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Bad Idea Twenty-Seven: Bonus Chapter

Chapter Twenty-Seven: Bonus Chapter

Malia Hernandez

“We need to figure out what we’re wearing for tomorrow at the party.”

“What if we dressed up as fairies?” Meliana suggests but it earns some groans from half of us.

“Too many people have told me they’re going to do fairies.” Josie rolled her eyes as she started to put her hair into a ponytail.

Khloe shrugs and Meliana looks down at her phone, searching costume ideas for us girls.

That’s when someone comes into the group call and I see Mauricio checking himself out.

Is he serious?

“Oh, it’s only you four. I’ll leave but don’t miss me too much.” He winks at the screen but before he leaves Josie stops him. She asks him if he has any ideas for us girls to wear for costumes.

He brings his eyebrows together and shrugs, “Maybe the pink ladies would be cool but Malia can’t be included.” What?

“What? Why?”

He says that Jianna had this great idea of the couples matching this year. Since we’re presumably a couple, it has to be done.

Great, I’m irritated now.

I rolled my eyes and mumbled, “And the princess strikes again.” Then Mauricio says, “How about I pick you up? We could get some last-minute couple costumes?”

I threw my head back groaning, “Fine, I guess.”

Then something comes to mind and I look down at my phone. Mauricio is inside his car, driving.

“Where did you go?”

“Don’t worry about it baby,” He said winking at me and I flick him off.


Mark, Elias, and Tyler join the group call. We all greet each other and Meliana informs them of what we’re talking about.

“You guys should do sexy cops or nurses,” Mark says sticking out his tongue and I don’t miss the mischief in his eyes.

“You’re disgusting.” Josie rolls her eyes and then says, “Seriously guys, we need to figure this out today. We are doing this last minute.”

Elias shrugs and reaches for something in front of him, “I’ll join in whatever you girls are doing. It doesn’t matter.” Tyler and Mark also agree with him.

“Mauricio suggested the pink ladies from Grease. Maybe the guys can be the T-Birds?” Meliana suggests and everyone seems to like the idea.

“Wait, Tyler, why aren’t you dressing up with Remi?” Khloe asks and Tyler sighs, “She’s staying in for the night. Her parents are going out of town for the night and she’s on babysitter duty.”

Well, that concludes the group’s costumes. Now Mauricio and I have to figure out what the hell we’re going to be.

“Yo, Ricio, is your mom taking the kids trick or treating?” Elias asks Mauricio and he nods his head. “Do you think she can also take my little brother? My mom is working tomorrow night and his dad—well you know.” Elias shrugs and Mauricio tells him it’s no problem, that he’ll tell his mom.

“I’ll tell Lilybeth to go with your mom too, Mauricio.”

“JT and his girlfriend can join also. They were planning on going with Denzel. I’m sure everyone will be glad to hang out together.”

“Sebastian says he’ll be joining Angelina.” Josie then mutes herself and tells her little brother something. It seems she’s teasing him over something.

“Sounds good, mama will be excited to hang out with a bunch of kids. She always said how badly she wanted another one after Angelina. I’m sure she’ll change her mind after tomorrow,” Mauricio laughed.

“Okay, wait! We should partner up if we’re doing Grease costumes!” Meliana suggests and everyone agrees admittedly.

“I’ll go with Meliana,” Tyler says and Josie is quick to say, “I got Elias.”

Make it more obvious Josie.

“Wait, who am I with them?” And Meliana says “Khloe.” but Mark is quick to ask, “What? Why can’t I go with Josie?” Josie responds, “I’m already with Elias.”

Is he being serious?

“Okay, Meliana.” But Tyler says he already got her. Mark groans before saying, “Fine. I’m with Khloe.”

I don’t miss the way Khloe looks away from her phone. She has an uncomfortable look on her face. Anyone can tell she doesn’t like the idea of partnering with Mark. I even almost tell Mauricio we should join the group so Khloe and Mark aren’t forced to be together. But it would throw everything off, people would be expecting us to have a ‘couple’ costume.

“Myers, I’m outside. Get your ass out here,” Mauricio says snickering and I flick him off with both fingers.


We all say our goodbyes and remind each other about the Halloween party later. The party was planned by one of the basketball boys since he wasn’t sure if his parents were going to be home or not.

