No Rules In Bad Ideas

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Bad Idea Twenty

Chapter Twenty

Malia Hernandez

I flopped down on Meliana’s bed when I got off the phone with Loui.

He was asking us for our Starbucks orders and reminding me to tell the girls about what he saw the other day at the club.

After we left the club he pulled me aside and asked about what he saw. I told him some sappy excuse about us bickering which he didn’t believe. So, I told him that I’d tell the whole truth when we’re all at Meliana’s house before the party.

“Have you visited your dad this week?” Josie asks Khloe and she shakes her head, “No, I was too busy this week, and my little brother Odalis had hockey practice this whole week.” Everyone only nodded their heads knowing we shouldn’t press on it.

Khloe’s dad was put in jail when she was only five. He didn’t pay his taxes and was guilty of some other things Khloe never mentioned.

We all respected not ask about her family problems.

“I slept with Elias,” Josie blurts out and we all look at her with shocked looks. She covers her face and mumbles against her hands, “It was at the last party we went to. We were drunk and I confronted him about everything that happened. He took me to a room so we could talk privately and instead of talking we—well you know.”

Holy shit.

“Wait—” Meliana lets out a laugh, “—are you serious?” Khloe finishes for her and Josie nods her head finally removing her hands away from her face.

“How was it?” I smirked at her and she grabbed a pillow behind her, throwing it at me and making sure it hits me right on the face.

“What? Was he not?” I laughed throwing the pillow back at her.

Josie looked at the three of us with hesitant eyes before biting down her lip and nodding her head with a smile.

“Oh shit, how good?” Meliana laughs and Josie throws herself down onto the bed, “So, so fucking good. He was so much better than Joshua.” The four of us burst out with excited laughter.

“You all have no idea what I went through that night. It keeps repeating in my head like an embarrassing memory. Except it’s a fucking good memory. The way he touched and fucked me, guys, it was—nothing can compare. I’m ruined for any other boy. Who knew Elias would truly do the things he did to me that night. It was as if the nice, awkward Elias was gone and replaced with this dominant, sexy alter ego.”

From the look in her eyes, I can tell how good it was.

Josie didn’t get fucked, no, she got fucking railed.

“Why didn’t you say anything before?” Khloe raises an eyebrow at her and Josie sighs, “After we were done he whispered that he was sorry, looked at me with guilt, and left. We’ve been talking as if we didn’t sleep together and maybe I like it this way.” She shrugged, turning her head away, her thoughts clouding her mind.

“You’re not the only one who’s ignoring each other in the group,” I said standing up from the bed and heading over to my purse. I grabbed my phone and checked it to see any messages from him. The boy who put me against a wall and told me how I make everything about myself.

God, just like Josie, the memory of his hand around my neck stays in my head. Repeating and repeating, never letting me forget the way he made me feel. How his touch made me feel so hot and alive. Everything about him makes me feel that way. Especially his eyes...those beautiful broken brown eyes.

“What do you mean?” Josie asks behind me and I sighed turning towards her when I saw no messages, “The other night at the club Mauricio and I had a small disagreement. And when I mean disagreement, I mean that he pushed me against the wall, told me some bullshit, and almost made me admit to the fact I am attracted to him.”

All three girls stared at me with raised eyebrows.

“Loui caught us in a position we should have never been in. He made sure I would tell you all before he said it himself. You all know he can’t keep a secret.”

The girls nodded their heads in agreement.

“So what? Are you and Mauricio still going to sing together?” Khloe stands up from the bed and pulls off her jacket. I shook my head quickly and said, “No, no. We’re still singing but not talking. I don’t know what is going on. All I know is that he won’t even look at me or speak two words to me unless they are yes or no. It’s the worst.” I let out a frustrated groan and almost called Loui to hurry him up.

I require some caffeine at this moment.

Right when my thoughts finished, Loui comes in with the drinks and a big smile. His eyes meeting mine first to confirm if I told the girls. I nodded my head at him and he relieved sigh knowing he won’t be the one to spill the beans.

Now I just have to figure out what the hell I’m going to tell Mauricio when I see him later.

This won’t be the best day.


Mauricio Reyes

I try to reread the scene from the book but the commotion from downstairs keeps distracting me.

Mama and Papa are fighting again. Supposedly, he promised to take Angelina to the movies, and instead, of course, he got wasted.

Some things never change.

