No Rules In Bad Ideas

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Bad Idea One

Chapter One

Malia Hernandez

Seven Months Later:

I watched as the beautiful white-colored butterfly flew around me.

It flapped its wings and even though it seemed as if it moving fast, in my eyes it was flying around me in slow motion.

My dad taught me how to watch butterflies. He kept going on and on about how you need to take a deep breath before watching the butterfly. He also said to never blink twice when watching one.

It’ll ruin the moment.

The beautiful white-colored butterfly flew away and I was admittedly pulled back to reality.

My phone went off next to me and I quickly looked down at it to see the girls texting in the group chat. They were going on about how school starts tomorrow and they have no idea how to do their hair.

I chuckled at Josie’s response which was her saying she was going to put it up in a ponytail like every other day.

“Yo, Mal!”

I look up to see my boyfriend Easton King staring down at me with a basketball in his hands. He squats down with the basketball now between his feet. His brown eyes stare into my green ones and a small smile forms on my lips.

I’ve always loved the look in his eyes whenever he was face to face with me.

“How about you come and help us guys out by playing one game?” His eyes turn hopeful and I suddenly don’t feel the warmth in my chest anymore. It has been replaced by annoyance.

It happens every time I think of Mauricio Reyes.

I look over Easton’s shoulder and see Mauricio chatting with Tyler.

He’s not hard to miss considering Mauricio is the only one without a shirt. It wasn’t too long ago when he decided wearing shirts wasn’t his thing. He sometimes doesn’t even bother bringing a shirt for later on just in case it gets cold.

It also wasn’t too long ago when I declared he was the only person in the world I hated with a passion.

Mauricio is the kind of guy who always wears black, has a body full of tattoos, and owns a motorcycle. He also is the captain of our school’s soccer team and an advanced student. A few good things about this guy would be that he reads...a lot, he doesn’t sleep around like half of the guys at school, and has a great sense of humor.

Now, the only few bad things about Mauricio is his lack of social life, he can be extremely rude and he’s cocky as anyone can be.

He rarely talks or even socializes with anyone.

Your typical back of the class asshole.

The first time I met him was when we were about ten years old. My mom and his mom used to be close friends. They would always drag us along with them to whatever sale event the mall had.

Little Mauricio was the same person he is now as a teenager. He was quiet, very introverted, and always had his nose in a book. He also was angry and never really smiled.

Our moms used to make us play with each other but every time they’d leave us alone he’d either read a book or completely ignore my presence.

He was a very boring kid.

As for me?

I was very high spirited. There was never a tear or a frown on my face because of how cheery I was. I was that girl in the front row who always knew all the answers, got along with the teachers, and had an amazing sense of humor.

So, you can imagine a high cheery little girl and a very quiet angry boy together in a room alone.

It wasn’t your normal playdates.

I can say the one thing that has changed about Mauricio is the way he looks.

Normal teenage boys would grow pimples on their face, start acting hormonal, or even grow facial hair during puberty. But not Mauricio.

He quickly lost his baby fat and not one pimple was on him during the time I’ve observed him. The way he acted wasn’t also as the others, they were always making sex jokes or doing disturbing movements. Mauricio normally turned down every girl who tried to kiss, date, or have sex with from eighth grade to now. And he never found or thought what the boys were doing was funny.

He also got his first tattoo at fifteen, he lied and said he was sixteen with his mom’s forged signature. You should have seen the number of tattoos he got in a month.

We were in sophomore year of high school and once a week he would come to school with a new tattoo on him. Every time he got more tattoos the more girls lined up to get in bed with him. But Mauricio being the non-player he is turned down by each one of them.

Mauricio rarely ever sleeps with someone.

I heard during freshman year he lost his virginity to some girl he met over the summer. He and his family went on vacation to Los Angeles and by the time he was back, everyone was talking about how he lost his virginity to some city girl.

He never denied or confirmed this, but Easton told me it was true since Mauricio tells Easton everything.

They’re best friends, Easton, and Mauricio.

They met when they both were on the same elementary basketball team. Both of them were trying out for the same spot until Mauricio saw how much pressure Easton’s dad put on his son. The next day Easton got the position while Mauricio got a different one.

Maybe the asshole does have a heart.

Easton’s hand lands on my knee and he slightly squeezes it.

