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Bad Idea Nineteen

Chapter Nineteen

Malia Hernandez

“Alright, ladies go home. We’re done for the day.”

Half of us sigh in relief while others complain about how much they didn’t miss the drills over the summer.

I’m with the complainers.

“Hey, Malia! Can I ask you something?” Ophelia, a teammate, comes up to me with a smug expression. I looked at her with a raised eyebrow before nodding my head.

“Sure, what’s up?”

“I don’t want you to blow this out of proportion but people have been saying things...” She trails off glancing over at someone in the parking lot, “Saying what?” I question following her gaze to see Jianna waiting at Easton’s car.

“Look, you didn’t hear it from me but Jianna has been asking people around if they saw you and Easton together. There’s this picture—” I cut her off when I stopped walking and asked with a hard tone, “What picture?” She sighed and grabbed ahold of her phone, showing me the picture of Easton, and me hugging each other.


“Easton and I are friends. Nothing more. Who took that picture though?”

Ophelia points behind me and I follow her finger to see Leilani talking with Jasmine.

I took a deep breath in when I started to feel anger fill my body.

The bitch is trying to get back at me for what happened at the charity.

“Thank you for telling me. I’ll see you tomorrow,” I said walking over to Leilani. Her eyes met with my angry green ones and from the smirk on her face, she knew exactly what I was angry about.

“Is there a reason why you are telling people Easton and I have a thing going on?” I crossed my arms over my chest and Leilani only sighed, “I didn’t say anything. Jianna has been asking people ever since the charity. She heard Mark say something about the song being dedicated to someone in the group. The picture was taken by her. She and I were driving around when we saw you two. Easton had told Jianna he was busy and couldn’t hang that day so I don’t blame her for thinking something is going on.” Leilani shrugged before walking away.

God, I am going to hate myself for what I am about to do.

I paced walked over to Jianna and tried to keep a calm face.

It’s one thing suspecting I’m with Easton, it’s another taking pictures and asking the school about us. Not only did she take a picture without my consent, but she is also going to end up the one being hurt when she finds out the truth.

“Jianna,” I said firmly and she looked up at me from her phone, “Malia, hey!” She beamed at me and I almost felt bad.

“I wanted to talk to you about—” She cuts me off when she says, “About the rumors. Look, Malia, I already talked to Easton about it and he told me nothing was going on. He also said the rumors of Mauricio and you are also false. It’s none of my business either way.” I stared at her for a moment wondering so many things.

Hold up—Mauricio and me?

“Okay, I’m glad Easton told you but go back to what you were saying about Mauricio and me?”

“There was a rumor going around that Mauricio and you were seeing each other. I mean I don’t blame people for thinking that also considering I had my suspicions. You guys seem very close.”

I raised an eyebrow at her and almost wonder how the hell she hasn’t found out that her boyfriend is also my boyfriend?

God, I’m such a bitch.

This isn’t you, Malia, leave her alone.

“Thank you for the insight but Mauricio and I aren’t even friends. We hate each other. Trust me nothing is going on.” I clarified and she nodded her head, “That is exactly what Easton said. I’m sure the rumors will die down in a week or so.” I only smiled at her before departing away.

I don’t need more negative thoughts in my head.

And yet, a rush of guilt fills my stomach.

Why does it feel like I’m lying?


I looked around and my eyes are met with Khloe’s. She’s waving over at me.

We’re going to walk over to Khloe’s house. She invited me over to hang out since everyone else is too busy doing their own thing. They all have sports practice except well Maddie, Loui, Remi, and Aaron. But Loui is off living his best life with his recent friends with benefits and we don’t necessarily hang out with Maddie, Remi, Aaron unless we’re all in a group.

My captain ended lacrosse practice early today since she had a family emergency. She texted us in the group chat this morning and a part of me was glad considering the drills she’s been making us do aren’t easy.

I walked over to Khloe and we gave each other a quick hug.

“You ready?” Khloe smiles at me and I nodded my head, “Yeah, we should get going before someone else tells me they heard about Mauricio and me.” Khloe gave me a confused look and I shook my head, “I’ll explain when we get to your house.”

