No Rules In Bad Ideas

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Bad Idea Two

Chapter Two

Mauricio Reyes

Yelling. Curse words. Things breaking.

The Reyes household is officially starting up the day with a bang.

Fucking great.

I was brushing my teeth when suddenly I heard Papa start to throw things around. He does this every time and ends up going to the store later to restore whatever he decided wasn’t good enough to be in the house.

And my mom lets him.

Needless to say, Papa is a drunk, and mama found him passed out on the couch again.

He knows every year he has to drop off Reuben and Angelina at school for the first day, but every single year he gets too drunk off his ass to even wake up. As for mama, she’s always late for work and comes home already yelling from the driveway.

It’s a miracle none of the neighbors hear what goes on in this house.

I’m sure if Malia ever heard the things my parents say to each other she’d never let me hear the end of it. The endless torture of teasing me about having parents who are not in love with each other anymore but stay together for the kids.

That’s not exactly something I want anyone to know, especially Malia.

Easton is the only person who truly knows what goes down in the Reyes household. He’s been here so many times to know and see what happens.

Why do you think we mostly hang out at the park or someplace that’s neither of our houses?

Easton’s parents are also toxic, but at least his parents don’t speak to each other. My parents believe they need to have the last word to win.

I think they need to get divorced and shut the hell up to win.

“Vas a ver!”

Great, mama is speaking Spanish now.

Reuben and Angelina come into my room with their backpacks already on them. They’re staring at me with a knowing look and I give them a curt nod.

I normally take the two teens to school. Sometimes when Papa isn’t drunk, he takes them, and sometimes when mom is going in to work late, she takes them.

I guess I’m taking them to school today.

It’s a good thing Grandpa Reyes left me his 1960 red Chevy Impala as a gift for when I needed it the most.

God, I miss that old man.

“Alright, let’s go. Walk out the back door. You know the drill.”

The three of us quietly make our way downstairs and out the back door.

Our parents yelling being the only thing heard in the house and once the door closes it’s just the morning bliss surrounding us.

“Alright, come on.” I’m already pulling out the car keys and once we get to the impala, I see it.

The anger bubbles up in my chest and I’m already feeling the nerves starting to make every bone in my body shake.

A scratch.

A fucking scratch.

I bang my hand onto the roof of the impala and both kids look at me with wide eyes.

This is the third time he has scratched the impala, my impala. The one grandpa Reyes gave to me.

Papa must’ve taken it out last night without my knowing.

“Mauricio?” Reuben is already walking over to me but I shake my head, “It’s fine. I’m fine. Let’s get you guys to school.” The three of us enter the car and we’re off before our parents can notice.

I dropped off Angelina and Reuben at their middle school. They told me they’ll catch a ride with one of Reuben’s friends since they’re hanging out at his house.

Once I got to the Academy everyone was already trying to ask me about how my summer went. They ask every damn year as if I don’t give them the same answer every time.

“Stayed home. Played soccer and basketball. Annoyed the fuck out of my neighbors.”

Which was all a lie. I spent the summer at Easton’s beach house in Santa Monica with the group. We do it every year since it’s a tradition we made up when we started going during middle school. At first, Easton’s parents would go with us until Mr. and Mrs. King decided it was okay to let us go on our own.

This year we ended up spending the whole time at the Santa Monica Pier. Normally we all would drive around Santa Monica or spend some time in Los Angeles.

It was different. Everything that happened this summer was different.

We all knew this was almost the end of our summer tradition.

Next year we will be going to the beach house but for the last time.

Easton will be at USC and Mr. King already told us he was going to sell the beach house after we’ve entered college.

You can imagine the disappointment but we all made sure to keep these last two summers at the beach house memorable.

“Yo, Reyes!”

Mark pulls me into a bro hug and before I can ask where everyone else is, he’s already walking away to talk to some girl he saw behind me.

“The first day of senior year and he’s already hitting on a cheerleader,” Elias says with his eyebrows raised and I chuckle, “Let him have his fun. You know how uptight he gets if he doesn’t get pussy at least twice a week.” Elias shakes his head laughing before we go into a bro hug.

“Where is everyone else?” I ask and Elias points over to the three groups of girls and one boy walking over to us.

