No Rules In Bad Ideas

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Bad Idea Twenty-Six

Chapter Twenty-Six

Malia Hernandez

Easton is running his fingers through my hair and I smile at the feeling.

A small gush of adoration fills my heart and I’m not all doubtful if I still feel anything for him. That little small gush was enough to prove it.

“We should be heading down soon. Everyone seems to be getting here.”

The sound of the front door opening and closing, also the sound of our friend’s voices being heard from downstairs.

“I wish I came earlier so we could spend more time together. It’s been a while since we’ve gone out on a date,” I said sitting up and looking down at him. He smiled at me and placed a hand on my cheek, “I’ll plan one out for next week. Maybe for thanksgiving, we can head over to San Fran for a weekend. Spend our time there.”

My heart became warm and I was positive I still loved him.

Everything I am feeling for Mauricio is all true. There is no doubt I feel something for him. After he trusted me enough to tell me about his dad’s drinking problem and his parents fighting? I knew I felt something for him.

Easton cuts off my thoughts when he grabs ahold of my wrist. He holds it up to his face and stares at the butterfly bracelet with his eyebrows brought together.

Oh no.

Something plays out in his eyes and my heart starts beating against my chest rapidly. It’s no doubt Easton has probably seen the bracelet on Mauricio’s keychain. He’s probably wondering why I have it on.

I need to think of something—quick.

“I saw it at some antique store in town. It’s cute right?” I pulled my wrist away from his hold and pretended to inspect it. Easton doesn’t lose his confused expression but he does nod his head in the end.

God, save me.

“So, how’s the whole fake dating going?” He asks trying to change the subject. I rolled my eyes and pushed myself away from him, “It’s fucking awful.” Not really. It’s going well but I’m not going to admit that.

A part of me doesn’t want it to end. This whole fake dating fiasco has brought Mauricio and me closer. He probably still hates me somewhat but our friendship has been progressing.

It seems something else is progressing also


“How’s the actual dating with the princess?” Easton rolls his eyes and says, “You know I don’t like talking about her with you.”

I stayed quiet for a bit before completely pulling myself off him, “So what? We’re just going to ignore it until the senior year is over? We need to talk about what’s going to happen between us.”

Easton groans and says, “Now? At this moment?”


The anger had risen in my chest and my stomach swirled with discomfort.

Why the hell is he putting this off?

“Can we please not do this now.” He sat up from the bed and I scoffed at him, “You just won’t admit to the fact that we will have to break up and you’ll be in a loveless marriage for your whole life. Because instead of standing up for yourself? You let your dad control your life.”

Anger flashed in his brown eyes and I knew anything involving his dad would hit a nerve.

“He’s not controlling my life, Malia. He’s my dad. What else can I do? He’s the one paying for everything. I did not work my ass off in school to not become the owner of that company.” He said standing up from the bed and I followed his same movements.

“So, you being with her is more important than saving our relationship?”

Easton doesn’t say anything and it feels as if he just stabbed in the front. He twisted the knife and pulled out my heart, crushing it in his hands.

Tears started to form in my eyes and I’m now angry at myself for ever bringing up his relationship with both Jianna and Rafferty.

“I’m taking that as a yes. Fuck you, Easton.” I spat at him and quickly left the room. He called after me but I slammed his door shut behind me.


I quickly pace down the stairs only to crash into someone’s chest. My eyes look up to see Mauricio’s brown eyes staring down at me. His eyebrows are brought together and worrisome swirls in his eyes.

“Is everything okay?” He suddenly brings his hand up to my face, he rubs his thumb on my upper cheek and wipes away a tear I had no idea had fallen.

“I uh—” I looked over my shoulder to Easton’s room hoping he’s not seeing any of this. But when I looked back at Mauricio it occurred to me that I should be more worried about Mauricio’s raging expression.

“The fuck did he do? I’ll fucking kill him.” He grounded his teeth together and glared up at Easton’s bedroom door. I shook my head and said, “It’s fine. Can we just get away from here?”

