No Rules In Bad Ideas

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Bad Idea Twenty-Seven

Chapter Twenty-Seven

Malia Hernandez

I’m staring down at my phone. He hasn’t seen any of my messages.

This is worrying me so much.

Mauricio walked out of here in a hurry and I saw the look on his face. He seemed both panicked and scared. It wasn’t until he said that he was going home, I knew then what was going on.

Me: Is everything okay?

Me: Mauricio?

Me: I’m worried

My leg is shaking up and down, I can’t seem to keep myself calm. I am seriously worried about Mauricio. Something doesn’t feel right.

My phone vibrates in my head and I am quick to see who it is.

Josie: You okay?

Josie: You seem worried

I looked up at her and nodded my head. She gave me a tight smile knowing I’m lying. Nothing about Mauricio walking out is okay.

I need to know if he’s okay. There are so many thoughts running through my head right now. So many questions.

What if something bad happened?

Shit, I’m calling Lilybeth.

I quickly call Lilybeth and press my finger against my ear to cover the outside noise.

She answers after the first ring and I’m quick to tell her what I need.

“Can you go up to my room and check if Mauricio is in his?”

The line goes quiet for a bit and I know she’s questioning what the hell is going on. But thankfully she doesn’t openly question me and says to give her a second.

I sighed in relief and heard her run up the stairs into my room. She opens the curtains and says, “He’s not there but—” My head cuts her off when I hear them. I can hear Mauricio’s parents fighting in the background.

Oh no.

“Tell dad I’m not coming home tonight. Talk to you later, sister.” I quickly hanged up and gathered my things. Everyone looks at me with confused looks and Khloe asks, “Are you leaving?” I nodded my head and looked over at Elias, “Can you give me a ride home?”

I don’t miss the way Easton is bothered by this. But I don’t care. He has his other girlfriend to keep him company. Right now, I need to check on Mauricio. The one person who hasn’t made me feel as if I was second best.

“Yeah, sure. Let’s go,” Elias said grabbing his keys and we both leave in a hurry.

He knows I’m in a rush, he doesn’t waste any time to make sure I get home.

“I know this is probably the last thing you want to be asked but is there something going on between Mauricio and you?”

This is the worst possible time for him to be asking that.

“Is there something going on between you and Josie?” I ask narrowing my eyes at him and he stays quiet.

That’s what I thought.

We let the music take over the silence and once we’re at my house I decide to answer him.

“He’s just a friend.” I opened the car door and he nods his head, “And she’s just a friend.”

We’re both lying.

We say our goodbyes and I tell him to apologize to Tyler for me. Elias says it’s no problem and he drives back to the party.

I wait for Elias to be out of sight until I quickly run—well try to run in these damn heels. It’s not easy running on grass with six-inch heels. I’m breathing heavily by the time I get to Mr. Reyes’s ladder that’s against the side of his house.

Mauricio wasn’t kidding when he said he had to jump almost halfway up my window. The ladder barely makes it halfway and I’m afraid of falling off.

This is not the way I saw myself dying.

“The shit I do for you, Mauricio.”

I pull off my heels and throw them onto the floor. I’ll pick them up later on my way home. Then I shove my purse and phone into my bra since I’m too afraid to only use one hand to climb up this death ladder.

“Okay, I got this. I’m a bad bitch.” I took in a deep breath before starting to climb up the window. Thankfully, I can see Mauricio’s window is open so there is no need to throw myself into the glass. Not that it wouldn’t be cool, I mean come on, this could be an action movie.

When I get to the top of the ladder I look up and see how truly far away the window is.

“How the fuck did he do this?” I hissed at myself and bent my knees down so I could put force into the jump. Once I got myself in a squatting position I jumped up and pulled myself through his window.

But, of course, in all my success I end up falling on my ass.


I groan at the pain coming from my butt and press my hand against his bedroom room wall to help me stand up.

“You should get a taller ladder—” I cut myself off when I see tears streaming down his cheeks and a sudden wave of worrisome fills me.

Oh no, what happened?

My heart breaks at the sight of him.

I’ve never seen Mauricio, my Mauricio, so sad.

I pulled out my purse and phone from my bra, throw them onto his desk, and leave them there. It’s surprising when he doesn’t ask me why I had those two things stuffed in my bra. My Mauricio would make up some joke.

Something is surely wrong.

I stepped towards him which he only shook his head at and stepped back. My eyebrows are brought together and the heartache becomes almost unbearable.