“Elias, Mauricio, hey!” Khloe is the first to hug both Elias and me.

“Boys,” Meliana smacks kisses on our cheeks.

“Reyes.” Josie raises an eyebrow at me before we laughed and hugged.

Josie Macari.

The female version of me.

She’s the captain of the soccer team, reads books, and has an amazing personality. Josie is the kind of girl who wears low cut skirts, unbuttoned shirts, and knee-high boots. She mostly laughs at anything someone says and the confidence in this girl is one of the reasons I wish she wasn’t Malia’s best friend.

I never met someone so comfortable with themselves or their body as Josie is.

During school hours or parties, you only see Josie wearing something revealing but once she’s home or hanging out with us it’s like she’s a completely different person. Her personality doesn’t change but she ends up being this tomboy who I’ve liked from the start.

When I had first met Josie, she was nothing like this. She was always covering up and not one ounce of makeup was on her face. I’m guessing that all changed when she dated Joshua Camarie. He made her confident and high-spirited. Even after Joshua broke up with her, Josie never changed. She was more confident but now has walls up.

“Where is Malia? I thought she was catching a ride with you guys?” Loui asks Elias, “Yeah, she and Easton got into a little argument in the car. They’re in the halls right now probably talking it out.” Elias shrugs.

“So, Reyes where is that blonde best friend of yours?” Mark comes up behind me and has the nerve to put his arm over my shoulder.

I could easily punch him with our height difference.

Mark had a thing for Madison back in a sophomore year but Maddie being the smart girl she is, rejected him and made sure to hurt his ego by reminding him of the rumor of him not being able to give girls orgasms.

Speaking of the devil.

“Mauricio, hey!” Maddie comes up to us and of course, I’m the first person she hugs.

The sound of Remi squealing loudly makes me jump.

“Oh my god, it’s the first day of senior year!” Remi, Tyler’s girlfriend, squeals when both she and Tyler walk up to us.

“I’m so excited!” Maddie claps her hands and Loui sarcastically copies her excitement.

Loui and Maddie never got along ever since middle school.

Long story short, Maddie likes to believe she’s a princess and everyone should worship her. Loui called her out on being a spoiled little girl and ever since they never liked each other.

Mark snorts beside me and I send him a glare which he puts his hands up in defense to.

“Yo!” Aaron, Meliana’s boyfriend, walks up to us with his somewhat soaked backpack in his arms, “The first day of school and someone spilled their damn water on my backpack.” He rolls his eyes and Meliana tries to help him salvage anything that isn’t wet.

A conversation about who they got this year starts up but I’m not paying attention to it.

My attention is fully on the very, high-spirited girl walking towards us.

She’s greeting everyone along the way here.

Malia Hernandez.

You know that person you hate being partnered with within the class but end up being partnered with them anyway so you are forced to interact with them?

Yeah, that’s Malia for me.

She’s also my neighbor and against my better judgment, Easton’s girlfriend.

It’s still so fucking crazy to me how they both think it’s okay to date while Easton is dating Jianna.

I remember when he first told me about his feelings for Malia. My first reaction was “this is a joke right?” but Easton went on about how they’d been texting since January. I almost punched him right then and there for catching feelings for a self-centered girl.

Malia is the definition of a spoiled brat with a drop of the devil in her.

I never got along with her or even tried to.

Great, now I’m annoyed. Just even thinking about this girl creates annoyance all over my chest.

My eyes travel down to her clothing and see she has her white buttoned school shirt opened. Her white tank top showing off the amazing cleavage she has and the red tie loosely hanging from her neck. The small red skirt only covers what seems like five inches of her thighs and the white knee-high socks covering the rest. The red combat boots making her footsteps sound a bit dragged.

If I didn’t hate this girl so much I’m positive I would’ve had my tongue so deep inside her—“Hey, everyone!” Malia comes into my vision and her red-stained lips have a smile on them.

She hugs and greets everyone but me.

It doesn’t bother me nor do I care. This was always how it’s been since she started dating Easton. We never pay attention to each other’s presence unless it’s necessary.

“Where’s Easton?” Meliana looks over her shoulder to see if he’s around but he’s nowhere in sight.