And I did, once we got to her house, a very long walk especially with my heavy lacrosse backpack, almost yelled at myself and Khloe for not having a car, I told her everything.

She stared at me as if she didn’t believe a thing I was saying.

“Well, I don’t blame people for thinking about Mauricio and you. I mean with Easton the both of you hide your relationship remarkably well but I can’t say there are times where I questioned your feelings for Mauirico.” Khloe shrugged and I raised an eyebrow at her, “What do you mean? Why would you question my feelings for the asshole next door?” She snorts at the nickname I gave him.

“Malia...anyone can see the way you both look at each other. There’s something there. It’s always been there. Besides, the way Mauricio has been smiling around you more often? It shows.”

I stared at her with millions of thoughts, memories, and questions running in my head.

Everything came to me like a wave. All the thoughts of him, the memories of being alone with him, and the questions being answered with one simple answer.

I like him.

I like Mauricio Reyes.

This cannot be happening.

I can’t like him. It’s wrong, bad.

He is Easton’s best friend and the boy who—the boy who won’t admit he feels something for me too.

“Mauricio and I aren’t talking,” I blurt out loud and Khloe brings her eyebrows together, “What?” I nodded my head staring down at the blanket below me, “The other night after the concert something happened. We had a moment and when I tried to ask him why he hated me, he shot me down. I told him that nothing will ever happen between us. And at first, I thought it was all said because I was drunk but now I don’t think it was that. Ever since that night we haven’t been talking and today what Jianna said about the rumors, when I told her nothing was going on I felt like I was lying. Oh god, Khloe please tell me that I don’t seriously like him.”

She sighed, “You like him, Malia. You always have. It just didn’t come out completely until now.”

I flopped back down on her bed and groaned.

“How is this possible? I love Easton. I know I do.”

“You’re going to have to pull a Bella from twilight and figure out who you love more.”

I sent her a slight glare which she laughed at.

“Come on, let’s watch the movies. Hopefully, they help you out in this situation.” She was already grabbing the controller and turning on the television.

This is fucking great.

“Fine, I wouldn’t mind seeing Jacob’s abs for another five-hundred time.”

I also wouldn’t mind yelling at Bella to forget about the boys and choose Alice. She’s always been the better choice.


Mauricio Reyes

“What are you practicing for?”

I look up at Maddie from my guitar, pausing the music that’s playing on my phone.

“I’m performing with Malia at Mr. Thomas’s birthday party remember?” I put down the guitar and got up from my bed.

“Right, I forgot about that,” She mumbled and I brought my eyebrows together in confusion, “Is something wrong?” I asked and she only shook her head with a small laugh leaving her lips.

I know Maddie and something is wrong.


She sighed and stood up, “Is there something going on between Malia and you? I’m only asking because I know you wouldn’t lie to me but Jianna spoke to me the other day about a rumor she heard. People are saying Malia and you have a thing going on. And at first, I quickly shut it down but I don’t know...” She trailed off and I shook my head, “No, no. You don’t know what?”

Maddie got quiet for a second, wondering if what she’ll say next will either anger or upset me.

“Ever since the charity, no specifically ever since you two started the English project, it’s as if you two have changed your feelings for one another. You both seem closer, more than friends. I haven’t seen you smile like that since your grandpa was around.”

Now I’m the one who’s gone quiet.

If I told Maddie about my feelings for Malia, I don’t know how she’ll react. I’m afraid it won’t be a supportive reaction too.

So, I lied.

“Well, nothing is going on. Malia and I bicker like crazy still and trust me when I say we still hate each other. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t feel like completely ignoring her.”

A rush of guilt fills my stomach and I just know I’m one-hundred percent lying to my best friend right now.

The things one must do when they fall for the person they were never supposed to fall in love with.

My phone vibrates on the bed and I quickly pick it up to see Easton’s name. He’s texted me, letting me know he’s outside.

After practice, we agreed on heading to the park later today. I told him Maddie wanted to come over and needed a bit of time with her since she’s always complaining about how I never have any time for her anymore.

