No Rules In Bad Ideas

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Bad Idea Five

Chapter Five

Malia Hernandez

I woke up to the sound of someone pounding on the door and the doorknob rattling.

I’m sprawled across Easton’s very naked chest and the sound of him snoring fills the room.

“East, baby wake up.” I pat my hand on his chest and slowly sit up feeling a headache coming into my system. Easton groans and wraps his arms around me, “No, not yet. A few more minutes, Mal.”

He pulls me down and a small chuckle leaves me.

He kisses my hair, “Why don’t we skip the first period today?”

I roll my eyes, “We can’t. It’s the second week of school. They call our parents if we’re absent. We’re lucky if my dad doesn’t burst in here with the very famous fake gun he has under his bed.” We laugh at the memory of my dad coming into my room in the middle of the night with a toy gun in hand.

Easton finally lets me go and we both get ourselves cleaned up. I’m the first one to shower and by the time Easton was done with his, my little sister Lilybeth did the secret knock to signal us on being in the clear of my dad. That means he just left for work and we can come out now.

Today, we are taking Lilybeth to school since her friend got sick with the flu. I don’t mind taking Lilybeth with us since I love having her around. Sadly, she’d rather get a ride from her friend than be in the same car with the same people who fooled around all night in the room next door to her.

I opened my bedroom door and headed downstairs with Easton behind me. Lilybeth was already sitting on the couch, waiting for us.

“Am I missing anything?” I brush myself off and Easton shakes his head, “You look perfect, Mal.” He places a kiss on my lips and we earn a disgusted sound from Lilybeth.

The three of us walked out and went straight to Easton’s car. We got inside and just as we were about to leave the sound of a motorcycle grabs our attention.

Mauricio is putting on his helmet. And even though I’d ignore his presence, this morning was different. This time I stared as he secured himself and as if he could feel his eyes on me, he glances over at us and I just know his eyes are staring back into mine.

From the corner of my eye, I see both Lilybeth and Easton wave at him. Mauricio doesn’t wave back because again I just know he’s staring at me and paying no attention to them.

I force myself to tear my eyes away from him and mumbled, “Let’s go. We have a class in ten minutes.” Easton is already driving off and every part of me wanted to look back.

But I didn’t.

We picked up Khloe on our way since her car suddenly stopped working. She had no idea what was wrong so she called me and asked if we could give her a ride.

We left Lilybeth at her middle school and drove to our school.

Once we got to school, the first period was already starting and we all parted our ways.

I had AP United States Government and Politics. It was a pretty easy class from what last year’s advanced students told me. The classes I’m taking this year are because of how fantastic I’ve been doing. My counselor kept going on and on about how I’m in the running for Valedictorian. I’m also n my way to the three best colleges in the country.

I have about four AP classes out of seven periods. My other classes are Fashion Design, Photography, and Physical Education. And since I already had AP Spanish last year, I got to add a second elective class.

The Morhills district made it easy for us teenagers when it came to elective, language classes. We started our language classes in middle school so we could have other elective classes in high school. I started Spanish One in eighth grade then went on from there.

You can say life here at Morhills is pretty great.

I still have no idea what college I’m attending. But wherever life takes me? I’m here for it.

“Yo, Malia!” Mark sits down next to me.

“Yes, Marky?” I winked at him.

He gives me a suppressed look before telling me what he needed to say, “Can I see your homework?”

Now I’m the one giving him a suppressed look.

I hand him my homework, “Mark, you’re an advanced student. This is easy stuff, even for you. Why didn’t you do the homework?” He’s already hiding from the teacher while copying down everything from my paper to his.

“Because the girl I had over last night wouldn’t go to sleep. I was up until two am,” He mumbles and I roll my eyes.

Mark tends to make the girls he sleeps with think he’s a stereotypical “dumb jock.” He also convinced some of the girls at our school he bought his way into the advanced placement system.

I have no idea why he does what he does. Easton said he’s always been like this since they were younger. Khloe said before middle school he would wear glasses but stopped in the summer after fifth-grade graduation.

Mark once even tried to make me think he wasn’t smart. We had a project together in Sophmore year. I got the flu the same day we were supposed to start the project. He ended up doing it all by himself. I told him I’d help. He refused and told me to rest. On the day of presenting, we got an A-plus and got our project named number one. Mark ended up saying he only helped with decorating the board and I did most of the work. After that, I always wondered why Mark wanted people to think he wasn’t smart.

