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Bad Idea Twenty-Two

Chapter Twenty-Two: Laundry

Mauricio Reyes

I jumped up into the air and threw the basketball into the net.

“Good job, Reyes!” Coach Hollis yells from the sidelines and I hear almost all the boys groan at another fail attempt to steal the ball from me.

I’m being a cocky bastard.

Malia sitting down on the bleachers with Josie and Khloe. They’re waiting for us since we all decided to hang out after school. The rest of the group is in the parking lot waiting for us. I have no idea why Malia, Josie, and Khloe are in here but I’m not complaining.

My teammates are for sure though.

“You showing off for your girlfriend, Reyes?” Gio comes up behind me and slaps a hand on my back. I rolled my eyes knowing how much of an asshole Gio can be.

He isn’t wrong though, I am showing off.

How could I not be?

Ten-year-old me is bursting with excitement. He’s daydreamed of days like this. Little Malia would be sitting down on the bleachers, cheering me on, and yelling how good I was at doing jump shots. That dream died the minute I heard what she said about me to whoever was in the room with her at the time.

I still wonder about that too.

Who was in the room with her?

“Yeah, Reyes, so she good is that pussy?” Aoki snickers with Gio.

I glanced over to Easton who’s glaring at the boys and even see Mark behind him trying to hold himself down from punching these two assholes.

In a swift move, before Aoki or Gio could even react, I grabbed them by their practice jerseys and held them in place.

“Listen to me when I say this—” Both boys stared at me with wide eyes, “—keep talking about my girlfriend like that and I’ll make sure you won’t play basketball again in your fucking lives. Got it?” They nodded their heads quickly and I let them go.

I can’t stand these assholes.

“Malia is so much more than someone to sleep with. Maybe if you assholes learned to be respectful you’d be having the best sex of your life like I am.” Mark shrugged with a smug look and Elias smacks the back of his head, telling him to shut up.

My eyes glanced over to Easton who’s looking at me suspiciously. Maybe what I said seemed a little too real.

A little? You said she was your girlfriend

Let’s ignore the little voice in my head.

Coach tells us to get back to the game and we do.

After a while, we ended practice and headed to the showers. The boys didn’t try to rile me up anymore about Malia which relieved me. I didn’t want to defend my fake girlfriend again in front of the guy she’s truly dating.

I was heading to the parking lot when suddenly something hit my chest and my shirt became soaked in water.

“What the fuck?”

Laughter came from in front of me and I see Malia laughing with a bucket filled with water balloons in her hands. She sets it down in front of me and motions for me to grab one.

My eyes squinted at her and I bent down slowly to grab one. She stepped back and held her hand out for Josie to put a water balloon in her hand.

“What’s going on?” Elias asks behind me and Josie smirks at him, “Aaron came up with the idea of a water balloon fight. I’m surprised you didn’t figure it out earlier. We would never sit down on those bleachers and watch you sweat.”

Is that so?

I glanced over my shoulder and Easton’s eyes meet with mine. He gives me a curt nod and a smirk takes over my face. It’s like he read my mind.

Distract her

Easton walks over to Malia, “Mal before we start...” I blocked out Easton’s voice when I realized hearing whatever he was telling her was most probably going to make me jealous.

I may act as if I don’t care but I get jealous easily.

My hand tightens a bit around the water balloon and I’m quick to throw it straight into Malia’s chest. Her eyes widened when the water soaked her shirt, Easton quickly moves away from her and runs over to me.

“You assholes!” Malia is quick to smash a balloon on Easton’s head.

War has begun.

Aaron, Remi, Maddie, Khloe, Josie, and Malia are in one group. Easton, Elias, Mark, Tyler, Meliana, and myself in another.

The school’s parking lot was luckily cleared at this time. Nobody was around to tell us shit about all the broken water balloons scattered on the floor.

I grabbed ahold of two water balloons and smashed them on Josie’s back. She gasps loudly, turning around to face me, and throws a water balloon right on my face.

We’re all soaked by the time we ran out of water balloons. Everyone was tired and ready to go home. But I had one last thing to do.

“Yo, Mark—” I walked over to Mark and he gave me a curt nod, “—get Malia. The bucket is still filled with water and I want to throw it on Malia. She might have started this but I’ll finish it.” Mark is quick to agree and goes over to his best friend.

“Greeny, you have a piece of balloon in your hair.” Mark pretended to look for the piece before wrapping his arms around her.

“What the hell?” Malia yells in confusion and I’m quick to grab the bucket, running to where they are.

Malia realizes what’s happening and tried to wiggle out of Mark’s hold.

