No Rules In Bad Ideas

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Bad Idea Twenty-Four

Chapter Twenty-Four

Malia Hernandez

‘Fool for You’ by Zayn is playing and I smiled down at my lacrosse stick knowing Mauricio put in this song. The other night he told me how I got him into Zayn after added a few of his songs to the playlist.

“One more lap and you all can go home!” My coach yells and I can hear all the girls sigh in relief.

My feet start to move at a faster pace so I could get this over with.

Once the lap was done we all headed home. The girl’s locker rooms are being renovated after we found out how much better and nicer the boy’s locker rooms were.

I may have Easton taking me home but that doesn’t stop me from being excited over Mauricio helping me babysit. Our parents had asked us to take care of the kids after some parent meetings were going on at the middle school. So, of course, Mauricio and I took the opportunity to spend one on one with each other.

Maybe he’ll never admit this but—what the fuck?

I feel anger rise in my throat and my stomach turns.

“What is she doing?” I stomped towards Mauricio’s motorcycle and glared at Leilani who’s flirting with my boyfriend—well fake one.

How in the hell did she get here faster than me?

“Hey, Mal—” Leilani smiles at me but I am quick to cut her off, “Get off.”

She brings her eyebrows together and looks between Mauricio and me.

If she’s seriously going to play dumb while she sits stupidly on his motorcycle, I swear, I will drag her off it.

“Myers, she was just—” Mauricio steps forward but I ignore him, “Get the fuck off and stop flirting with my boyfriend. He’s mine.” She widened her eyes and quickly got off.

Fucking bitch.

“Seriously Myers, she was—” I cut him off again and held up my chin high, “If I find out or catch you flirting with him again? Trust me when I say this...” I trailed off so I could grab my lacrosse stick, “I am not someone to mess with. I will fucking end you.”

Leilani looked at me as if I was both a scary bedroom monster and an insane person who chooses violence every day.

“Well, if you change your mind? Let me know,” Leilani said looking at Mauricio before leaving. He gave her a curt nod which only angered me more.

Mauricio and I shared a glance before I snarled at him and started to walk away.

The fucking audacity of him.

“Myers, listen to me.”

“Go get your other girlfriend to listen.”

“My other—are you jealous?” I don’t miss the small scoff at the end.

I stopped my tracks and whipped around to face him. My finger pointed directly into his face and I clenched my jaw.

“I am not jealous.”

Yes, I am. Very much.

He laughed lowly, shaking his head and looking away from me. This isn’t a humored laugh, no, this is a ‘you’ve got to be kidding me laugh’.

“So, you can go off and kiss Easton but when a girl talks to me it’s the end of the world?” Mauricio raised an eyebrow and I narrowed my eyes at him, “Easton is my boyfriend, asshole. And I was supposed to act jealous or people would have suspected.” He nodded his head to this and didn’t say anything else. But from the look in his eyes, he wanted to say so much more.

I stepped in front of him, “She was flirting with you. Leilani fucking Carter will do anything to get under my skin.”

“It seems it worked.” He crossed his arms over his chest and scoffed, “If you would’ve listened to me for five seconds you would know that she wasn’t flirting. She was asking where I bought the motorcycle because her dad’s birthday is coming up and he’s been wanting one since his teen years.”


My anger subsides and it is replaced with embarrassment.

I am such a hypocrite, Mauricio is right. How can I go off kissing my boyfriend but get jealous over a girl talking to my fake boyfriend?

I covered my face, “I’m sorry,” I mumbled which he snorted too.

“Can you repeat that? I couldn’t quite hear you.” I don’t miss the humor in his voice.


I removed my hands from my face and it’s probably in no way able to hide the flush in my cheeks.

“I’m sorry,” I sighed which he playfully rolled his eyes to and wrapped an around my neck. He pulled me into his chest and chuckled, “Don’t worry about it. I found all of it amusing and cute.”


I’m getting butterflies from him calling me cute?

I pressed my face more against his chest and mumbled, “You’re so cheesy.” He placed a kiss on my head and held me tight, “Yeah, well we’ve been over how cheesy I can be.” This made both of us laugh.

“Mal, Reyes?” Easton’s voice erupts from behind me and I quickly pull away from Mauricio. He’s quick to put his hands into the pockets of his jeans and give Easton the best non-guilty grin.

“Yeah, right sorry. I’ll see you in a bit?” I side-eyed Mauricio and he nodded his head saying his goodbyes to us.

Easton and I walked to his car, we got inside and drove off.

Thankfully he didn’t question what he just saw. But the silence taking over as we drive to my house isn’t helping.

“You said Mauricio was picking up the kids right?” Easton breaks the silence with his question and I nodded my head, “Yeah, Reuben and Lilybeth started practice today. Angelina waited on the bleachers by the soccer field.”