“Marky, you’re a smart guy. Why don’t you just let people know that?”

He stops his writing for a second to glance up at me. His blue, green eyes stare up at me, and a swirl of guilt fills his eyes.

Just when I thought he was going to tell me, a smirk formed on his face, and the guilt in his eyes replaced with mischief.

I watched as his eyes trailed down to my chest and his lips smacked, “You know, gorgeous, you should stop wearing lace bras. They can drive a man insane.” The wink that comes after his words almost sends me into a pit of annoyance.

My hand smacks the back of his head. He laughs before going back to copying the homework.

“Don’t let Easton catch you, saying that. Remember what happened last time?” Elias sits down in front of us with a big grin on his face.

Mark flips him the bird. Both Elias and I laugh.

Last summer, Mark being flirty, decided it was a good idea to compliment my big breasts. I was wearing my red bikini since we were having a pool party. Mark being Mark, made a sexual comment. Easton was right behind him when it happened and it didn’t go well. My boyfriend grabbed Mark by the ear. He threw him in the pool with his phone and wallet in his pockets.

It was funny but I still pitied Mark. He had to go to three phone stores before one of them could finally back up everything he had.

The rest of the class went by quickly. We ended up taking a few notes and had some annotations for homework. It’s safe to say we’re starting the second week of school pretty well. Let’s hope the rest of my classes have the same good outcomes.

“Malia!” Wilma Kent runs up to me.

“Hey, Wilma. What’s going on?”

“Coach called a quick meeting. She wants to talk about our practice schedule,” Wilma says before wrapping her arm around mine. She pulls me along with her and against my better judgment, drags me to the lacrosse field.

The team is already standing around in a circle by Coach Garcia when we get there.

“What’s up, Coach?” I speak up and everyone turns to me.

“Malia, girls, good morning. I brought you all here today to remind you our tryouts will be in October. They will be held a week before practice starts. I’ll have a schedule made by the end of this month and we’ll go on from there. Understood?” Coach gives us all a stern look and we all nod our heads.

“I have one more thing to say but let me talk to Jane in private real quick,” She says and pulls Jane to the side. Jane looked a bit worried and from what I’ve heard, I’d be worried too.

Poor Jane got a concussion this summer and her parents are afraid to let her play. They don’t want her to get a second concussion, especially after everything she went through in the hospital.

“Mauricio Reyes.”

The sound of his name sends an alert to my brain.

The voice came from behind me. I turn around and glance over to Leilani Carter who’s one of our defense’ players. She’s talking to Briana, our goalie.

“Your kidding. Please tell me your kidding, Leilani. You know Mauricio Reyes is—” Leilani cuts Briana off when she says, “He’s what? He’s dating Malia? They’re not dating. Mauricio might be an asshole but he’s no cheater. Trust me.”

Who in the hell said I was dating Mauricio? What kind of sick joke is this?

Never in my life would I ever date Mauricio. He’s for one, not my type, and for seconds, he makes me want to punch his face every time I see it.

I turn back around and try to focus my attention back on Coach and Jane. I’m hoping Jane will be able to play because I know how much she needs the scholarship. She’s attending Harvard next year and doesn’t plan on using one ounce of her parent’s money.

“It was Saturday night. He finally gave in after a week of my texting. He was a bit drunk. I didn’t ask where he came from though. I was just glad he even texted back and gave me the best sex of my life,” Leilani excitedly says.

I can hear the happiness in her voice while hearing the disgusting snarl from mine.

Jane and Coach come back from their small meeting. Coach ends up saying we need to prepare for Jianna’s charity event. She’ll be announcing what the lacrosse team is doing at the charity event today at lunch.

Well, isn’t that exciting.

Once Coach dismisses us, I’m trying to get as far away from Leilani and her bragging. But today everyone decided it’s the day to start walking slowly. So, I’m forced to listen to the conversation.

“That boy knows how to work his tongue. I’ve never met a guy who uses his tongue, lips, and teeth. God, Briana, you have no idea how big he is. The way it filled me up and made me orgasm twice.”

Okay, I’m not hearing any more of this. I’m afraid I’ll throw up in front of everyone and have to explain why I threw up.

I head over to my second period and sit down next to Meliana. She’s been my partner in this English class since the first day of school. I don’t ever plan on switching partners or seats with anyone. Not in this class. Not with the possibility of being sat next to Mauricio, who also has this class.

