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Bad Idea Four

Chapter Four

Mauricio Reyes

I wake up to the beautiful sound of my parents fighting once again. Same old morning at the Reyes household.

“Estoy cansada de esto!”

“Entonces vete! Nadie te va a rogar para que te quedes aquí!”

“Solo cállate y vete a la cama.” Mama’s footsteps are heard from outside my door.

I sort of regret telling mama about how Malia had to help me bring in Papa on Tuesday. They’ve been arguing all week about it and every time it’s brought up, Papa kept saying I was a liar.

He was too drunk to remember so I don’t blame him for thinking I’m a liar.

God, I wish we could go back to before grandpa Reyes died. Back to when everything was normal and Papa wasn’t drinking.

Papa started drinking right after grandpa Reyes died. Papa regretted not talking to grandpa Reyes before he died. It took a toll on Papa and ever since he’s turned to drinking for the pain. They both stopped talking right after Angelina was born. Grandpa Reyes had refused Papa on loaning money when Papa wanted to own a bar.

Which by the way was a very stupid idea. My papa was a drunk at the beginning of his twenties and when grandpa Reyes sent him to rehab, he didn’t take it seriously. Once Papa was out he started drinking again. The second time he was sent to rehab was when mama found out she was pregnant with me and grandpa Reyes wanted for me to have a sober father. That didn’t work out as we all can see.

Grandpa Reyes and my papa were very close through the years. Papa would be the one to take me to grandpa Reyes’ house. Not once did we pass a weekend to hang out with grandpa Reyes. It was until papa started drinking when mama started taking me to grandpa Reyes’ house.

Again, we all know why.

I just wish they’d stop fighting and get a divorce. This could all be over by just two signatures.

My alarm clock goes off and I groan to the sound of it. I had woken up earlier from the screaming going on in my parent’s room.

I stood up from my bed and walked over to the hanger on my door to grab my towels.

The boys and I decided to play at the park for a bit before tonight’s concert. Coldplay is playing and I couldn’t be more excited.

“Shit,” I mumbled when I remembered to grab my phone for music just in case my parents do decide to argue again.

I walk back to my bed. When I was about to grab my phone I see something from the corner of my eye. More like someone.

It’s Malia. She’s laying down on her stomach while watching some horror movie on her laptop. I couldn’t help but chuckle at her avocado PJ shorts and her messy bun hanging back a bit.

My shower can wait. Right now, I need to tease the fuck out of her.

I open my window and lean onto the frame. As if she senses my eyes on her, she glances over at me with a confused expression. She even pauses her movie and stands up to open her window.

“Nice bed hair, Reyes,” She snorts.

“Nice PJ shorts,” I mimic her snort which earns me the finger.

My eyes move down her body. I almost dramatically stumble back when I see she’s not wearing a bra. Shit, the sacrifices I would make to have her nipples in my mouth. There are things Malia Hernandez could make me do to her. And I would not hesitate to do them.

The more my eyes travel down, the more my cock becomes rock solid.

She has beautiful tanned thighs and the shape of her curves is enough to make my mouth water.

Get it together, Reyes.

I clear my throat and bend my legs a bit so my boxer shorts aren’t showing. More like the extreme boner I have right now doesn’t show.

“So, I see you’re watching scary movies again.” My eyes travel back up to hers. I see the smile she has formed on her lips.

“Yeah, I was taking notes,” She smirks at me.


Malia laughs, “And if I jump out of this window is because Reyes is talking to me.”

We both laughed as if what happened on Tuesday morning didn’t happen.

I’m glad she chose not to bring up Tuesday. She hasn’t even teased me about it. It’s a good thing. I’ve also haven’t heard from anyone about what happened. So, she didn’t tell anyone.

“You going out?” She points to the towels on my arm, “Yeah, the park. The guys and I are going to practice for a bit.” I shrug.

“Can I come?”


She raises her eyebrows and mouths an, “Okay.”

I said that way too quickly. I’m just afraid if she comes out with us, the hard-on in my pants won’t go away.

