No Rules In Bad Ideas

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Bad Idea Twenty: Bonus Chapter

Chapter Twenty: Bonus Chapter

Mauricio Reyes

I was walking behind Malia, watching the way her hair bounced on her back as she walked.

She’s so fucking beautiful.

We just got done singing and it was amazing. She and I sang so well together. I was surprised I didn’t kiss her right in the middle of it. I wanted to.

I need a taste, more than a taste.

Once I saw the group make their way inside the tent I took the opportunity to pull Malia aside.

I grabbed her by the arm and pulled her to the side of the tent where no one could see us. They wouldn’t be able to hear us either since the band is starting to play music.

She looked up at me from under those long eyelashes and I towered over her so I can meet those green eyes of hers.

Those beautiful green, flaming eyes I could never stop myself from looking into.

“You were amazing,” I whispered with a small smile.

She sucked in a breath and I saw the way her green eyes lit up.

I cupped her jaw, placing my thumb on her bottom lip to slowly bring it down. She didn’t move away from me so I smirked down at her lips.

“I wonder what else this mouth can do.”

I don’t miss the way her body language starts to change. She moves her shoulders back and presses those beautiful thighs together.

The effect I have on her is good enough to feed my ego.

She cleared her throat, looking almost as if she was uncomfortable.

Is she uncomfortable? If she is then I’ll take it as a hint to know I need to back off.

“We should—uh—I loved the sound of your voice. It was beautiful.” Her fingers moved up to my shoulder and she tightens her fingers on my shirt.

Our eyes meet once again and the flames become alive.

The music is no longer being heard. It’s just us, her and me, always.

I’m so in love with this girl. There’s no doubting that.

She suddenly pressed her forehead against mine and placed her other hand on my neck.

I knew we should stop but nothing came out. Not once did I attempt to pull away. She seemed to take this as an invitation to pull her body against mine.

Those beautiful breasts pressing up against my chest and her warmth connecting with mine. She smells so good also, like strawberries to be exact.

“What are we doing, Myers?” I asked searching for any regret or hesitancy in her eyes. But there is nothing.

“I don’t know but I also don’t care.” A breath passes her lips and I can feel her heart beating rapidly against my chest.

What are we doing?

My best friend, her boyfriend, Easton is right behind this tarp and we’re acting as if he can’t come and find us any second.

“You do know if we do this there’s no going back. You’ll regret it.” I tried to pull away but she kept me still, “Ask me if I want this.”


“Ask me.”

I looked at her confused, wondering if I should seriously ask at all. Maybe she’s messing with me, trying to make me confess first to having any feelings for her.

Or maybe she wants you too.

God, how many times have I slept at night wondering if she felt the same way. All the memories of us being together would come to mind always. It seemed as if she did but never noticed what truly was going on between us.

I sighed finally asking, “Do you want this?”

“ you?”

There was no hesitation or softness in her answer. She said it the second I finished my question. It makes me chuckle at her boldness and gives me the confidence to place my hand on her lower back.

She feels so warm and soft. It’s a good thing the dress is backless.

No, not a good thing at all. This is wrong, she is Easton’s girl. Not mine. Never will be.

“I want this more than you can imagine,” I whispered as I brought our bodies closer together, “But you know we shouldn’t. It’s wrong.”

I didn’t pull away though. I stayed right in the same position with her, staring into her green eyes and aching with the need for a taste of her.

“If it’s wrong why are you still here. Tell me, Reyes, tell me what you feel.” She removed her hand off from my neck and into my hair, slicking her fingers into it.

There’s no doubt I have a hard-on right now.

When don’t I?

She has the same effect on me as I have on her.

I can feel my heartbeat against my chest faster by the second. Everything inside me is screaming to pull away but my heart keeps telling me to stay. To stay and figure out what happens next between Malia and me.

Malia started to pull me in and my mind started racing. All the consequences of us kissing played in my head. The different scenarios of what could happen next scared the shit out of me. So, I quickly pulled away from her and watched as she fell limp onto the tent.