Mauricio’s eyes softened when he looked down at me and nodded his head. He grabbed ahold of my hand and took me to the kitchen.

I sat down on the counter and he handed me a napkin to wipe away the smudged mascara around my eyelids.

He stared at me for a second before cursing under his breath. I watched as he moved between my legs and kissed my forehead. Butterflies admittedly came into feeling, right where his lips pressed themselves.

“I feel stupid for thinking he would choose me. Well, at least this one time.”

“You deserve more than maybe or someday.”

I made the mistake of tilting my head up because now we’re inches away from each other.

He’s standing between my legs, our noses brushing against the other, and our lips only a small gap away from each other.

Our breath gets caught in our throats. His brown eyes are staring into my green ones. The fire is now flaming all around us.

What I would do to kiss you, Mauricio

His forehead is pressed against mine and I want so badly to wrap my arms around his neck. Just to bring his lips against mine and we could finally let out what we’ve been feeling these past few months.

“Well, would you look at that? Twice. I’ve caught you both twice now.” Christian says behind Mauricio and we quickly pull away from each other.

My heart beats rapidly against my chest and I swallow down the lump in my throat.

We seriously need to stop getting caught. One of these days I’m going to make sure we are somewhere with a lock. I won’t be taking any more chances.

“We don’t know what you’re talking about,” Mauricio says cutting off my thoughts.

Christian only laughs and goes to the fridge to grab water.

My cousin is an asshole.

Mauricio and I stayed silent until Christian finally left the kitchen. I don’t miss the way Mauricio glares holes into Christian’s head and Christian snorts on his way out.

“You should get ready. We’ll be leaving in an hour.” Mauricio smiled at me but it didn’t quite reach his eyes. I nodded my head and jumped off the counter, “Thank you. I’ll see you in a bit.”

I left the kitchen, leaving behind the ‘almost’ kiss.

When going back up the stairs to grab my belongings, Easton and I meet in the middle of the stairs.

Anger rises in my chest and I feel like punching him.

He looks at me with a guilty expression and when he tries to say something to me, I cut him off saying, “I suggest you call your girlfriend to come with you tonight because I’m sure as hell not going to be with you tonight.”

It didn’t make me feel any better.


Mauricio Reyes

“Fuck, baby, I am in heaven.”

I rolled my eyes at a moaning Mark. He’s eating these tacos way too seriously. I can’t genuinely blame him though. They are that good.

Do you know what else is good? The beer and beverages. Tyler’s family has no problem with us drinking alcohol. They’re chill like that.

Now, let’s get to what’s not good, which is Malia ignoring Easton. He ended up inviting Jianna last minute since Malia told him to.

I can’t believe he seriously listened. It only made things worst.

Sometimes I even wonder what goes through my best friend’s mind.

My eyes glance to Easton who’s glaring hard at something behind me. I look over my shoulder to see Malia and Josie dancing with some fifteen-year-olds. They’re part of the dance court.

I covered my mouth with my hand to stop a snort from coming out.

Malia is petty and I’m fucking loving it.

Once the song was over Malia and Josie came back to the table. Malia sat down next to me and I handed her the tacos. She thanked me with those beautiful red-stained lips of hers.

God, she makes my day with her smiles.

Malia leans over to me and whispers in my ear, “You were right. It worked.” This time a smile took over my lips.

Tyler comes by the table with his sister, the birthday girl.

He introduces all of us to his sister and the girls compliment her dress.

“I love your dress also,” Tyler’s sister says to Malia which Malia thanks her for.

Malia doesn’t even have to try to look good. She is naturally beautiful. Always has been.

Tyler is about to say something when something suddenly shatters behind us.

“Crap, be right back. My uncle is being crazy again.”

Both Garcia’s siblings said their quick goodbyes before leaving to deal with their crazy uncle. We all have that uncle who can’t drink too early because he’s a lightweight.

“Oh my god, they’re playing Selena! Khloe let’s go,” Loui says grabbing Khloe from her chair and pulling her onto the dance floor.