When I was younger Papa used to take me everywhere. Whenever I had soccer or basketball practice, he would take me. Other times he would sneak out with me to get ice cream or go to bookstores. Mama didn’t like it when we ate ice cream before lunch and my stack of books was getting bigger by the week.

“You promised her, Enrique!”

I took in a deep breath before slamming the book down on the bed. Then I got up and mumbled an “alright that’s it” before putting on my shoes.

The kids don’t need to keep hearing this. Especially Angelina, all of this is only going to make her feel bad.

I quickly left my room and gathered my siblings, telling them we are leaving and they did not question it.

“Where are we going?” Reuben asks as we head down the stairs, “We are going to get some ice cream.”

We snuck out the back door and I texted mom where we were going. She didn’t answer since I assume she doesn’t have her phone on her but I wanted her to know just in case she came upstairs and saw we weren’t there.

The kids and I got in the impala and drove as far away from our drunk father and restless mother.

When we got to the ice cream shop no time was wasted. We got our ice cream and quickly sat down to eat.

“So, Benzo, how are you and Denzel,” I winked over at him which he glared at me for, “We’re good. I’m going to meet up with her at the party today.

“Is mama taking you both?”

They nod their heads quickly.

Okay, good, because I don’t think they’d fit in the car. I’m taking Maddie, Malia, Josie, and Khloe to the party. They all live the closest and gas won’t be wasted with four different cars.

“What about Lilybeth? I saw you two walking together after school.” Angelina smirks over at Reuben who’s reaction is wide eyes and cleared throat.

“I only walked with her because her friend bailed. She was walking home alone and it’s unsafe, you know?” He shrugged it off but I can see in his eyes that wasn’t the case.

My brother has got himself in a little situation.

He is unquestionably a Reyes.

“You know, Hernandez women, are one of a kind. I say take the chance to be with one while you have it.”

“Would you take the chance to be with Malia if she wasn’t with Easton?”

I stopped mid-lick on the ice cream when the question came out of his mouth.

Holy shit, I never expected to be asked that question.

Would I?

Yes, yes I would.

My feelings for Malia have certainly come back from when I was ten. There is no doubt I am in love with her all over again and no doubt I’d say yes to ever being with her.

Ten-year-old me may hate the fact I let myself fall for her again because of what she did.

God, even thinking about what happened that day makes me angry.

I may pretend to hate Malia Hernandez now but back when I was ten? The day the true hate for her started? It was no pretending then.

All of that happened long ago. It doesn’t seem to matter anymore. But then I pull out my keychain and look down at the bracelet that has a butterfly on it.

The same bracelet I hoped to give her.

Seven Years Ago...

I wrapped the bracelet with the beautiful blue butterfly around my fingers and stared at it for a second.

Grandpa Reyes told me how special this bracelet was. It belonged to grandma, it was given to her as a wedding present from grandpa. He was looking for something he knew she would love and found this bracelet at an antique store. Once Grandma Reyes got it, she never once took it off.

It was taken off, of course, when she passed and told Grandpa to make it a family heirloom. She wanted to make sure every generation felt the flutters of the blue butterfly.

Grandpa had planned to give it over to Papa but they had a big fight.

So, instead, he has given it to me.

It saddened me to think about Grandpa Reyes. He passed away a week ago and it still feels as if he’s here. Sometimes I forget that he’s not coming over anymore to teach me some soccer moves.

The butterfly bracelet is all I have left from him. Well, the bracelet and the trust fund. But the butterfly bracelet is so much more important.

The lawyer said that grandpa wanted me to have it and how he wanted me to promise on making sure I give it to the girl who I plan to marry one day, spend the rest of my life with. Just like he spent his life with Grandma Reyes.

The funny thing about all of this is that I already know who I want to give the bracelet to.

It’s the neighbor girl who loves to catch butterflies in her backyard with her dad.

Malia Hernandez.

She’s my age, we have the same fifth-grade class together but never talk. I’m too shy to talk to her since normally Malia is always outgoing.

Our moms made us have playdates before but I was always too shy. She would sit there sometimes looking outside my window, talking about how she loved seeing butterflies. I would smile whenever she wasn’t looking and wished I dared to talk to her.

Sometimes I catch her staring at me in class or from our window. At first, I thought it was creepy but when we met she told me how badly she wanted to hang out with me.

I ruined it though.