I’m walking downstairs with my things when I see Lily and Reuben sitting down on the couch next to each other. My eyebrows raise at this and a smile almost takes over my face.

“Hey, I didn’t know you were here Reuben,” I said walking up to them and they both turn their heads towards me. Reuben shrugs and says, “Lily invited me over since they just got HBO Max and I wanted to watch Young Justice.” Lilybeth nods her head but suspiciously doesn’t make eye contact with me.

I’m satisfied with her sister’s game plan.

I give them a, “Right.” which both of them quickly turned their heads away from. So, to not make things more awkward I bring up the Halloween plan. I tell them everything and they agree to let everyone else know.

“Alright, your brother is outside waiting for me. I’ll see you two later.” I waved goodbye to them and quickly went outside to Mauricio’s motorcycle.

“Finally, I was going to leave you,” Mauricio said handing me the helmet and I grab it only to jab him slightly with it, “Reuben and Lily are in the house together. I was talking to them.” He brought his eyebrows together and looked at me with suspicion.

We both get on the motorcycle with our helmets now on.

“Alone?” He looked over his shoulder at me and I rolled my eyes, “They’re thirteen years old, Reyes.”

Mauricio snorted and replied, “You speak as if we were innocent at that age.”

He’s not wrong, but I don’t plan on letting him know that.

We head to the costume shop and when we get there it seems we’re having the best time.

Mauricio keeps trying to scare me with masks which I smack him on the arm each time for. We even try on silly costumes we don’t plan on wearing for fun. Mauricio ends up making me wait in the car while he went off to pick our costumes. He said something about me having bad taste in Halloween costumes, which is ironic considering people go crazy for my costumes every year.

Mauricio comes back with two bags in his hands and he tells me, “Let’s go. You’re going to like what I picked out.”

We head back to my house. We’re in my room when he shows me the costumes.

“You can’t be serious.” I held up the Ghostface costume and shook my head, “What the hell am I supposed to wear with this?” Mauricio walked over to my closet and pulled out two dresses. One of the dresses was black, it was one of the best dresses I’ve had, the dress shows off every curve on me. The other dress has to be worn with a corset and it’s no doubt my breasts would look amazing with it.

“Pick. I’ll be at my house getting ready. See you later.” And like that, Mauricio was gone.

Yeah, see you later too asshole.


I think I’ve had too much candy. My stomach is killing me and drowning down water isn’t helping.

Mauricio rubs my back as he talks to one of his teammates.

We’re sitting on the couch since I couldn’t take dancing on a hurting stomach anymore. He started rubbing my back out of nowhere, it’s not like I was complaining though, I liked it. I knew if I pulled away or said something he’d get the wrong idea so I let him rub my back.

“You guys look so good,” Jenifer, a lacrosse teammate, compliments us and I smile at her.

It seems everyone is enjoying our costumes. I decided to go with the black dress since I wasn’t exactly in the mood to have the air sucked out of me with the corset. Mauricio is wearing all black clothes and has a fake knife strapped onto his belt.

Would I be wrong to say I found him more attractive as a serial killer? Because I do, so much.

“Hey, we’ve been looking for you everywhere.” Easton, Jianna, and the group circle around the couch. Mauricio stops rubbing my back and I almost grab his hand to put it back.

“Myers, it’s feeling too well. We might head home soon.” Mauricio shrugged as he wrapped an arm around my shoulders. I leaned into him and suddenly felt a lot better.

I’m hoping this is for the fake dating show considering my boyfriend and his best friend are right in front of us.

Easton and Jianna decided to come as Bugs and Lola Bunny. He’s in his normal basketball uniform while Jianna wears some revealing, cute may I add, clothes with bunny ears.

“We should take a photo together!” Meliana yells over the music and everyone agrees.

Everyone stands around us, Easton sitting down next to us with Jianna on his lap, and Elias sitting beside Mauricio while Josie sits on the armrest.

Well, this should be fun.

Josie asks someone passing by to take us a picture and they do.

We all pose, smiling into the camera as multiple flashes came.

“All done!”

“Thank you!”

Everyone rushes to see the photos and it seems we’re all satisfied with the outcome.

“How about you and Mauricio take some photos together?” Josie stands in front of us and I almost stand up to kick her. My eyes roam over to Easton who seems to be cuddling up against his little princess girlfriend.