“What are you doing here?” Mauricio asks not bothering to even hide the fact he’s crying. “You weren’t answering your phone and I got worried. I understood when you said you had to get home.” I shrugged and wrapped my arms around myself.

He turns away from me and I hear his parents fighting downstairs.

Fuck this, we are not doing this today.

I sat down on his bed and patted the place next to me, “Sit down, Ricio. Let’s talk.” But sadly, he stays where he’s standing. Not moving an inch.

So, I got up from the bed and wrapped my arms around him. I held him close and whispered into his ear, “I’m here. Always.” I hear him take in a breath before he’s suddenly burying his face into my neck and sobs into it.

“It’s okay. Let it all out.” I ran my fingers through his hair and he wrapped his arms around tightly. He held me close and kept crying into my neck. There was no care in the world if he was getting my dress wet, I didn’t care one bit.

Mauricio pulls away slightly and I grabbed ahold of his face. I wiped his tears away with my thumbs and pressed my forehead against his.

Green to brown eyes.

I never realized how all these years of his parent’s fighting must be affecting him. If only I’d been his friend before and helped from the beginning.

“I can’t believe I’m letting you see me cry.” He playfully rolled his eyes and I chuckled lowly, “If you get to see me ugly cry then I get to see you too.”

He smiles at me, “You’re beautiful even when you cry.”

Butterflies. So many butterflies.

This is not what we came here for!

Right, I pull away from him and look over at his bed. Memories from the other night come rushing into my mind and I smile at the thought of calming him down with my singing.

“Come. Lay down next to me,” I said crawling onto the middle part of his bed and making sure to open up the blanket since it is a bit chilly. I’m also wearing a dress that hitches up every time I move so I need to cover my legs.

He doesn’t hesitate to lay down next to me. I watched as he moved under the covers and fixed the pillows so we could feel comfortable.

I ran my fingers through his hair, down to his cheekbone, touching his soft skin.

Someone remind me to ask him for his skincare routine. This boy’s skin is way better than mine.

“Are you going to sing again?” He smiled at me as he put his hand on my shoulder and moved it slowly down my arm.

I nodded my head and started to sing ‘slower’ by Tate Mcrae. He smiled the whole time, looking into my eyes, even pulled me closer to him. His arm is wrapped around my waist, I can feel his hand on my lower back, clenching onto the fabric of my dress.

Once I was done singing Mauricio had fallen asleep. I pressed a small kiss on his forehead and said, “Such a beautiful boy with such an angry soul.”

My eyes close shut and I’m filled with the warmth of Mauricio.

I dream of the little boy who used to watch me catch butterflies.


Mauricio Reyes

I wake up to the feeling of someone moving next to me and the sound of Angelina calling after mama.

My eyes open slowly and see Malia laying down next to me. Her lips are slightly parted and even though her makeup is smudged, she’s still so fucking beautiful.

Fuck yeah, I feel like the luckiest guy right now. I get to wake up to the love of my life and the most beautiful girl.

She’s wrapped around me and I’m afraid to move. The warmth of her gave me some remarkably good dreams last night. I also slept like a baby.

All because of her.

My beautiful butterfly.

Malia nuzzles her face into my chest and makes the cutest sleeping noises.

Jesus, she’s going to be the death of me. I’m so in love, so whipped, so crazy for her.

I inhale her scent and smile at the smell of her coconut shampoo.

I slowly pull away from her, making sure she doesn’t wake up. Once I’m out of bed successfully I see her dress bunched up at her waist.

Oh god.

I quickly turn away and respect her. She’d have a fit if she caught me staring at those beautiful legs of hers.

So, instead, I cover her with the blanket and smile down at her when she stirs in her sleep.

“Thank you, my butterfly,” I whispered to her and then put on some shorts. I headed downstairs to find mama and the kids eating breakfast. I say good morning to them and they say it back.

I’m serving myself some waffles when Angelina suddenly asks, “So, how did you and Malia sleep?” My eyes widen at her question and I almost drop my plate.


I turned around to see my family giving me ‘yes we know’ smiles.

“Don’t start. We slept fine,” I mumbled and mama says, “Don’t make me a grandma anytime soon, please.”

I am quick to defend Malia and me, “Mama, all we did was sleep. Can we just forget this conversation...please?”

Mama sips her coffee with raised eyebrows and my siblings snicker next to her.

Nothing is more embarrassing than hearing your family think you’re having sex.

I end up grabbing Malia a plate also. Hopefully, she’s brave enough to come downstairs.

“Is Malia joining us? Or will she be going out the window?” Mama asks and I set down our plates on the table, “I’ll go upstairs and ask.” I playfully rolled my eyes and headed to my bedroom.