Instead of talking to her, I read my books. I do regret it considering she always looked so sad whenever I didn’t answer her crazy, dramatic questions on her curiosity about the world.

I do hope she feels the same way. Or at least thinks maybe we could be something. We’re too young right now but in high school, I do plan on making sure she’s my girlfriend. For now, she can wear this bracelet as a promise for a future together.

A promise for ‘always’.

I started to run down the stairs and went straight to the front door. But I stopped my tracks when I see Papa.

He’s sitting down on the couch with a whiskey bottle in hand. I can see the tears in his eyes and the pained expression on his face.

Papa doesn’t drink. He’s not supposed to.

I think about telling mama. She’d want to know about this.

But what if Malia leaves her house?

I’ll tell her about it when I come back home.

I quickly left the house and went to her’s. Mrs. Hernandez ended up letting me in and telling me that Malia was upstairs when I asked for her.

The butterfly bracelet was still wrapped around my fingers as I walked up the stairs.

Malia’s loud, addicting laughter is heard and I couldn’t help but smile. Hearing her laugh never fails to make me smile. Everything about her makes me smile. She’s perfect.

When I’m about to knock on her bedroom I see it cracked open. She’s talking to someone but they’re not saying anything. Malia is the only one talking.

“Mauricio Reyes is nothing but a little angry boy who used to follow his grandpa around. Do you realize how weird that is? How can anyone ever be friends with him? He doesn’t even speak unless it has anything to do about soccer or his stupid books.”

Malia, it’s Malia talking.

“Mauricio will never interest me nor will he ever be a friend of mine. The only reason I ever even talked to him was because of my mom. She told me how he had no friends, which by the way isn’t a surprise, and practically forced me to hang out with him. Trust me, Mauricio Reyes is nothing to me.”

I felt the tears fall down my cheeks and anger build up in my chest.

I’ve never felt so much anger.

I ran downstairs, stomping out of the house and running into my house. The butterfly bracelet being thrown on my bed once I made it into my bedroom.

My eyes dart to Malia’s window to see her staring at me.

Did she see me leave?

I don’t care!

I hate her, I hate Malia Hernandez.

And I’ll make sure she knows it.

Seven Years Later...

“As you said. She’s with Easton.”

We finished up our ice cream and Angelina says, “Well if Malia and you ever got together? You’d at least make cute babies.” I snorted at this and told her she has a wild imagination.

We head home and for good blessings, Mama and Papa were finally done arguing with each other. They had gone their separate ways a little after we left.

I ended up in my room changing into my party attire a little after mama apologized for everything.

My clothing mostly consists of black jeans, a black button-up sleeved shirt, and dress shoes. There’s nothing else I’d rather wear.

I’m putting on my rings when I see Malia opening up her window.

We haven’t talked since the night at the club. She walked away from me after Loui found us in the position we were in. It seemed like she didn’t want to talk about it so I decided we shouldn’t talk at all.

All of this mess for one confession of her attraction for me.

I opened my window and leaned into it.

“You ready?” She asks as if nothing has been going on.

If this is how she wants to be then let her. There is nothing I can do.

“I was born ready, Myers,” I said and she rolls her eyes.

“Remember to bring a book just in case the party gets boring.”

“Remember to bring a sketchbook also for yourself.”

I laughed at this and so did she. We know each other so well.

My eyes travel down to what she’s wearing and I couldn’t help but grin at her clothing. She’s wearing a beautiful white silk strapless dress.

I look up and down at her, taking in every detail of her.

God, she’s so beautiful.

Beautiful as a white butterfly.

They say white butterflies signify peace and that’s exactly what Malia makes me feel. She makes me feel at peace in the angriest times.

The power she has over me is insane. I’ve never let anyone in this far and of course, it’s Malia who finds a way past my walls.

Malia cuts off my thoughts when she says, “Well, I call shotgun.”


Oh, right, she’s coming with me.

She’s about to leave when I suddenly call out to her.

What the fuck did I do that for?

“What’s up?” She leans back onto the window and raises an eyebrow at me. I almost tell her ‘never mind’ but a sudden thought came to mind.

I lick my lips, looking her up and down, and watched the way she moves around a bit. Her body language changing at the sight of the look on my face.

The same look I gave her that night at the party.

“You look good.”

She’s quiet for a bit before saying, “Thank you.”

Well, that went well.

I’m putting down my window when she calls out my name. Her green eyes meet mine and those red-stained lips purse at me.

