No Rules In Bad Ideas

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Bad Idea Three

Chapter Three

Malia Hernandez

God, I love parties.

I’m also glad Kelly Baker has a strict “only seniors can attend” party rule.

I can be around Easton without feeling like I want to rip Jianna off him and keep him all for myself.

Possessive much?


Easton and I can’t exactly do anything since only the group knows about our relationship but once in a while, we can steal a few kisses and dance together for a bit.

My head shakes along to the music and when Kevin offers me tequila shots, I take them without hesitation.

I’ve had a very long day and I need to get the stress out of my system.

I should’ve known taking four AP classes would create this much stress. It also doesn’t help that lacrosse practice will be starting up around November.

I’m so regretting agreeing with my counselor on taking four AP classes.

“Yo, Hernandez! Come show off your clothes!” Spencer Burris, a teammate of Easton’s, yells from across the kitchen.

I quickly walk over to the group of both boys and girls who seem to be very interested in my choice of clothing.

The mini leather skirt I’m wearing is showing off my curves very well. The red bralette I’m wearing is also making every guy who walks past me stare at my chest. Even the red six-inch heels I’m wearing seem to make Easton have a hard-on.

I’m not embarrassed to admit I love it when Easton tells me how horny I make him. He does the same thing to me and if I could say that out loud, I would.

I plan to have amazing hot, sweaty sex with him tonight while the heels stay on the whole time.

“God, Malia, I wish everyone had the same fashion sense as you. Everything you wear is fucking hot.” Mylee Hodson checks out every piece of clothing I have on.

“Thank you,” I smile at them and take the cup of beer Tobias Waller hands me.

Once they all complimented my outfit, I thanked them before walking back to the living room where I see both Meliana and Aaron making out. They’re on the couch sucking their faces off and normally I’d be disgusted but I’m a bit jealous. I wish that was Easton and me making out on the couch instead.

I take it back, I hate parties.

“Malia, come dance with me!” Khloe is pulling me onto the dance floor and practically forces me to slow dance with her.

The smell of alcohol fills my nostrils and I sigh at the fact Khloe is drunk off her ass. She doesn’t drink much at these parties unless something is either bothering her or she’s extra stressed out.

“Do you know where Easton went?” My mouth is so close to her ear, “Yeah, he’s in the backyard with Mauricio and Elias!” She yells into my ear and I pull away quickly from her. Not wanting to leave my friend dancing alone, I take her to the couch and sit her down. She’s already sinking herself into the couch and curling up in a ball.

Here we go, she does this when she’s about to pass out.

I tap on Meliana’s shoulder and it takes a while for Meliana to pull her face away from Aaron’s.

“Take care of Khloe. She’s falling asleep and I need to go find Easton!” I yell over the music and Meliana nods her head.

My feet are rapid when I’m walking out to the backyard.

I see the three boys playing beer pong with Kelly Baker who can’t keep her hands-off Mauricio. The look on Mauricio’s face practically shows how much he hates her touching him.

Mauricio makes the ball into one of the cups and Easton is the one to chug down the beer in the cup.

“Oh, Myers! Have you come to watch your boyfriend lose and get drunk as hell?” Mauricio smirks at me and I roll my eyes, “Please, we both know Easton is taking it easy on you. Your ego is too sensitive and I’m pretty sure if I was playing...I’d win.”

He raises an eyebrow while licking his lips.

“Let’s find out if that’s true, shall we?” He throws me the small white ball and I catch it with no problem.

Easton lets me take his place since he is getting a little too drunk.

I stretch a bit to prepare myself and mostly to annoy Mauricio. He truly has no patience when it comes to games like this.

Mauricio rolls and his eyes tear away from me when I bend down to touch my toes. It’s obvious every guy around us is checking out my ass and the sound of Easton kicking Elias for looking at my ass almost makes me laugh.

“We don’t have all night, Myers. Some of us have precious time, you know?”

“If by the precious time you mean jerking off to porn since no girl in their right mind would ever touch you?”

