No Rules In Bad Ideas

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Bad Idea Eighteen

Chapter Eighteen

Malia Hernandez

I’m rubbing the pain in my neck that has been caused by the sit-ups Coach had just made us do.

Maybe Lilybeth will rub my neck for me. I’ll offer twenty dollars.

“Nice legs, Myers. Use them for good use and hurry the fuck up!” Mauricio yells from across the parking lot, people turning to look at us.

I hate him.

“Oh, look! My finger can be put to good use too!” I flipped him off and watched as he dramatically acted wounded.

I’m about to run over to him when suddenly my eyes meet with someone.

Anger starts to build in my chest and I quickly walked over to the freshman who can’t seem to keep his mouth shut. He and his little friends are smirking at me.

I’ll give you something to smirk about little boys.

I pulled out my hockey stick and held it tightly against my chest.

“Listen you little shit. We danced once and I practically had to push you off me because your dick couldn’t control itself. So I suggest you stop saying I fucked you before I break into your house and cut your dick off. And trust me when I say this—“ I stepped closer to him so I was towering over him, “—I will do it. People may think I’m all peaches and cream but I know how to hide a fucking body and get away with it.”

All four boys stare at me with wide eyes. Fear swirling in them.


Mauricio comes up next to me and I felt him slowly pull the lacrosse stick from my hold. The freshmen boys staring as he doe so with the realization of what I wanted to do with it.

“She’s right. Myers here can be fucking crazy. She threatened to beat me with a bat and I have no doubt she’ll do it. I suggest you fuck off.” He stepped up towards them and towered over them also.

The anger suddenly left me and it’s replaced with butterflies. So many butterflies. Places I never believed I would feel them at.

Oh god.

He is so hot right now.

I wonder what it would be like to be under him. Maybe he’ll seem intimidating which will only make it sexier.

The freshmen cut off my thoughts when they all mumble an apology.


“Good, now get out of here.” Mauricio flicked his hand and all of them scrammed away to their cars.

We walked over to Mauricio’s motorcycle and he put my lacrosse stick back into its pocket once we stood in front of the vehicle.

“You good, Myers?” He handed me the helmet and I nodded my head, “Yeah, thanks for helping me out. The little asshole was saying we slept together at the party.” He only rolled his eyes before putting on his helmet.

The party

God, I remember everything from that night. I remember the way he told me how I should’ve expected Easton with Jianna. How quiet he got after I told him about loving someone without a thought of the consequences. And most importantly, I remembered the way he grabbed onto me and told me how I won’t remember him touching me in the morning.

Sometimes I can still feel his fingers on my waist, the way his nose and lips brushed down my neck to my upper breasts.

I don’t think he suspects that I know. My guess is he’s forgotten about it and decided to move on from the fact he crossed a line with his best friend’s girlfriend. Because that’s exactly what he did. He crossed the line.

Every part of me may want him to touch me again, but there’s a fine line between want and it happening’. And it can never happen again.

“So, whatcha wanna do today?” He cuts my thoughts off and we both get on the motorcycle.

“Uh, I’m kind of hungry.”

“Yeah, well that’s too bad we’re going to the park.” I know he has a smug look on his face right now.


“Why’d you ask me if we were already going to the park.” I rolled my eyes and wrapped my arms around his waist, “I was trying to be nice.” He turned on the engine and off we go.

It didn’t take us long to get to the park. Our school isn’t that far away if you think about it.

Morhills, California isn’t big as one believes. It’s like the movie ‘Pleasantville’, Morhills is similar to the way the movie described their setting.

Mauricio, of course, pulled out his extra basketball from his backpack so we can play for a bit. He wanted to get a couple more games in since they have upcoming games.

I threw the basketball into the air and watched as the ball went into the basket. A smug grin appeared on my face and I can see the frustration in Mauricio’s eyes.

Three to one.

“I’m so better than you at basketball.” I said running over to the basket to grab the ball and Mauricio says, “You never knew that I let you win. I always do.”

Yeah, right.

I threw the ball at him and he caught it in a swift move.

“So, did Mark tell you about the tickets he got for us? LANY is going to play,” I say walking over to the grass so I could take a sip of water. He nodded his head and walked over to me, “Loui also said we’re sleeping over his house since the concert is a walking distance. He knows we’ll be drunk and doesn’t want us to drive home recklessly.” Loui has always been the more responsible one out of the group. Unless he’s drunk then Mauricio falls under the leadership of Mr. Responsible.

A sudden thought comes to mind.

“Oh right, Jacinda asked what song we’re going to sing. She needs to inform the band since they are going to help us out.” I sat down on the grass and he sat down next to me, “I was skimming through my playlist the other day, and ‘Lights Down Low’ by Max and TINA came on. It seems like a good song to sing since it has male and female verses. We know Spanish too so it shouldn’t be hard to learn.” He pulled out his phone and started to play the song.