“We can’t.”

She looked away from me, making sure I didn’t see the sadness taking over her face. I know how much this must’ve hurt her but we both know it’s wrong.

“It’s one thing not telling me why you hate me but it’s another making me feel as if there’s a little part of you that might feel the same way.” She nodded her head and I shook my head, “Malia—” I reached out for her but she’s quick to move away from my reach.

“No. Don’t ever touch me again.” She turned away from me and started to walk away.

Anger started to build up in my chest and I felt myself grab ahold of her arm, digging my nails into her skin and gripping my fingers on her jaw. She tries to smack it away but I put it right back where it was.

“Don’t fucking touch me.”

“Stop hitting me,” I growled at her and warned her with my eyes to stop trying to push me away.

“This is what you do, Reyes. You start something you’re too much of a coward to finish. Well, guess fucking what? I’m tired of it. So, fuck you.” She pushed me back and tried to walk away again.

In one swift move, I pulled her back, turning her back around, “I fucking hate you.”

She’s officially pissed me the fuck off.

Why can’t she understand how wrong all of this is?

Yes, I want her badly and yes, I wish she was mine. But she’s not mine to want or take. She is still with Easton and probably always will be.

Malia and I are perfectly wrong for each other.

We’d never work.

I held her against me tightly and she spat in my face, “I hate you too.”

Our eyes looking between each other and our lips.

What I would do to look into those eyes all day and kiss those red-stained lips for the rest of my life.

Maybe just one little taste...I know it won’t be enough but if it’s what I’ll get then I’m taking it.

“Jianna, wait.”

What the fuck?

Malia and I pulled away from each other and turned our heads to see Easton after Jianna.

What is going on?

“She saw you two together!” Jianna yelled at Easton and push him off her.

“What the hell is going on?” I walked past Malia and made my way straight to my best friend’s side. There’s never a day I don’t have his back.

“The lady said she saw the girl in the white dress—” Jianna points over to Malia, “—and the boy in the black shirt making out. She also said how it is very disgusting to see two teens sucking each other’s faces off.”

Oh shit.

Easton glances over at me with panicked eyes and I part my lips to say something but nothing comes out. And when I look over to Malia it seems she is also in a state of shock.

Fuck, fuck.

This cannot be happening right now.

“Jianna, why would you think it was Malia and me?” Easton asks trying to make this all go away, “I’m not fucking stupid, Easton. She has a white dress on and clearly, you have a black shirt. I can’t believe you would do this to me. I was right all along about the rumors and that stupid picture.”

I need to do something.

All of this is more than a code red.

No, this is something far beyond my help.

Wait—what fucking rumors?

“What rumors?” I asked Easton and he sighs, “There have been some rumors about Malia and me going around school. But there are also rumors about Malia and you so I explained to Jianna how people are bored so they’re trying to stir shit up. None of it is true.” Easton eyed Jianna to which she scoffed at.

Oh right, those stupid rumors.

Maybe they don’t have to be rumors?

Fuck me, I swear this better work or I’m going to throw myself down the stairs instead of having Malia push me.

“It wasn’t Easton.”

I am so going to regret this later.

“What?” Jianna narrows her eyes at me and I sighed looking at Easton with reassurance, “I’m also wearing a black shirt. Malia and I didn’t want to say anything before about our relationship.”

Everyone around here better play along or this won’t work.

“We’re dating. Malia and I are boyfriend and girlfriend.”

“Dating? You and Malia?” Jianna raises an eyebrow at us, shit, I wouldn’t believe it either. Malia and I bicker like crazy and always remind each other how much hate there is between us.

“You two hate each other.”

I let out a snort and walked over to my supposed girlfriend. I wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her against me. My lips pressed down on her head and I smacked a kiss on it.

“All that hate turned into a little something called love,” I said smirking down at Malia and I can see the glare forming in her eyes.

“Right, baby?”

