ve seen a couple of times around here but didn’t know Vikki knew them.

I parked my motorcycle in my driveway and was about to wave goodbye to Vikki when I made my way to her house. But I didn’t get the chance to because I’m frozen from what I’m seeing.

Vikki is kissing someone. More like kissing another girl.

Oh shit.

I looked away to give them privacy and kept walking to the Hernandez house.

Let’s just pretend I didn’t see that just in case Vikki doesn’t want anyone to know. I have no problem with it, love is love. But I did not expect that.

Easton told me a while back how Vikki was with a guy who ended up going back to his ex-wife. Or something like that.

Man, I always knew Vikki was my favorite Hernandez. This explains her agreement with me on Halyee Marshall being the hottest character in The Originals. But I mean, come on, it’s Haylee fucking Marshall.

Good to know she can be my wing woman though.

I walked up to Malia’s front door and knocked. Malia was the one to answer.

“Oh, it’s you. I thought Vikki might have forgotten something,” Malia looked over my shoulder and waved at the lovebirds behind me. I even turned around to wave at them and they waved back.

Okay, so, her family knows. Cool. Vikki was never the one to keep herself hidden anyways. Another reason she’s my favorite Hernandez.

I turned back around to see Malia looking at me with narrowed eyes.

Great, she’s still mad.

“Just so you know, I am going to throw you down the stairs before you leave. You deserve it. Oh, and while doing our project? The bat is coming out to play...asshole,” She mumbled her nickname for me and opened the door wider so I could walk in.

“I love how hospitality in this house!” I fake chirped and she sent me a glare. I take pleasure in that glare of hers.

I walked into the house and looked around for Mr. Hernandez since a while back I told him I’d bring a signed jersey of my Grandpa’s. He finally fessed up and admitted that he was a big fan of my Grandpa Reyes. So, of course, I told mama and she told me about all the signed jerseys Grandma Reyes tucked away in the closet. She told me back in the day when Grandpa Reyes was just starting in the league she would buy his jerseys since not a lot of people had yet noticed him. She wanted her husband to feel loved, the love he deserved after all his hard work to get to the pros.

“If you’re looking for my dad he’s not here. He went out on a date,” Malia says happily and closes the front door behind her. I glance over at her and see the smile on her face.

It’s good to see her happy about this. I know from Easton how much Malia’s mom cheating on her dad took a toll on the family. Especially on Samuel. He deserves to go on a date and have fun.

“I’ll just leave this here then.” I took out the jersey from my backpack and laid it on the couch so it’d be the first thing he sees.

Malia gets closer to me and eyes the jersey. Her eyebrows are brought together and she’s trying to figure out something.

“What?” I question the confused look on her face.

“Oh, nothing. I had forgotten your grandpa was in the league. Is that why you want to be a soccer player too?” Her green eyes meet my brown ones and I nod my head, “Yeah, he taught me everything I know. He was also a defense.” She grinned at me and even punched me lightly on the arm, “Don’t get soft on me now, Reyes. I’m sure your grandpa was so much better at soccer than you are.” I laughed at this knowing it was true.

I may be a good player but I am nothing compared to how good of a player Grandpa Reyes was. Maybe one day I’ll get there.

Malia and I walked up to her room and the project was already laid out on her bed.

A wave of thoughts filled my head but one stood out from all of them.

Us being forced together is coming to an end.

“Okay, so, from the looks of it we are ninety-seven percent done. We just need to write our speeches and finish up the conclusion.”

I set down my backpack and walked over to the poster. It seems about right.

“Alright, cool so—” I cut myself off when I catch Malia from the corner of my eye bending down to grab something from under her bed.

She hasn’t changed from her uniform for some reason but I’m not exactly complaining. I can see the blank underwear she has chosen to wear. And all I want to do is keep her bend over like that, rip off her underwear, and fuck her until she’s screaming my name.

I’ve fantasized many times about fucking this girl while she had on the red school skirt. The number of times I’ve pictured my hands grabbing that firm ass.

Malia stands back up and her holding a bat comes into my vision.

Oh shit.