My attention turns back to him and I nod my head.

I may hate Mauricio but that doesn’t mean I don’t interact with him when I need to.

Easton stands up straight before helping me on my feet.

I quickly pull off my sweater and throw it down on the grass where my phone is.

The boys let out catcalls once they see my lace crop top from Fashion Nova.

“You know Mal...I’ve always wondered what it’d be like to make out with you.”

“This day just got better.”

“Nice shirt, greeny. Let me take it off for you.”

Easton is quick to glare and shut them up.

I move Easton to the side and grab the basketball from his hold in the process. My pace is a bit slow when I walk over to the boys who can’t seem to take their eyes off my chest.

The only one who isn’t looking my way is Mauricio. He’s too busy texting someone on his phone.

Not surprised.

I hand over the ball to Mark and smirk, “Nice boner, Marky.” His mischievous smile drops from his face and the boys holler with laughter.

Mark mimics me before handing me back the ball telling me to fuck off.

“Alright, whose team am I in?” I dribble the ball a bit and even though I already know I’m teamed up with Mauricio, I would love to hear the bitterness in his voice when he says “me”.

I take pleasure in seeing the hate in his eyes whenever he sees me.

Mauricio puts his phone away and raises his hand, “I’m sorry who invited Ms. Myers to play with us?” I roll my eyes at the nickname he gave me once he found out how much of a horror fan I am.

“Aw, are you scared I’ll slice you open? Don’t worry—” I move towards him and use my free hand to slowly slide a finger across his neck, “—Reyes, I’m sure if I ever did slice you open, I’d find all organs except your heart.” He quickly grabs ahold of my wrist before throwing it back onto my side.

“Alright, guys come on be nice. Mark is being a pain in the ass and ditching us to hang out with his freshmen girlfriend. We need to practice for the games this fall and Mal is good at playing basketball.” Easton walks up behind me and wraps an arm around me.

“She’s not my girlfriend!” Mark protests which made Tyler flick him in the ear.

Mark Thomas is what you call a certified player. He’s the kind of rich boy who gets anything he wants with those dimples of his. He’s also a prankster with his very own YouTube channel where he posts his most awesome pranks. He secretly loves The Vampire Diaries and wears glasses. Mark is the kind of guy to show off. I’ve never met someone so open about their sex life but not their personal life. Last I heard from my amazing snooping skills, Mark never brought a girl over to his house and only sleeps with girls once.

The girls go crazy over Mark with his brown hair and blue, green eyes.

Mark is also my best friend. We’ve been best friends since middle school and he’s like an older brother to me. Even my dad calls Mark “son” and both of my sisters call him “brother”. He comes over our house every Sunday and never fails to create laughter in the Hernandez household.

Mark has before brought me around the basketball boys but Mark knew I never liked Mauricio nor did Mauricio liked me. So, Mark being the awesome guy he is, always made sure I was never around him. He didn’t like the fact his close friend and girl best friend sent each other dirty looks every chance they got.

“Of course, Malia’s good at basketball. I taught her.” Elias comes up next to me and ruffles my hair a bit. I push him away and fix my hair knowing it’s probably sticking out.

Mauricio scoffs before snatching the ball from my hold, “Yeah, she’s good alright.” He says before starting to dribble the ball between his feet. He motions me to take it from him and Easton quickly steps back knowing this is about to get messy.

He’s trying to do the crossover move on me?

“Don’t cry after I win you, Reyes.”

“Kiss my phat ass, Myers.”

He quickly steps back with the ball still dribbling when I move towards him.

The boys are standing in a line while watching both Mauricio and I compete.

Nothing new, it’s always been like this.

Mauricio and I never got along once I started dating Easton. I did try at first to be friends with him considering he’s my boyfriend’s best friend, but from the start, Mauricio claimed he had no interest in being my friend. It was only a few weeks when the snarky comments, the dirty looks, and the cringe nicknames started coming in.

He once told me he thought I was a spoiled little girl with mommy and daddy issues. He even once accused me of using Easton for popularity, that one was funny.

I was already popular before I started dating Easton. I’m Malia Hernandez. The girl who can rock knee-high boots and red lipstick. It takes a lot to look good with red lipstick and I was born naturally with that gift.