My eyes flicker to Kelly who seems to be oblivious to the fact I said she was out of her mind to sleep with Mauricio.

I stand up straight and concentrate on the velocity between their cups and my position. Once I got it down, I throw the ball and it enters the cup without any trouble.

My hands fly up in victory as I watch Mauricio chugs down the beer.

If you haven’t noticed by now, Mauricio and I can be very competitive. We like to go against each other a lot and see who wins in the end. There’s never a prize at the end but we do get the satisfaction of making the other feel like a loser.

I enjoy watching the annoyed expression on Mauricio’s face whenever I win.

Mauricio grabs the ball and I bet to annoy me also, he takes his little sweet time.

“Come on, Reyes, you said it yourself...precious time is being wasted,” I smirk at him and even though I expected an annoyed expression, a smug look takes over his face and his brown eyes meet my green ones.

“So, you’re using your hand tonight too? Can I watch?” His tongue is sticking out a bit and he gives me that signature wink any girl would turn into mush for.

I’m not any girl.

Mauricio throws the ball and it lands perfectly into the cup.

Oh, this is going to be fun.

The game got intense real quick after a couple of minutes. Mauricio and I were no longer trying to tease each other. We were now practically throwing shade at each other every chance we got.

When it came down to the end of the game, everyone around us was watching the game unfold. They would cheer every time Mauricio or myself would make a good shot-in.

One to two.

Mauricio looked stressed as if before he was so sure he’d win.

I watched as he threw the ball and it bounced off the cup. The crowd made ‘ooh’ noises and some even start talking about how I’m winning.

Elias hands me the ball and I stare at it for a while.

My eyebrow raises and suddenly a mischievous smile forms on my lips.

“Help me up, Elias?” I hold my free hand out and pop my leg onto the table.

The crowd watching my every move, waiting for my next one.

Elias puts his hand into mine and wraps his fingers around my waist, he helps me lift myself onto the table.

I kick away the two cups that Mauricio never got me to drink. Slowly I walk over to his side and stared down at him. Kelly Baker seems to be very aware of my genius idea to win and she’s glaring daggers at me for it.

“How about I make this easy on both of us, Reyes?” He looks at me confused and yet I can see the fire burning in his eyes.

I slowly bend down and commotion breaks out.

Hollers and wolf-whistles are heard all around me. I can even hear Easton in the back telling Elias to quit looking at my ass. I’m also pretty sure everyone is looking at my ass being half out at this moment.

My eyes never leave Mauricio’s as I drop the white ball into the cup. It makes a splashing noise before the whole crowd cheers in my victory.

Kelly Baker is already walking away from the scene, mumbling words no girl should ever call another girl. I let it slide though. I don’t feel like ruining my night over a jealous girl who was never going to get with the loser in front of me.

I’m surprised I haven’t fallen off this table by now. The amount of drinking I just did and including these six-inch heels already hurting my feet, is enough for me to sway off this table.

I stand up straight and walk moreover to the edge where Mauricio is standing. He’s no longer looking at me with confusion but with something I can’t pinpoint. His eyes still have the fire in them but the fire seems to be died down and slowly being replaced by something unrecognizable. I’ve never seen this look in him and it sure is new.

My hands land on Mauricio’s shoulders and I’m more surprised when he helps me down. His hands place themselves on my waist and he lifts me off the table, settling me on the ground.

I swallow down a lump in my throat when I realize how close we are and how his fingers grip my waist. The feeling of butterflies and shivers fills up my whole body. His lips are parted slightly and his eyes are no longer meeting mine but my lips.

Being this close to Mauricio is showing me so much of his features.

He has long black eyelashes, his nose is a bit crooked from the time he broke it during a lacrosse game, and the beautiful shape of his lips.

Beautiful, beautiful lips.

Snap out of it!

I quickly step back and his hands drop themselves back onto his sides. Nobody seemed to notice our little moment and still waiting for Mauricio to drink the cup.