Meliana Agner.

Meliana is a cross country champion. She’s also captain of the track and field team. This girl has some very fast legs.

She’s the kind of girl who loves a good time but once something important comes up, she’s the most serious person I ever met. It’s a good thing since she plans to become a lawyer.

The clothes she normally wears is sports clothes, jean shorts, and crop tops. Normally, during parties, she’d wear very tight dresses or anything that’s in fashion today.

Meliana is also very short. She’s about 5′4 and from my point of view, that’s short. It’s a good thing her boyfriend Aarron, since middle school, is only 5′7 so their height difference isn’t major. It also amazes me how good she is at boxing considering most girls in the boxing club are taller than her.

A real good thing about Meliana is her love for math and science. She has never failed one math test or science test in her life. Meliana studies her ass off and is a very good visual learner. We can always count on Meliana for help in the math and science department.

My thoughts are cut off when Malia mumbles, “He’s with Jianna.”

No one speaks about Easton after that.

Easton and Jianna are a touchy subject when it comes to the group. Half of us didn’t agree with their relationship, including me for personal reasons, but in the end, we accepted it since they seemed truly happy.

The bell rings and we all start heading inside the building.

A big crowd forming in the entrance which pisses me off because everyone ends up walking slowly.

“Just move around them!” Aaron yells over my shoulder.

We all form ourselves into a line and quickly go around the slow walkers.

This may be a big academy but shit, do people love huddling together in that entrance.

“I’ll meet you guys at lunch,” I say and we all go our separate ways.

My first class is AP English Literature and Composition.

It still amazes me how I managed to have five AP classes this year. My counselor told me I was on an amazing route to the top three Ivy League schools in the country. Being an advanced honor roll student has its perks but the classes are just cherries on top. Sports is my main focus since I plan to become part of MLS.

Grandpa Reyes was a part of MLS and I want to follow in his footsteps.

I still have no idea what college I plan to attend but for right now I have two months before I get pressured to pick one.

The class is almost full when I enter it and to my liking, the row in the back has two empty seats.

I quickly make my way to one of those seats.

Khloe walks in and when she spots the empty seat next to me, she sits right there.

Khloe Uhrin.

She’s honest to god the nicest person I ever met. The kindest heart anyone can have. Khloe is the kind of girl who would give you a second chance and sometimes even a third chance.

Khloe is the kind of girl who doesn’t hook up or anything for that matter. She’s never had a boyfriend and from what I know her first kiss was with a guy on the soccer team during Junior year. She’s had a huge crush on him ever since.

The clothes she wears even screams out “innocent”. It’s always turtled neck sweatshirts and skinny jeans. Sometimes when we go to concerts or parties, she wears dresses but they never past her knees.

I always liked that about her though. She never let anyone tell her what she was wearing or how she sees the good in people is wrong. Khloe never paid attention to the drama or even included herself in it.

“Hey, I forgot my pencil at home. Can you lend me one?” Khloe turns to me with a smile and I nod my head before handing her an extra pencil.


I look up from my desk to see Odin with a soccer ball in his hands.

“What’s up?”

“Coach Avalos wanted me to remind you about your sports schedule. He and Coach Hollis came up with a good schedule for you to follow.” He explains before the teacher came in and told us to find our seats.

Shit, I forgot about my sports schedule.

Since I’m the only one who plays basketball during the time soccer practice usually starts, both coaches always make sure to create a schedule for me.

I never planned to be in both sports or any except soccer. But Easton begged me to be on the team with him since we worked well together.

I also play lacrosse, as a backup if any of the players can’t play, and volleyball if only again any of the players can’t play. I’ve been in a few games and sometimes go to a few practices just in case I need to fill in a spot.

It’s a lot, I know.

Normal people would take three or four AP classes, they’d also only do one sport.

I’m not normal.

I’ve never been the one to give up. I take everything I do very seriously and never back down from a good challenge.

“Alright, everyone! Welcome to AP Literature and Composition. I’m your teacher, Mr. Stafford. Let’s start with naming our favorite authors.”

Fucking great, the senior year just started and I’m already annoyed with it.

Shit, when am I not annoyed?

The rest of the day went by fast.