Right on cue, Mauricio walks in with a smug look on his face. He’s talking to one of the guys on the basketball team. I watched as he sat down at his table and laughed at something his friend said.

A part of me couldn’t help but look down at his lips. I pictured them working their magic on my clit and the way he’d use his teeth, tongue.

Oh god, I have gone insane if I’m getting wet from the image of Mauricio’s head between my legs. Maybe the pool forming between my legs is because of my now wondering mind.

I’m picturing his lips now kissing their way up my neck. His hands gripping onto my butt cheeks, helping me move my hips up and down. Feeling his cock fill me up as jolts of pleasure surround my body. Hearing him whisper in my ear about how good my pussy responds to him. Thinking of him filling me up, making me feel euphoric, and letting him treat me as his plaything.

The feeling of butterflies and a small ache from my lower area is enough to snap me out of the fantasy.

“Hey, Mal do me a big favor?” Meliana brings back my attention and I nod, “Yeah, what’s up?”

My face is a bit heated. I’m surprised Meliana doesn’t notice.

“One of the cross country girls is having a sleepover. I already asked Josie and Khloe to come. Both of them agreed as long as you come with us too. Will you?” She has a tight smile on her face. Almost tempted to say yes, I said, “Meliana, you know I hate sleepovers.”

“Please, I promise it’ll be fun! It’s after Jianna’s charity event this Saturday.”

How can I say no again to her?

“Fine,” I mumbled and she hugs me with a thank you.

How bad can it be? I’m sure my dad would be okay with it since the girls will be there.

“Alright, class let’s settle down.” Mrs. Williams walks into the classroom and everyone quiets down from their conversations.

“I hope everyone is here today because if you haven’t already heard we have a project to get started on. It’s easy and you all have enough time. Don’t be those students who procrastinate, please? With the amount of time I’m giving you, none of you should be doing it last minute,” Mrs. Williams explains while passing around our graded worksheets from Friday.

“Let’s see what’s her version of a good amount of time,” Meliana laughs beside me. I press my lips firmly together and try to keep my laughter in.

“This project will focus on literature. You will create a poster about the book of your choosing. You’ll have to answer the questions in the given worksheet and if wanted, you can act out a scene from the book. The project is due before Thanksgiving break. If given an A, you won’t have to worry about Finals.” Mrs. Williams passes out the worksheet with the questions.

I skim over them and become satisfied with how easy these questions are. I’m so glad Meliana is my partner in this. She’s both patient and hard working.

“Now, for assigned partners...” Mrs. William trails off and I almost blurt out a “What?”

Oh hells no, Meliana won’t be my partner. I’m afraid I’ll get partnered with a lazy student. Or worst, I’ll be partnered with Mauricio. Please, give me a lazy student instead of Mauricio.

Mrs. William starts naming the partners. I hold my hand out dramatically when Meliana has to sit across the classroom in her new assigned seat. She’s been partnered with one of my lacrosse teammates who I know won’t leave Meliana to do all the work.


My eyes widen

at the sound of my name. My breath is caught in my throat as I wait anxiously for her to say my partner’s name.

“You’re with Mauricio.”

I freeze in place.

God, please tell me this is a joke.

Once the teacher moves on with the names, I slowly gather my stuff and watched as Mauricio’s friend gathered his things. Mauricio seems to be whispering something to his friend. When his friend’s name is called, he leaves with Mauricio’s death glare on him.

I sit down in the seat his friend was sitting at. Mauricio doesn’t bother asking me what book we’re choosing or glances over at me.

This is just great.

“I’m sure you’ll all be happy to know since this is a big project, there won’t be any homework. But this isn’t classwork either. You’ll all have to find a way to do the project after school. I wish you all the best and if you have any questions be free to ask me.”

Great, now I’ll have to either go over to Mauricio’s house or he’ll have to come over to mine. This is just getting better and better.

Mauricio pulls out his laptop from his backpack and says, “So, got a book in mind.” What I assume supposed to be a question sounded more of a statement.

“Since we are doing literature. How about Wuthering Heights?” I said without bothering to look over at him. I’m afraid if I make eye contact with him, he’ll see in my eyes the thoughts I had of him earlier.

“No. We’re doing Jane Eyre,” He flat out says.

I finally turn to him with my mouth hanging open.

Is he serious?

My eyes glance over to Meliana whose looking right back at me. She points two fingers at Mauricio and me while snickering.