“What happened?”

“You look too,” She bites down her bottom lip, her green eyes moving up and down my body.

Now I’m the one with the changed body language.


We close our windows in unison, smiles on our faces and we made sure they were shown to each other.


Malia Hernandez

Easton’s hand tries to sneak its way up my thigh but I quickly stop it. He laughs against my lips and presses his other hand on my lower back.

I know it’s been a while since we’ve had sex, I’m feeling frustrated too but we’re out in public. We’re lucky enough that Mark’s dad agreed to the whole idea of tents so we could have our privacy. It was also done just in case the weather wanted to be bipolar and start to rain.

The group and I are the only ones in the tent. We have the curtains closed since Easton keeps trying to slip a hand up my thigh.

“I need a drink,” Josie sits next to me and I pull away from Easton to look at her, “What’s wrong?” I asked her and watched as her eyes darted towards Elias. He’s talking to Tyler and Remi.

He’s been keeping his distance from Josie the whole time we’ve been here. I know it’s getting to her and only worrying her more.

“Why don’t you talk to him?”

She looked at me as if I was crazy.

“And risk losing the silent treatment? You know me better than that.”

I rolled my eyes at this knowing they’re both being stubborn.

Seems familiar.

Not the time little voice in my head.

“How about you, huh?” She whispers into my ear and points with her chin over to Mauricio. He’s currently practicing for the song we’re about to sing. I watched as he moved his fingers around on the strings and even saw the way his eyebrows brought themselves together in concentration.

I feel Easton nudge me and I’m a bit embarrassed over the fact he essentially caught me staring at his best friend.

This isn’t going to be good.

I’m about to say something when Loui walks into the tent with drinks in hand.

“Who’s getting drunk with me?” He yelled cheerfully and Josie is quick to volunteer. She runs over to him and grabs one of the drinks on the round plate. The way she wasted no time taking a chug of the drink showed how truly bothered she is about the situation with Elias.

“You want one?” Easton asks me but I shake my head, “I have to be sober for the song and just in case Mr. Thomas wants to stir shit up.” I smiled fakely and he laughed placing a small kiss on my lips.

“You never fail to amaze me, baby,” He whispered into my lips and I felt my heart start to melt a bit.

It’s times like this that I just love.

“Malia, Mauricio!”

My head snaps towards the opened curtains and I see Mark standing between them. He’s staring between Mauricio and me.

“It’s time.” He points behind him with his thumb and I glance over to Mauricio with nervous butterflies surrounding my stomach. He gives me a reassuring nod before standing up from the chair with his guitar.

Okay, we got this. We’ve done this before. Nothing to worry about.

“We’ll meet you out there,” Maddie told Mauricio when she got up herself to give him a quick hug. And not only did she make it obvious how badly she wanted Mauricio, but it’s also clear how angry she was about us singing together again.

I bet she’s afraid something will happen again. Something between her precious best friend and the girl she so dearly hates.

Mauricio and I walked out of the tent, heading over to the stage where everything is set up.

I took in a deep breath and rubbed my sweaty hands on my dress.

“You good, Myers?” Mauricio nudges me and I tilted my head towards him with a smirk hoping our normal selves will calm me, “Don’t you dare start worrying about me now, Reyes.” He playfully rolled his eyes and grabbed ahold of my hand, “We got this. No need to be afraid. I got your back all the way.” And like that, all my nerves and worries were gone.

He’s got such a strong effect on me.

“Malia, honey, thank you so much for doing this. You too, Mauricio,” Jacinda walked up to us and gave us a quick hug.

“It’s no problem, Mrs. Thomas. Anything for Mark’s dad.” Mauricio smiled at her and I almost protested on doing this for Mr. Thomas. I’m not doing this for him at all, this is for Jacinda. All and only for Jacinda. Mr. Thomas does not even deserve to talk to me at all. He’s a rich asshole who thinks he rules the world.

Positive thoughts, Malia. Today or right now is not the time.

“I cannot wait to see what you both have in store for us. I’m sure anything you do is going to be amazing.”

We thanked her and then she showed us over to the stage. Helping us get comfortable on it and making sure everything was perfect for us.

A crowd started to form as we got prepared.

Mauricio and I will be sitting this time so we made sure to sit next to each other since we’re sharing a mic.

“Good luck, Myers,” Mauricio mumbled next to me and I glanced over at him to see that he’s nervous as I am.