There has to be something wrong with me if I’m constantly thinking about fucking this girl until I leave her legs shaking. She’s Easton’s girlfriend for fuck sakes.

Have I’ve gone crazy?

Malia’s green eyes glance down at my chest before quickly glancing back up. She licks her lips and shifts around a bit. I can see the way she presses those beautiful thighs together.

Fuck, the image of her crushing my head with those thighs while she rides my face comes into mind. My dick practically begs me for release and the clench of my jaw was enough to snap me out of it.

Her green eyes give me the same look from Monday night. And I know that look so well.

She’s looking at me like she wants me to fuck her...hard.

“I gots’ to go.” I quickly close the window and leave her there with the hope of turning off whatever she’s feeling inside. Shit, more like the hope that my erection dies down.

“Asshole!” I hear her yell before she closes her window. She goes back to her bed. I had to force myself to walk away from looking at her ass in those damn shorts.

The shower ended up taking a few minutes longer than I intended. I had to do some extra things in there for the sake of myself and my dick.

When I’m walking out of the bathroom to my room, I see Malia still where I last saw her. She’s watching a new movie. But instead of laying on her stomach, she’s laying on her back with the laptop on her thighs. She has one leg popped out like a triangle while the other is flat.

Look away, Reyes. She’s your best friend’s girlfriend. She’s the girl you hate.

I. Fucking. Can’t.

This girl could take my hand and make me walk through the flames with her. That’s how much control Malia Hernandez has over me. She doesn’t know it yet but maybe one day I’ll show her what it’s like to have a good fuck.

Stop it!

Groaning at my once again hard as a rock dick, I mentally punch myself for thinking this way about her. I’ve always thought Malia was hot and fucking sexy but I never jerked off to her. Not like I just did in the shower. Maybe it has to do with the fact she’s something I can’t have.

I sound insane.

I might have to see a doctor to check my head. I am out of my mind to be thinking like this. Especially over Malia.

“What are you looking at?” Angelina’s voice comes from the entrance of my room.

I almost drop my towel at the sound of her voice. The blinds quickly are closed by me and I mumble a “nothing” to her.

She walks into the room and tries to peek over at the window.

“Next time knock.”

“I did. You were too busy staring at our neighbor to hear.”

Yup, I’m going to get my head checked. It’s probably damaged from the many hits to the face I got during soccer.

“What’s up?” I ignore her teasing and she giggles, “Elias and Tyler are outside. Also, can I use your laptop for homework?” I nod and she thanks me before grabbing the laptop.

Once she leaves and closes the door behind her, I quickly change into my fresh new clothes. The soccer shorts I’m wearing are a bit tight. I’m hoping to wear them out before the games start so I can get new ones. I also do end up putting on a muscle shirt since I heard it was a bit windy today. Normally, shirts aren’t a thing but again they said it was a bit windy. I even bring a sweater with me if it gets too windy.

I go downstairs and tell everyone I’ll be back later.

The guys are outside in Tyler’s truck.

Tyler and his big ass truck. I remember when he first showed us, we all stared at him like he was crazy. He said he was a pickup truck kind of guy. He also got an amazing deal at the dealer’s, Malia’s dad is a car dealer and she helped him out.

Elias moved to the middle when I entered the truck. He grumbled on about how he hated being between the bulkiest assholes. Both Tyler and I took it as a compliment before leaving for the park.

The park was pretty deserted when we got there. Some kids and their parents were at the playground but other than that it was pretty much dead. I was glad considering there are times when we have an audience.

We played a little basketball and soccer. Since there were three of us, whoever lost the first game will have the person on the side take their place. Then we all sat down on the grass next to the field talking about school and tonight.

“Coldplay is playing, man. I’m excited.” Tyler bounces the ball between his feet. Elias nods and says, “Remind me to thank Mark later on with a goodnights kiss.” We all laugh. That joke never gets old.