“Let’s go too!” Meliana pulls Aaron onto the dance floor and Remi sighs, watching them leave, “If only Tyler would sit down for one moment or dance with me.”

Maddie stands up next to her and shakes her head, “No sulking. Let’s go dance together.” Remi beams at her before they head off the dance floor.

I’m watching my best friend dance with Remi when I hear Malia mumble a curse word next to me.

Fuck sakes.

Easton is whispering something into Jianna’s ear which makes her blush. She’s also placing small kisses on his cheek every chance she gets.

He’s got to be joking.

This asshole is seriously flirting with his girlfriend in front of his other girlfriend?

Te pasas, Easton.

‘Propuesta Indecente’ by Romeo Santos comes on and something clicks in my head. This could be a good distraction for her and a way to show off my dancing skills. I’m sure Malia wouldn’t mind getting away from the couple in front of us.

I stood up from my chair and held out my hand towards Malia. She looks between my hand and face with a confused expression.

“Let’s go,” I tell her and motioned over to the dance floor.

Malia doesn’t hesitate once to take my hand and even drags me to the dance floor. I’m no longer the one in control, Malia is. She’s tightening her hands around mine and pulling us closer.

I can see the fire lightening up in her green eyes.

Romeo Santos never fails to make a woman go crazy. He’s every girl’s dream, bad boy.

Malia and I start to move our feet and hips. When dancing the bachata it’s a lot of feet and hip movement. You also have to be quick but not too quick. Keep your pace at a minimum.

My eyes travel down to her hips and I watch as they move with each step she takes. Thoughts start to cloud my mind, thoughts no guy should be thinking about when dancing with a girl who has a boyfriend.

And yet, right now? I don’t seem to care.

I pulled her against me, placing my right hand on her hip while the other is right above that beautiful ass I so desperately want to grab. She stares at me with wide eyes and parted lips.

My leg nudges between her legs and I almost groan at the feeling of her thighs pressing themselves against it.

Someone stop me.

I’m leading now, the one in control.

One of my hands moves down to the bottom of her dress and I grab a handful of it as we move our bodies together. My forehead presses itself against hers and I start to sing along with Romeo.

“Si levanto tu falda. Me darías el derecho?” My lips lightly brush against her red-stained ones and I don’t miss the way she gasps at my words. She also presses her chest more against me to the point I can feel her breast against my chest.

Fucking hell, she’s driving me crazy.

Her eyes cast down to my waist and I know she feels the hard-on I have for her. I’d be insanely stupid to not be turned on by her. She’s Malia fucking Hernandez. A fucking goddess. My goddess.

The beat starts to speed up and I know my favorite part is coming up.

“You ready?” I licked my lips and let the smirk take over. She looks up at me under those eyelashes and brings those eyebrows together in confusion.

“For what?”

“This.” Right on cue, the climax comes and I spin her. I stepped back from her and then spun her around again so now her back was pressed against my chest. My lips were right against her ear, our feet never stopping their movements.

“Y luego you and I, me and you. Terminamo’ en la cama?” I whispered into her ear and I swear she moaned the second the words left my lips.

I can feel her ass rub against my crotch and I’m so not complaining. She and I can stay like this all day. I don’t mind it one bit.

Malia gets out of my hold and turns around to face me. The fire in her eyes hasn’t left once. She wants me. Craves me.

When I pull her back against me, she doesn’t stop dancing but she does stare at me wide-eyed.

I keep her close and have one hand on her lower back while the other grabs ahold of her thigh. I hook it around my waist and drag our feet a bit. Not once I have stopped singing these lyrics to her.

The song starts coming to an end so I let go of her thigh, we go back to the slow bachata but never tear our eyes away from each other.

I am so in love with her.

Once the song ends, we stopped dancing and stood on the dance floor with heavy breaths. It wasn’t until the next same came on that we realized everything that just happened.

Oh god, I am in big trouble.

