No Rules In Bad Ideas

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Bad Idea Tnwety-Nine

Chapter Twenty-Nine

Malia Hernandez

The boys have won another game and we’re all celebrating at Mark’s house.

It was Mark’s turn to host a house-winning party so here we all are.

Everyone is all over the place. Drinking, dancing, playing games, making out, having sex, or in my case jumping into the pool.

Mark thought it’d be funny to make it a pool party too. He just wanted to see girls in bikinis, the fucking pervert.

The girls and I are drinking by the pool, dipping our legs in. Meliana and Aaron jump into the water together and splash us a bit which we protest for.

“You guys should seriously come inside,” Aaron said trying to move away from Meliana since she seems to be trying to wrestle him.

“In a bit. I’m waiting for Mauricio.” I tipped my beer at him and Josie pokes my sides, “You mean your boyfriend? That’s so cute. You’re waiting for him to come so you can be in the pool together.”

I blinked at her before pushing her into the pool.

“Bitch! My beer!” Josie shrieks and I flick her off, “You deserved that.”

She only splashes me a bit.

I look around for Mauricio but only find Easton and Jianna.

It does suck I have to see my boyfriend with his other girlfriend but a part of me doesn’t mind. Maybe it has to do with the fact I get to be with Mauricio the whole night.

The one guy who’s not essentially cheating on me.

“Thanksgiving break is next week. Do you guys have any plans?” Khloe asks us and I nod my head, “Mark and JT are coming over like always. Mauricio’s mom also asked my dad if it was fine if the kids spent Thanksgiving with us too since she’s on the night shift. So, we’re all; celebrating the day together. You?” She beamed, going into the water, “We’re going to visit my dad. I haven’t seen him in months.”

I know how badly Khloe misses her dad. It’s still a mystery exactly what he’d done to end up in jail.

“Homecoming is Friday. We all have our dresses ready?” Meliana comes up to us and we all nod our heads.

“It’s going to be good. We’re all going to pop off.” Josie winks at us.

There’s something I finally agree with Josie on.

I feel someone’s arms wrap around me and I snap my head to the side to see Mauricio sitting down next to me. He pulls the beer in my hand away and replaces it with a bottle of water.

Asshole, but understandable.

“You look good,” He said before placing a kiss on my head and I smiled at him. I don’t know or care if he’s doing all of this for show. All I care about truly is how he makes me feel. Having his arms around me and feeling the tickles of his lips on my skin is a beautiful feeling. Something I want to experience some more.

Brown to green eyes.

We’re both smiling at each other. Nothing can break us apart.

“Hey everyone!” A familiar voice squeaks behind us and I almost groan out loud.

Why does the universe want to ruin my moments?

I had almost forgotten Easton and Jianna were here.

“Get me out of here please,” I murmured to Mauricio and he is quick to respond. He stands up and pulls me up with him.

“We’ll be inside. Malia and I want to see what everyone else is up to.”

We’re both gone in a flash, far away from anyone who will remind us of my boyfriend and his other girlfriend.

I can always count on Mauricio.

When we enter the house everyone is all over the place. They’re all doing the same old things. Every high school party is the same.

“Come on,” Mauricio says pulling onto the dance floor.

‘Turning Page’ by Sleeping At Lasts is playing on the speakers and I almost wonder who the hell put this song on at a pool party. Probably one of the many couples who are dancing on the same dance floor.

Mauricio pulls me against his chest. He places a hand on my lower back and intertwines his fingers with mine.

“What are we doing?” I dragged out smiling.

“We’re dancing. Couples dance.” He shrugged with a smile also.

Green to brown eyes. Such beautiful bliss of flames.

He held me close the whole time, the side of his cheek pressed against mine as he whispered the song into my ear. Our bodies molded together, moving at a slow pace.

At some point, I do look down and widen my eyes at my clothing. Jesus, of course, I’m wearing a bikini while slow dancing.

How embarrassing.

Mauricio spins me around for a bit before bringing me back against him.

My body feels on fire. Almost every inch of me is pressed against him.

Suddenly the music stops and a voice erupts all over the house, “Yo! Since Reyes did the winning score tonight don’t you all think he deserves a little treat?” A basketball player, a very drunk one to be exact, is yelling from the top of the stairs. The rest of his teammates behind him, all of them coming down to the dance floor where we are.

I pulled away from Mauricio and we both stared at each other confused.

The crowd starts backing away and that’s when I see Gabriel, a basketball player, put a chair behind Mauricio. He grabs Mauricio by the shoulders and sits him down on the chair.

“What the hell is going on?” Mauricio tries to stand back up but Gabriel keeps him down.

Realization comes to me and I’m now shaking my head.

“Oh, hells no!”

“Lap dance! Lap dance!” The crowd chants and I don’t miss the shocking expression on Mauricio’s face. But it doesn’t stay long. A smile starts to take over his lips and I’m already protesting.



I felt both embarrassment and anger rise in my neck.