A while back Mark got drunk and as a prank we made Elias cuddle up against him. So, when Mark woke up he’d see Elias. Mark being the dumbass he is, thinking it was still night he puckered up his lips and mumbles at Elias to give him a goodnights kiss. We ended up waking him up with our laughter and he had a priceless reaction. I’ve never seen Mark so horrified.

“Are Mal and East going together?” Elias asks and I nod, “Yeah, Easton is picking us up. Maddie and Josie are also coming with us.” The boys nod their heads.

“Ha, speaking of Josie! The AP English teacher is making us do this project with a partner. I got partnered with Josie.” Elias says with a smug look and both Tyler and I give each other a look.

Oh, this guy is head over heels in love with her.

Shit, wait a project? This fucking early?

“So, we can’t choose our partners?” I ask and Elias shakes his head.


Let’s hope I don’t get partnered with someone lazy or worst a girl who’s only trying to get into my pants. I take my school work very seriously and have no problem doing it on my own.

The only person I have AP English with is Malia. And I’m praying to God he doesn’t do me wrong by having us be partners.

“Dude, you like Josie,” Tyler says and Elias is quick to react with wide eyes. A small chuckle leaves my lips and I say, “Come on, Elias. It’s obvious. Why don’t you ask her out?” Elias looks at me as if I lost my mind.

“I don’t like her. Why would you think that?”

Tyler and I give each other bored expressions. Is he seriously going to act oblivious?

Elias is quick to change the subject, “Right, Mauricio some girl in my AP Bio class has been asking about you.” He wiggles his eyebrows at me and I groan, “Tell her to fuck off. I’m not in the mood for Jess.”

Jess Kidman. I had sex with her once during Junior year, was drunk off my ass, and needed to get laid. For the past year, she’s been trying to get with me again. The only reason I know Elias referred to Jess was that she’s the only girl I’ve slept with within that class.

Tyler laughs, “Jess? Oh yeah, she’s been asking me about you too. She even asked if Malia and you were a thing. That shit was funny.”

My expression turns admittedly disgusted.

Malia and I a thing? Have people gone crazy?

She and I will never be a thing. I don’t care how much I’m attracted to her, I will never touch her. Just even the thought of people thinking we’re together is scary. Why would they think that?

“Dude, Jess is hot. She’s one of a fucking kind. You can’t find a girl like her around here. Especially, in Morhills,” Elias says.

Sighing I say, “Yeah, she’s hot. That girl has some nice ass and boobs. But, she’s also a big pain in the ass. All I want is to fuck and that’s it. No need to do the whole exchange numbers or let’s do this again bullshit. I’m not like fucking Mark who needs pussy to function.”

Both boys snort and agree.

“Why don’t you just tell Jess it was a one-time thing?”

“Because—” I stand up and motioned the guys to follow me over to the basketball court, “—girls get too complicated and fucking emotional.”

We start throwing and bouncing the ball at each other once we get to the court.

“Boys are just as emotional. We just hide it well,” Tyler defends and Elias lets out a pff, “No, that’s only you.” I laugh and watched as Tyler threw the ball at Elias’ jingle bells.

“I know I have emotions. Want to know how I know?” I throw the ball into the basket, “Because my emotions remind me every day how much I hate your little green-eyed friend Malia. My point is that girls tend to catch feelings faster than boys. I’m not going to string along with a girl I have no feelings towards. I’m not some asshole,” I explain and both of them agree.

“We should get going. We have someplace to be,” Tyler says and we all nod our heads excitedly.

Coldplay, here we come.


The weekend couldn’t have come quicker.

A week of school had passed and I was grateful for it.

The first week is always stressful.

I was also excited for the weekend because the group and I will be attending a concert by Coldplay. They will be performing at the Morhills Elites club tonight.

The only reason we’re able to enter is that Mark’s dad owns the place. Mark was even the one to name the club when he had the great idea of having famous bands play. Mr. Thomas thought Mark’s idea and name for the club were fantastic. He rewarded Mark with anything and Mark, being the coolest guy he is, decided on letting him and the group come to the club whenever we wanted. His dad agreed and ever since we’ve attended every small concert at the club.

