No Rules In Bad Ideas

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Bad Idea Twenty-One

Chapter Twenty-One: Rumors

Malia Hernandez

I stared down at the two jerseys. One has my boyfriend’s last name and the other has the boy’s next door’s last name. The same boy who I almost kissed a week ago.

Mauricio and I haven’t talked at all about what happened. We chose to ignore it since there is a much bigger problem now.

Mark had to go off and open his mouth. He put this idea into Easton’s head about Mauricio and I fake dating until the rumors die down. The worst part was everyone else in the group agreed, well except Maddie who for the first time in her life agreed with me on this being the craziest idea ever. It wasn’t until Mauricio said he would do it that she finally gave up on trying to help me stop all of this.

My phone vibrates in my pocket and pulls it out to see a text message from Mauricio.

Reyes The Asshole: I’m coming over. Be ready.

I sighed and just when I was about to turn off my phone all the notifications started coming in. People from school are being nosey and keep asking if it’s true about Mauricio and me dating.

Today is going to be a handful.

Jianna must’ve told all her friends who certainly told their other friends.

I shook my head grabbing ahold of Mauricio’s jersey. I quickly put it on and looked at myself in the mirror. It fits me big of course, anything Mauricio wears will fit me big. The asshole is a giant.

The boys have a game today so it’s “mandatory” for the player’s girlfriends to wear jerseys.

Someone knocks on my door and when I open it Lilybeth is standing there.

“Mauricio is here,” She says with a wide smile and eyebrows wiggling. I rolled my eyes going to my bed so I can grab my stuff. This is not the time for her to start with her ‘I ship it’ stuff.

I head downstairs to see Mauricio talking to my dad and when he glances over at me, I don’t miss the way he does a table take and those brown eyes light up.

He seems pleased with me having his jersey on.

“I see my old jersey from freshmen year somewhat fits,” Mauricio said trying to hold back a smile, “Yes, somewhat. I can make it work though. I’ll probably make it into a crop top once we get to school.” I shrugged trying to demonstrate how it would look.

“You look beautiful.” My dad placed a kiss on my forehead and I smiled up at him knowing how much he’s enjoying this.

My family does know about our situation. I told them because I didn’t want all the questions to come my way when they started to hear about my supposed relationship with Mauricio.

“So, you ready?” Mauricio points behind him with his thumb but I can still see the flames in those beautiful brown eyes. And it seems I’m not the only one who has noticed.

Vikki and Lilybeth are snickering behind me and I show them the finger.

“I’m guessing there’s a game tonight?”

“First game of the season.”

“We’ll be there to see you play.”

Mauricio glanced over to my dad and a smile lit upon his face. He stared at him as if that’s exactly what he wanted to hear. Maybe not from my dad but his dad.

It’s no secret the way Mauricio feels about his dad. I just do hope one day he’ll trust me enough to tell me about his problems.

This is what I am hoping to get out of us fake dating. Like this, as Mauricio and I get closer, he’ll trust me enough to at least get to know him better.

“Alright, get going now. School is waiting,” Vikki says pushing us out the door and we all say goodbye to each other. I’m almost thankful that Lilybeth is getting a ride from a friend since I want to head over to the school and get all of this over with.

Mauricio makes sure to park as far away from the main entrance. We’re not exactly ready to start our whole fiasco.

“Okay, look, this is how it’s going down. We will act like some perfect couple. Everyone will be expecting us to do a bunch of PDAs so let’s try to stay away from all of that. I’m sure the rumors of Easton and you will die down by next week so we don’t have to deal with each other.” Mauricio tightened his hands on the steering wheel and continued, “The more in love we look the less gossiping goes around. So, don’t mess this up alright? I’m doing this for Easton. Not you.”

Great, he’s back to his asshole self.

“Got it.” I raised my eyebrows and turned away from him.

Some of our classmates are pointing over at us. They could’ve at least been a bit more discreet.

Mauricio and I get out of the car. He walks over to me and wraps an arm around my shoulders. I almost pushed him off when I remembered all of this was for show.

Is it bad that I almost want this?

I want him around me, touching me, and calling me his girlfriend?

Maybe it’s because I’m finally having a public relationship, having the experience of what a public relationship is.

We walk over to our friends and greet each one.

I don’t miss the way people start to glance over at us and whisper things I almost wished I could hear. I’d love to kick some ass right now.

“She’s wearing his jersey.” I hear a girl next to us say and I almost turn to show it off. But this is not the time to be petty or talk shit to anyone.

“You look so good. I love your makeup today.” Josie wraps her arms around me and I hug her back knowing she’s probably glaring at anyone who’s staring at me.

I look down at Josie’s shirt to see it’s Elias’s jersey. I almost burst out with laughter knowing one of the girls must’ve dared her to wear it. My money is on Meliana.

“Nice jersey, Mrs. Hall.” I smirked at her and she raised an eyebrow, “Nice jersey, Mrs. Reyes.” We both burst out with laughter and the group looks over at us with weird looks.

