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Bad Idea Six

Chapter Six

Malia Hernandez

I’m leaning against Mauricio’s motorcycle, waiting for him to come out of the school building. He told me to wait here for a bit during English class since he was going to talk to his coach about his schedule.

I am a bit nervous for Mauricio to come over. It has been a long time since he’s been at my house. I am thankful dad is at work, Vikki is working late, and Lilybeth will be over at a friend’s house.

Everything that had happened yesterday has me on my nerves. Just hearing his parents fight like that and his dad being drunk again. I feel intrusive every time I think of bringing it up. He completely ignored my text for a reason and didn’t ask today at all why I texted him that. My guesses are he’s either trying to ignore it or it’s honestly none of my business.

Why would Mauricio ever open to me?

The guy hates me. I hate him too but I know what it’s like to have parents who fight all the time. Let’s not forget my mom and dad fought like crazy before she left.


I look up from my feet to see Maddie walking towards me. She has her arms crossed over her chest and a confused look in her eyes.

“Why are you against Mauricio’s car?” I don’t miss the rude tone in her voice. I choose to ignore it and give her a small smile, “I’m waiting for him to take me home,” I said and she looked at me as if I was crazy.

“No, he’s taking me home.”

“Mauricio told me to wait here. He’s taking me home.”

Her eyebrows raise to the sound of my rude tone. She knows exactly that I know she’s being rude on purpose. The bitch is testing my patience and I’m so close to punching her in the face.

I’ve never liked Maddie and never will.

“Why didn’t Easton take you?” She asks putting her bag on the floor and I shrug, “As I said. Mauricio is taking me home. It’ll be easier for us since he’s coming over.” I bite down my bottom lip and she stands up straight with her face turning hard.

I’ve hit a nerve I see. Maybe saying what I just said in a somewhat sexual way is setting her off.

Please, Maddie should know by now Mauricio is the last person I would ever sleep with. And I’m pretty sure she knows Mauricio would never sleep with me.

So, hate sex isn’t a thing anymore?

Don’t start, little voice in my head.

We hear Mauricio call out our names and we glance over at him.

Mauricio’s eyebrows are furrowed together and his lips are pressed together. He seems so confused about why Maddie is here with me. His brown eyes meet mine and I shrug at him.

“Mauricio, what the hell? You said you’d take me home?” She sounds as if she’s whining. I don’t doubt she isn’t.

“Maddie, shit. I’m sorry, it slipped my mind. I can’t today. I have plans with Myers. Maybe Elias and Josie can take you. They haven’t left yet.”

Mauricio just made this so much better. Now, Maddie thinks her best friend is ditching her for me. He technically is but she seems to think it’s for a hookup.

Once again, Mauricio and I? Never going to be.

“Fine. I’ll see you later, Mauricio. Bye,” Maddie mumbles before walking over to Elias’s car.

I hope the pleased look on my face doesn’t show much.

“Your little girlfriend is possessive over you. Are you guys sure you’re more than best friends?” I asked with a smirk on my face and Mauricio ignores me while rolling his eyes.

He grabbed the extra helmet from under his seat and practically threw it at me. I’m just happy he didn’t shove it on like the few times he’s done before.

We both got onto the motorcycle and like every other time, we let the music surround us on the way home.

When we got home that’s when my thoughts started making me anxious. I kept thinking about how we’d be alone in my room. No one is home to stop us from killing each other.


“Is anyone home?” Mauricio asks putting away the helmets, “No, it’ll just be us.” He snorts and I raise an eyebrow. “Did I miss the joke?” I ask and he shakes his head, “No. I just thought of something.” The way he licks his lips and quickly looks away kind of sets my nerves off.

We walk over to my front door and it takes me a while to unlock it since my hands are shaking a bit. I am a bit nervous about Mauricio coming inside and seeing what my house looks like.

Mauricio and I enter the house and go straight upstairs to my bedroom. He didn’t stop and looked around like I expected him to. All he did was sat on my bed and took out his things.

I close my bedroom door behind me, “Is there anything you want to drink?” He doesn’t even bother looking at me. He shakes his head and starts typing something on his laptop. My eyes practically roll to the back of my head and I’m begging God to give me patience with this boy.

I walk over to the bed and start pulling out my things. That’s when Mauricio suddenly stands up and walks over to my wall of photo collages.

“Are these pictures of Mark and you?” He lightly chuckles and leans forward to get a better view of Mark’s portrait. My feet are quick to respond when they quickly make me run over to the photo collages on the wall.

This is embarrassing. Some of these pictures are embarrassing.

“Yeah, I created these last year. Right before we left for the beach house. Mark couldn’t stop hugging me after he’s seen it,” I laugh at the memory and Mauricio chuckles at a picture of Mark in his swimsuit.

He looks over at the other photo collages of Josie, Easton, my family, and the group.

“How did you and Mark become close?” Mauricio picks up a framed photo of Mark and me. He stares down at it with squinted eyes and I almost question it.

“Uh, in middle school. He was being an ass to Khloe, so, I kicked him in the shins. The next day I felt bad and invited him over to my house. He came over and ever since we’ve been best friends,” I said with a smile wide on my face remembering how it all started.