I put my hand on his shoulder, his eyes darting down at it, “I’m here. We got this. I also got your back.” He nodded his head at me and tightened his hold onto the guitar.

I got this, we got this, together.

Nothing can go wrong with Mauricio by my side. I should know that by now.

“Ladies and gentlemen, thank you all for coming tonight to celebrate my husband’s birthday. It means the absolute world to us and to thank all of you, I have asked two of our finest Morhills Academy students to sing for us. Everyone this is Malia and Mauricio!” Jacinda smiled and motioned over to us with her hand.

“Thank you so much for having us, Jacinda. Hello everyone, if you don’t know us we are Malia Hernandez and Mauricio Reyes. Jacinda has asked us to sing a song for you all today. So without further ado, this is Lights Down Low by MAX and TINI.”

Mauricio started off the verse with his guitar and sang his part.

Heaven only knows where you’ve been

I’ve heard Mauricio sing solo before but god why does it sound so much better each time I hear it?

And you just look so beautiful

His brown eyes meet with mine and it almost feels as if he’s directly telling me these lyrics.

This feels exactly how it did at the charity event.

It’s like you were an angel

Please tell me all these butterflies in my stomach are just because of the lyrics. And not because of how he’s directly meeting my eyes while singing.

The way his lips moved and he never once took those eyes off me. It’s everything, everything I wished he’d do whenever I ever got close to finding out if he felt the same way. The same way I feel about him.

Cause I don’t think I’d ever leave this place

He suddenly stood up with the guitar in his hands and started to sing his whole heart out to the lyrics.

’Cause, baby, we’re just reckless kids

Mauricio motions overs at me to stand up and I quickly do.

Oh, turn the lights, turn the lights down low, oh

My turn.

I grabbed ahold of the mic and turned it towards me.

Puedo ver la lluvia caer

Mauricio never missing a beat.

Decirte que te amo

My green eyes never staying off his brown ones.

Me pierdo en tu mirada

And I do, I do get lost in the way he’s looking at me right now.

No quiero alejarme más de ti, oh-oh

Here comes our combined chorus.

Oh, turn the lights turn the lights down low

We sing so beautifully in unison. Our voices mixing in the mic and speakers.

’Cause, baby, we’re just reckless kids

So reckless to believe nobody will question our feelings for each other after this.

We haven’t looked away once from each other.

I’m almost afraid to look at the crowd.

No time to worry though, here comes the bridge.

And I will give you everything baby

Oh god, it’s coming out to perfect.

But can you feel this energy? Take it

So beautiful.

And you can have the best of me, baby

It’s just us.

And I will give you anything

Nobody else is around.

Can you feel this energy? Take it

Butterflies surrounding us.

And you can have the best of me, baby

The memories of us playing in our heads.

I don’t care anymore what people think. We’ll deny it for as long as we have to but right now I want this.

Oh, turn the lights turn the lights down low

I want this moment forever.

Yeah, now I’m feeling you breathing slow, oh

An unexpected turn, when we’re both at our high pitches, we both grabbed onto the mic. Our fingers lacing together and gripping onto each other.

Oh, turn the lights, turn the lights down low, oh

We lean into the mic, our noses brushing against each other and lips inches away from the mic.

Turn the lights down low

I finished off the lyrics while Mauricio finished off the song with his guitar.

There was a moment of silence, Mauricio and I still in the same position and staring into our beautiful bliss of emotions.

I want to kiss you so badly, Mauricio Reyes.

The sound of clapping snaps us out of our bliss and we turn away from each other to the crowd.

I finally look over at the crowd to see everyone cheering us on. The group is in the back hollering and clapping their hands. Easton has Jianna on his arm, I’m guessing she got here when I was singing, but his expression isn’t like last time. This time he seems more neutral than suspicious.

Why does it worry me more?

“Thank you, everyone!” I yelled into the mic and Mauricio yelled into it next, “Happy Birthday Mr. Thomas!”

We walked off the stage and went straight to the group where they waited to say how good we were.

“You did amazing guys!” Josie jumps on us and we thank her.

“Man, I didn’t know you could sing that good.” Tyler pulls Mauricio into a bro hug and kisses me on the forehead as a congratulation.

On our way back to the tent Mauricio wraps his fingers around my arm and pulls me towards the side of the tent. He towered over me with a look I’ve seen so many times before.

“You were amazing,” He whispered.