He parked the car in front of my house and I looked around to see Mauricio isn’t here yet.

Easton grabs ahold of my hand and gives it a small kiss. He smiled at me the whole time.

This cannot be happening.

I would usually feel all mushy and loved, but I feel absolutely nothing.

Maybe it has to do with everything going on. Or it could be I’m still feeling like shit after he caught me hugging Mauricio.

“You have no idea how much I’ve missed you. It feels like we haven’t been alone in years.” His hand places itself on my cheek and he rubs his thumb on my cheekbone.

God, what is wrong with me?

I smiled and placed my hand over his, “I know, I know. We’ll get some alone time sometime soon. I promise.”

He leaned in to kiss me but pulled back when a car passed by. I snapped my head towards the car only to see it’s Mauricio’s impala. Relief washes over both of us and we gave a quick kiss before saying our goodbyes.

I’m walking towards the house when Easton yells, “Don’t forget about the double date!”

A rush of annoyance hits me and I gave him a thumbs up.

Jianna thought it was a great idea for us to have a double date. She said it would be fun considering Easton, Mauricio, and I are all best friends. Mauricio called the idea a horrible one but agreed. Easton can be very persuasive when he’s showing that smile of his.

Easton drove off and I walked up to the kids.

“Hey, guys! How was school?” I hugged all three of them and Angelina was the first to speak, “Good, some boy in my class in my class got punched in the face though.”

I blinked at her and don’t miss the smile on her face.

Well, anyways.

“Volleyball practice was good. I sure as hell didn’t miss those stair drills though.”

“Soccer is soccer. Same old.”

At least none of them mentioned a kid getting punched in the face. I wouldn’t be surprised if Angelina was the punchee. She’s always been the cute—aggressive type. It’s surely something that runs in the family. The aggressive part and maybe the cute part too.

“Alright, let’s head inside. It’s starting to get cold and mama will kill me if you guys catch a cold.”

Mushy, butterflies, and warmth.

All because he said “mama”. I’ve never heard anyone but him call his mom that. I find it cute and admirable.

We went into the house and the kids suggested we’d bake. Mauricio and I agreed considering we want to keep them busy until our parents come back.

Angelina and Lilybeth helped me set everything up while Reuben and Mauricio told us the instructions.

“No, I said three eggs.” Mauricio gave me a slight glare and I rolled my eyes, “No, you didn’t. I remember precisely you said it was two.”

He groaned, banging the cake mix box against his head.

“Don’t be so dramatic,” Angelina said rolling her eyes.

I covered my mouth with my hand to stop myself from laughing.

“Oh, this is funny to you?” Mauricio raised an eyebrow at me but I can see the smirk forming on his lips. I shook my head and added in another, “Nope, nope. I’m not laughing.” I bite down my lip to stop myself from smiling.

“I don’t know...I saw you laughing.” He squinted his eyes at me and I playfully rolled my eyes, “I’ll give you something to laugh about.” Before I could even react he smears batter on my cheek.

I dramatically gasped and wiped off the batter from my cheek.


I dip my finger into the batter and quickly smear it across his face before he can figure out what I’m doing. He glared at me before grabbing the whole bowl and tilting it towards me.

“No, Mauricio don’t!” I backed away and the kids started laughing.

“Do it!” Lilybeth yells and I give her a slight glare.


Mauricio laughed before putting down the bowl. A breath of relief left me and I grabbed the icing.

“I’m too nice,” Mauricio said shaking his head and I let a smirk take over my face, “Yeah, well, I’m not.” I quickly grabbed the piping bag for the icing and squeezed it so all the icing would go all over him.

“Oh, you’re so going to regret that,” Mauricio let out a breath and side-eyed the kids when they started bursting with laughter.

“Am I?” I bit down my bottom lip but before I could blink he lunges at me with an opened box of cake mix. The flour getting all over my body, face, and hair.

It’s on.

We started a small food fight, the kids joined in also.

There was no mistaking that once we were done, the mess would be a lot to clean up. But we didn’t care, even as we cleaned up it seemed to create laughter.

Everyone was covered with some type of baking ingredient by the end.

“You ready for the next game?” I asked Mauricio as we carried out the trash bags, “When am I not?” He smirked at me which wasn’t surprising.

I know him well enough to say anything that would surprise me before doesn’t anymore.

“Did Mark tell you about Zedd playing at the club?” He helped me open the garbage bins. I nodded my head and threw the bag inside, “Yeah, he called me the minute his dad informed him about it. Mark can’t go a day without talking to me. He’s attached.” Mauricio let out a snort as he threw the trash bag into the bin.

Did I miss something?

“And who are you attached to?” He raised an eyebrow at me and looked at me with those hooded brown eyes.

