No Rules In Bad Ideas

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Bad Idea Twenty-Eight

Chapter Twenty-Eight

Malia Hernandez

If I have to hear her talk more about this damn party, I am going to turn the whole table over.

“We’re having a sleepover at my house and...” I block out her voice hoping she goes away in the next ten seconds.

Loui staps me out of my trance of boredom when he hands me the invitation. It has princess crowns all over it and says, “Jianna Miller’s Sixteenth Birthday Party”. I opened it to see pictures of her house, her family, and of course, her with Easton.

My eyes roll to the back of my head and I shove the invitation down my backpack.

Easton and I haven’t spoken since the Quince. He’s been trying to talk to me all day but is always being pulled away by his princess girlfriend. Even if we did talk I wouldn’t have given much attention to it.

A lot has been happening between Mauricio and me. It’s no secret my feelings for him have grown and I am hoping I’m not wrong when I say he might also feel something for me.

Friends admit to wanting to kiss other friends. Especially if that friend is your best friend’s girlfriend or the girl you claimed to hate for so long.

Everything changed when we slept in the same bed together. We’ve been hanging out a lot more than usual, we still bicker like crazy but no more insults. It’s only joking around now, inside jokes too.

I looked between my fake boyfriend and my real boyfriend.

Josie’s voice runs around in my head, “Whom would you choose?” And I feel myself going crazy about all of this.

I love Easton, of course, I do. He’s my first love and always will be. But with Mauricio, there’s always been something there. Behind all of the bickering and hateful comments, there has always been something between us that kept us in peace.

Choosing either boy will ruin so many things. And I don’t know if I am willing to risk it all for two boys who aren’t even sure if they want me as much as I want them. Easton can’t even tell me if he sees a future with me and Mauricio hasn’t once revealed his true feelings for me.

Why start a war for no reason?

Easton will have to break up with me due to the fact he’s marrying someone else and Mauricio will break up with me in an instant if it means not losing his best friend.

There is no win-win.

I sighed and cut off Jianna when I ask, “Are we able to drink beer?” Jianna nodded her head excitedly and I quickly stood up, grabbing my things, “Great, I’ll be there. See you guys after school.”

I left without looking back, hoping nobody, especially the two boys I’m torn apart for follow me.

My locker is only a few feet away from me when I suddenly hear my name being called.

“Well, I can’t get what I always want can I?”

I closed my eyes for a second before getting to my locker, opening it up, and putting some of my books into it. Every part of me is hoping they walk back to our friends or at least get the memo of me not wanting to talk to them.

“Mal, baby.” Easton’s voice whispers behind me and I suck in a breath.

The universe truly hates me.

“Is something wrong?” I turned around to face him and he’s looking at me with those brown eyes of his, “Yes, I don’t like it when we’re fighting.”

I shrugged and said, “Couples argue.” He nods his head and agrees but says, “I know, but we hardly ever do. That’s why it sucks when you ignore me instead of fixing it.”

This throws me back a bit because he knows damn well there is no way in hell we are fixing this unless he breaks it off with Jianna.

“Fix what, Easton? We can’t fix this. You don’t see a future with me and that’s okay.”

Easton shakes his head and when I try to leave, he traps me between the lockers and him.

“I do see a future with you, Mal. I see myself marrying you and not Jianna. We have kids, two of them to be exact. A boy and girl. They both have your green eyes and my curly hair. I see all four of us living here, being happy and together. You and I are forever, Mal baby.”

Crap, he’s making me feel mushy now.

I smiled up at him and let him kiss me when our lips touched.

“I just need time to find a way out of the arrangement.”

I nodded my head and wrapped my arms around him, “Okay. I trust you.”

He kisses me again, this time more passionately and we’re pressed against the lockers. He says how much he’s missed me and I tell him I missed him too.

“Come over tonight. After the club, to a sleepover.” I agreed and we kissed each other one last time.

The lunch bell rings and students start to fill the halls.

“I’ll see you later.” He squeezes my hand before parting ways.

I take a deep breath and nod my head saying.

This is good. Easton and I are back on track. He’s going to try to find a way to make sure we have the future he pictured for us.

I gather everything I need from my locker and close it.

Josie and the group surround me, talking about Jianna’s upcoming birthday party.

My green eyes meet Mauricio’s brown eyes. We smile at each other and don’t miss the way guilt fills my stomach.