My body forces me to turn away from him and even though I shouldn’t be feeling it, butterflies fill my chest with a hint of my heart pounding.

I take the cup and throw out the ball before handing it to him.

He takes the cup. Before he can chug it down I bend closer to him and whisper in his ear, “Drink up, Reyes. You’re going to need it after losing to me.” Once I pull away from him, he’s already back to his regular annoyed expression.

Mauricio shakes his head with a scoff passing his lips. He chugs down the losing drink and I watch him with small fits of laughter leaving me. The crowd cheering and other people already setting up the next beer pong game.

“Mal!” I hear Easton’s voice call out behind me. I’m relieved to see him not passed out in one of the backyard chairs. He walks over to me and even though I should know what he’s about to say, I’m still recovering from the small moment Mauricio and I just had.

Easton wraps his arm around my shoulders and whispers into my ear, “Upstairs?” He slurs his words a bit and as much as I didn’t much feel like having sex right now. It would be a good distraction from what just happened.

I nod my head and we both quickly make our way upstairs. We also made sure nobody saw or followed us. The room we ended up picking was Kelly Baker’s guest bedroom which was across the house where no one hangs out at. It’s always been a good place for Easton and me to have sex since not once we got caught.

The room is dark when we enter it. And Easton wasted no time to lock the door and start pulling off my clothes after. His hands rapidly and somewhat aggressively pulled off my underwear. The moonlight reflecting from the window is the only light in the room and it gives me a good view of Easton’s ripped chest.

It doesn’t matter how many times I see his body, I will forever drool over him every time.

His lips are attached to my neck when we end up on the bed. I find myself on top of him while I slowly move my hips. My clit rubbing against his erection and his hands playing with my breast.

Oh yeah, I so take back everything I said. Parties are fucking awesome and I am so enjoying it right now.

He pulls away from my neck and when his brown eyes meet mine, I almost gasp in shock. My eyes widen at the look in his eyes and my stomach drops to the realization.


Easton is looking at me with lust, the same look Mauricio was giving me earlier.

Why the hell would Mauricio be looking at me with lust?

Easton pulls me away from my thoughts when his lips meet mine. And the feeling of his fingers slowly making their way down to my heated core is enough to distract me from my recent thoughts.

Very, very distracted.


My alarm goes off at exactly seven am.

I almost throw my phone at the door and hoped I could sleep all day. But, I knew I had to get up. This isn’t exactly my house and Easton’s mom would probably drag me to school.

The only reason I’m at Easton’s house is that he was too drunk to drive. I ended up driving him home and he didn’t want me driving alone at night. He begged me to stay over and reminded me that my school clothes are at the house still. I couldn’t say no to those beautiful brown eyes of his.

I ended up sleeping in the guest bedroom and must I say, Mrs. King, is amazing at choosing blankets. I’ve never felt so warm and cuddly. Easton was also kind enough to let me borrow some of his clothes and, of course, they fit me big.

While glancing around the room I see my uniform from yesterday in a pile on a cabinet. Now, how did those get there?

My feet feel a bit wobbly when I stand up and curse under my breath to the memory of last night.

“I told Easton not to do that move.”

“Are you talking to yourself?” A high voice says behind me and I turn around to see Easton’s little sister Denzel.

A smile takes over my face, “Hey, Zelly!” She pace walks towards me and practically throws herself on me.

“Oh, Mal. I’ve missed you. Easton doesn’t bring you around often,” She says. I chuckle and bend down a bit to meet her height, “I’ve missed you too, my Zelly. I’ll make sure Easton brings you over next time. Lilybeth has been asking about you.” She pulls away from me with a big smile.

Lilybeth and Denzel have been best friends ever since Easton and I met. I had invited Easton and Denzel to Lilybeth’s birthday party. Both girls hit it off and ever since they never left each other’s side.

“Mom wanted me to tell you that she washed your uniform and to come down for breakfast.”

Oh, that’s how my uniform ended up on top of the cabinet.