“What’s so funny?” Mark comes up to me and wraps an arm around my shoulders, “Oh, nothing. We’re are having a little laugh about some things. You wouldn’t understand. It’s girl stuff.” Mark rolled his eyes and said, “You do know guys can relate to some things too right?”

“It was about our periods.”

“Anyways, we should get going inside!” Mark is quick to let go of me and head over to the Academy.

He is so squeezy when it comes to blood. Or anything that involves a girl’s period.

Men, I swear, can never get ahold of themselves at the mention of our menstrual cycle.

We all head off to class when the bell rings. The whispers and glances of our classmates were never-ending. It seems everyone likes to be in other people’s business.

Why me?

It always has to be me in these situations.

I have no idea how much longer Mauricio and I can keep this us. And we just started ten minutes ago.

I’m so over, tired of it.

One of the lacrosse boys comes up to me and leans down onto my desk when I sit down. He smirks down at me and gives me one of those ’you look good. Not only does it make me feel uncomfortable but it also has me questioning why in the hell he’s talking to me.

“So, Hernandez, I see Reyes is taking a claim on you—” His eyes point down to the jersey and I cross my arms over my chest, “—you two dating?”

“Why?” I sat up straight and tilted my chin up.

I am not going to let him think anything good will come from this. The asshole is making me feel uncomfortable and won’t stop staring at me as if I’m a new toy to play with.

“I’m only asking to see if the rumors are true. No one expected Reyes to get a girlfriend. Especially you as one.” He shrugged and walked away, not without sending me a smug look.

I fucking hate men.

My eyes glance around the classroom to see girls glaring at me.

Yeah, this was a bad fucking idea.


Mauricio Reyes

How many times am I going to be asked by people if Malia and I dating is true?

These people can’t seem to keep their noses out of my business.

“Yo, Reyes, you tapped her yet?”

I rolled my eyes feeling anger rise in my chest.

Someone shut them up before I start swinging at the assholes.

“Fuck off. Oh, and, talk about my girl like that again I’ll beat the shit out of you,” I said with a bored tone, and Kevin, a swimmer, quickly turns away with a scared look.

My girl.

I seriously called Malia my girl.

If only this was real, not these assholes’ disgusting questions but her being my girl.

The bell rings and I’m quick to leave the class.

I can’t stand to be around these nosey fuckers any longer.

I’m heading to my next class when a familiar blonde steps in front of me.

“Jess, what can I do for you?”

“Is it true?” She raised an eyebrow at me and I looked at her confused before realizing what she is meaning.

I don’t blame Jess for asking, shit, I would’ve asked myself too.

Jess’s body language is telling me one thing but her blue eyes are telling me another. She seems pretty disappointed in my fake relationship with Malia. I wonder what it’d be like if it was Jess instead of Malia. Maybe I’d had nothing to worry about or be cautious about stepping on some boundaries.

“It’s true. I have to go.” I walked past her to head out to the soccer field.

I can’t be around anymore of this shit.

My eyes land on a familiar green pair of eyes. They’re looking right back at me and those lips even send me a quick smile.

I walked over to Malia, she’s sitting down on the soccer field with her legs crossed in front of her. The jersey is now in an oversized crop top that shows more than I’m sure she intended.

We both sighed when I sat down next to her.

“You needed a break?” She glanced over at me and I chuckled, “Fuck yeah.” We both let out breaths showing how over today we were.

It goes quiet for a while.

The sound of birds flying by, cars passing, and the school’s bell-ringing fills the silence.

Neither of us stands up to head over to class.

“You want to skip this period?” I asked breaking the silence and she nods her head, “Yes, please. I need more time away from everyone.”

Yeah, me too, Myers, me too.

A lot has happened these past few months, shit, these past two weeks if we’re being specific. Everything with Malia has been different ever since we’ve practically admitted to wanting each other. Well, she admitted the day of Mr. Thomas’s birthday when we almost kissed. And I admitted it when she confessed about knowing what happened that night at the party.

There is a part of me that wonders if she would choose me over Easton. I know it’s a long shot considering they’ve been together a year now and she loves him. Whatever Malia feels for me will be nothing compared to what she feels for Easton. But there are times where I question myself, questioning if I would choose Malia over Easton. And as much as it kills me to say it, it’ll be Malia. Always.

God, I wish she was mine.

Fuck this, I am not going to sit here and dwell on the fact I can’t be with the girl I love.

I got up from the grass and walked over to the basket of soccer balls. I grabbed one and passed it between my hands.

Malia looked at me weirdly before asking, “What are you doing?”

I smirked at her remembering the time Josie would teach her some soccer skills.

“You still know how to kick a ball?” I placed the soccer ball onto the grass and kicked it over to her, she stood up and stopped it with her foot.

“If we play out here, we’ll get caught,” She said passing the ball back to with much more force than when I passed it.

“When did you ever care about breaking the rules?”

“Don’t. We’ve had enough of that saying. It’s what got us in this mess.”

A smug look took over my face and I picked up the ball, throwing it over to the soccer field, “No rules in bad ideas.” She let out a huff with her eyes rolling to the back of her head and started walking to the ball.