Easton has tried a couple of times to make us get along but he gave up after the third month. Mauricio and I hated each other too much to ever be friends. We can’t even be in a room alone without arguing over something the other said.

Sometimes it is exhausting dealing with such an asshole of a guy but at the end of the day, I live for the rush of annoyance. He may piss me off at times and drive me crazy but I would be lying if I said I didn’t like it.

Arguing with Mauricio distracts me from the big elephant in the room, the secret that has been around for about six to seven months now.

Jianna Miller.

She’s a national winner in horseback riding and a junior at our high school. She is also Easton’s girlfriend.

No, he’s not cheating on me. More like he’s cheating on her with me.

I know, okay. You don’t even have to say it. I get it.

It’s disrespectful and stupid of me to be with a taken guy but the reason why Easton can’t break up with Jianna is too much to risk.

Easton’s dad used to be this big basketball player who played for The Lakers. He ended up retiring at thirty-five after a spinal injury. Mr. King was on his way to a winning game party when he got into a car accident. From what Easton told me, his dad was never the same. He started pressuring Easton to become better at basketball and to keep his legacy.

Mr. King ended up taking over King Enterprises after Grandpa King died of cancer.

Once Easton is retired, he’ll take over the company and do whatever it takes to keep the legacy alive.

The reason why Easton is cheating is because of Mr. King.

During the sophomore year, Mr. King had decided to partner up with Miller Technology. Mr. Miller and Mr. King became very close friends, so when they both found out they had kids just a year apart, they both declared it was a good idea for Jianna and Easton to date.

Easton didn’t want to, but from what he’s told me, his dad can be very persuasive. In other terms, his dad threatened him by saying he’ll take away his college tuition and make sure Easton will never take over the company.

Easton agreed to the relationship and so did Jianna.

At first, they seemed so happy with the observations I made last year. But that all was proven wrong when I caught Easton once talking to Mauricio about how badly he wants to leave Jianna. He even cried to Mauricio about it. Easton went on about how he can’t lose any chances of not becoming a star basketball player.

I’m a certified snooper, I know.

Long story short, Easton and I started hanging out when he came up to me after school and asked for my number. He told me we were in Chemistry together and heard I was in the advanced student placement.

Which is true, I am. Just like Mauricio, I’m at Morhills Academy with both an advanced student and sports scholarship.

Did I know Easton was dating Jianna?

Yes, yes, I did.

At the time I thought he was only trying to ask for answers but the text became more about who was flirting with who then chemistry homework. I also made sure he was off-limits to me considering I didn’t know the situation at the time.

It didn’t take long for our little saying between Easton, Mauricio, and myself to start up. The more the three of us started hanging out since Mauricio is my neighbor, the closer we got. Mauricio and I may bicker 24/7 but not once we’ve made the other feel like they don’t belong.

I watched as Mauricio steps backward and started dribbling the ball behind his back. He has a smug look on his face and the look in his eyes is telling me how confident he is that I won’t take the ball away from him.

Mauricio looked over my shoulder at Easton, sending him a wink.

Wrong move, pretty boy.

I quickly step forward to the right and take the ball from his hold. I give him a quick smug look before throwing it up into the basket.

“Oh! That’s my girl!” Easton comes up behind me and wraps his arms around me. He gives me a quick kiss on the lips before laughing along with the boys.

Mauricio stares at me with hooded eyes before a smirk takes over his face.

“Not bad for a girl wearing combat boots,” He says looking down at my shoes before walking over to the grass to get the ball.

Mark ends up leaving, but not before reminding us about the freshmen not being his girlfriend.

We played one game which Mauricio and I won since Tyler doesn’t play much basketball, he’s a soccer player, and Elias was too busy sitting on his ass watching us play.

“I’m still debating on going to school tomorrow. I got Ms. McGee again. She’s a fucking nightmare.” Tyler mumbles with his slight Spanglish accent in the mix.

Tyler Garcia is from Mexico. He came to the states when he was nine. You can imagine how hard it was for him to learn English. His accent is always coming out and I think every girl in Morhills Academy can agree when I say one of the hottest things about Tyler is his accent. The brown eyes and brown hair even the baseball caps he wears are a bonus to how hot he is. Tyler is also a flirty, party boy who has the talent of baking. He’s the kind of guy who loves throwing parties, playing board games, and has a crazy obsession with the CW show The Flash.