“Alright, let’s go before your mom makes Easton come get me. We both know how that’ll end,” I say while trying to hold back my laugh and she gives me a disgusted look, “Must you remind me about that? I swear I’m never opening a door before knocking again. It’s a good thing I like you. At least way more than Jianna,” She mumbles the last part and I give her a side glance with a grin on my lips.

We both go downstairs and as we’re going down I hear Mr. King’s voice along with Easton’s.

“I need you to step up your game this year, Easton. If you don’t I’ll have to take matters into my own hands. Do you want me to take matters into my own hands?” Easton’s father, Rafferty King, says to his son with a low and threatening voice.

They’re both currently in Mr. and Mrs. King’s bedroom. Easton must have been passing by when Mr. King called him in.

“No, sir.”

I swallow down the lump that has formed in my throat. Hearing the nervousness in Easton’s voice sends a shiver down my spine.

How can someone threaten their son like that?

Denzel stares at me with a worried look. I almost burst into the room to defend Easton. I don’t.

Denzel and I walk to the kitchen. Mrs. King is pouring orange juice into tall glass cups. She looks up at us with a smile taking over her face.

“Zelly, Mal! Sit down and eat. The men will be down in a bit.” Mrs. King pats down the stools that surround the island table. Both Zelly and I sit down next to each other and admittedly start eating.

God, I was famished.

“These are amazing, Mrs. King. You never fail to amaze me with blueberry waffles.” I moaned when I ate another piece of the waffle. Mrs. King thanked me and even told me she washed my uniform for today.

“Mrs. King—” She cuts me off when she says, “I already know what you’re going to say, and no. I don’t mind washing clothes. Besides, you’ve had a long day at school and I rather you’ve slept while I washed the clothes. Now, say thank you and finish eating.” She taps down onto the table. And from what I’ve learned from these past few years is you’ll never win an argument with Mrs. King. She will eat you alive. Though I’ve never tried to win with her and I’ve seen the arguments she’s had with Mr. King. She always left Mr. King on the losing side.

“Thank you,” I said before eating more of the delicious food in front of me.

Easton and Mr. King came down a few minutes later. And from the look on Easton’s face, the talk they were having upstairs has taken a toll on him.

Denzel and I even give each other a knowing look. I shook my head when her eyes were sending me the question, “Should I tell mom?” and once I shook my head, she lowered down hers.

If Denzel were to say something both Mr. King and Mrs. King would argue. Their arguments don’t exactly end up well. Also, I know Easton hates it when his parents fight. He doesn’t want his dad angrier than he already is.

“Hello, anyone home?” A sudden familiar voice comes from the living room and the sound of the front door closing.

“Oh, no.” I hear Denzel mumble next to me. “Oh, no” was right because that familiar voice came from Jianna.

She walks into the kitchen with a big smile on her lips. Mr. and Mrs. King lighten up at the presence of her while the rest of us feel uncomfortably from it.

“Oh, Malia. I didn’t know you were here.” She looks down at my clothes. I try to hide my smirk forming on my lips while standing up straight so she can see the school shirt I’m wearing.

It’s Easton’s favorite basketball T-shirt. He got the shirt when he first made the team. It’s a very important shirt.

“She brought Easton home last night. It was late. We didn’t want Easton and her driving alone at night.” Mrs. King winks over at me. I can see the relief on Easton’s face when his mom covers for him.

I wonder if Mrs. King would still cover for her son if she knew he was cheating on Jianna with me.

Stop being negative.

Fine, I’ll just simply keep it to myself.

“So, how was the party?” Jianna asks while going over to Easton and leaving a kiss on his cheek.

Easton looks over at me. Flashbacks to his fingers in my mouth while I rode him comes into mind. It seems Easton is also thinking it because he quickly looks away and clears his throat.

“It was fun. Malia won beer pong over Mauricio.” He laughed.

Jianna laughed along with him, “I saw the video. Also, Malia, I loved your outfit. It was super cute.”

I thanked her before going back to eating my food.