He can’t be fucking serious.

“No rules in bad ideas.” That’s all it took. Five words and seventeen letters to make me do it.

He’s an asshole. Major one.

“Fine,” I grumbled and quickly tied my hair up so it wouldn’t get in the way.

I can’t believe I’m going to give a lap dance like this. In front of the whole school and a god damn bikini.

Someone save me, please.

I sighed before saying, “Play the music!”

The crowd around us cheers and I don’t miss the way Mauricio lays back onto his seat with a smirk. He’s staring at me with those beautiful brown eyes of his. There’s no one else in the room but me and him.

‘Slow Down’ by Chase Atlantic plays and I curse under my breath. It had to be this song.

I slowly walked over to Mauricio and felt everyone’s gaze on me. It gave me goosebumps and it also made me nervous.

What—no. I shouldn’t be nervous. I’m Malia fucking Hernandez.

Confidence took over my body and I sat myself down on Mauricio’s lap. My hands gripped his hair as I started to move my hips to the music.

Mauricio stares at me the whole time. The look on his face is very visible.

He wants to eat. Eat me.

My body did all types of movements, I rubbed my bottom against his lap and almost gasp when I feel the erection hidden in his pants rub against the fabric of my bikini bottoms.

Oh god.

His eyebrows are scrunched up together, he’s no longer looking at me in the eyes. He’s looking down at my chest, stomach, and then the place I so desperately want him to touch.

I quickly got off him and danced around him.

I don’t even notice until after I got off his lap everyone was cheering. They were recording me, us.

No one notices though. They don’t notice the fire surrounding us.

Only me and Mauricio see it, feel it, crave it, want it.

Mauricio rotated his head and he followed me around the chair. He licks his lip and I’m sure I heard him groan in frustration.

What is the frustration about?

Suddenly his hands wrap around my wrists and he pulls me back on top of him. Those eyes staring at me, telling me, “I want to fuck you...hard.”

Mauricio lets go of my wrists and grab ahold of my hips. He grips onto them and slowly starts moving them forcibly.

His face brushes past my cheek and he whispers into my ear, “I want to take you so badly. Right here. Right now. One wrong fucking move Malia and I’ll make you mine. All fucking mine.”


A pulse from me, from him, from us.

He’s driving me crazy just like I’m driving him crazy.

My body is on fire, I feel his touch, lips everywhere. I want them everywhere, on every inch of me.

My eyes hooded themselves as I slowly pulled myself on his lap only to face my back to him. My ass moves against him, in front of him.

Everyone is cheering, hooting.

I want him to touch me so badly, but I know we’re already crossing the limit. We shouldn’t be doing any of this.

Mauricio removes the hairband from my ponytail and I feel my hair fall on my back.

He grabs ahold of my hair and slightly, not painfully, pulls me back against him. His lips linger on-ear, whispering, “That’s right. Keep dancing like that on me. Show them all you’re mine. My one and only.”

The song ends and everything goes quiet.

I feel my heart pounding against my chest and a little bit of sweat is going down my neck. My body still is on fire and I’m sure my face is red. There’s no hiding what the hell just happened.

My eyes travel down to Mauricio’s pants. His erection is visible but I don’t think anyone notices. Everyone is too busy cheering, telling me how fucking hot that was.

Mauricio is smirking at me, he enjoyed this one hundred percent.

And yet, everything goes downhill when from the corner of my eyes I see him.


Shit. Shit. Shit.

He’s staring between Mauricio and me.

There is no doubt he didn’t witness all of that.

Jianna is talking to Maddie, oblivious of her very jealous boyfriend.

When I get off Mauricio’s lap, that’s when I see Easton walk off. He’s heading towards the backyard.

I quickly follow him, leaving behind Mauricio in the guilt of rush.

Easton is angrily walking towards the treehouse Mark used to play in.

When I try to touch him he pulls away from me and asks, “What the hell was that?” The angry burn in his eyes isn’t hard to miss.

I stay quiet for a moment before explaining how everything that has been done is to keep the fake relationship going.

Easton shakes his head and says, “The way you were looking at each other didn’t seem fake.”

I feel a rush of guilt take over so to fix it I shake my head and grab Easton’s face, “There is nothing between Mauricio and me.” Easton stares at me, not sure if he should believe me so I kissed his lips and whisper, “You are my forever, Easton King. I love you.”

Stop lying!

He kisses me back and I smiled to myself feeling relieved. But then he pulls away.

“Is there something going on between you two?”

I sighed as he pulled away from me.

“No. There isn’t.”

He stares at me for a second, his eyes hooded and lips in a thin line.

“It’s one thing seeing it but you lying to my face about it? It hurts even more.”

Easton walked away and I wanted to go after him.

I didn’t though because he was right. I was lying and god the guilt did make me break down right there in the backyard of my best friend’s house.


Mauricio Reyes

I rubbed my face for what seemed like the hundredth time since I got home an hour ago.