Why does it feel like I’m betraying the boy who called me his butterfly the other morning?


“You seriously need to wear new colors. All I see is black and red.”

Meliana is going through my closet hoping to find something to wear.

“This is Malia we’re talking about. The only way we can recognize her is when she’s wearing red or black. My top way of recognizing her is those big tits and ass.” Josie snickers next to me and I nudged her in the ribs.

“Ugh, fuck it, I’m wearing this one,” Meliana said pulling out a red dress. She puts it on and we all wait for her to give us a twirl.

“Wait, who’s picking us up again?” Khloe flops down onto the bed next to me and Josie. I lay on my side so I’m facing him, “Mauricio is taking us to the club. Easton, Mark, and Aaron are going together. While Elias takes Loui, Maddie, and Christian.” I explained and the girls nodded their heads.

After a while, everyone is texting the group chat saying they’re ready. I’m putting on eyeliner when Josie comes behind me and smacks my ass.

“Your boyfriend Mauricio is here.” She whispers into my ear and I smack her on the arm slightly. She laughs, throwing herself on the bed and I flick her off from the mirror.

Meliana raises an eyebrow, “Her boyfriend?” I rolled my eyes and said, “He’s my fake boyfriend, remember?” Josie shakes her head and says, “No. He’s the guy you slept in the same bed with the other night.” Meliana and Khloe dramatically gasp.

“What is Josie talking about?”

“Please, please, spill the fucking tea!”

Fucking Josie, of course, she couldn’t keep this to herself.

I’m about to tell them what happened when suddenly someone knocks on the door.

We all know it’s Mauricio.

I sighed turning around in the chair to face them and say, “Behave.”

“Please, me? Behave? Never.” Josie stands up to open the door and as I said Mauricio is standing there.

“Hey girls, you ready?” His eyes skim around the room until they land on me and I don’t miss the smirk that takes over his lips.

“Oh yeah, we’re ready. Malia isn’t though. She still needs some…knee time.” Josie winks at him and he looks at her confused.

Okay, that’s enough.

I stand up from the chair and push out Josie and the girls saying we’ll meet them downstairs.

Meliana closes the door behind her and then all we can hear is laughing coming from the girls.


I sit back down and keep finishing up my makeup. Hopefully, he doesn’t question anything that just happened. I’ll throw myself out the window before I ever tell him anything.

I notice Mauricio staring down at me and I raise an eyebrow at him, “Is something wrong with my makeup?” He shakes his head and is quick to respond, “No, no. Everything is fine. You look beautiful.”

Please, take me from behind, right here, right now on this desk

Control yourself, Malia.

I smacked my lips and said, “Okay, I’m done. Let’s go!” I grabbed everything I needed but when I tried to leave Mauricio stood in front of me.

Oh god.

Green to brown eyes.

His eyes move down to my clothing and I don’t miss the way his eyebrows raise.

“Is it too much?” I look down at my clothing. It’s high-waisted jeans with a black bralette and black Nike shoes.

Mauricio snorts while licking his lips, “You have no idea how badly I want you right now.” His voice sounded like a whisper. It was enough to make my legs weak and my heart pound against my chest.

Oh my god, he’s going to be the death of me.

“Bring a sweater just in case it gets cold.”

I feel myself aching for the need of his touch, becoming wet at the sight of him. Black cotton shirts with sleeves, black pants, a belt, and black dress shoes.

I imagine myself getting on my knees, pulling off his belt, and bringing down his pants. Sucking him off.

“Knee time”

I even press my thighs together to stop the ache. But my mind keeps wandering.

He clears his throat and opens the door, “We should get going.”

I nodded my head and walked to leave but he stops me to remind me of the sweater.

“You still have the extra hoodie in your trunk?”

He shakes his head yes, unsure of what I’m asking.

“Then I’ll just wear that one. I like wearing your clothes anyways.” I stalk off and I’m sure I heard him snarl behind me.


We’re all in the car, on our way to the club when Mauricio and I keep arguing about what song to play on the radio. It’s as if we’re acting we don’t have the same taste in music.

“God, just put a fucking song already.” Khloe hisses at us and Mauricio snorts while I rolled my eyes. Mauricio ends up choosing in the end.

On our way to the club, Josie makes kissy faces at me which I’m glaring at her for.

She won’t quit it, will she?

Suddenly the car comes to a stop and we all fly forward.

“What the fuck?”

“Is everyone okay?”