Denzel, next to me, was trying not to laugh at Easton’s uncomfortable face.

Jianna starts talking about the charity event she’s hosting at Morhills park to his parents.

“What charity event?” Denzel speaks up.

“Oh well, as we all know my grandma died of breast cancer a few years ago. Every Junior in Morhills Academy has to host a charity event of their choosing for community service—” Jianna thanks Mrs. King when she hands her a cup of water then continues, “—and the charity event I chose was a breast cancer fundraiser. I convinced all the sports teams at our school to help out.”

I’m so glad that I’m no longer a Junior. It’s one of the hardest years with the SAT’s and all the stress of keeping up with your grades.

Last year, I chose to do a charity event for students in Mexico who don’t have enough money to buy textbooks, school supplies, and more. It was very successful. I was so happy when the schools I sent the donation money to sent videos of the students thanking me.

“Right, the basketball team wants to know what we will be doing.” Easton looks over at Jianna, “I already have the list done. Tell the team to hold onto their basketballs.” She bends down and leaves a kiss on Easton’s lips.

My fists clench onto the fork and knife. Jealously runs through my blood.

“Jianna, what about the hospital staff? You said we’d get to be apart of it.” Mrs. King beams at Jianna. She nods her head and starts explaining to Mrs. King the plan for her charity event.

Easton turns to me with a guilty expression, “I’m sorry,” He mouths to me. I press my lips together and just turn my attention to Mr. King. He’s reading something on his phone while eating.

The jealousy is still running through me. The feeling of my hands slightly trembling almost makes me leave the kitchen without a word.

“Malia, you should sing. There will be a karaoke booth. It’d be amazing to hear you sing.” Jianna beams at me and I snap out of my rage.

I have no idea what’s going on.

“Oh, Malia, you should sing. You have an amazing voice.” Mrs. King adds to Jianna’s beaming. I almost throw the knife in my hand at Jianna for even bringing it up.

“Malia, you can sing?” Mr. King speaks up.

Everyone except myself nods at him.

“She sang at the beach house for us.” Easton winks at me and I almost flip him the bird for bringing that up.

“Remember when she sang ‘Quit’ by Cashmere Cat and Ariana Grande? It was at the bonfire we had during spring break last year.” Jianna says.

“Oh! When she sang ‘Grenade’ by Bruno Mars? God, I love that song so much.” Denzel happily sighs next to me.

Mr. King gives me an impressed look before going back to eating.

My cheeks feel hot and red from the embarrassment. I hate it when they talk about my singing.

The first time I sang was during a house party in freshman year. I was dared by one of my classmates to sing. They were hoping my voice crack but once I started singing it was like everyone was in a trance.

My friends didn’t know before that dare about my singing. They went on and on for weeks about how they loved my singing. Some of them even begged me to sing for them during P.E or after school.

“So, what do you say?”

“I’m sorry, but no. I’m just not comfortable with singing in front of everyone.”

Major lie. I sang last week to the group during a car ride to the park.

Jianna gives me a pout. Before I almost tell her to stop making that face, my phone rings.

Thank god, I put my phone in Easton’s sweatpants last night.

Vikki’s name is on the screen. When I answer it, she’s already yelling at me.

“Mal! Get home right now. Dad is freaking out and asking where you are!” I had to remove the phone a bit away from my ear, “Okay, okay. I’ll be there in a few minutes.” She hanged up on me.

I looked up to see Easton with a confused look on his face.

“I need to get home. My dad is going crazy and asking where am I. Can you take me home?” I ask Easton. Before he can answer, Mr. King speaks up, “Easton can’t take you. He has an interview with one of the board members at USC. The board member should be here in a few minutes.” He looks up from his phone and gives me a stern look.

Great, now I have to waste money on a Uber.

“I’m sorry, Mal. It slipped my mind,” Easton sighs and I shake my head, “It’s fine. I’ll take an Uber. Let me just go get ready.” I’m already standing up and putting my plate into the dishwasher.