A few pictures wouldn’t hurt.

“Sounds good!” I sounded a little way too excited.

Mauricio pulls me more against him and I don’t miss the smirk on his face. He’s enjoying having me all over him.

Good, as he should.

Josie takes a few photos until she asks me to sit on Mauricio’s lap.

I stared at her dumbfounded and wondered what the hell she was thinking. My head turned towards Mauricio who’s looking back at me with the same expression. Then I glance over my shoulder to Easton and see him with Jianna.

Fuck it.

“Sure, why not?” I shrugged as if I wasn’t about to go crazy while sitting on Mauricio’s lap.

I stood up from the couch and sat myself down on Mauricio’s lap. He didn’t do anything at first until I felt his warm hands slowly move down my waist to my thighs.

My thighs clenched together and butterflies came into contact. His fingertips lightly brushing against my skin made me feel electric. I can feel his chest against my back, his heart is beating rapidly as mine. His hot breaths on my neck send goosebumps down my arms.

I’ve never felt so nervous in my life.

“Smile!” Josie squats down a bit to get a good angle of us and we smile at the camera as she takes pictures.

Once Josie was done she called us cute, I flicked her off while Mauricio laughed behind me, and I nudged him to shut up.

Josie ends up going over to Elias and Tyler who is now having a drinking contest. There is no doubt she just wants to be around Elias.

I feel Mauricio’s hands move up to my stomach and he sits us back. I’m laying against him now and when I try to look over my shoulder he grabs ahold of my neck keeping me from looking back.

Oh god.

“Do you want to know if your little boyfriend is watching us?” His voice sounds low and dangerous. I sucked in a breath, surprised he would ever ask me that.

Is he serious?

He’s trying to mess with me, isn’t he?

I bit down my bottom lip and shrugged, “I don’t care if he’s looking or not.” My hips moved on their own accord and no doubt I can feel his erection pressed against me. And from the way he doesn’t say anything proves to me I had surprised him with my answer.

“Okay, maybe you’ll care when I—” He tilts his head down to lean into my neck and I start to feel anxious. Then his phone goes off and he curses under his breath. A breath of relief leaves me.

I get off his lap when he taps me on the hip. Mauricio stood up from the couch and paced walked outside the house. I followed behind him and sort of heard him talking to someone about coming back somewhere.

“Yeah, I’ll be there in a bit.” Mauricio looks over at me and from the look in his eyes, I already knew who he was talking to.

“Let’s go,” I said grabbing his hand and pulling him along with me towards the motorcycle.

We wasted no time to get home and once we got there, the kids were sitting down on Mauricio’s grass. They were passing around candies while laughing.

“Mama had to go into work last minute and papa isn’t answering his phone. She called me asking if we could take care of the kids.”

There was nothing else to be said.

I’m here.

“Myers, I’m sorry for making you leave the party so early. I just wish—” I cut him off when I grabbed ahold of his face and shook my head, “No matter what this could have been? I would’ve still come with you, Reyes.”

He mouthed me a thank you before going over to the kids, telling them about our new plan to take them out trick or treating. They don’t seem to mind or even ask why Mama had to leave early.

“Alright, children and teens. Let’s get going before all the good candy is gone.” I wrapped my arm around JT who’s dressed up as Spiderman. He pretends to shoot me spiderwebs and I smack him lightly on the chest.

He’s still my favorite Thomas boy.

Suddenly my whole soul leaves my body when someone jumps scare me. They’re wearing a clown mask and came out from a bush.

“Son of a bitch!” I yelled trying to slow down my rapid, beating heart.′

“Seriously, Myers? You screamed so fucking loud.” Mauricio came up beside me and hollered with laughter. I glared at him while shoving my middle finger in his face.


After a while the kids are running around, Mauricio and I are eating some candy on his porch. And he’s telling me about his childhood, how he’d eat a whole tomato and now he even gets allergic reactions to it.

“You’re a weirdo for that.”

He laughs wrapping an arm around me. I scoot closer to him and lay my head on his shoulder, he kisses my hair mumbling, “I’m glad we left the party. I wouldn’t spend Halloween any different.” This made me smile and my heart filled with warmth.

“We’ve come a long way, Reyes.”

“Very long way. Still hate you though.”

I snorted not saying anything else.

Yeah, I still hate you too, Reyes.


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