When lunch came around you can tell in everyone’s faces how much they wanted today to be over.

Mark was even talking about how half of his teachers already gave him homework. Meliana kept complaining about how she hates wearing the stupid tie all day. Easton told us about how Ms. McGee was flirting with him which earned him a smack from Malia.

It’s a good thing Jianna and her friends don’t sit with us. They all sit a few tables away from us and I find it amazing how they don’t notice the flirting going on.

I could spot their flirtation and longing looks from a mile away.

With that said, it brings me back to now as I watch with irritation both of them making out in his car.

Of all fucking places they decide a parking lot is a good place to make out?

Fuck sakes.

“What are you looking at?” Maddie offers me some chips and I shake my head, “Nothing.”

We’re currently on top of the impala while eating chips. Well, Maddie is eating chips and I’m watching my best friend suck my neighbor’s tongue off.

They always fucking do this whenever Jianna has to go home for horseback riding lessons. And I have to wait for them since we always go to the park after school.

This time is a bit different though. The whole group agreed to hang out at Easton’s before we attend Kelly Baker’s back to school, house party.

Last night, we all decided to attend the party. It was three against eleven. We all voted on who wanted to go or not. And to no surprise, I voted no but everyone thought it would be nice to let out some stress from the first day.

So, everyone brought their things and left them in their cars. It was Loui’s idea since he saw no point in going back home, getting ready, and then going to Easton’s.

“Hey, so why’d you bring the impala today?” Maddie brings me out of my thoughts and I raise my eyebrows, “Papa was drunk again. I had to take the kids.” I shrug and she nods with a sympathy smile forming on her lips.

She knows not to push it.

It’s a good thing both kids caught a ride home with Reuben’s friend.

“Are they done yet?” Mark rolls his eyes and leans against my car, “I want to leave already. My dick is getting frustrated with the lack of action I got today.” He adds.

Maddie calls him disgusting before throwing a chip at him.

Malia is the one to pull away and look over her shoulder in our direction.

When her eyes meet mine, I know she can see the fire of hatred in my eyes. The look of annoyance on my face and my body language showing her how much I want to wish her the fuck away.

Easton ends up grabbing back her attention and they both have a conversation. Once they finished, they both pull-up next to us in Easton’s car.

“Sorry for the wait guys. We got busy,” Easton smirks and even sends a wink at me.

That wink is a signal for “I’m getting laid tonight” which both disgust me in a way but makes me want to praise my best friend for living his best life.

“Yeah, well your definition of busy is different from our definition.” Mark is already entering the backseat of Easton’s car.

“You’re one to talk,” I mumble, and everyone bursts out laughing.

Mark punches me in the arm and I hold up my hands in defense.

“We should all get going. Where is everyone else?” Malia speaks up and even though I’d normally ignore her, this time for the sake of Madison coming off rude I speak.

“They all already left. We were waiting on you two.”

Oh yeah, Maddie and Malia also don’t get along ever since Maddie found out why I hate Malia so much. After Maddie found out the reason, she called Malia a judgmental bitch. Malia not letting anyone talk her down, she ended up claiming Maddie was practically in love with me and it caused a catfight.

This all happened last year and ever since both girls never spoke to each other.

Malia’s fiery green eyes meet mine for the second time in five minutes and it’s like the fire within both of us is trying to come out.

“You didn’t have to wait.” Malia rolls her eyes and I know the snarky tone in her voice was meant for me.

“I wasn’t going to leave my best friend alone, Myers. What if you decided to kill him considering you’re a psycho?” I jump off the impala and walk over to their car.

Malia gives me the finger and Easton is already telling us to shut up.

“Alright, well that’s enough for today. Mark, you coming with us?” Easton glances at Mark from the inside of his car, “Yeah, man.” Mark quickly gets into the backseat and the three of them wave goodbye to us.

Once they leave Maddie is already complaining about Malia.

“God, I can’t fucking stand her,” Maddie says as she jumps off the impala and we both get inside the car.

I turn on the car, “Neither can I, Mads. Neither can I.”

We leave the parking lot and follow Easton, right behind him.

The senior year officially has begun and we’re already complaining about the girl I hate the most in this world.

Man, senior year is going to be amazing.

I just know it.

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