“I can take you,” Jianna offers and I quickly say no. A little too quick that she’s questioning it.

Easton is quick to cover up my refusal on her driving me home.

“Oh right, I almost forgot. Mauricio is already on his way. I asked him if he could take you home and he was happy to,” Easton says with a tight smile, “Mauricio? Happy to take Malia home. Happy?” Jianna raises an eyebrow and shit, I almost question his cover up myself.

Mauricio would never be happy to do anything that involves me.

“Well, that’s great! Malia why don’t you gather your things from upstairs and wait for Mauricio to come,” Mrs. King smiles at me and I nod.

I glare at Easton and he gives me a stern look.

Father like son.

My eyes roll at Easton’s expression towards me.

“You should probably call Mauricio. Just to remind him since I did text him earlier this morning. He could have forgotten,” Easton says. And I swear, I’m the only one who heard the change of the volume in his voice.

I shake my head and he gives me a warning look.

Defeated, I sighed and started calling Mauricio.

It takes a few rings before he finally answers, “What?” His gruff voice speaks up, “First of all, what if I was someone important? You can’t answer a phone like that.”

From the corner of my eye, I can see all three teens in the room laughing. Of course, they think this is funny. Also, does nobody else agree with me on how rude Mauricio answered me?

God, I hate this world.

“What do you want, Myers? I’m going to be late for class.” I look at the time on my phone and see it’s only seven forty. We start school at nine.

Is he serious?

“Remember Easton told you to pick me up?” I mumbled, covering my mouth and the phone with my hand. “When the hell did he tell me that?” Mauricio scoffs, “Look, Reyes, pick me up in five minutes. Or I will plan your murder.” I look over at everyone and give them a small smile.

“Please, Myers, we both know you’re all talk.”

“Seventh grade. Laptop. No underwear. And the window opened.”

The line goes quiet and just when I thought my threat wasn’t going to work, he gives in.

“Fine. I’ll be there in five minutes.” He hangs up.


My phone goes back into my pocket, “Thank you Mrs. King for the amazing food. Zelly, I’ll tell Lilybeth you said hi. Have a nice day, Mr. King. And Easton, Jianna, I’ll see you both at school.”

Everyone tells me goodbye and I quickly go upstairs to get everything together. Denzel follows right behind me since she wants to check her phone for any messages.

I bet Easton is texting Mauricio at this second. I also bet Mauricio is being an ass and saying no.

This is just great.

Now, I have to deal with Mauricio. Another person I wish would simply go away.

I grab everything I needed and quickly make my way downstairs when I hear Easton yell that Mauricio is here. On my way downstairs I’m stopped for the second time today but this time it’s by two teen voices.

“Oh yeah, Omar did it. I saw him running down the stairs while the fire alarm went off.” Denzel talks into the phone and a familiar voice says back, “Or he could have been running because he thought there was a fire.”

“Okay, true.”

They both laugh.

Something clicks in my head and I realize who the voice belongs to.

It’s Reuben Reyes, Mauricio’s little brother.

Oh my god, how did I not know they talked? Zelly always tells me when she’s talking to a guy. She even sometimes geeks out with me about the boys from ‘90210’. She has a thing for Navid while I have a thing for Liam.

“Malia!” Easton yells from downstairs and I widen my eyes, “Going!” I rush downstairs and see Easton standing at the end of the stairs.

He gives me a small smile, “I’m sorry. I wish I could take you.” I shake my head and give him a quick kiss on the lips.

“It’s fine. Besides, the interview is important. I’ll see you at school.” I leave one more kiss on his lips before running out the door.

Mauricio is riding the impala and a little part of me is excited. I’ve always adored his impala. It always amazed me. The color and interior of his car are my all-time favorites.

I jump into the impala and put my things in the middle of us. He doesn’t even wait for me to put on my seatbelt before he’s already driving off.

The music plays over our silence. It’s overbearing and crazy awkward.

I decided to speak on the fact Reuben and Denzel are talking.

Certified snooper and gossiper.