“Easton is here. I have to go,” I said grabbing everything I needed and Maddie nodded her head, “Yeah, me too. My mom is making me go with her to the store.” She rolled her eyes and I gave her a quick hug, “You’ll be fine. Text me if anything.” I placed a kiss on her head which she smiled at me for.

She ended up showing herself out since I stayed back for a bit.

My eyes glanced over to my open window and quickly to Malia’s bedroom window. The curtains are closed and I’m wondering if she’s home.

We haven’t talked since the other night after the concert. She didn’t text me or anything about driving her home.

I do hope she’s okay and isn’t walking home from someone else’s house.

Fucking shit.

I’ve turned into a full-on lover boy.

This is fucking great.

Fuck it, I’m texting her.

Me: Are you home?

She responds quickly.

Myers The Serial Killer: No. Why?

Me: I didn’t drive you home today and I don’t want you walking home.

Me: It’s getting dark out.

The small text bubbles move up and down for a while. It felt a lot longer when I kept thinking about how she’d probably tell me to fuck off.

Myers The Serial Killer: I’m at Khloe’s. Don’t worry.

Myers The Serial Killer: I’ll see you tomorrow after school? The parking lot?

I smiled down at my phone and let out a relieved breath.

So, we’re going to forget the other night ever happened? Sounds good to me.

A honk from the outside pulls me away from my thoughts.

Right, Easton.

My best friend, the guy who is dating the girl I loved since I was ten.

This is going to end up badly.


Malia Hernandez

“We’re done.”

I took in a deep breath and nodded my head.

“Yes, we are.”

Mauricio started to clean everything off my bed. He put them all in the corner of my room where we normally kept the poster of our English project.

I can’t believe we finished with only two months left to do it.

My eyes flicked over at Mauricio who’s now putting away all the glue sticks and markers.

We’ve been doing okay ever since yesterday. I was surprised when he texted me to see if I was home. He was worried about me.

It’s also been exactly twenty-four hours since I’ve admitted to officially having feelings for Mauricio. A part of me still can’t believe it. I keep expecting to quickly change my mind and say I was being stupid. And use the excuse of only being attracted to him.

None of that has happened or seems to be happening.

All of it is real. Every part of it. And that scares the shit out of me.

“Alright, well I should go home and get ready for later. Twenty-one pilots playing at the club calls for my special occasion outfit.” Mauricio’s voice pulls me away from my thoughts and I smirk at him, “You mean the outfit that is all black with a belt?”

“You know it, Myers. It’s a good thing you’re smart.” He tilted his head towards me and chuckled.

Those brown eyes of his telling me all hidden feelings he’s so afraid to show or tell. I hope my green ones tell the same or at least show him that he’s not the only one feeling this way.

As scared as I am about all of this, if I am reassured that he feels the same way, I just know everything will be okay.

“Yeah, yeah, go before I use my bat on you,” I laughed and he grabbed his things.

When walking out of the room he suddenly stopped and held out his hand.

Okay, he’s gone crazy.

“What are you doing?” I gaped at him and he looked at me as if I was going crazy, “I’m shaking your hand as a farewell.”

“You can’t be serious.”

“Dead serious.”

I almost burst out with laughter.

God, please someone tell me this is a joke.

I slip my hand into his and feels his fingers admittedly tighten around it.

A rush of butterflies fills my stomach and I fall to my knees.

“We did good,” He awkwardly smiled and I nodded my head, “That we did.”

He didn’t let go, our eyes meeting and flames igniting all around her. The butterflies burning along with the fire, flapping all around us.

So beautiful.

“I still hate you,” He mumbled and I laughed, “Don’t worry I hate you too, asshole.” This time he laughed with me.

He finally let go and I almost grabbed his hand to hold it again.

“I’ll see you later, Myers.” And like that he was gone.

I close the door behind him and turned around to see Vikki, Lilybeth, and my dad smiling at me with raised eyebrows. They all look so much alike it’s almost creepy.

“Shut up,” I laughed walking back up to my room to get ready.