Oh yeah, this is lowkey kind of funny.

Who knew messing with Malia like this would be so much fun?

When she doesn’t say anything I leaned my face into the side of hers and whispered into her ear, “Play along if you don’t want to get caught.”

She nodded my head smiling and I can see the mischief form in her eyes.

Oh no, this isn’t good.

“Yes, of course, we all know Mauricio here was obsessed with me.” She slapped a hand onto my chest and I cleared my throat to cover up a groan.

This girl has strong hands.

“But when I asked you about the rumors—” Malia cut off Jianna when she speaks up, “Mauricio and I wanted to keep our relationship a secret. We didn’t want people in our business but I don’t see any reason to hide it now.” She nodded her head at this before letting out a relieved laugh, “For a second I seriously thought something was going on between you two.” Her eyes darted between Easton and Malia.

“I would never do that to you,” Easton said wrapping his arms around her and I almost rolled my eyes at all of this.

Thank god this is over now. I’m not exactly fond of Malia at the moment.

I need Jianna out of the way so I can talk to the cheaters about what’s next. We need to figure out what’s going to happen now that Malia and I exposed ourselves to dating.

“Yo, Maddie..” I trailed off, glancing over my shoulder at Maddie, and motioned for her to take Jianna away from here. She nodded her head and walked past us.

She tells Jianna how they should go get something to eat and Jianna agrees, saying her apologies to everyone before leaving with Maddie.

When Jianna is finally gone Malia finally pushes me off her and started to smack me everywhere.

Fucking shit this girl is crazy.

“Why would you tell her that?” She yelled at me and I grabbed ahold of her wrist to stop her, “If I didn’t say anything then Easton and you would’ve been exposed to half of Morhills City.” This made her stop the abuse.

“Thank you, man, you’re the best.” Easton pulls me into a hug and we pat each other’s backs.

“Yeah, thanks, I guess. But now Jianna thinks we’re dating. She’s probably told half of Morhills City that now.” Malia mumbles beside us and I pulled away from Easton with wide eyes.

I didn’t think this through did I?

Malia almost seems pleased with our wide-eyed expressions.

Once a brat, always a brat.

“Why don’t Mauricio and you fake date?” Mark asks.

“What?” Malia and I say in unison.

Please tell me what he said was only a fucking joke.

“Malia told me all about the rumors that have been going on. And from what just happened it doesn’t seem like a bad idea to pretend a relationship for a couple of weeks. You can break it off once the rumors die down.” Mark shrugged and Easton nodded his head agreeing, “No rules in bad ideas.”

Hold the fuck up!

No. Hell to the fucking no.

I can’t believe this is happening.

Malia and I fake dating? They have lost their fucking minds.

“Easton, you can’t be fucking serious.” Malia stomped up to him and stared at him as if he lost his mind. He put his hands on her shoulders, “Mal, baby, this is a good idea. You both don’t have to do anything but just claim you’re in a relationship. I’m consenting to any hand-holding or closeness. Nothing too serious.”

He’s serious about this.

They all are.

Malia and I can barely stand to be near each other, how in the fuck will all of this work?

“Look, man, normally I don’t agree with psychotic Myers here—” I point over at Malia, “—but this time I am. Malia and I won’t do this. We can barely stand to be around each other.” Right on cue, Malia and I step away from each other after realizing how close we were.

What if this is the only way you could be with Malia?

We both have finished the project. No more being forced to be together and now what?

Maybe this is a good idea. At least in this way, I can show my true feelings without actually getting caught. People will think—well our friends—it’s all for show.

Fuck yeah, let’s do this.

If this is the only way I can truly be with her then I’ll take it. Anything to touch her, feel her, and be around her is something I’m not willing to refuse.

“Like I rules in bad ideas. You know the deal. Now let’s all go back inside the tent and explain to everyone else how this situation is going to go,” Easton said placing a kiss on Malia’s forehead before walking past us.

I glanced over to Malia who’s staring right back at me.


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