“Reyes, don’t! I swear—” I cut her off when I drop the bucket of water on her head. Mark steps away from her with laughter and even the group bursts out with laughter.

Malia wipes the water off her face and glares at me, “You’re an asshole.”

“Tell me something I don’t know, Myers.”

She flips me her middle finger which makes me laugh.

“Alright, let’s get going before we all get hypothermia. It’s getting chilly here.” Easton wraps an arm around Malia and pulls her against him. She glances over at me with a guilty expression and I can see the time we almost kissed play in her eyes.

Fucking shit.

“Malia offered to buy us pizzas. We could all change there and watch a movie,” Meliana said twisting her hair so all the water came out.

“The girls can borrow something comfortable from my closet and you boys can wear your’ after-practice clothes.” Malia shrugged and the group agreed.

We all headed out and to my surprise, Malia joined me on our ride to her house. I was sure she would have gone with Easton but instead, she made up some excuse about being the most soaked one after throwing the bucket of water on her. How she didn’t want to ruin his seats and it would be better if she came with me since I have the motorcycle.

A part of me likes to believe she honestly just wanted to join me.

I parked the motorcycle in the driveway of my house and watched as everyone else parked on the street.

“I texted Bethy on our way here to order the pizza. She even told me that both Denzel and Reuben are over,” She laughed passing me the helmet and I put it to hang on the gas handle, “The three of them seem to be hanging out a lot.” A smirk started to play on my lips which she playfully rolled her eyes to.

“They remind me of us a lot. Maybe a little too much.”

My smirk fell when I realized what she meant. She was referring to the small, sort of love triangle both Easton and I have going on with her.

Reuben has told me before about how he finds both girls attractive. But there was never a time he admitted to liking any of them. Maybe, hopefully, he doesn’t get caught up in the same situation as I’m in now. Instead of Lilybeth or Denzel making the choice, it would be Reuben.

I wonder how all of this makes Malia feel?

Was I wrong to express my feelings?

Does she wish I had never done or said anything?

“Who’s car is that?” Malia cuts off my thoughts when she walks over to an unfamiliar car in her driveway.

The group walked up to us and watched as Malia ran to her house. She was eager to see who was visiting.

A scream came from her house and something jumped in me. I quickly ran to her house and rushed inside to see if she was okay.

Why did I let her go in alone?

Fuck, what if something happened to her?

I can’t lose her, she’s the best thing that I have right now.

My eyes looked around her living before landing on the back of Malia’s head. She’s hugging someone and saying how much she missed him.

When she pulls away from the person I let out a small laugh.

“Is that you Reyes?”

“You fucker,” I laughed, walking over to him and we pulled each other into a hug.

Christian Vazquez.

Christian, Malia’s cousin, moved cities after his mom remarried. He was also one of my good friends and we even played lacrosse together a few times. I taught him everything he knows.

“What are you doing here?” Malia asks and he shrugs with a smile, “My mom let me come back to finish the senior year here. I told her how badly I missed this place which she insulted me for but in the end, she agreed. Also, I finally came out to her about my sexuality, and well her new husband isn’t a big fan of same-sex relationships. She called your dad last night and he agreed to let me stay here. I’m back bitches!”

I hear a squeal behind me and turned around to see Josie running towards us. She jumps on Christian and yells, “Oh my god! I missed you, bitch!” Christian laughed, hugging her back, and said how much he missed her crazy ass also.

The rest of the group welcomes him back and Malia invites him to eat pizza with us. He agreed and even chose the movie we’re going to watch.

We’re all sitting down in the backyard watching the movie Step Brothers. It’s always been one of Christian’s and mines favorite. We would watch it whenever mama or papa wasn’t home.

The movie is playing from a projector Malia bought last summer for a sleepover with the girls. She said it was now being used more than once so it’s not a waste of money.

All of us ended up changing into either our after practice clothes or in the girl’s cases they borrowed clothes from Malia. I was surprised when Maddie came down wearing one of Malia’s oversized shirts and biker shorts. Maybe the girls can get along when neither of them is being rude.

“I’ll be back. I need to check on the clothes,” Malia said standing up from between Easton’s legs and I don’t miss the way he slightly slaps her ass. She ends up smacking him on the arm which gave me some sort of satisfaction.

The only person who should be smacking that ass of hers is me.

She’s not yours

Yeah, well, fuck this.

“Anybody wants water?” I stood up from my chair and looked around at the group, Christian nodded his head, “Yeah, can you get me one? Thanks.”

“Since you’re on your way, can you also get me a soda and chips?” Josie smiled up at me and I rolled my eyes, “Get up.” I told her which she kicked me for.

“Fine,” I mumbled and walked to the inside of Malia’s house.