Malia and I walk back to the group. I don’t miss the way all of them are staring at us with raised eyebrows. The only one I haven’t looked at is Easton. I’m afraid to see the look in his eyes.

“You two were amazing out there! There is so much passion between the two of you. Right, Easton?” Jianna beams at us and I finally look at Easton to see him staring at us with suspicion in his eyes. He only nods with a tight smile and I wonder how Jianna doesn’t see how bothered Easton is right now.

I need a fucking drink.

I take a swing of my beer and try not to drink too much. I’ve never been the one to get drunk unless it’s on special occasions. I drove here so I need to keep my drinking at a minimum.

My phone dings in my pocket and I quickly take it out to see Reuben texted me.

Benny: Papa and mama are arguing. It doesn’t seem like they’re going to the Quince at all

“Shit,” I mumble under my breath and quickly tell Reuben to stay put. That I’ll be home in a few minutes.

I need to get the fuck out of here. My siblings and mama need me.

“I need to go,” I said grabbing all my belonging. Josie looks up from her food with a confused expression, “Where are you going?”

“Home. I’ll see you all later. Tell Tyler I’m sorry for bailing so early.”

I don’t even them time to say their goodbyes. I’m rushing out of the salon and heading to my car. No time can be wasted.

When I got home after breaking at least three-speed limits, Papa and mama are fighting again as Reuben informed me.

“Look at that. El rey has decided to join us.”

“Callate, Enrique. Leave Ricio out of this.”

Papa snarls at me and I almost see myself in him. He and I may share the same facial features but never will I be like him. He is nothing, I am everything.

“Mauricio, why aren’t you at the party?” Mama asks ignoring a swaying papa next to her. He’s trying to get her attention but she’s completely focused on me.

“I didn’t see you guys at the party. I was worried.” I shrugged and Mama sighs, “We decided last minute to not attend. Please do apologize to Tyler for us.” I hope she means her and the kids because I can give a rats ass about my dad going or not.

“Yeah, if that’s what you want to go with.”

I brought my eyebrows together and looked between my parents confused.

“What going on?” I asked stepping closer to mama just in case papa tries anything. He won’t ever lay a hand on her. I’ll make sure of it.

“Your papa seems to think I am cheating on him. I keep reminding him that the coworker I kissed on the cheek is happily married to his lovely husband. Your papa doesn’t believe me.” Mama rolled her eyes and so did I.

Papa always needs to make things a bigger deal than it truly is.

Fucking hell, can we never get a break?

This is all so draining and I’m tired of it.

Papa only laughs which builds up anger in my chest. I guess mama notices because she’s sending me up to my room. I didn’t want to upset her more than she is already so I did as I was told.

Maybe for once, I want to be the one who fights with him. I want to be the one to fight mama’s battles. She deserves a fucking break. Nor does she deserve the bullshit papa puts on her every day.

I’m stripping off my clothes when the yelling resumes to its natural course.

It still baffles me how normal all of this is. There is no doubt that the kids and I are used to this. But fuck it be draining. I’m tired of the fighting, the yelling, and the silent treatments.

I just want the old papa and mama back. The ones before papa and Grandpa Reyes fought.

I sit down on my bed feeling the tears well up in my eyes.

I’m not much of a frustrated crier but when you’ve had enough, it’s okay to cry it out.

I cover my ears trying to block out their fighting. The tears falling down my face.

Yet, I can still hear them.

The frustration becomes desperate. And my once just tears, turn into me sobbing.

An aching feeling forms in my chest and suddenly now I’m sobbing over the fact I have to go through this every day. That my siblings have to hear their parents fight like this.

I’m also crying because I miss Grandpa Reyes. He was the one to make sure we were okay when my parents were fighting. Sometimes he would even take us to his house and let us sleepover until mama and papa cooled down. But he’s not here anymore. He’s not here to take me far away from the two toxic people downstairs. He’s gone. And I don’t know what to do.

“Please just stop fighting.”

“Please stop.”


Suddenly a thumping noise comes from the other side of my room.

I snap my head up and see Malia brushing herself off.


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