I started to hum the song while Mauricio pretended to play his guitar. He seemed so concentrated and the way he brought his eyebrows together showed it.

My humming stopped when I started feeling a smile create on my lips. Watching him as his eyes closed and fingers moving in the air is fascinating. It’s as if he’s truly holding a guitar in his hands and playing.

He stopped and opened his eyes to meet my green ones.

“What?” He looked at me weird and I shook my head, looking away from him, “Nothing, I love the song. Let’s do this one.” From the corner of my eye, I see him nod his head and put his phone away now that the song is finished.

“One more game?” He suggests and I quickly stand up, “Ready to lose again?”

He scoffed, standing up and dribbling the ball between his legs, “Don’t cry to me when you lose.”



Mauricio Reyes

Elias is sitting down on my bed when I’m coming out of the shower.

He throws me my underwear and pants, “Quickly, get ready. The girls texted the group chat saying they are on their way here.” I rolled my eyes and went back into the bathroom, closed the door to change.

When I came back our Elias was on his phone, staring down at it as if he was worried about something on the screen.

“Something wrong?” I walked over to my bed and grabbed ahold of my shirt, putting it on.

“Nah man, step-dad stuff. He’s still refusing to pay the child support.” He turned off his phone and threw it on my bed.

I almost asked him about Joshua’s bet but I’m afraid of his answer.

What if he did sleep with Josie? Or is thinking of doing it?

My phone chimes on the desk and I go over to it. I see the power rangers group chat and unlock my phone to see Malia texting.

The Power Rangers and Mauricio IG :)

Myers The Serial Killer: On our way losers ;)

Josie Is My Bitch: We hope you’re ready and not bouncing around in your underwear again.

I playfully rolled my eyes at the memory of little Josie catching little Elias and me running around my room in our boxers trying to see who would get dizzy first. The only reason we were in our boxers was that we were getting ready to head to the pool. Josie was coming over for a ride to the pool also when she walked in on us. I’ve never seen her so traumatized.

Myers The Serial Killer: Josie, don’t spoil the fun!

Josie Is My Bitch: Fineeee. You both better be dancing in your underwear when we get there :)

I need to change Josie’s contact name. She went into my phone the other day and changed it to what it’s currently. And as for Myers? I changed her contact name in front of her and she changed mine into ‘Mauricio has a PHAT ass’. She did end up changing it into ‘Reyes The Asshole’ after she saw her contact name wasn’t as bad as she expected it to be.

Elias snickers at the texts and I raise an eyebrow at him wondering what the hell he’s laughing about. He better not pull off his pants and make it seem like we were running around in our boxers when the girls come.

I put my phone down and grab ahold of my brush, brushing my hair back.

“Alright, boys, let’s get the party started!” Malia says bursting through the door with Josie trailing behind her.

The disappointment on their faces isn’t hard to miss.

“Aw, we wanted to see you running around. We wanted to join,” Josie said pulling down her skirt slightly and I don’t miss the way Elias’s eyes lit up.

As for me? I know better than to believe anything the devil’s duo says.

“I suggest you quit it before someone ends up with a boner the whole night.” I eye over to Elias and both girls laugh sitting next to him on the bed.

I turned around, leaned against the desk to see the girls matching. They both have black crop tops and red skirts that don’t seem to be hiding much. Their boots reach up to their knees and the amount of bracelets they have on them kind of scares me.

They can hurt someone with those. I have no doubt Malia won’t hesitate to slice my throat with one of those bracelets. No idea how she’ll do it but she always finds a way.

“We should get going. Everyone is probably waiting for us,” I said grabbing my keys from the desk and grabbed everything else I needed.

Josie and Elias are quick to go downstairs but Malia stops me at the door.

I looked at her confused and she has a sheepish look on her face.

“Why are you making that face? You look weird.”

“Don’t start. Can I borrow a sweater? I don’t want to go back home when we’re about to leave. I’m also lazy.”

I rolled my eyes and walked over to my closet, handed her the sweater and she thanked me before we followed Josie and Elias downstairs.

We said goodbye to the kids and my mom once we were leaving out the door.

On our way to Loui’s house since we’re walking to the concert, leaving our cars parked next to his house, Malia wanted some chili cheese fries so we stopped at a local burger place and ordered some. Josie was feeding me some while I was driving.

When we got to Loui’s house everyone was already there.

“About time. You took forever,” Meliana walked over to us and gave each of us a hug.

“Myers here wanted to stop for some food.” I grabbed her fork and shoved a mouthful of fries in my mouth. She pushes me away and growls, “Don’t you ever eat or touch my food. I won’t hesitate to throw you out of a window. I don’t share my fries.”