I decided on wearing something casual tonight. There’s no need to go all out since I’m both a bit lazy and tired from just finishing the project.

So, I took a quick shower, not bothering to shave my legs since I’ll be wearing jeans. Besides having body hair is normal and there’s no shame at all in skipping shaving days. Girls shouldn’t be forced to shave because society can’t handle some armpit or arm hair on women. It’s our body, our choice, society will need to just fuck off.

I ended up wearing a nice sleeved crop top, off-shoulder, and high-waisted jeans with cute leather combat boots.

This feels so much more comfortable than a tight dress with six-inch heels.

And when doing my hair, putting it up in a bun, I decided to not do my makeup also.

Who cares? I don’t.

This feels more like me.

Natural, original, beautiful.

“Mal, Easton is here!” Lilybeth knocks on my door and I yell back, “Tell him that I’ll be down in a bit!” I heard footsteps running down the stairs and mentally thanked her.

I gathered everything I needed and made my way downstairs to meet Easton at his car.

Lilybeth was outside talking to him when I walked out of the house. They were laughing about something which made me curious.

“What’s so funny?”

Lilybeth moved away from the passenger seat window and let me through.

“She was telling me about what happened at school today. She and Denzel got into some trouble with the principal. Seemingly, JT and Reuben ditched class and needed to distract the principal from finding them.” Easton shook his head and Lilybeth explained more, “Denzel and I ran around the halls yelling Taylor Swift’s song ‘Blank Space’. She didn’t appreciate hearing the song which goes to show she isn’t a fan. Miss Taylor is a queen. Who doesn’t like her music?”

I snorted and gave her a quick hug, “Go inside before dad comes out here yelling at both of us. It’s windy out and you’re not wearing shoes.”

She said goodbye to us and ran back inside.

I opened the car door and got inside. Easton gives me a quick kiss on the lips and says how much he missed me.

A lump forms in my throat when I start thinking about how just hours ago I admitted to having feelings for his best friend. I wonder how he’d react when he finds out that during the time he was missing me, I was trying to push away the feeling of jumping on Mauricio and kissing the hell out of him.

“Hey, so, I talked to Jianna today,” I said meeting his brown eyes and seeing his face fall, “About what?”

Why does he seem so nervous?

“She told me about the rumors. Did you know she took a picture of us?”

He sighed tapping on the steering wheel, “Yeah, she told me about it the day after taking it. I quickly made sure it was left as a rumor. Also, the whole thing with Mauricio and you was pretty interesting to hear about.”

Here we go.

“You don’t seriously believe something is going on between your best friend, who I hate with a passion, and me, who he hates with a passion.”

Good, now you’re lying to him.

I think I’m going to be sick.

“No, of course not. You guys wouldn’t do anything to hurt me. I know that. I’m sorry for doubting it,” He said grabbing my face and pressing his lips against mine.

I kissed him back, turning my body to the side so I can get a more comfortable angle. He even pulls me more into him that I’m almost leaning over the console.

“How about we skip the club and go to my place. My parents or Denzel aren’t home...” He mumbled into my lips and I mumbled back, “As much as I would love to take this perfect opportunity I have been waiting for Twenty One Pilots to play at the club for a while now. Mark promised me for this night so we have to go.”

He groaned a fine and we pulled away from each other.

I was putting on my seatbelt when Easton turned on the car and drove off to the club.

It only took us about ten minutes to get there since the traffic wasn’t bad tonight.

Thank god for that because I’m way too excited to wait.

When we get to the club everyone was already there except Mauricio. I asked where he was and Josie ended up saying that he texted in the group chat about coming a bit later. And that was the end of it.

I wasn’t going to let some stupid crush on the boy next door get between my feelings for the guy I’m in love with. My boyfriend, my best friend, Easton.

“Let’s get drunk, bitches!” Meliana comes back from the bar with a round plate of shots. She sets it down on the table and sits down next to her boyfriend Aaron, passing each of us a shot.

“I wasn’t going to drink...” I trailed off and Loui gave me a weird look, “Why not?” Well, I had no answer to that so I ended up taking the shot.

