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Bad Idea Twenty-Three

Chapter Twenty-Three: Morhills Public HS

Mauricio Reyes

Today has been a good day.

We just won a game and now we’re celebrating at a teammate’s house.

Winning parties always are the craziest. They can also be very annoying considering every person is trying to congratulate you.

Malia is holding onto my arm as we walk around the house. There hasn’t been one person—well most girls—who haven’t glanced down at Malia’s arm on me.

My fingers itch to grab her and kiss those beautiful red-stained lips of hers. I want to show everyone that she is my girlfriend and they all need to fuck off.

Cut it off, she isn’t your girlfriend

I’m getting ahead of myself, I know, it’s the adrenaline from winning the game.

Mark comes up behind us and wraps an arm around Malia, pretending to choke her. She lets go of my arm, making me miss her touch, and pushes him away.

“You guys want to play beer pong?” Mark laughed and tried to poke Malia on the shoulder to which she smacks him on the chest, “You’ll be playing against myself and this girl I’m trying to take home.” He winked at us and Malia calls him a disgusting asshole.

“Yeah, sure, why not? We’ll win anyway...” Malia trailed off walking to the backyard. Both Mark and I followed behind her.

And we won, alright, we also got tipsy from how good Mark’s girl was playing. She plays tennis which means she has a good arm. I’m surprised we didn’t lose but Mark always sucked at beer pong so I’m not that surprised.

Malia and I are joking about Mark missing tons of times when Easton comes up to us.

He gives me a curt nod before turning to Malia, “I have a room for us.”

Stab. Stab. Stab.

My heart feels as if it’s getting stabbed over and over. Not only did anger form in my chest, my mind thinks it’s funny to imagine what exactly they’ll be doing in the room.

“Yeah, okay, let’s go.” Malia glanced over at me with guilty eyes before leaving with her real boyfriend.

My mood has officially become shitty.

Every day I am reminded how the green-eyed girl who loved to catch butterflies will never be mine.

I walked back inside to see Elias on the couch, I sat next to him and he passed me the beer bottle in his hand. I pushed it away and shook my head.

I’m past my drinking limit for today.

“You good, Reyes?” Tyler sits down next to me and Remi sits on his lap. I nodded my head and said, “Yeah, man. I’m just tired.”

Fucking liar, you’re upset about knowing the girl you love is getting fucked by your best friend.

I should be the one touching her, not fucking her but making love to that beautiful body. Easton has Jianna to deal with. Why the fuck can’t he just have one girlfriend?

Great, now I’m being a jealous asshole.

A sudden thought came to mind and I look around for my supposed twin, “Where’s Josie?” I ask Elias who points towards the backyard, “With Loui and talking to some guys from school.” I don’t miss the way his voice changed bitter in the end.

Well shit, now he’s a jealous asshole too.

I’m about to ask Elias what’s been happening with him and Josie until I feel someone tap me on the shoulder rapidly.

“Reyes, Hall—” I snap my head over my shoulder and see Bryan, a teammate, with panicked eyes, “The basketball players from Morhills Public are at the door. They claim we invited them.”

“What the fuck? Are you serious?” Elias quickly stands up and looks over the crowd.

Bryan nods his head and says, “The boys are trying to hold them off but—” I cut him off when I stood up and told Elias, “Go upstairs and find Easton. We need him down here.” Elias gave me a curt nod before running off.

“Come with me,” I said walking off to the front door.

Some of my teammates are blocking the door, they’re all standing there with their arms crossed over their chests.

“What are you doing here?” I push past the boys and meet eyes with Jared Karson, Morhills Public basketball team captain.

We used to be friends until I went off to middle school with the rich kids. I did try to keep our friendship alive but Jared made it very clear the minute I got into the advanced placement program, our friendship no longer existed.

“We’re here to celebrate your big win, Reyes. Is there a problem?” The smug asshole seriously just asked if there was a problem with him being here.

The last party we let them join in ended with fighting. You can imagine what happened. Jared, here, made a pass at Malia and Easton didn’t take it very lightly.

I see a boy behind Jared look behind me and snort. He nudges the boy next to him and now they’re snickering at whatever is behind me.

The fuck is going on?

I glanced over my shoulder to see Malia. And not in the way I expected to see her.

My shoulders drop at the sight of her. She has smudged red lipstick on her lips and messy sex hair. And the worst part is Easton is right next to her. He also has smudged red lipstick on his lips.

This is fucking great.

Code red.

“You got something red on your lips, King.” Jared pretends to wipe something on his upper lip but Easton doesn’t even bother to wipe it off. I can see the anger boiling in his eyes and the memory of catching Jared all over Malia playing in his head.

Elias and Mark come to stand next to me, tall and confident, arms crossed.

“You need to leave.”


The rest of our teammates stand with us and we all glared at the boys.

Jared and his teammates stare at us as if they’re not sure whether to stand down or cause a fight.

They lost before, they can lose again.

We always win.