“He comes over on Sundays to hang out with us. My family thinks he’s like our adoptive brother. Lilybeth doesn’t like it when we call him son and brother. She has this huge crush on him, so it’s weird for her to ever think of him like that,” I laugh at the memory of Mark giving her Valentine’s day chocolate box. She wouldn’t shut up about it all day and didn’t talk to me for a week when I ate one of the chocolates. She told me they were sacred and only for her.

Mauricio stares at the pictures of the group. I see his eyes staring at one specific picture. The picture of me and him when we were younger. When our parents made us take a picture for my tenth birthday.

He glanced over at me and I was so sure I saw something different in his eyes. Something I’ve never seen before. But he didn’t let me figure it out. He breaks the eye contact and goes back to the bed.

“So—” I walk over to my bed and sit on the corner of it, “—is soccer practice also starting in October for you?” He nods and says, “Yeah, the coaches as you know already fixed up my schedule. I’ll be going to soccer practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays. For basketball, it’ll be Monday’s, Wednesday’s, and Fridays.”

I nodded my head and grabbed my laptop. I’m sitting on the corner of my bed to avoid being any type of close to him.

Is this what it has come down to?

Am I not strong enough to ignore whatever the hell is going on between us?

I’d be lying if I said these past few weeks, ever since the summer ended, there hasn’t been something off about Mauricio and me. I don’t know if I’m being paranoid or just being a total idiot. But something is off and a part of me both wants to figure it out. The other part of me is telling me to stay as far away from it.

Maybe I’m just being an idiot. Mauricio seems perfectly fine from my point of view and I’m pretty sure he still hates my guts. There’s still never a day he doesn’t remind me how much he despises me.

Is that why he ignored my text?

I mentally curse at myself for jumping to conclusions. Of course, Mauricio won’t tell me about his time at home. It’s none of my business nor are we close enough—not close at all to have these kinds of conversations.

Should I still ask him though?

My eyes glance over at him and I see him with his eyebrows furrowed together. He seems deep in concentration with his smoldering eyes and lips pressed together.

Why does he look so hot just sitting there and doing his work?

Stop it!

Ugh. I mentally slap myself for thinking Mauricio that way. Yes, he’s attractive, and yes, this boy across the bed from me annoys the fuck out of me. But I’d be a liar if I said Mauricio didn’t ignite a fire within me, I never knew I had.

When I saw him during our window encounter without a shirt and only boxers on, I had to fight my urges from looking down at his chest and the outline of his—“I’m going to change into something comfortable.” I quickly stand up and widen my eyes at my recent thoughts.

Mauricio looks up at me and nods his head. I don’t miss the fire that ignites in his eyes.


I go over to my cabinets and start pulling out everything I need.

My phone chimes and I glance over my shoulder to see someone has texted me. I hold my clothes against my chest and walk over to my bed where my phone is.

I put down my clothes on the bed next to Mauricio and grab ahold of my phone.

Easton: How’s it going with Mauricio? You guys haven’t killed each other right?

Me: I’m sorry the person you have texted is dying from how awkward this fucking meet up is :)

Easton: LMAO. Hang on there. It’s only the first day ;)

I’m about to answer back with a snarky comment until I see something red from the corner of my eye. Mauricio is holding up my red bikini panties.

My eyes widen at the sight of them. I suck in a breath and when I try to snatch the underwear from his hold, he quickly puts his laptop down on the bed and stands up. We’re both trying to tower over each other as I try to take away my underwear from his hold.

“Mauricio, don’t be an asshole. Give it to me!”

He puts it over his head and now I’m jumping up to grab it.

Why is he so tall?

“These yours? Oh, how pretty, Myers!” He hollers with laughter and steps back until he’s leaning against the cabinets. “Mauricio, give them back! I’m going to murder you!” I end up giving up and smacking him on the chest.

“Say please,” He says with a smug look on his face.

“You’re acting like a child. Just give them to me.” I finally grab hold of them but I’m too late to realize what I have just caused.

Brown to green eyes. My chest against his chest. Faces inches apart. Our breaths caught in our throats.

I’m on my toes, holding onto my underwear and his arm is still upholding it also. His eyes are staring into mine and there is so much I wish I could ask him. So many questions run through my head.

Why are things changing?

Do you feel it too?

How many times can you make a girl orgasm?

My eyes widen to my last thought. I’m crazy to even think I could ever ask that. He’ll probably laugh in my face before telling me I’m a creep.

Mauricio’s eyes travel down to my lips and I can see his adam’s apple move up and down as he gulps.

Was it always like this?

My mind travels back in time to my memories of Mauricio and me. I look back at the times we’ve had...encounters like this. And yes, we have. Ever since we’ve started hanging around each other, it always seemed we found ourselves in situations we should not be in. It started becoming more noticeable once the summer ended. The more things started happening the more whatever is going on between us is igniting.