“Let’s do this, Reyes. Bend over and bite down onto the pillow.”

A smirk takes over my lips when the image of her bending over and biting down the pillow pops up in my head. Instead of the bat, it’d be my hand smacking that beautiful ass of hers.

Yeah, no, I need to get laid asap.

“How’d you know I was into dominate shit?” I winked at her and she looked at me disgusted, “First of all, don’t ever wink at me again. And second of all, I wouldn’t let you touch me even if the world is ending.”

You let me touch you the other night at the party.

I should probably be happy she doesn’t remember. A part of me was afraid she’d end up remembering and either be ignoring me or would tell Easton.

I already have a ten-year-old me scolding me. I don’t need my best friend doing it too.

Ten-year-old me isn’t happy with how much things have changed. He isn’t also happy with all his hard work of moving on from Malia has been thrown in the trash.

Because maybe, only maybe, there’s something there. Something other than hate for what I feel for her.


Who’s fucking idea was this?

A little after Malia and I decided to end the project for the night, we got a group text from Meliana and Aaron talking about how ‘Grouplove’ is going to play at a carnival. Little did we know the carnival is being hosted by Mohills Public High School.

Yeah, we don’t get along with them.

Morhills Academy and Mohills Public have been at “war” ever since both schools were built. Back in freshmen year when Easton and I joined the basketball team, they crashed our party to see what all the talk was about. They heard about two freshmen basketball players who surely will bring the trophy home. And when they realized it was us, they knew it was over for them.

The funny thing about all of this is we used to be friends with half of these people. In elementary we all used to hang out. Morhills Elementary wasn’t like our middle or high schools. Anybody can enter the school. It’s where they determine if you’re going to the Academies or the Publics. So, of course, if you are in the advanced placement or if you’re rich you go to Academy. If not you go to Public.

Pretty shitty if you ask me but the Academies give us better opportunities and higher education. It also gives us a scholarship which half of us are doing this for.

Still shitty.

So, here we are, at the carnival as if we don’t see all the students, even some teachers, glaring holes into our heads.

“Maybe if we didn’t wear our uniforms they wouldn’t have recognized us,” Remi said looking around and seeing all the glaring eyes.

“No, it would have made no difference. They’d recognize us anywhere since almost everyone in the group is in a sport.” Aaron shrugged and we all shifted uncomfortably.

“Okay, you know, what? Fuck this! Do I have to show my tits or something for you all to finally smile?” Malia yelled loudly, looking around at everyone and I snorted when she started unbuttoning her white shirt.

“Well since you are putting on a free show...” Mark trails off as he walked over to her and wrapped an arm around her shoulders.

My eyes glanced over to Easton who is about to pull off Mark from Malia. But I put my hand on his shoulder and shake my head, eyeing Jianna who’s oblivious to her very jealous boyfriend.

Easton was with Jianna tonight so, of course, she saw the text messages and said she wanted to come along.

During the car ride here Malia was quiet. She’d normally insult my driving skills but I know how much Easton letting Jianna come to a group hang out bothered her.

We’re all currently by the stage, hearing Grouplove play their amazing songs. They never disappoint.

Maddie jumps on my back and I’m quick to grab onto her thighs.

“They have a Ferris wheel,” Maddie whispers into my ear and anxiety starts to build up in my chest.

Fuck no. Fuck no.

Maddie knows ever since I was little I hated Ferris Wheels. I had a bad experience at the Disneyland one and now I’m fucking traumatized.

“Yeah, no, I don’t think so.” I let go of her and she laughed, “Come on, best friend. It’ll be fun and—” She cuts cut off by an excited Josie, “They are playing Tongue Tied!” Both Maddie and I are quick to join in the sing-along.

Take me to your best friend’s house

Maddie wraps her arms around me and we both yell out the lyrics.

The whole group is singing along with the band. Mark and Malia are screaming in each other’s faces, Josie is dancing with Khloe, Elias is singing with Loui, and the couples are wrapped in each other’s arms.

Don’t take me tongue-tied

Josie and Khloe come up to Maddie and me, dancing and singing with us. Maddie pulls away from me and Josie takes the opportunity to grab my arms, pulling me towards her.