“You’re an asshole.”

This time I smiled and damn does it feel good to smile.


Malia Hernandez

The crowd is cheering.

Our team seems to be playing pretty well. It’s no doubt they overworked the freshmen this year with this being the seniors last year to win the championships.

“I heard Mauricio and you skipped class today?” Josie handed me the coke and I nodded my head, “We needed a break from all these nosey people. We were on the soccer field playing a game. Also, we talked about our boundaries, the amount of affection we need to show, and how we’ll present the project in November.”

Josie smiled at me and I can see the mischief in her eyes.

Why is she looking at me like that?

The crowd erupts in cheers and I see that Easton has made another shot. He’s been playing very well today and so are the boys. They don’t seem to be stressed, maybe it’s because they realistically won already. The scoreboard is thirty-five to twenty. There’s no need to tell which team has thirty-five points.

Meliana and Loui stand in front of us to pass all the snacks we made them go get.

Josie grabs our nachos and we thank both of our friends.

I’m eating a piece of nacho when my eyes look down to the court and I meet eyes with Mauricio’s beautiful brown eyes. He’s smirking at me while showing the finger and I rolled my eyes flipping him the bird.

He’s an asshole.

I’m glad we skipped that class together. It brought us back to normal or at least I hope it did.

Mauricio gets the ball passed to him and he quickly starts to make his way to the hoop. And yet, not once did his eyes leave mine. People start to glance between us, the boys on the court confused by what’s happening.

It’s only us and the flames.

Our beautiful ignited flames that surround us, burn us.

Mauricio dodges everyone in his path without so much a glance. He stopped in the middle of the court, blew me a kiss, and threw the ball into the hoop.

The whole place goes wild. Everyone is chanting Mauricio’s name.

“Holy shit, did that just happen?” Josie glances between Mauricio and me in shock. She’s moving me side to side telling me how fucking hot that was. How she wished Mauricio was lowkey fake dating her.

I laughed shaking my head, “He only did it for show.” Josie looked at me as if I was in denial, “The boy was looking at you as if it was only the two of you in this room. Trust me, he’s in love with you. I would be too, shit. You’re one of a kind and Mauricio is damn lucky.” I pushed her slightly which she laughed at.

Yeah, he is lucky, isn’t he?

It was no surprise when Morhills Academy ended up winning. We are the best of the best and have the most victorious players.

When the game ended we all headed outside to the parking lot. We waited there for the boys since we’ve decided not to attend the winning party. It’s been a rough day and we’re all tired.

“There’s your man.” Josie nudges me on my side and I send a small glare at her, “I hope you mean Easton.” She only shrugged which told me she didn’t.

Well, since I can’t exactly congratulate Easton because Jianna is here, I guess I’ll have to go to my fake boyfriend.

I walked over to him and he stared at me the whole time with a grin. The heat rose up my neck to my cheeks.

He knows exactly why I am blushing.

God, he even has me blushing like a middle schooler. This is insane.

“You did good,” I said pulling him into a hug and he wraps his arms around me, “You seem to be my lucky charm.”

I tried hard not to take a deep breath in and kiss him right at that moment.

This boy is going to be the death of me. Everything about him burns me, makes me feel butterflies. He has an effect on me I never expected to have especially by him.

After a while, we were all done congratulating the boys. We ended up saying goodbye and headed home.

Mauricio had the music blasting on our way home. We were singing our lungs out as if nobody could be asleep. It didn’t matter, any moment with Mauricio is worth everything.

He parked in his driveway and turned off the engine.

“I’m so glad we decided to stay home. I don’t even want to know what would’ve happened if we did go to the party. I’m betting people wouldn’t have left us alone about this dating fiasco.” I passed him the helmet and he put it on the gas handle, “Yeah, I’m surprised the group agreed on going home instead of the party. Normally, they’d want to get drunk after a win.”

Silence took over for a moment, making it a bit awkward.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, Reyes?”

“Always, Myers.”

I smiled at him and we said our goodbyes.

I was opening the door when I heard him call me out. He was leaning over the small fence on the porch with a smirk. Those eyes of his looking up and down at me.

Butterflies, so many flaming butterflies.

“Is something wrong?” I questioned and walked over to the fence so I can hear him more clearly.

Deja vu. All of this is giving me deja vu to when he told me he liked my shirt.

Mauricio shook his head and I could see his tongue sticking out a bit.

My thighs press themselves together when I started to picture his tongue licking between my folds, tasting the juices that come out of me.

Oh god, I want him so bad.

“I didn’t say it before but you look good in my jersey. Keep it for next time,” He said looking at me one last time before heading inside.

My heart did a small flip and I almost run over to his house to tell him that he should take the jersey off me.

A wide smile took over my face and I entered the house to see my sisters there. They’re staring at me with wide smiles also.

I snorted knowing they probably heard the whole thing and saw when he was staring at me the whole time on the court.

“Shut up,” I told him heading upstairs.

Maybe today wasn’t so bad.

Mauricio made it a little less miserable.

Only a little.

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