Ty, Tyler is one of the reasons I love watching superheroes.

I gather all my stuff from the grass.

The game ended about fifteen minutes ago and we ended up talking about how the school is starting tomorrow.

The first day of senior year and everyone is already complaining.

I’ve heard senior year is the most chill, relaxed year and I plan to do just that.

Chill and relax.

I mean normally seniors would be freaking out but advanced and sports students have a free ride to Morhills University.

Morhills University is about two miles away from our high school and they have amazing scores when it comes to team sports.

Lacrosse, soccer, basketball, field and track, and hockey are in the top five for Morhills University. They all haven’t lost the championships in a couple of eight years and that’s because of how amazing the coaching is. You can’t give all the credit to the coach though; the players are the true champions. Morhills is known for the best sports teams in California.

Morhills, California is a small town between Sacramento and San Francisco. They’re both about five hours away and we’re right next to route five which goes all the way to Seattle. A lot of people pass by here on their way to Sacramento or San Francisco. You can imagine the reactions of outsiders entering our town.

It’s more of excited or shocked faces.

The exciting part comes from the fact someone is always throwing a party even on school nights and the shocking part would be from the fact our high school has been State Champions since 2018.

Twenty-eighteen was the year Easton, Mauricio, Tyler, Elias, Mark, Josie, and I entered high school. We were all recruited from Morhills middle school. And like I said we got scholarships here because of both sports and advanced placement. Well, only eight of us got in with scholarships. Both Easton and Mark got in with daddy’s money, the sports and advanced placement for Mark was just a bonus. And no offense to my boyfriend but he’s a C-average student and sports was the bonus for him. Easton is no advanced student.

The only ones in advanced student placement are Josie, Khloe, Meliana, Mauricio, Mark, Elias, Tyler, and myself.

Josie would’ve got in either way if she didn’t do sports or was in advanced student placement. Her mom is the soccer coach for the girl’s soccer team which is also Josie’s team. Coaches kids get a free ride to Morhills middle, high, university schools. The rich kids also get in with no problem.

Morhills may be known for its amazing sports but it’s also known for the riches all living here.

Why do you think Easton’s dad won’t approve of his son and me?

Easton is rich. I’m not.

It’s a good damn thing I could care less about anyone’s opinions and their judgments. This town likes to bring people down and make the lower classes feel as if they’re overpowered.

“Ms. McGee has a thing for me.” Elias winks at Easton who’s shaking his head with a small grin on his face, “Please, we both know she’s into me.”

Elias Hall, the quiet computer-nerd who plays basketball. He’s one of the sweetest guys you’ll ever meet and there’s not one mean bone in his body. From the time I’ve known Elias his brown hair and green eyes got him nowhere near how hot he is, it was the fact he loves Romantic Comedy’s and is obsessed with Criminal Minds. He also loves to play video games and is into computer science.

Girls go crazy for smart guys who don’t talk much about their personal life.

Elias is the kind of guy who likes to be antisocial and doesn’t talk much about life at home. He keeps quiet half of the time and rarely ever hangs out with big crowds. The only reason he’s in our group is that he’s a great guy and one day he just decided we were cool to hang with.

I smack Easton on the chest with my jacket which makes him quickly wrap his arms around me.

He kisses my hair before saying, “I’m joking...kind of...” He trails off and I can feel his smirk against the back of my head. I slightly push him back and squint my eyes, “You’re playing with fire, King.” I warn him which only makes him laugh, “Then burn me some more, Hernandez.” He whispers in my ear for only my hearing and suddenly butterflies are all I feel.

I hate him for having such ways with words.

This man with beautiful brown eyes, curly brown hair, and a smile that will leave you on your knees is special. He can say anything and it will make me feel some type of way I can’t explain. But it’s a very good feeling.

A great one.

Tyler and Mauricio are play fighting and I almost interrupt it myself when Easton’s phone goes off.

“Hello? Oh—Jianna—where are you? Oh, right shit I forgot—Okay—Okay I’m sorry I’ll be there in five minutes.” He hangs up and I don’t even look up into his eyes to know what he’s about to say.