She put our arms in the air as we started to jump around.

That’s when I feel someone bump into me and quickly walk past me.

My eyes snap towards Malia who’s pushing past the crowd.

I look over at Mark who’s glaring at Easton and Jianna. They’re kissing and swaying against each other.

Fucking shit.

“I’ll be right back,” I sighed already letting go of Josie’s hands and following right behind Malia. But I’m stopped when someone grabs ahold of my arm.

I snapped my head towards them and see Maddie with her eyebrows brought together. She’s looking between a running Malia and me. The ‘what are you doing’ look in her eyes makes me rethink going after Malia.

If I go after Malia, she will question my feelings for her. She’ll question my words of hating Malia.

And yet, I don’t seem to care.

I pulled my arm away from her and left, running after Malia.

When I found her, she was staring up at the Ferris Wheel, wiping away the tears Easton has caused to fall.

Her green eyes finally meet mine and she grabs ahold of my hand.

“Come on.”

She pulls me with her to the Ferris Wheel line.

I shake my head, “No, no. Myers, no.” I even try to pull my hand away so I could run away from her crazy ass.

But she doesn’t listen. Instead, she pulls me against her and gives the worker a five-dollar bill so we could ride the Ferris Wheel.

“I wanted my boyfriend to ride this thing with me. But considering the’ll do.” She pulls me along with her to the seats, ignoring my protests.

“Myers, if you don’t let me go right now I’ll tell everyone about the time I caught you making out with your mirror.”

This makes her pause and looks at me with those beautiful green eyes of hers. I can see the way they narrow at me and she thinks of her choices.

Come on, you infuriating girl. Let me go.

And just when I was thinking I finally got to her, she says, “I’ll take that risk. Everyone has made out with their mirror. Including you, asshole.” She pulls me down with her onto the Ferris wheel’s seats and I watched with wide eyes as the worker made sure everything was secure for us to go up.

Shit, shit.

“I’m going to die today aren’t I?” I mumbled lowly but Malia heard me, “Don’t be dramatic, Reyes. It’s only a Ferris wheel.” Yeah, too fucking you.

Just fucking tell her about your fear

She’ll make fun of me.

No, she won’t. Tell her.

I took a deep breath and regretted ever even following her here. Every part of me is wishing I was still back at the stage with everyone.

Grouplove is still playing and as we go up slowly, the worker filling in the seats, I can see our friends dancing around.

“I’m going to regret this but I hate Ferris wheels.”

There I said it.

“Wait what?” She snaps her head towards me and I let out a shaky breath, “When I was younger I had a bad experience with the Disneyland Ferris wheel. You know the moving one?” My hands tighten themselves on the handle and my body is on high alert.

“Oh shit, you’re dead shit scared.” The concern in her voice isn’t hard to miss.

The Ferris wheel starts moving fast and now I’m squeezing my eyes shut praying to god I get out of here alive.

Malia grabs ahold of my face, “Hey, Reyes, hey. I’m sorry I shouldn’t have dragged you here with me. Just stare into my eyes. Forget we’re even on here. Keep staring.” And I do.

My eyes open slowly and they’re met with her fiery green ones. She has a guilty expression on her face that makes me break.

It’s not her fault. She shouldn’t be feeling guilty. I’m the one who didn’t tell her about my fear and it’s not her fault her boyfriend is with someone else right now.

I don’t care how much I claim to hate this girl or how much she thinks I hate her, I never meant to make her feel like this is her fault.

But little does she know that staring into my eyes with her beautiful green eyes changes everything.

Everything about her is beautiful. Her green eyes, red-stained lips, kissable cheekbones, and more. No, not more. Everything.

She calms me even in the stormiest times.

Malia Hernandez is once again the girl for who I would do anything for. The one I would give the butterfly bracelet to if she gave me the chance. A chance at loving her.

This, all of this, what’s happening right now proves it.

It’s been eight years since I’ve felt this way about anyone and that anyone is the same person who made me feel like this the first time.

The girl who loves butterflies and has fiery green eyes.

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