“Thank you, Reyes!”

Yeah, yeah.

I’m in the kitchen grabbing the stuff when I hear something drop. I looked around the kitchen to see nothing but then Malia’s voice comes from the laundry room.


I left everything behind on the table and went straight to her.

“Is everything okay in here?” I peeked from the doorway to see Malia bending down to grab the detergent. She nodded her head picking it up and putting it on top of the washer, “Yeah, I’m being clumsy today.” We chuckled at this.

“When are you not?” I liked teasing her.

She rolled her eyes and said, “Don’t start.”

I snorted with a nod.

“What are you doing in here?” Malia looked up at me confused and I shrugged, “I was hoping to see you on your ass so I could laugh.” She smacked me on the chest and called me an asshole.

Music was being played from her phone and I motioned over to it, “I didn’t take you for a Taylor Swift fan.” She crossed her arms over her chest and raised an eyebrow, “Says the one who listens to Ariana Grande. Never judge a book by its cover.”

“You always judge a book by its cover. We love the finer things in life.”

“True. We should make a playlist together. It’s no secret we share somewhat the same taste in music.”

I thought it over for a second before agreeing.

“Great, I’ll set it up—” She reached for her phone and ended up knocking over the detergent again.

“Not again,” She chuckled, bending down to grab it but I’m also quick to help her, “I’ll get it.“, “No it’s fine—” Her protest is cut off when we bump heads and fall onto our butts.

Fucking shit, this is what I get for trying to help.

“Seriously, Reyes? I got it already.”

“Lies. I grabbed it first.”

Now we’re playing tug of war with a detergent bottle.

“Give it to me,” She growled at me and I growled back, “No, just let go.”

Neither of us backed down.

We both pulled back and forth only for her to lose her grip and stumble forward. She fell right on top of me and knocked the detergent out of my hold.

Once my head hit the floor I started to groan.

“Never helping you again,” I rubbed the back of my head and she huffed at me, “Good. I didn’t ask for it in the first place.” I rolled my eyes, “I was being nice.” She flicked me off and we both sat up at the same time.

Another big mistake.

Double shit.

We’re both now inches apart from each other. Neither of us is moving, scared to move. If one of us moves our lips would touch.

My nose is against hers and our eyes are staring directly into each other.

She licks her lips, “We should get going.”

I gave her a curt nod, “Yeah, we should.”

But we didn’t move.

We stayed like this.

Do something, dumbass

My hand flies up to her face and I place it under her ear, wrapping my fingers around the back of her head and my thumb touching her cheekbone. Her green eyes turned wide and those beautiful lips parted slightly.

And when I thought she was only going to stay frozen, I felt her hand place itself on my chest, slowly making it up to my shoulder blade. Her fingers grip onto it and I could feel her nails digging into my skin.

Our eyes moved down to each other’s lips and slowly we started to—“Reyes, what happened with the water—” Christian’s voice erupts from behind us and we both pull away quickly from each other.

Malia is looking at the ground in horror and my whole body is on high alert.

Christian asks what’s happening and we’re both quick to respond, “We pushed each other.”

Malia and I got up from the floor, I looked at Christian to see he wasn’t believing what we just told him.

“I’m going to go check on everyone and see if they need anything.” Malia walked past us and Christian waited for her to be out of earshot to ask, “Is Malia still dating Easton?”

I looked at him for a second before I nodded my head, “Yes, they are still dating.”

Something in his eyes tells me, he knew it wasn’t something I wanted to answer.

“And is Easton still with Jianna also?”


Christian stared at me for a second before asking, “I heard Malia and you were dating though.” I sighed and explained everything to him.

He looked at me the whole time as if I’d lost my mind.

Shit, maybe I did.

Not only did I set myself up for heartbreak, but I also set myself up for disaster. There’s without a doubt Malia would be the first one to break off this “arrangement” with me once the rumors die down. She’ll have no reason to stay with me while I could name thousands of them.

But the most important one would be because I love her. I never stopped. She’s my always. Everything about her is addicting, her laugh, smile, and those beautiful green eyes. There is not a day my heart doesn’t ache for her and wished she was mine.

Malia may not know it but I’m hers. I am all hers.

“And do you still like her?” The question caught me by surprise and I stayed quiet wondering if I should tell the truth.

It was no secret to Christian that I had feelings for Malia. He had been one of the first people I told, after Grandpa Reyes, of course. Christian was the one who told me, Malia would be home that day.

Fuck it, it’s true anyways.

Well, no, it’s not true. I don’t like her, I fucking love her.

I finally met my eyes with his and let a smile take over my lips.

“Yeah, I do. Never stopped.”

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