“Please, tell me you’re not taking that with you?” Mama’s voice erupts behind me and I try to hide my grin when I turned around to face her. She stared down at the book in my hands and gave a ‘really?’ face.

I laughed while shaking my head, “No, mama. Don’t worry I won’t bring my book to the club...again.” She lets out a snort and walked into my room with a package in her hands. Mama puts down the package onto my bed and sighed, “The package was on the lawn. I thought it was one of mine until I saw your name. What’s the book called?” I chuckled knowing how much she hated that I spend most of my money on books.

I opened the box and grinned down at the book when I saw which one it was.

“It’s called “The Handmaids Tale” just like the show on Hulu. The one you binged watched?” I handed her the book and she quickly grabbed it, “You’ll let me read it after you’re done right?” I nodded my head and she put the book down before telling me to be safe and have fun.

She left my room and closed the door behind her.

It’s a good thing Papa isn’t home tonight. He’d probably complain on and on about how I’m spending my money on books. Papa would also complain about how much I go out and I would always mumble about how I will rather be out in the streets than be in the same room with him. Let’s just be glad I don’t speak up about certain things because I’m positive the arguments my parents have will seem like child’s play if I argued with Papa.

My phone vibrated on my bed and I picked it up to see Easton texted me that he’s here.

I told everyone who was home goodbye and quickly left the house. Easton was parked outside in his four-seat Bentley since he’s picking up Josie, Maddie, Malia, and me.

Just as I was going to call his name, in the corner of my eye I see Malia walking towards the car. We both stopped our tracks and glanced at each other.

A sudden idea came to mind and now I’m annoyed.

“Oh hell no.”

Malia and I rushed to the passenger seat, trying to get there before the other. We ended up both getting there at the same time and had the same glare towards each other.

“Myers,” I gritted my teeth together.

“Reyes,” Malia growled at me.

Easton sighs next to us and I can see him shake his head.

“I’m his best friend. I should be riding shotgun.”

“I’m his girlfriend. I should be riding shotgun.”

Easton presses the car horn which makes Malia and I jump back.

“For the love of God. Mauricio, be a gentleman and let the girl sit shotgun.” Easton is already leaning over to open the passenger seat door and Malia sticks out her tongue, “Very mature, Myers.” I mumble and get in the backseat.

We ended up waiting for a few more minutes for Maddie and Josie who seemed to be taking forever. When they finally did come, both of them complained about who was going to sit next to me.

I so enjoyed watching both girls fight over me.

My ego was perfectly pleased.

In the end, Malia made me sit in the middle to stop both girls from bickering even more. I wasn’t fond of the idea but did it anyway. Now I’m between both girls who seem to be talking my ear off about how excited they are to see Coldplay.

On our way to the club, the girls wanted to stop at Mcdonalds for some snacks. Easton, of course, being pussy whipped pulled over to the nearest Mcdonalds. Being the stubborn ass I am, I refused to get anything at first but caved in when Easton ordered his Big Mac. I ended up getting one myself.

I took a big bite into my Big Mac and almost moaned at how amazing it tasted. It’s been a while since we’ve eaten outside food. Mama doesn’t like us eating out since she slaves away in the kitchen and it’s not healthy to eat out every day. I’m also a very fit guy, I don’t normally eat fast food but I sure do enjoy it when I do.

“You good there, Reyes? You look like you’re in heaven. Did Maddie slip her hand inside your jeans?” Malia snorted and just like that my appetite is gone.

I can feel the anger build up in my chest and my teeth grinding together. Normally, I don’t let her get to me but she’s only talking shit to get under mine and Maddie’s skin.

Maddie leans over to my ear and whispers, “Don’t listen to her. You know she’s just being a bitch as per usual.” I rolled my eyes and ignored Malia’s comment. I wasn’t going to let some spoiled brat ruin my night.

Coldplay is playing today and nobody, not even the brat in the passenger seat, can ruin it for me.