Okay, crazy ass. Damn.

Easton laughs at us before grabbing the princess and kissing her on the lips.

“Stop, I have chili cheese breath.” Malia tried to pull away but he only pulled her more against him, “I don’t care. I missed you all day, baby.”

I looked away from them and felt my jaw tighten.

Great, my night is officially ruined.

“We should get going inside. The band is setting up,” Aaron pulls Meliana away from Khloe and leaves her standing next to Mark. I don’t miss the way they both glance over at each other and quickly look away. Both of them walking away.

Well, that was awkward.

We all go straight to where the stage is located and see LANY getting ready to perform. A DJ was playing music meanwhile.

“We’ll go get some drinks,” Remi yelled over at us, and Tyler and Maddie walked over to the tents where they are selling food, drinks, and merch.

I ended up texting Maddie to tell her that I wasn’t drinking. She already knew the reason so all she did was text back an ‘okay’.

“Hey, man, you not drinking tonight?” Easton wraps an arm around me and I shake my head, “Nah, man, someone needs to take care of you crazy kids.” We laughed in unison but I could see in his eyes he knew the real reason.

That reminds me.

Me: Is papa home yet?

Reuben: Yeahhh he’s not drunk though

Reuben: He’s watching a movie with Angelina downstairs

Me: Where’s mama?

Reuben: She’s in the kitchen getting them popcorn

Me: And why aren’t you with them?

Reuben: Seeing papa sober isn’t exactly a quick thing to comprehend

I sighed turning off my phone. Maybe I should’ve stayed home and got some quality time with ‘sober papa’. There are moments like these that are so rare we should be cherishing them. I do wonder though why he decided to lay off drinking today.

“Everything good?” Easton asks beside me and I grinned at my best friend, “Yeah, man, so where’s Malia?” He points behind me and I follow his finger to see her with Josie taking pictures.

Once the rest of our group came back LANY started to play.

“I will forever love you for this, Marky,” Malia kissed him on the cheek as they wrapped themselves around each other. Easton ends up telling Mark to fuck off and pulling her away so he’s in her arms. And maybe, almost maybe I wanted to pull her out of Easton’s arms to claim her mine. Only mine.

I’ve gone officially crazy. Myers has turned me crazy. This is what I get for spending too much time with her. I should’ve stayed away like I’ve been doing all these years.

LANY started to play ‘Hurts’ and the whole crowd started to sing along.

Here I am again, back to my old ways

Maddie comes up to me and wraps an arm around my waist pulling me against her. I wrap an arm around her and sing along with the crowd.

Wasting all my younger days

She lays her head on my shoulder and I lay mines on top of hers. Both of us swaying side to side.

Please tell me why it’s easy at first

Josie comes up to us and takes a picture with the disposable cameras she brought with her. She said something about Malia printing them out for something.

Who knows what the Morhills princess is up to this time.

The more you love, the more it hurts

Suddenly I look up to meet my eyes with very familiar green ones.

And I was just fine if it didn’t work

Easton is holding her against him as if she’s his. All his. And yet, right now, it doesn’t seem that way.

But now that you’re mine

She smiles at me and I watch as those beautiful green eyes of hers light up. They light up because I have returned a smile.

The more I love, the more it hurts, oh

And god, does it hurt to love you, Malia Hernandez.

I love you.

I fucking love you.

I’ve never stopped. Ever since the age of ten, from the moment we met, I knew you were the butterfly I would dream of every night.

I love you, Malia



Malia Hernandez

“Hey, Reyes?”


“You’re an asshole.”

“Hey, Myers?”


“I don’t care.”

I laughed in his ear hoping it would burst an eardrum. But it only made him stop and spin some more.

“Stop! I am going to throw up,” I yelled with laughter and when Mauricio laughed, it sounded so genuine, so beautiful. I want to hear it again.

He finally stopped and hoisted me up higher on his back since I slipped a bit.

We’re all walking to Loui’s...drunk. Well, Mauricio and Tyler are the only sober ones. They didn’t drink since somebody had to make sure the group ends up going to the house safely.

Easton is currently getting carried by Mark and Elias. My boyfriend drank a little too much and couldn’t his eyes open on our way to the house. I was stumbling a bit also so Mauricio offered to carry me there.

How nice of him.

I tugged on his hair and he winced, “What did I say about touching my hair, huh? You want me to put you down?” He looks up at me and I smile down at him sheepishly.

Why is he so cute?

I’m drunk. Too drunk.

I started to feel my eyes drop and my head become light.

My head laid itself on top of Mauricio’s and I felt his fluffy brown hair nuzzle against my cheek. It felt soft and smelled so good. I wanted to lay my head on his forever.

I wrapped my arms tightly around his neck and also tightened my legs around his waist. He responded by grabbed my hands and tightening his fingers around mine.