“Help me,” I mouth to her.

She shakes her head before turning back to her partner.

Oh, Meliana is so going to pay for that.

“Pay attention,” Mauricio mumbles and I almost smacked the back of his head. I swear if he’s going to be like this until Thanksgiving, I’m getting a new partner.

“Mauricio, Malia. What book are you two doing?” Mrs. William walks up to us with a notebook in hand. I’m guessing she’s asking the class what books they’ve decided to work on.

Since Mauricio wants to be rude, I’ll simply make sure we read Wuthering Heights.

“Wuth—” I’m cut off when Mauricio whispers into my ear, “Music. Underwear. Dancing. Open window.” That shuts me up real quick.

“Jane Eyre,” Mauricio tells Mrs. William. She writes down the book in her notebook before moving onto the next partners.

I glare over at him and suck in an angry breath when I see his smug look. His brown eyes are staring down at me with mischief. One of his eyebrows is raised and he has licked his lips twice now.

Lips. Tongue. Teeth.

My eyes move down to his lips slowly and felt the butterflies surround every part of my body. I practically have to clench onto the sides of the seat to control myself. Seeing the side of his lip curved up, his tongue wetting his lips, and the glint of his perfect teeth is enough to send me back to my earlier thoughts.

“Myers, you shouldn’t be—” He’s cut off by the sound of the bell ringing.

I quickly snap out of my thoughts and gather my things. The teacher tells us to have a good day and lets us out. I, for sure, didn’t waste any time to get out of there.

I’m holding my bag against my chest when I feel my heart beating fast against my rib cage. My thoughts are endless questions of why I’m feeling like this, why now, and why him.


I suck in a breath and stop my tracks. His footsteps are the only ones in this hall I’m hearing. He comes up behind me and when I turn around, my green eyes meet with his brown ones.

My head tilts up so we’re somewhat eye to eye.

He’s a lot taller than I am, of course. He’s also a lot bigger than me, but we both know I can take him down if I wanted to.

“Your place. Tomorrow after school,” He says and walks away after.

Fuck this, I need to get to my locker asap.

Once I get to my locker I lean against it and try to control my breathing. I don’t even bother putting my books inside my locker. I don’t get to do anything at all because I’m already walking back to the class, hoping Mrs. William lets me switch partners with someone.

“Mrs. William—” She cuts me off and says, “If you are here to ask for a switch, I suggest you find someone willing to switch with you. Have a good day, Ms. Hernandez.”

Oh, wasn’t that easy?

I walk out of the classroom and head to my next class.

Ideas, thoughts, and questions surround my mind the whole time. And the worst part was losing hope for a new partner every single time someone shot me down.

What the hell is going on? Why doesn’t anyone want to switch partners?

It was lunchtime when I got my answer. I should’ve known Mauricio would do this just so he can torture me. The asshole told everyone I was claimed to be his partner and anyone who tried to switch with me will have to face consequences.

You can all see how much of the students at Morhills are followers.

The only reason I know this is because, after five rejections, I made Devon Mitchelle confess everything he knew.

I sit down at the lunch table next to Mauricio, who doesn’t bother acknowledging my existence. Yeah, well today he’s going to acknowledge it. The asshole is going to get slapped for what he’s done.

“You told everyone to say no if I asked for a switch?” I growl at Mauricio and when he turns to look at me, he’s smirking with a glint of mischief in his eyes.

“I’m hurt, Myers. Trying to replace me?” He puts a hand over his heart and acts wounded.

I hate him.

“How did you find out?” I raise an eyebrow at him, “Someone told me and so, I made sure no one said yes to you.” He shrugs and I’m mentally throwing my food at his face.

“You’re an asshole. Why in the hell would you want to be partners? You’re unhappy about it just as I am.”

“At first, it seemed like an amazing idea to switch partners. Then, I thought how fun it would be to torture you for two months straight.” He sends me a wink and I flick him off.

The asshole is practically forcing me to be his partner. This is just great. Now I have to hang out with Mauricio almost every day after school for two months.

Someone kill me now.

I feel a hand on my shoulder and glance up behind me to see Easton sitting down. He smiles at me and when I turn back to Mauricio, he’s fixated on a conversation with Tyler.

My phone vibrates in my backpack and I quickly pull it out. I see a text message from Easton and it reads, “Friday night the Arctic Monkeys are playing. Come home with me after?”