Jared finally realized there was no way to beat us so he retreated.

He rolled his eyes and put his hands up, “All right, fine. We’ll leave.” But before he leaves he looks over at me and laughs lowly, “And here I thought she was your girlfriend.”

Everyone unquestionably heard that.

This is turning out to be an awful night.

Once all the rival boys leave, Easton slams the door closed and yells at everyone to go back to whatever the fuck they were doing.

I’ve seen him mad before so I know all he needs is a little pep talk to calm down.

I pulled Easton to the side and told him, “They might suspect something between Malia and you now. You need to be more careful. Malia and I are taking time out of our lives to do this fake relationship bullshit for you. The least you can do is keep your sex urges on the down-low.”

Easton sighs, wiping away the lipstick, “Fuck, I know. I’m sorry, man. I appreciate everything you’re doing for me.”

Shit, now I feel bad.

I sighed also and pulled him into a hug, “Don’t worry about it. I’ll take care of it. You go off and have some fun.” Easton thanked me before pulling away and heading off to hang out with the boys.

I fucking hate my life.

I glanced over to Malia who’s with Josie. They’re getting Malia cleaned up so she doesn’t look like she just got fucked by our basketball team captain.

If only I was the one she’d smudge her red lipstick on. Then we wouldn’t have this problem.


Malia Hernandez

I groaned feeling frustrated with the need for release.

Easton left me unsatisfied.

We didn’t get to finish each other off when Elias came running through the door talking about Morhills Public students being at the door.

I almost screamed when Elias burst through the door. I was naked and on top of Easton when he came in. Let’s hope he didn’t specifically see anything.

But fuck, was I left with an ache between my legs.

It’s been a while since I’ve had sex and the first time I finally get it? We’re interrupted by people who shouldn’t even have been at the stupid party.

Ugh, fuck it.

I slipped my hand inside my PJ shorts and pulled my underwear to the side.

My fingers slid in between my folds and my hips bucked up to the instant touch. My clit throbbing with the need for friction, my pussy clenching at the thought of Easton slipping his cock inside me.

I slowly start to rub my clit in circles with my index and middle fingers. My imagination taking me back to when Easton had the house to ourselves one weekend. We fucked so many times that weekend, such good days.

Every detail of what we did that weekend plays in my head.

I bit down my bottom lip when I felt the pleasure start to build up.

My eyes closed and I imagined Easton there, he’s looking down at me with those brown eyes of his. He’s moving inside me at a slow pace and using his hands to play with my tits.

“Fuck yes,” I arched my back.

“You won’t remember this in the morning.” A familiar voice whispers into my ear and I bring my eyebrows together in confusion when my imagination starts to fade away. It’s playing something else, something real.

I feel a nose brush itself down my neck to my upper breast. Their hot breath sending tingles all over my skin.

My nipples become hard as pebbles and I use my free hand to play with them. I let my fingers curve themselves inside me and let my hips ride out my hand.

“Why—why are you so beautiful? One taste of you and I promise you, Malia’ll have me on my knees for you.”

Oh god, it’s Mauricio

It’s no longer Easton taking control of my body, it’s Mauricio.

My fingers start to thrust themselves faster inside me and my orgasm builds up in my stomach.

Mauricio is fucking me from behind. He’s pulling onto my hair and kissing the life out of me.

I tilted my head back and moaned, “Yes, yes, Mauricio. Please don’t stop.”

He’s fucking me hard, no, fast. Both hard and fast.

“Look at you, Myers, how would Easton feel if he found out about this? If he found out about how much of a slut you are for this cock.”

Oh god, I’m coming.

“That’s right...come all over this cock. Come and let the whole neighborhood hear how you let the boy next door fuck you. Let them know you lied about hating me because from the looks of it you seem to be loving me right now. Come.”

My orgasm took over my whole body. It sent me into heaven and back.

A hand flew to cover my mouth and muffle the loud moans spilling from my lips.

Oh my god, yes.

Once my orgasm came to an end, I flopped back down onto the bed and panted loudly. My heart is beating fast and my eyes are wide.

Did I seriously imagine Mauricio instead of Easton?

Guilt surrounds my stomach and the throbbing between my legs subsides.

This cannot be happening.

Suddenly, I hear tapping coming from my window and I snap my head towards it only to see Mauricio waving at me.

The whole world stops and I feel my heart drop.

Please, please, tell me he didn’t see me.

I quickly removed my hand from the inside of my PJs and stood up from the bed. I turned away from the window to fix myself so I don’t look crazy.

When I’m okay with everything I walk over to the window and opened it.

“What are you doing here?” I hissed at him when I felt the cold air rushed in, “Get a sweater and climb down.”

Wait, what?

“Where are we going?” I watched as he made his way down and yelled back, “The kids want late-night ice cream.” He shrugged which I laughed at.

I quickly went to grab a sweater, including my phone and shoes and I made my way down the window.

Let’s hope we didn’t wake anyone.