Sometimes I don’t mind when Malia is being a bitch. It’s in her nature to be a bitch. She’s always been like this since we declared how much we hated each other. There are just times like when she brings Maddie into her insults. Maddie is my best friend and the only reason I don’t talk down Malia as I should is because of Easton. He’s also my best friend and I know he’d be upset if I told his girlfriend how much of a crazy bitch she is.

At the club, Mark and everyone else is already there. They already entered the club and were just waiting for us to arrive. We had to explain to the rest of the group how the girls were hungry and wanted Mcdonalds.

I walked over to the bar and gave a curt nod to the bartender.

“What can I get you, Mr. Reyes?” He was pouring the guys next to my drink and I shrugged, “Water. I don’t feel like drinking tonight.” He nodded before giving me a water bottle. I thanked him and sat down on the stool looking over at the stage to see the band setting up.

“So, where’s that green-eyed friend of yours?” Owen, the bartender, said behind me and I almost walked away so I don’t have to talk about her.

“She’s off somewhere planning to murder me probably.” I turned on the stool to face him with a smirk and he laughed, “Yeah, well she should be planning a different murder. The curly hair kid she’s dating? Oh yeah, he was here with some other girl yesterday. They seemed pretty close if you ask me.” His words send me into freeze mode and just when I was about to ask who he was talking about, a lightbulb lit up in my head.

“Fucking shit,” I mumbled and quickly jumped off the stool.

I walked over to the booths where Malia, Easton, Loui, and Josie are sitting at. The rest of the group were in the booths next to the one in front of me. The four of them looked at me and I flickered my eyes between Easton and Malia. She’s sitting on his lap and I can see the red lipstick stain on Easton’s lips.

“Easton, code red. I need to talk to you.”

His eyes widened at my words and he quickly pulled Malia off his lap.

I even took pleasure in the confused, shocked look she had when he practically threw her off him.

Easton slides out of the booth and walks over to me. He wraps his arm around me and we walk over to the bathrooms where nobody can hear us.

“What’s up?”

“Owen fucking said he saw you here yesterday. With Jianna. Are you fucking serious Easton? The whole point of coming to this club was for Malia and you to be alone without anyone seeing you both together.” I ran my fingers through my hair aggravated and he rubbed his face as if he was stressed.

The fuck is he stressed for?

I should be the one stressed. I’m always the one to make sure whatever people “think” they saw was just the “thinking” it. The amount of times I had to pay off people with my own money to keep quiet is fucking crazy. Once I even had to sleep with a girl I didn’t even fucking know since Easton and Malia couldn’t keep it in their pants for five minutes.

“Shit, okay. I’ll talk to Mark about it and make sure Owen doesn’t say anything. It’ll be okay, right?” My best friend stared at me with such worried eyes and a part of me felt guilty for being angry at him.

I sighed and nodded my head, “Yeah, I’m sure Mark will fix it. Look, next time take Jianna someplace else. This is our place, okay?” He nodded his head and we hugged.

Both of us walked back to the booth and when we go back, Malia isn’t in the booth with everyone else. I even looked around and saw her nowhere in sight.

“Where did Myers go?”

“Bar. She needed a drink after Easton pushing her off like that.” Josie snickered and I almost burst out laughing when Easton’s face fell.

“Alright, sit down pretty boy. I’ll go get your crazy girlfriend.” I patted Easton’s back before walking away to find Malia.

I pushed my way through people and found Malia sitting down at the bar. She was stirring the straw in her drink and slumped down onto the stool.

My best guess is Owen told her about what he saw.

I sat down on the stool next to her and opened my water bottle to take a few sips.

Great, now I have to comfort her.

Wait, why should I?

Because she’s hurting, stop being an asshole.

“He told you didn’t he?” I glanced over at her and she didn’t bother looking at me. I already knew the answer and from what I can tell he probably also told her how close Jianna and Easton got.

Owen luckily saved me the details but he didn’t do the same for Malia.