My head snaps up to Easton and his brown eyes meet mine. I nod my head excitedly and feel his fingers intertwine with mine under the table.

The small moment between Easton and myself is ruined when we hear Jianna’s voice.

We let go of each other quickly and focus our attention on Jianna.

My heart is beating against my chest rapidly and I can feel it in my throat. Endless outcomes pop up in my head every time I think about if Jianna ever caught us. Let’s hope that never happens.

“Hey, everyone! So, I already talked to the other team captains about the charity event. I’m here to explain both soccer teams, the basketball team, and the lacrosse team’s positions,” Jianna said while pulling out a notebook from her bag.

Josie looks over at me and we both roll our eyes. She hands me a bag of chili gummy bears and my eyes light up. It’s been a while since I’ve eaten these delicious candies. I eat some before handing it back to her.

“The soccer teams will be doing a bake sale. The basketball team will be doing a car wash. And the lacrosse team will be doing collecting the donations of clothes, blankets, and any needs for women.” She checks off something on her notebook and we all thank her for letting us know.

“Oh, right! Malia, have you reconsidered singing?”

I’m still chewing on the gummy bears when I hear her ask me that. I almost choke on a gummy bear to be exact.

I quickly chew the gummy bears and watched as everyone started getting excited. They start telling me how great an opportunity that is and how I should do it.

“Malia you should do it. Mauricio can help you with playing his guitar,” Easton says nudging me.

My head snaps over to Mauricio who’s looking back at me with hooded eyes.

“That’s amazing!” Jianna claps her hands.

Mauricio and I both turn our attention to Jianna and say, “No.”

Josie rolls her eyes and tells Jianna, “They’ll do it.”

Both Mauricio and I glare at Josie. She sends us a wink and blows a kiss. Mauricio pretends to catch the kiss and shoves it inside his pants.

“Good! I’ll see you all on Saturday.” Jianna walks back to her lunch table.

That’s when all hell breaks loose.

“Who the hell told you I play guitar?” Mauricio asks Easton while glaring daggers at him.

“I’m your best friend. I know everything about you.” Easton shrugs and takes a bite out of his burger.

I’m right in the middle and having both boys talk like this is irritating me. I regret sitting next to Mauricio and wished I sat across from him.

“Well as my best friend you should respect my decision to not help Myers, here with her singing. She doesn’t even want to sing either, so I see no point in playing the guitar.”

I flick Mauricio off and push both boys back when they’re practically pressing against me.

“No rules in bad ideas,” Easton says low and firmly.

My mouth hangs open and when I glance over at Easton, he’s raising an eyebrow with a smug look.

Did he just pull out the no rules in bad ideas card? For this?


Now, I extremely regret ever agreeing to that stupid saying.

Back when Mauricio, Easton, and I started hanging out we would always disagree on things. Mostly Mauricio and I would disagree. Which is not surprising. So, one day when Mauricio wanted Easton to jump off the roof of a house into a pool. Easton being the little scary cat he is didn’t want to. Mauricio ended up coming up with this saying about how what seems bad ideas to us comes with no rules. This means if we thought something was a bad idea and someone says the saying, we have to do it even if it has rules. Let’s say, for example, we’re trespassing a place. There are rules to trespassing considering you can go to jail for it. So, if someone we’re to say “No rules in bad ideas.” You have to trespass no matter what, even if it’s a bad idea.

We don’t use the saying very often. Only when it’s necessary and when we need to bring it up. In this case, both Mauricio and I think singing is a bad idea. Easton said our saying so now we have to do it.

I’m going to punch Mauricio for making up the rules.

By the time the school day was over Mauricio and I never spoke about if we’re going to sing together. He didn’t even bother telling me anything at all. I did try to catch him before he left but he was too fast on his motorcycle.

Easton ended up taking me home and that leads me to now. We’re both in his car, outside my house, and making out.

His hand slowly makes its way up my skirt.

I chuckled and pushed his hand away, “We’re out in the open, Easton. Someone will see us.” He scoffs and says, “As that has ever stopped you before.”

His lips find mine again and now I’m the one trying to get my hand inside his pants.

“We’re in public, Malia.” His lips trail down to my neck and I mimic his scoff from before, “As that has ever stopped you before.”

My eyes flick over to the time and I groan with realization.

“I must go. Vikki wants me to help with baking cupcakes for Lilybeth’s school bake sale.”

Easton groans himself, “Don’t remind me. Denzel has the maids helping her with the bake sale too. She’s also taking cupcakes and pastries.”