A jolt of electricity shot up my spine when I felt his hand slowly makes its way up to my face. He cups my jaw and I feel his thumb press itself on my bottom lip softly, slowly bringing it down.

“I wonder what else this mouth can do.”

Mauricio stared down at my lips and I pressed my thighs together when I felt a flutter create in between my legs.

I cleared my throat and pressed a hand on his chest, “We should—uh—I loved the sound of your voice. It was beautiful.” My fingers move up to his shoulder and I tighten my fingers on his shirt.

Our eyes meet and the flames become alive.

The sound of the outside world is gone, it’s just us, him, and me only.

Mauricio and I are complicated. One minute we’re arguing and then the next we’re in the position we are now.

Maybe this is his way of saying he does feel the same way. This is his way of saying that I shouldn’t be worried about why he started hating me in the first place, to move on and accept what we have now.

It seems we always find ourselves here.

So close yet so far.

I pressed my forehead against his and placed my other hand on his neck. He didn’t protest or stop me when I pulled his body closer to mine.

“What are we doing, Myers?”

“I don’t know but I also don’t care.” A breath passes my lips and I can feel my heart beating rapidly against my chest.

“You do know if we do this there’s no going back. You’ll regret it.” He tried to pull away but I kept him still, “Ask me if I want this.”


“Ask me.”

He stayed quiet for a moment, his eyebrows brought together in confusion. The hesitancy look and battle with his mind and heart playing in those angry eyes.

Finally, he sighs and asks, “Do you want this?”

“ you?”

The sound of a small chuckle leaves his lips and his free arm places itself on my lower back.

“I want this more than you can imagine,” He whispered as I felt him bring our bodies against each other, “But you know we shouldn’t. It’s wrong.” And yet, he didn’t try to pull away this time.

“If it’s wrong why are you still here. Tell me, Reyes, tell me what you feel.” I moved my hand off from his neck and into his hair, slicking my fingers into it.

When he didn’t say anything more I started to pull him in.

Fuck all the consequences, forget all this being a bad idea. This will stay between us. It’ll be our little bad idea, secret. Our way of telling each other how we feel, what we’ve been feeling these past few months.

And right when our lips are about to touch he quickly pulls himself away from me. He leaves me limp against the tent. My breathing labored and my mind racing with so many thoughts. The anger building up in my chest because he always does this.

“We can’t.” It was all he said and I looked away from him so he wouldn’t see how badly I want to cry.

“It’s one thing not telling me why you hate me but it’s another making me feel as if there’s a little part of you that might feel the same way.” I nodded my head and felt the tears build up in my eyes.

“Malia—” He reaches out for me but I move away from his reach, “No. Don’t ever touch me again.” I turned away from him and started to walk away.

But then I feel his hand, fingernails digging into my skin, wrap around my arm. He pulls me back against him in a bang and I groan when I feel a pain from my chest shoot up to my neck.

Mauricio grips my face with his free hand and I smack it away, his hand coming right back to where it was.

“Don’t fucking touch me.”

“Stop hitting me,” He growled at me and I watched as his eyes turned dark, narrowed, and hallowed.

“This is what you do, Reyes. You start something you’re too much of a coward to finish. Well, guess fucking what? I’m tired of it. So, fuck you.” I pushed him back and tried to walk away again.

In one swift move, he pulls me back, turning me around, “I fucking hate you.” He held me against him tightly and I spat in his face, “I hate you too.”

Our eyes looking between each other and our lips.

I could feel the guitar poking my side a bit but I don’t care.

Nothing can stop me now.

“Jianna, wait.”

Okay, that can.

Mauricio and I pull away from each other to see Jianna running out of the tent, Easton running behind her and grabbing ahold of her arm.

“She saw you two together!” Jianna yelled at Easton and push him off her.

“What the hell is going on?” Mauricio walks past me and goes over to the yelling couple.

I’m walking right behind him when Jianna glances over at me and I can see the anger in her eyes when she’d seen me.

“The lady said she saw the girl in the white dress—” Jianna points over to me, “—and the boy in the black shirt making out. She also said how it is very disgusting to see two teens sucking each other’s faces off.”

The world stops.

Everything is being heard as if I’m underwater. The sound of our friends coming out of the tent to see what’s going on is blocked.

I turned my head to the side to see Mark. He’s putting a hand on my shoulder and speaking to me. But I can’t hear it.