“Mauricio—I’m going to kill you. I was finishing up my mascara.”

A speeding car passes up and all of us except Mauricio yell, “Fucking asshole!”

Mauricio looks at us terrified and says, “Never driving with fucking girls again shit. Y’all are fucking scary.” We only laugh and Josie turns up the music.

Once we got to the club everyone was there. We can see our friend’s car parked next together.

I’m about to get out of the car when I suddenly can’t find my phone.

“Shit, where is my phone?” I search around myself but nothing.

“Let Mauricio help you find it. We’ll see you inside.” Josie plants a big kiss on my cheek and I flick her off.

Yup, she’s never going to quit.

She is lucky I love her.

Everyone is gone by the time Mauricio starts calling my phone.

Ringing comes from under me and I sit up from my seat, bending down so I can reach down under the seat.

“Can I use your flashlight?” I hold my hand out and Mauricio nods his head, handing me his phone.

I turn on the flashlight and try to search for my phone but no luck. So, I call it one more time on Mauricio’s phone and hear it more clearly under Mauricio’s seat.

“It must have fallen there when we almost crashed.” I reached down from Mauricio’s seat and grabbed ahold of my phone.

“Got it!”

I get back up and—big mistake.

My face is inches away from his and there is without a doubt he’s staring down at my lips. The asshole knew this would happen, he noticed it way before I did.

His eyes cast down to my hand and I follow him.

Oh no, no.

My hand is planted between his thighs, so very close to a place every girl dreams of having inside her.

Why do Mauricio and I always find ourselves in these situations?

Mauricio clears his throat, “We should probably get going inside now.” I nodded my head and quickly sat back down on my seat.

I grabbed everything I needed and got the fuck out of there.

There is no need to embarrass me some more.

I’m so stupid.

Why couldn’t I just leave my phone in my bag like a normal person?

Everyone is already drinking and dancing by the time I slip inside the booth. It seems nobody wasted time. We’ve all been dreading finals in a few weeks.

Let’s enjoy our freedom while we can.

After a few drinks, some makeout sessions with Easton, and dancing with Josie, we’re all having the best time.

Zedd is playing his collabs and songs.

Josie and I are dancing when suddenly some assholes decide to join us. We tried to step away from them but they kept following us.

I started to get angry and I ended up pushing one of the guys off me.

“Fuck off!”

But he doesn’t, his drunk ass comes back and tries to grab my ass.

I’m about to push him again when suddenly Mauricio is standing in front of me.

“The fuck are you doing to my girl?”

Have I ever mentioned I love it when he calls me his girl? Or when he gets all protective of me?

Seriously, it’s hot.

“Mauricio, back off. He’s not worth it. Let’s go, Mal.” Josie grabs ahold of my arm and pulls me away. I make sure to quickly grab Mauricio too and pull him along with us.

“Yeah, take your little girlfriend back and let me have this one—” He points to Josie, “—to myself.”

What the fuck did he just say?

Anger rises in my chest and I grind my teeth together.

Mauricio pulls away from my hold, ready to punch him, but I’m the one who this time stands in front of him and punches the asshole in the face.

“I told you to fuck off.”

The drunk guy’s friend stumbles back onto the floor with the asshole. They’re both getting laughed at by the crowd we caused around us.

Mauricio, Josie, and I walk back to the booth.

Easton tells us Mark already told the bouncer to kick them out of the club and how they won’t be able to return.

“Remind me to buy Mark something as a thank you.”

Easton snorts next to me and grabs ahold of the hand I punched the guy with.

“It doesn’t hurt?” He kissed my knuckles softly and I smiled at him, shaking my head. “I was going to beat that guy’s ass but Mauricio reminded me that I needed to be discreet. If anything it didn’t seem like you needed me anyway. Nice punch, baby.” He kissed me and I kissed him back.

The guilt started to set it. Even drunk I feel like shit over Mauricio watching me kiss my own, real boyfriend.

“Alright, now that the worst is over, let’s go dance. Zedd is playing Clarity.” Mark starts pulling me away from Easton so we could go dance.

We’re all dancing, enjoying our time together. Easton and I having a good time without the third party that is Jianna being around.

And yet, by the end of the night, I found myself dancing with Mauricio.

Green to brown eyes.

If there’s one thing I am certain about all this fake dating fiasco, is that it has brought me closer to Mauricio than ever before. And I’m not scared to say anymore that he’s not so bad.

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