He leans back onto his seat and I do the same. I fix myself up so I look at least presentable for my sisters.

Once I situated myself, we said our goodbyes and it took a while for him to stop giving me goodbye kisses before finally letting me go. And when I entered the house both Vikki and Lilybeth were standing there waiting for me.

“What?” I pull down my skirt a bit and Vikki raises an eyebrow, “Seriously, Mal? He’s a taken guy. He has a girlfriend and we both know how that’ll end.” Lilybeth widens her eyes before leaving to the kitchen.

When Vikki found out about Easton and me, she gave me the biggest lecture I ever had. She reminded me how our mother was involved in cheating and how Vikki, herself, was involved in an affair too. They both didn’t end well. If there was one thing that I learned from that lecture it would be how we, Hernandez women, need to stop dating men who are already in relationships. Luckily, Vikki was smart enough to leave, and as for mom? Well, as we can all see she wasn’t smart enough.

That’s a story for another time.

I set down my things on the couch before making my way over to the kitchen. It seems they have already started since all types of baking utensils are spread out on the table.

Lilybeth hand me an apron and I put it on. I start helping them out with the batter of the cupcakes.

That’s when we hear yelling from next door.

The three of us go over to the small kitchen window and see both Mr. and Mrs. Reyes arguing. They’re both in a very heated argument and from the looks of it, Mr. Reyes is seriously intoxicated.

Oh god, is he drunk again?

Mrs. Reyes looks worn out as if this was an everyday thing.

Do they argue like this always?

“What’s going on?” I ask and Lilybeth says, “Mr. Reyes came home drunk again.” Vikki ends up telling us to mind our own business and drags us away from the window.

I stir the batter to mix it and bite down my bottom lip when their voices get louder.

“How long has this been going on for?” I glance over to Lilybeth but before she can say anything, Vikki tells us in a hard tone to mind our own business again.

My mouth was completely shut after.

Vikki is right. It’s none of my business and I should simply ignore it.

But I couldn’t.

My mind travels back in time to when I helped Mauricio bring his dad into his house. Mr. Reyes was swaying on his feet and his eyes were bloodshot. The things he said about Mrs. Reyes and how I’m now Mauricio’s girlfriend.

Why would anyone ever think I would be Mauricio’s girlfriend?

Sure, everything about him screams MY TYPE. Even the way his eyes lit up with fire whenever we make eye contact makes me take in a breath. His facial expressions whenever he’s making a joke is enough to make me melt. And oh god, that smile of his. That boy has a perfect smile.

Pause, why am I thinking about this?

I’ve gone insane.

Yes, yes you have.

Shut it little voice in my head.

“I’ll be right back,” I said leaving the kitchen and made my way upstairs with the things I left on the couch.

I grabbed my phone out of my bag when I entered my room. I threw my bag onto the bed and hid behind the wall next to my bedroom window. The same window I leaned over a few days ago and drooled over Mauricio’s bare chest.

That boy is ripped and he knows it.

I’m also pretty sure from the way he was looking at me, I had the same effect he had on me that day.

I lean to the side a bit and see Mauricio laying on his bed with a book in his hands and his AirPods on.

Okay, great he’ll get my message.

I text him: Everything okay over there?

I’m still watching him when he gets the text. I watched as he picked up his phone and read the message. When he glanced over to the window I hid more against the wall hoping he couldn’t see me.

I’ve done this before so I’m sure he can’t see me. But it still makes me feel like a stalker after all these years.

Mauricio licks his lips before putting his phone down and going back to reading.

When I check my phone and see he left me on seen, I’m a little disappointed he didn’t answer.

I sighed and went back downstairs to keep helping out my sisters.

They were already putting the cupcakes into the oven when I came down. I ended up doing the frosting and started thinking about how he must feel.

My parents fought when I was younger. Right before mom left they’d always argue as Mr. and Mrs. Reyes do. I remember always sleeping in Vikki’s room because she would cry whenever they fought. She hated the fact our mother was cheating on our father and blaming him for her being disloyal. Lilybeth would always sleep through the fights since she slept like a dead person. As for myself, I was always the one to keep us all together. I never once shed a tear or cared when mom left. I only wanted for them to stop arguing and for my father to finally be free from my mother’s hurtful words.

“Why did you go upstairs for?” Lilybeth asks and I glance over to her then the window.

“No reason. No reason at all.”



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