“So, I heard Reuben and Denzel talking. They seemed pretty comfortable over the phone. Do you think maybe they have a thing for each other?”

Mauricio’s eyebrows come together before he scoffs, “Please, us Reyes men are too superior. We don’t date.” I give him a look and roll my eyes.

Cocky bastard.

“Oh so, you’re too superior for anyone?” I laugh and so does he, “Of course, see I always knew you were smart.” We both laugh in unison.

The laughter dies down when we both realize we’re laughing together.

Mauricio is quick to change the subject.

“We need to do a rematch on the beer pong game.”

“You want to lose again?”

He snorts and we come to a stop at a red light.

“I went easy on you,” He mumbles and I raise an eyebrow at him, “Whatever helps your ego, Reyes. We both know you’re a sore loser.” He rolls his eyes with a grin forming on his lips.

He starts driving again, “I was being nice, you know.”

Okay, now I’m fully facing my whole body towards him.

“When are you ever nice? I’m pretty sure your definition of nice is telling someone what rate of how ugly they are. Which is rude by the way. Also, I’ll have you know I am a full-on zero on the ugly rate. I happen to be drop-dead gorgeous.”

He lets out a ‘hmph’ noise and even though I should’ve asked why he made that noise. I didn’t.

“I can be nice,” He defends himself and I go into a fit of laughter. He sends over glare at me before we park right in front of the house.

“Say something nice to me.”

“What?” He glances over at me with a gaped expression.

“Say something nice to me,” I repeat.

He gives me a weird look as if he’s waiting for me to yell out “just kidding”. When he realizes I’m serious an annoyed expression takes over his face.

Oh, do I love seeing that annoyed expression. And it’s all because of me.

“Fine...uh, your eyes are cool.” He motions to my eyes with his hand.

“Thanks?” I awkwardly chuckle before continuing, “Come on, you have to be more realistic.”

He sighs, “Fine. How about you give me an example. Say something nice to me.” Now, I’m the one wondering if he’s serious.

I clear my throat and tilt my head to the side a bit. I think about what I’m going to say.

“Okay, here we go. Reyes, honestly, I admire how hardworking you are. I mean all the AP classes you have this year is amazing. I even admire how good of a big brother you are. You’re also such a good friend to Easton. Also, I think it’s amazing how you help out the other school teams during a crisis.”

Once I finished we’re both surrounded only by the sound of the outside world. Not one word is said to each other after.

His brown eyes are staring into my green ones. And the fire burning around us is only becoming bigger.

Have I ever mentioned how amazing his eyes are?

Mauricio opens his mouth to say something but is interrupted. We both turn to the front of the car to see Mauricio’s dad.

Is he drunk?

Mr. Reyes walks over to us, swaying may I add, and laughs when he sees me.

“Mira! La vecina dejò a tu amigo que juega basketball por ti. Que romantico es eso? Esperemos que no se parece en nada a tu mama.” His words are slurred and I widen my eyes at them.

Mauricio quickly gets out of the impala and grabs his drunk father. I, myself, quickly get out of the car and help Mauricio keep his father on his feet.

“Let’s get him inside before he passes out,” Mauricio mumbles and I nod with all my words caught in my throat. I can see the embarrassment in Mauricio’s face and the anger when he looks at his father burning in his eyes.

Mauricio and I successfully made it to his house. Mauricio put him on the couch as I watched from the doorstep. He told me to stay outside and to not get him madder than he is, I obeyed.

He walked over to the door and I swallowed down the lump in my throat. Both sides of his jaw clench and he grips onto the door.

“Thanks,” He mumbles before slamming the door in my face.

I gape at the white door in front of me wondering what just happened.

My feet go automatic and make me walk home. The replay of what just happened goes on and on in my mind.

Does Mauricio deal with this every day?

I look over at his house and sighed. Even if I wanted to know more, it’s none of my business. Mauricio isn’t my friend and nor am I his. I have no business butting in his.

I walk into my home and await my father’s wrath for not being home last night.

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