We end up going to the diner, it’s open twenty-four hours, and rode on his motorcycle.

It was pretty chilly out so I am glad I brought the sweater.

We’re crazy to be eating ice cream at this house. But who cares? It’s not like anybody will stop us.

Mauricio wiped off a smudge of ice cream on my chin. I can feel the pad of his thumb brush against the tip of my chin and it makes me grin at him.

“That’s the most cheesy thing someone could do.”

“Yeah, well I’m a very cheesy guy.”

We laughed and went back to eating our ice cream.

He brought out his phone and showed me the playlist we decided to create a few days ago. It seems he’s already added some songs.

“Here add your songs. If there’s more you want to add I’ll make sure to make it collaborated with you.”

I nodded my head and grabbed his phone to add some of my favorite songs. Well, songs that remind me of him mostly. But he doesn’t need to know that.

“So, why did you ask me to come?”

He stopped eating his ice cream at the sound of my voice. More like at the sound of my question.

“I wanted the company.” He shrugged which I raised an eyebrow at, “You sure? It’s okay, Reyes, I know the real reason.”

He snorted, “What’s the real reason?”

“You want me here. Is the big bad Reyes finally done claiming he hates me?”

He moves his tongue on his inner bottom lip and nods his head slowly.

“I’ll leave your ass right now. You can walk.”

I slightly push him and called him an asshole.

“Yeah well, it seemed like a good idea to get alone time so we could talk.”

My stomach swirls with nervousness.

Oh god.

Please, tell me it’s not about what I think it is.

“About?” My voice came out as a whisper.

“Homecoming,” He said quickly and I stared at him confused.

Hold up, what?

“I’m sorry did I hear that right? You want to talk about homecoming?” I gaped at him and he nodded his head, taking a lip of his ice cream, “Easton and I have been talking about what we should do. And since Easton has to be with Jianna and people will of course expect to go together...we should go together.”

How in the hell is he so calm right now?

I feel butterflies, not the normal butterflies but the flamed ones. They’re burning my skin and kissing it lightly. My heart has done about too many flips to count and I feel as if I want to jump his bones.

This can’t be real. Is this a dream?

Say something! He’s waiting!

“Yes, of course, people will expect us to go together. It’s a plan.”

“Okay, good. I’m glad you agreed. Also, I’m not buying you those corsage shits so don’t expect one.” He leaned back into his chair and tried to look hard but I could see past it.

He’s both happy and relieved I agreed.

I am too, Reyes, I am too.

After a while, Mauricio ended up getting the kids their ice cream and we headed home.

It felt so good to be out late at night with the wind surrounding us. The moon is one of the most beautiful things in the universe and so are the stars.

I’m putting away the helmet when Mauricio suddenly says, “I saw you.”

I brought my eyebrows together as I glanced over at him. He’s standing right in front of me with a smirk on his face.

“You saw what?” I questioned.

“What you were doing before I tapped on your window,” He flatly says and I feel a rush of embarrassment fill my whole body.

My lips part to make up a lie about him seeing things but before speaking he steps closer to me and traps me between himself and his motorcycle.

“Mauricio—” He cuts me off and lowly says, “Did seriously he leave you that unsatisfied?” I gulped down a lump in my throat and didn’t dare say anything.

“Were you thinking about him? Or someone else?” He moved his face closer to mine so I could feel his hot breath on my lips.

Oh god.

“From the look in your eyes, it was someone else...who was it, Myers?”

I say nothing.

He scoffed, his smirk becoming too bold, “Was it me?” And just when I thought he’d finally let this go after I didn’t say anything, I nodded my head slowly and felt our noses brush against each other.

Mauricio cursed under his breath before he placed his hands on my hips and sat me down on the seat of the motorcycle. He forced himself between my legs and bent his head down so his lips were brushing themselves down my neck.

“The things I would do to have a taste of you,” He mumbled as he touched my thighs, his fingers so close to my heated core.

“I’m not drunk this time.” I spit out as he stopped right above my breast, my chest moving up and down from my heavy breathing.

I heard him laugh softly and say, “And just like last time, you didn’t pull away once.”

I bit down my bottom lip and let out a small whimper.

Yes, it’s bad, forbidden, and wrong. But I want him. All of him.


“You are insasitable, Malia Hernandez. I don’t care if you’re with him, the only reason I’m not bending you over this motorcycle and taking you from behind is because of you. This will be your choice. Your choice on if you want this as much as I do.”

And like that, he pulled away from me and left me there with heavy breaths.

“No, please, don’t make me choose. Just touch me.” I blurted out and didn’t miss the way his eyes turned dark.

He’s looking at me...looking at me as if he wants to eat me.

Please do.

Mauricio slid his tongue on his bottom lip, a smirk playing on his lips, and eyes hooded with need.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, Myers.”

He turned around and went home.

I let out a huff and started to feel unsatisfied once again. This time the need for release is much more.

Great, now, he’s got me feeling this way.

“Alright, let’s go home and do this again.”

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