And more.


A lot more until I was dancing drunk on the dance floor while the band played ‘Tear In My Heart’. Josie, Khloe, and myself dancing around to the song.

Meliana was up on stage, singing with them, Aaron watching from the sides hoping she doesn’t fall off the stage. She is a bit drunker than all of us. But this is Meliana. When she’s sober it’s as if the fun switch turned off so when she’s drunk we all take advantage to do the craziest shit with her.

I cross my legs for the third time and Josie is already glaring at me.

“Go pee!” She yells over the music and I finally cave, “Fine, stay here, I want to keep dancing!” I yelled back at her and she nodded her head, dancing with Khloe now.

I made my way to the restroom hoping I’m now slow enough to catch myself if I end up falling.

My head bumps into a chest and I stumble back a bit, two firm hands grabbing ahold of my shoulders trying to steady me.

“Oh shit, my bad—Myers?”

Shit, I know that voice.

I looked up to see Mauricio’s brown eyes, his face being shown by all the flashing lights from the stage. His eyebrows were brought together in confusion and his lips pressed together in a firm line.

“Dude, watch where you’re going.” I shrugged off his hold feeling anger build up in my chest.

I’m angry because he’s ruining everything. I was perfectly fine with my whole situation with Easton and now my feelings for him have complicated things. I can’t even be around my boyfriend without thinking about Mauricio. It’s exhausting and draining. All I want is for things to go back to the way they were. Also, I’m drunk so my emotions are heightened.

“Me? I’m pretty sure it was you who ran into me.” He rolled his eyes and I narrowed mine, “You’re the one who obviously can’t see since you’re so tall.” I crossed my arms over my chest and saw the way slid his tongue in the inside of his lower lip.

Oh, yeah, that was hot.

I felt myself take in a deep breath and straighten up to push away the fluttering feeling between my legs.

He was about to say something until he suddenly stopped.

I watched as his jaw clenched and those eyes became hooded. A smirk started to play on his lip and he let out a small chuckle.

“What?” I looked up at him from my eyelashes—oh god I’m giving him that look aren’t I?

This isn’t good.

I should probably—he suddenly steps forward, grabbing ahold of my hips and pushing us against the wall behind me. A hand of his snaking up to my neck, forcing me to look straight into his eyes. Our faces are inches apart and our breathing is matching.

“You think everything is about you, Myers.” I felt his breath on my skin and felt a jolt of electricity shoot up my spine.

Touch me, touch me, please.

“What are you talking about?” I tried to hide the fact I wanted his lips all over me at this second. But I’m not so sure it’s working because he presses his lips against my ear and whispers, “What I mean is every part of me wants to tell you the exact reason why I hate you so much. But then I think about how much you suffer by even thinking about what could be the reason. I take pleasure in that.” I tilt my face away from his and snarled at him, “I think you’re just too much of a coward to say it.” He laughs lowly, “Coward? Oh no, I just think it’s fun watching you trying to figure out the reason. You are an infuriating girl, Myers.”

I stand up straight and meet his brown eyes, “An infuriating girl that you so desperately want. I remember everything from that night, Reyes. You’re lucky enough that I haven’t told Easton.” I watched as his jaw hardened and he shifted his body.

“And why haven’t you told my best friend? Is it maybe because you didn’t pull away or you’re too much of a coward to admit you wanted me to touch you?” He smirks at me, rubbing his nose against mine.

He is not wrong.

Shut it little voice in my head.

How can I be so angry yet so god damn aroused by this.

I stayed quiet to not let myself ruin all of this more than I already did.

“Oh, my bad. I didn’t—Malia? Mauricio?”

Our heads snapped towards Loui who’s looking at us with wide eyes.

We quickly pulled away from each other.

I tried to keep my composure, telling myself to keep it together at least until I get home to let out whatever frustration I’m feeling.

Loui looks between Mauricio and me suspiciously, “Uh, Mal, Easton is looking for you.”

I nodded my head walking away from both boys.

This is a fucking disaster.

Nothing will ever be the same after this.


I still have to pee.




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