Butterflies, butterflies everywhere

“Who are you attached to?” I tried to save myself from feeling embarrassed. But I should know better.

He walked up to me and licked his bottom lip with that famous cocky smirk playing on his lips.

Keep it together, Malia. Don’t give him that power

“You don’t want me to answer unless you plan on something happening.” His voice was low and sounded as if he was whispering.

I pressed my thighs together and don’t miss the way he catches the movement. His eyes turning mischievous and cocky, moving up and down at both my thighs and eyes.

It’s without a doubt my breathing has changed and I’m fidgeting a bit.

I cleared my throat and quickly changed the subject.

“So, I’ve decided to wear red for homecoming.”

Something changed in his eyes and he nodded his head after. He was no longer staring at me as if he wanted to eat me. It seems now as if he wants to say something. Something important.

“I’ll make sure to wear a red tie,” He said forgetting whatever he wanted to say before.

Maybe it was for the best. This was enough flirting for the day.

I’m already blushing from the thought of him as my homecoming date. This cannot be normal. None of it can.


Mauricio Reyes

I wish we stayed over at Malia’s or anyone else’s place. It would be so much better than being here at home.

Mama and Papa are at it again.

It seems papa dipped out on the whole school’s event tonight and came home drunk off his ass.

Not surprising.

Reuben and Angelina walk into my room. I sighed and patted my bed, motioning them to sit down and they do.

“Let’s play a board game, yeah?”

They nodded their heads and I smiled at them. I’m glad they agreed, I’ll do anything to distract them from all the yelling downstairs.

Reuben got up from the bed and reached under the bed to grab Monopoly. He placed it in the middle of us and sat back down.

“Whoever wins gets an extra topping on their ice cream.” I side-eyed Reuben knowing it’s not a prize he would choose but Angelina would.

He smiled at me and said, “If I win? I’ll put gummy bears on mine. How about you Lenny?” He turned to Angelina who beamed, “Sprinkles has always been my favorite.”

I mouthed a thank you to him and thought about how well mama raised us. They remind me so much of her. A part of me is afraid I’ve ended up like my papa. We all end up like our parents someday. I hope that day never comes.

I don’t want to be an alcoholic, yelling at my wife every night about some bullshit. Also, I specifically don’t want my kids to hate me.

“Okay, let’s—” I’m cut off when something from downstairs breaks.

I brought my eyebrows together, “Stay here. I need to see if everything is okay...” I trailed off when another thing shatters.

What the fuck?

I quickly got off the bed and ran downstairs.

Once I was on the last step my eyes find themselves on mama. She’s shielding herself away from broken glass.

“Stop it, Enqriue!” She yells and my eyes dart over to Papa who’s throwing the glass vases on the floor.

Anger rises in my chest and I feel myself shake at the scene.

“Mauricio, go back upstairs!” Mama tries to push me back but I’m quick to walk past her and stomp towards papa.

He didn’t see me coming because by the time I grabbed ahold of his shirt, pinned him against the wall, he stared at me with wide eyes. Those same eyes I would look into and believed it when he said he would stop drinking.

“Calm the fuck down. You’re scaring mama and the kids.” I spat in his face and he glared at me. But not one word came out of him.

He spoke gibberish before pushing me off him.

Mama and I watched as he made his way upstairs to his room.

I shook my head and turned towards mama who’s crying.

Fucking asshole made her cry.

I quickly walked over and wrapped my arms around her.

“I’m sorry,” She sobbed into my chest and scoffed, “You have nothing to be sorry for. This is all his fault. You go upstairs to the guest bedroom and sleep, mama. I’ll clean up here, okay?” She nodded her head and thanked me before going upstairs to rest.

She deserves so much better. So much better.

While I’m cleaning Reuben comes downstairs to help me.

“Where is Lenny?” I asked him as we swept the broken glass.

He sighed, “She’s sleeping with mama in the guest bedroom. We heard her crying and Lenny went to comfort her.”

My heart aches at the thought of Angelina seeing mama cry. I’ve seen it so many times to know what heartbreak feels like. No child should ever see their mother cry because their father can’t control his drinking problem.

“Why is he this way?”

Wait, what?

“What made papa be the way he is?” He specifies and I stop my movements to think all of this over.

But nothing comes up.

“I don’t know,” I said grabbing the dustpan, “But I do know he’s been to rehab at least three times now and there has been no progress or change. Don’t hope for papa to change. I did and lost all hope after middle school.” All Reuben did was nod his head and kept sweeping.

We went silent for a bit before Reuben whispered, “Will it always be like this?” I stared at him for a moment then shook my head, “No. I think mama just has had enough and I know she’s tired of everything. Let’s hope they get a divorce. Maybe that’ll straighten out Papa.”

Why did papa result in drugs and alcohol?

Whatever the reason was…I hope it never happens to any of us.

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