“Come on, Myers. You should have expected this. He’s in a relationship with her too,” I said trying to sound a bit sincere which she scoffed at, “Reyes, if you’re trying to comfort me right now then you’re doing an ass of a job at it.” Her green eyes met mine and I see a flicker of hurt in them.

She blinks the pain away and the fire in her green eyes replaces it.

Fuck sakes, I am doing an ass job at it.

I have no experience of how to comfort someone. Especially, on how to comfort a girl. For example, Maddie was never the kind of girl to cry in front of me or even let herself get to the point of being sad. The same thing for Josie. With Malia, it was always us hating on each other so we never got around to any other emotions.

Malia shakes her head and faces her whole body towards me.

That’s when I see what she’s wearing and feel the air get caught in my throat.

Her red silk dress is showing off her curves perfectly. I can see her very exposed thighs from the high cut out of her dress. Her breast is almost spilling out and just even the thought of my lips kissing right there was enough to get a hard-on.

How the hell did I not notice what she was wearing?

You were too busy arguing with her.

Shut it, little Reyes.

Fuck, even my dick is slapping me in the face for not seeing how sexy she looks.

And I fucking deserved to get dick slapped. I’m a fucking idiot for not seeing the beauty in front of me.

Her red-stained lips, the perfect wings of her eyeliner, the amazing eyeshadow, and the shiny highlighter showing themselves off to the world.

I’ll admit Malia is hot. I’ve said this before and yes, I do still hate her regardless of her looks. But again, if I didn’t know her and if she weren’t my best friend’s girlfriend I would’ve fucked her a long time ago.

I would’ve corrupted her to the point she didn’t want anybody to make her come undone but me. Would’ve had her legs shaking from the countless orgasms she’ll have from me worshiping that beautiful, sexy body. Malia would be on her knees with my dick so far down her throat, she’d let me come inside her mouth. The sounds she’d make while I fuck her mouth.

The image of her peering up at me with those fiery green eyes and wiping her bottom lip with her thumb comes into vision.

I almost come inside my pants right then and there from the image.

Ah hell, get ahold of yourself, Reyes.

She’s still the same girl who made a stupid, snarky comment on our way here.

All I need to do is take my eyes off her chest and we’ll be good.

My eyes flicker back up to her eyes and she’s no longer has the fire of hatred in her eyes. This look she’s giving me is familiar, it’s the same one she gave me at the party and this morning. The fire in her eyes is no longer light, but darker.

We stare at each other for what seems like forever.

The only thing loud enough to snap us out of each other’s trance was the sound of music starting to play.

Both of our heads snapped to the setting of the music and see the band already playing. I was about to tell her we should head back when I felt a hand on my shoulder.

Easton smiled down at me before looking over at Malia. He stood in front of her and held out his hand, “Dance with me, Mal?” Her eyes glanced over at me for a second before she took his hand and they went to the dancefloor.

Coldplay was playing their recent album, the song they played was “Eko” and as much as I wanted to not stare at the couple in front of me I did.

I watched them slowly dance to the music and felt like complete shit for thinking of my best friend’s girlfriend like I just did.

They seem so happy and in love. I would never take that away from my best friend, he deserves every ounce of happiness he gets from this relationship. Especially, with the amount of shit his father puts him through.

Besides, Malia and I would never work.

The hate between us is too strong.

I turned around in my stool so I was facing the bar. My hand slapped down onto the table and I sighed.

“Owen, give me a strong one. I changed my mind. My night just got ruined and I need a drink.”

“Coming right up, Mr. Reyes.”

It’s a damn good thing Mark owns the place. If this were any other club, they wouldn’t let underage teens drink or enter for that matter.

Cheers to Mark for his amazing ideas and persuasive skills.

At least one of us gets what they want. The others, such as myself, have to sit here and watch in misery as our lives turn to shit.

I know after tonight my life just went to shit because of that look Malia gave me. The same look she gave me at the party on Monday. It’s the same look I returned both at the party and just now.

So much for not letting anything ruin my night of partying to Coldplay.

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