A smile couldn’t keep itself from forming on my lips.

This is giving me so many butterflies.

Yes, I shouldn’t be feeling like this but right now I don’t care. Any moment with Mauricio is precious and should be cherished.

“We’re here bitches!” Loui yells over at us and runs up to his house with Josie. The both of them unlocking the door and running inside for god knows what reason.

I closed my eyes for a second and let the sound of his voice surround me. He’s talking to Tyler who has Remi on his back too. She’s not as drunk as I am but she couldn’t resist having the option to not walk.

When we enter the house I am somewhat woken up by the sound of screaming. Mauricio turns us to the scene and I stare with wide eyes as both Josie and Loui come down the stairs with a mattress under them.

“You bitches! I wanted to do that!” I wiggled my way off of Mauricio’s back and quickly ran to them.

“Help me take it back upstairs and we can slide down with it,” Josie laughed.

I nodded my head grabbing onto the corner of the mattress and helping her get it up the stairs.

The music ends up blasting through the whole house, everyone joins in on the mattress sliding, and we even get some snacks in.

My boyfriend is asleep on the couch while both Meliana and Khloe draw on his face with a sharpie marker. They, of course, asked for my permission and I was quick to give a yes.

Everyone seems to be having a good time.

I looked around the room for one specific person. I haven’t seen Mauricio since I went with Josie on the mattress slide. He has disappeared somewhere and I might have an idea.

“I’ll be right back,” I grinned over at Mark and handed him my bag of chips, “Don’t eat all of them.” He only winked at me and popped a chip into his mouth.

I went upstairs to Mauricio’s room. Loui’s house has a bunch of guest bedrooms since he has a big family and some of us got to get our private rooms. I’m sharing mine with Easton of course.

When I opened the door to Mauricio’s room I see him asleep on the bed. He has an open book laid on his chest and the lamplight on.

Mauricio reading while everyone is downstairs going crazy isn’t surprising to me. He’s always been like this.

I walked to him, sitting down next to him, and grabbed the book from his chest to see which one it is.

“Hm, The Unhoneymooners. I wonder what this is about.”

I put the book on the counter next to him and looked over at him.

“Look at you. Sleeping and all. If only I had my bat,” I tsked but then Mauricio mumbles in a sleepy voice, “You do know I can hear you.”

I quickly jumped out of the bed and watched as he opened his eyes laughing. His brown eyes meeting my green ones.

He sat up from the bed and rubbed his eyes. I stood there awkwardly wondering if I should run out or say something.

The asshole just caught me watching him sleep. This can’t be good.

“What are you doing here?” His voice sounds groggy but raspy, it sends a jolt of butterflies down my back, all the way down to the place hidden between my legs.

Oh god, not this again.

“I was wondering where you ran off to.” He stared at me for a moment before a smirk takes over his face, “You were worried about me, Myers?” I rolled my eyes and felt a smile creep onto my face.

I sat down again, next to him, and gave him a sheepish look, “No, I’m just drunk and being stupid.” He scoffed and leaned closer to me, his hand coming up to my face and his fingers brushing themselves on my cheekbones. He tucks a piece of hair behind my ear and I almost call him out for being cheesy but my words are caught in my throat.

Our eyes staring into each other, the flames surrounding us, our smiles becoming noticeable.

I want to kiss you so badly

I leaned into his hand and closes my eyes whispering, “Why do you hate me?” I heard him suck in a breath before he pulled his hand away. The warmth of it leaving and causing me to miss it desperately.

“You should get going to bed. It’s late,” He mumbled leaning back onto the headboard of the bed.

My eyes opened quickly and narrowed at him.

He wasn’t meeting my eyes anymore, he became distant and had put up a wall between us.

There is never a time Mauricio fails to put a wall between us.

I let out a scoff before getting up from the bed and walking over to the door.

My heart feels heavy, I have tears creating in my eyes, and a lump in my throat.

When grabbing the doorknob I close my eyes for a moment, a few tears falling, and I turned around with open eyes to see him looking at me. His brown eyes telling me so many things, things he wishes to tell me but doesn’t.

Please, tell me you feel it too

It’s all I ask.

“You know when I was little I used to think you hated me because of the way I acted. But now I know that’s not the case. You want to hate me...because if you don’t then you’ll open up to the possibility of something more. Something that will never happen.”

I saw the way his jaw clenched and his lips parted as if he wanted to say something.

Say it.


After a moment of silence, I decided to leave.

One step forward, three steps back.

Nothing ever changes with Mauricio. I shouldn’t have expected anything to happen. He’s Mauricio, himself.

Mauricio Reyes will always be the neighbor boy who hates me. Never anything else. He proved that tonight.

And of course, I am left alone, wondering if the connection I felt between us was merely a thought in my mind.



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