“What’s up, man?” Elias nudges Easton and he lets go of his hold on me, “I had this thing with Jianna’s parents today and I’m already ten minutes late. Mal, baby I’m sorry I have to go.” He licks his lips and I’m already putting on one of my best fake smiles.

My very red lips and white teeth show themselves, “It’s fine. I can walk home.” I’m already starting to walk away so he doesn’t see how much this has affected me.

We were supposed to spend the last day of summer together and now he’s going off on some stupid dinner.

My day just went downhill.

“Mal, wait! Mauricio can take you!”

I stop my tracks and once again the annoying feeling fills up my chest at the sound of his name.

“Who the fuck said I’d do that?” Mauricio is already being the rude asshole he is.

I turn around rolling my eyes, “It’s fine. I’m sure I rather walk home with aching feet than ever touch that sweaty chest of his.” My eyes flicker to Mauricio who’s sliding a hand down his chest and smirking at me.

God, he disgusts me.

“Mauricio, my dude, come on. I’m not letting her go home alone it’s almost dark,” Easton says.

Mauricio mumbles a long, childish “fine” with an eye roll.

Great, now I have to touch him. My whole week is now officially ruined. Maybe even the whole year.

Nothing is worse than having skin to skin contact with Mauricio Reyes. I’m already around him, isn’t that punishment enough?

Good thing the drive from the park to our houses is only five minutes.

“Thank you and for the love of god please don’t argue all the way,” Easton warns us.

“Fine.” Mauricio and I say in unison.

We all say goodbye to each other and to my surprise Mauricio puts on a shirt once we get to his motorcycle.

So, he does own a shirt?

That’s a blessing.

He hands me the extra helmet but doesn’t even bother looking at me in the eyes.

This always happens whenever we are left alone together. We don’t speak or look at each other.

It’s our thing.

We both get on his Harley-Davidson and again to my surprise we didn’t argue all the way home.

Mauricio was playing music and even though he was sweating through his shirt a bit, I didn’t mind. The way Mauricio’s back and arms flexed when he would drive the motorcycle was sort of...distracting me.

I’ll admit, Mauricio is an attractive guy. He’s my type and if I didn’t know him, I’d probably try to get with him. I’d even drive him crazy for the fun of it but make sure we’re both satisfied with each other in some ways.

His gorgeous brown eyes and brown hair drive girls crazy, it’d drive me crazy if I didn’t truly know what lies behind those eyes and that ‘Daniel Desario’ from Freaks and Geeks hairdo of his.

But I do know Mauricio and even though he’s a part of the ‘no rules in bad ideas’ trio he and I will never be together. We can barely stand each other and it’s already bad enough we’re neighbors. I can barely stand to be in a ten-step radius from the kid and I know he feels the same way.

There’s no point in trying to be friends with someone who’s trying to constantly annoy you every chance they get.

As much as Easton wants us to get along, we won’t.

He’s just as stubborn as I am.

Once we get home, he doesn’t even bother helping me off or telling me where to put his extra helmet. I ended up putting the helmet under the seat and walking off without so much a thank you.

We’ve done this before.

Easton has made him take me home before and we do this every time as our routine.

We would get off the motorcycle, take off the helmet, and walk off with our things. Not one “thank you” or “you’re welcome” is exchanged. All that would be left is the sound of our front doors closing.

Yet, today was different.

Today Mauricio waited for me to go inside the house.

I was unlocking the front door when he called out my name.

I stared down at my keys with wide eyes wondering if my mind was playing tricks on me.

Did he just yell out my name?

“Malia!” He yells again.

Shit, it’s real.

Hearing him say my name feels weird, feels foreign like it doesn’t sound right.

I look up to see him leaning against the side of his porch with a smirk on his face. My feet move by themselves and walk over to the side of my porch where I can hear him more clearly.


“I didn’t say it before, but a nice shirt. I like it.”


I’m staring at him shocked that he even complimented me.

He never compliments me, it’s a rare thing.

I mean he did give me one earlier about wearing combat boots but that included basketball. He knew I was good at basketball and that he messed up when he got too cocky.

What if he was cocky on purpose?

Mauricio is smart enough to know that you should never hesitate or get too cocky.

Did he do it on purpose?

His eyes slowly move up and down at me, his lips being licked, and when his brown eyes meet my green ones there’s now a grin playing on his lips.

“See you tomorrow at school, Myers.”

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