My mind cannot stop replaying what happened at the party.

I would’ve gone home earlier if it wasn’t for having to take Malia home. She ended up getting drunk, it was weird though. She wouldn’t look me in the eyes. At first, I thought she was embarrassed but I can tell from her body language and facial expressions that something was wrong. I didn’t ask though. I was afraid she was going to make someone else take her home if I stepped into her business.

My mind wandered back again to the lap dance.

“Fucking hell!” I reached down under the covers and simply pulled down my boxers.

Fuck it.

My hand wrapped itself around my cock and I started to pump it. I was already hard from all the damn wandering my mind keeps making.

Malia fucking Hernandez is driving me crazy.

She’s like a siren and I’m the sailor falling under her spell.

"Fuck me,” I moaned as I started to feel the bliss building up.

She’s grinding her ass on my lap, roaming her hands all over my hair. She’s so fucking beautiful. My beautiful butterfly.

My hand goes up and down faster, squeezing it just how I like it.

I don’t imagine my hand there, I imagine Malia’s mouth on me. That beautiful ass of hers is sticking out and those fiery green eyes are staring up at me. I don’t even care if the red lipstick stains me.

I’m going to fuck the shit out of her one day.

Suddenly a thump comes from the window and I shoot my eyes towards it.

“I hate doing that,” Malia says rubbing her ass.

Oh shit.

“Jesus!” I quickly put my dick back into my boxers and covered myself up with the blanket more.

“You weren’t answering your phone so I—wait a minute…were you…oh my god!” She has her eyes widened, I’m standing up from the bed and her eyes looking between the hard-on in my boxers and my eyes.

“I’m a man. We have needs,” I rolled my eyes as she scoffed, “And women don’t? Why can’t you call one of your girls to fuck?” I smirked at her remembering when I caught her touching herself.

It seems she’s read my mind because her cheeks instantly turn red, she looks away and pretends to be looking at the books on my desk.

“New books?” She picks one up and I nod my head, “Yeah, they came in this morning.”

She nodded her head slowly as she picked them up one by one. Reading the title and back cover of them.

Then it occurs to me that she didn’t ask.

“You didn’t ask me…” I trail off and she glances over at me with her eyebrows brought together, “Huh?”

I smirked and stalked over to her. She sucked in a breath stepping back until her back hit the desk.

We stood in front of each other. Eyes flaming with fire and desire. Our body heat radiates off to each other.

“You didn’t ask me if I was thinking about you while I jerked off.”

She looked away from me and I chuckled slowly, “No need to be shy now, Myers. What happened to the girl who was bold enough to threaten me all those times.”

Malia’s green eyes turned dark and a smirk took over her red-stained lips.

There she is. My girl.

“Tell me what you were thinking about…I want to know what you imagined me doing to you.”

Shit, shit. I did not expect her to ask me that.

Caught off guard, I quickly tried to change the subject, “So, the book—” She cuts me off when she blurts out, “Easton and I aren’t on speaking terms. That’s why I got drunk and just threw it all up before I came up here to tell you...don’t worry I brushed my teeth.”

Wait, what?

“Why? What happened?”

There was no reason to ask, by the time it clicked on my head, I knew. The look on her face proved it right too.

The lap dance. They got into a fight because she gave me a lap dance.

I knew it was a bad idea, but that was the whole point. I couldn’t contain myself either.

Fuck this, Easton shouldn’t be upset over shit. He has a whole other girlfriend.

“I love my best friend, Myers, but he’s a hypocrite. How can he make out with Jianna in front of you but one lap dance suddenly sets him off.”

She only shrugged and turned away from me.

There are times like this I want to beat the shit out of Easton. He needs some common fucking sense.

I grabbed ahold of Malia’s face and looked into her green eyes. She stared at me with such dull, hooded eyes that almost made my heart turn into pieces.

I kissed her forehead softly and said, “How about I read to you?”

This made her smile and those green eyes turned excited.

My perfect little butterfly.

She hands me the book and heads over to the bed. I follow behind her and sit down on the bed, leaning my back against the headboard. She gets between my legs and lays her back on my chest.

Warmth is all I feel.

I start reading ‘The Love Hypothesis’ by Ali Hazelwood to her.

We’re both molded against each other, my face in her hair, her legs intertwined with mine, and bodies pressed against each other.

This is perfect. All I want. Could ask for.

After a while, Malia falls asleep so I grabbed her, picked her up bridal style, she wraps herself around me.

This makes my heart ache with happiness.

I laid down with her and she stays wrapped around me.

She tilts her face up and their noses become side by side, foreheads against each other.

“Do you still hate me?” Malia whispers in a sleepy voice and I let a smile take over my lips, “Yes, we will always hate each other.” I whispered back.

Her smile forms onto her lips and she holds up a pinky, I looked at it confused before she says, “Promise?” I chuckled lowly at this before wrapping my pinky around hers and saying, “Always.”

I fall asleep thinking how I don’t hate her and never truly did.

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