When I get there I see Malia already on her way out the door. This makes me laugh.

“Well, there’s mama’s answer.”

She awkwardly laughs before stepping back into my room and pulling down her dress so it covers her thighs. Those beautiful thighs I so long to have pressed against my head.

Fuck sake, am I trying to have morning wood?

I raised an eyebrow at her and joked, “Dipping after a night together? Didn’t take you as the type to fuck and dip.” She scowls at me which only makes me laughs.

“I didn’t think you’d want me to stay.” She shrugged and I pressed my lips together for a second, “You can stay. I fixed you up with a plate of waffles downstairs.”

She hesitates at first, her eyes searching for any takebacks in mine. When she finally realizes I am being genuine, she nods her head and tells me that she’ll stay.

“Let’s go.”

“Wait! Can I borrow something to wear?” She looks down at her wrinkled dress and I nodded my head going over to my cabinets, “Yeah, they might fit you big. They’re from freshmen year so it won’t fit so big.”

I handed her a shirt and some sweats. Then I go outside to give her some privacy. I do stay outside the door and wait for her.

Malia opens the door a few minutes later and I turn to look at her. I almost laugh at the view of her in my clothes. Everything fits her so big yet I’m loving it. She needs to wear my clothes more often.

“I am ready,” She says brushing herself off and I can see how nervous she is. So, I grab ahold of her hand and squeeze it, she looks at me and smiles which I return with a smile too.

We’re walking down the stairs when Malia says, “I’m sorry about coming over so suddenly last night.” I shook my head and stopped at the bottom of the stairs, “I’m glad you came, Myers.”

“Okay, good but I am sorry for not leaving sooner.”

“Myers, it’s okay. I’m happy that you stayed.” But she doesn’t listen and instead says, “I’m sorry about—”

Fuck sakes, I let go of her hand and grabbed ahold of her face.

“Thank you for everything. You don’t need to apologize.” I placed a small kiss on her forehead which she smiled up at me for. She then nodded her head and we headed into the kitchen.

Mama and the kids look up at us with huge smiles on their faces.

Normal sons and brothers would be embarrassed but not me. I love my family and seeing them smile like this warms my heart. It makes me happy considering we haven’t had such good times like this in such a long time.

Malia and I sit down across from the kids. We’re all eating and talking about what’s been going on in our lives. Mama seems to find Malia funny because she cannot stop laughing. Malia made a joke about having stuff animals on my bed and mama burst out laughing.

God, I haven’t heard so much laughter come out of mama like that in so long. It felt so good to hear her laugh. And I owe it all to Malia.

My butterfly, the love of my life.

“I’ll be right back. I need to use the bathroom.”

I watched Malia leave with a huge smile on my face. I’ve never felt so fucking happy. She looks so perfect walking around my house in my clothes. It’s as if she belongs.

“I haven’t seen you smile like this since your grandpa was around.” I look over at mama and nod my head, “Yeah, well, it’s Malia. She’s always made me smile. I just don’t show it sometimes.”

Malia walks back into the kitchen and mama asks if she has her dress picked out for homecoming.

“I’ve had the dress since the summer. It was on sale and I decided to add some butterflies last minute where the chest is located since it is Butterfly Garden themed. I just finished the touches on the dress two days ago. Also, I made sure to save a butterfly pin for Mauricio to wear.”

Peace. Happiness. Love.


She makes me feel everything.

“How did Mauricio ask you to homecoming?” Angelina turns to Malia and my eyes widen at her question.

Malia looks between me and Angelina.

“Well, I asked—” I started off answering but Malia cuts me off, “He asked me with a poster that had butterfly stickers all over it.” Of course, anything with her has to do with butterflies.

I even look down at the butterfly bracelet on her wrist. It surprises me every day that she hasn’t taken it off. Though, I love her more every day for it.

“That is so romantic!” Angelina beams which Reuben and I snort at.

“I am off to work, my loves. Call me if anything happens,” Mama says standing up from her chair and putting her plate in the sink. She tells everyone goodbye and we all wish her a good day.

I do walk mama on her way out.

Mama opens the front door and right before she leaves she says, “She makes you happy, Mauricio. Fight for her.”

I don’t say anything, only nod my head and she kisses me on the cheek.

“Adios, hermoso.”

“Bye, mama.”

I go back to the kitchen to find Malia joking around with my siblings. They’re all dying of laughter and almost falling off their chairs.

I smiled at this and whispered, “I will, mama. I will fight for her.”

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