My whole body feels numb.

“When I came into the tent the curtains were opened. Loui said he must’ve accidentally left them open when he went out for drinks.” Mark’s voice finally is heard and I feel my stomach, heart drop to the floor.

This cannot be happening.

I opened my mouth to apologize but Mauricio is already speaking.

“It wasn’t Easton,” He says and we all snapped our heads towards him in confusion.

What the hell is he doing?

“What?” Jianna narrows her eyes at Mauricio and he sighs looking at Easton with reassurance, “I’m also wearing a black shirt. Malia and I didn’t want to say anything before about our relationship.”

Hold up. our what now?

I glanced over to Easton who looks confused as I am.

“We’re dating. Malia and I are boyfriend and girlfriend.” Mauricio almost sounds disgusted and I almost take it into an offense.

“Dating? You and Malia?” Jianna raises an eyebrow at us, shit, I wouldn’t believe it either.

“You two hate each other.”

Mauricio lets out a snort and walks over to me. He wraps an arm around my waist and pulls me against him. I felt his lips press onto the top of my head. And I stood still wondering what the fuck is happening right now.

“All that hate turned into a little something called love,” He said smirking down at me and I almost push him off me, “Right, baby?”

Did he just—oh my god he called me baby.

He leans his face into the side of mine and whispers into my ear, “Play along if you don’t want to get caught.”

I nodded my head smiling, “Yes, of course, we all know Mauricio here was obsessed with me.” I slapped my hand onto his chest and heard him clear his throat.

“But when I asked you about the rumors—” I cut off Jianna when I speak up, “Mauricio and I wanted to keep our relationship a secret. We didn’t want people in our business but I don’t see any reason to hide it now.” She nodded her head at this before letting out a relieved laugh, “For a second I seriously thought something was going on between you two.” Her eyes darted between Easton and me.

“I would never do that to you,” Easton said wrapping his arms around her and now I’m the one who’s getting angry at all of this.

Mauricio talks to someone behind me and I realize it’s Maddie when she walks past me. She goes over to Jianna and says how they should go get something to eat. Jianna agrees, saying her apologies to everyone before leaving with Maddie.

I finally push Mauricio off me and started to smack him everywhere.

“Why would you tell her that?” I yelled at him and he grabbed ahold of my wrist to stop me, “If I didn’t say anything then Easton and you would’ve been exposed to half of Morhills City.”

I stop fidgeting realizing how right he is. How grateful I should be that he stepped up.

“Thank you, man, you’re the best.” Easton pulls Mauricio into a hug and they pat each other’s backs.

“Yeah, thanks, I guess. But now Jianna thinks we’re dating. She’s probably told half of Morhills City that now.”

Easton and Mauricio pull away from each other with wide eyes.

Good, they should be fucking shocked.

“Why don’t Mauricio and you fake date?” Mark asks behind me and I quickly turned around with a ‘are you fucking crazy’ face.

“What?” Mauricio and I say in unison.

“Malia told me all about the rumors that have been going on. And from what just happened it doesn’t seem like a bad idea to pretend a relationship for a couple of weeks. You can break it off once the rumors die down.” Mark shrugged and Easton nodded his head agreeing, “No rules in bad ideas.”

No, no. He did not just use our saying.

“Easton, you can’t be fucking serious.” I stomped up to him and stared at him as if he lost his mind. He put his hands on my shoulders, “Mal, baby, this is a good idea. You both don’t have to do anything but just claim you’re in a relationship. I’m consenting to any hand-holding or closeness. Nothing too serious.” Easton shrugged as if this wasn’t the most crazy-ass idea in the world.

“Look, man, normally I don’t agree with psychotic Myers here—” Mauricio points over at me when he walks up to us and I flick him off, “—but this time I am. Malia and I won’t do this. We can barely stand to be around each other.” Right on cue, Mauricio and step away from each other after realizing how close we were.

I know all of this is just a big lie. Mauricio and I were about to kiss five minutes ago. There is so much more than just hate between us. No doubting it after today.

“Like I rules in bad ideas. You know the deal. Now let’s all go back inside the tent and explain to everyone else how this situation is going to go,” Easton said placing a kiss on my forehead before walking past Mauricio and me. He leaves the both of us there dumbfounded.

I glanced over to Mauricio who’s staring right back at me.


That concludes Part One of No Rules In Bad Ideas!

See you next time!
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