I’m just reading everything wrong. Mauricio and I have always hated each other. There was never a time we didn’t remind each other that. There is no sexual tension and nothing is going on. I’m with Easton, his best friend and Mauricio would never betray his best friend. And I would never feel something for someone who’s hated me since we were kids for no reason.

There. Is. Nothing.

The sound of the front door closing makes us pull away.

I suck in a breath and bunch up my underwear into my fist.

“I’ll see who’s home. We could start reading after I change,” I say and open the door, walking over to the stairs.

“Vikki is that you?” I call out and when I see my dad at the end of the stairs, I’m filled with confusion.

He’s holding a box of pizza and his work bag.

“Hola, Sarai. Is anyone else home?” He asks and I shake my head, “No, Vikki is still at work and Lilybeth is with a friend. Did something happen at the dealership?” He shakes his head and goes over to the kitchen.

I’ll ask him why he came home early, in a bit. I need to tell Mauricio my dad is home and he should probably say hello.

I walk back into my bedroom and see Mauricio reading the book we picked out. Well, more like he picked it out and practically blackmailed me to read.

“So, my dad is home and he brought pizza. You don’t have to come down or anything. I can bring the pizza up if you want any?”

He looks up from his book, “You had me at pizza, Myers. Also, I’m not some asshole. I have manners. It’d be weird of me not to say hello to your dad when I’m in his own house.” He rolls his eyes and I can hear the sarcasm in his voice.

Does he want to get slapped across the face?

Mauricio puts his book down and stands up. We both head downstairs to the kitchen to find my dad already eating a slice.

“Dad,” I say leaning against the kitchen table. He looks up and does a double-take on Mauricio. My dad even stands up straight as if he’s preparing to throw Mauricio out the door.

“Mauricio, dad. Dad, Mauricio, our neighbor. We’re doing a project together for this semester and it’s an after school one too. So, he’ll be over a lot.”

Mauricio gives me a side glance and I realized I rambled a bit.

“Hello, Mr. Hernandez. I’m your next-door neighbor and a friend of Easton’s.” Mauricio shakes hands with my dad. My dad snorts at the sound of Easton’s name.

Dad hates Easton. He didn’t hate him at first, but when he found out about Jianna, dad didn’t take it well.

“Call me Samuel, kid. I get called Mr. Hernandez too much.” Dad chuckles and Mauricio nods his head.

“You guys want to take a break and eat some pizza? Watch a movie?” Dad hands plates to us and we nod excitedly, “Yes, I’m glad you bought food. Saved me the trouble of making a sandwich for later on.”

Dad gives me a side glance before mumbling about how I’m being lazy. Mauricio laughs at this while grabbing a few slices from the box. I glare at them both and grab a few slices for myself.

The three of us head over to the living room and sit down on the couches. Both Mauricio and I sit down on the two seated couch while dad sits on the rocking chair across from us.

We end up watching a Spanish comedy on Netflix. Then we moved onto a soccer game between ‘Chivas’ and “America’. The both of them cheer for ‘America’ and almost tackled me to the ground when I told them ‘Chivas’ was better. It was a joke to mess with them but a bad one since my dad made me go up to my room.

My dad and Mauricio could not stop talking about soccer after. They have officially become best friends and I don’t know how to feel about that.

The one good thing that came out of this was I got to read for a bit in peace. Well, half of the time I had to yell at them to keep it down every time they yelled at the television.

Mauricio ended up coming back into my room when the game ended. My dad felt bad for me and made him come help me out with the project. To my surprise Mauricio didn’t put up a fight nor did he hesitate to come back upstairs.

Mauricio doesn’t say anything when he comes in. He only grabs his book and lays down across from me on the bed.

Our backs turned to each other and even though I should be reading, I can lowly hear his parents yelling. I’m not sure if Mauricio can hear it but I choose to simply ignore it. I’m sure he doesn’t hear it. He’s not that close to the window.

When I turn to face his back, I see his tensed shoulders and how he shifts uncomfortably. Maybe he can hear them and is waiting for me to say something.

Should I?

No. Stay out of his business.

But it’s eating me up and I know how much of a good day he’s been having so far. I don’t want this to ruin it.


He glances over his shoulder at me and I see the blank look on his face.

“I don’t mean to intrude or anything. But, the other day I heard your parents fighting. And then, I remembered when your dad was drunk. I texted you to see if everything was all right but you never responded?” I sounded like such an idiot. I’m not even sure what I said makes sense and from the look on his face, I have intruded.

The brown eyes become dark and his face hardens. He sits up from the bed and looks down at his book hard. I can see the way his hands clench onto the book and the way his jaw clenches.

I’ve done it. I have gone too far.

“Mauricio, I didn’t—” He cuts me off when he says, “Just drop it. I don’t want to hear about this again.” I watched as he gathered his things and left me on the bed with guilt surrounding my body.

“Wait, Mauricio—”

“I’ll see you tomorrow,” He said before walking out of the room. I can hear his hurried footsteps as he tries to hurry down the stairs. Mumbled voices come from downstairs and then the door closing shut comes after.

What did I just do?

I shouldn’t have asked or even brought it up. It’s none of my business and I’m not the right person to ask such questions.

Both of us have no type of relationship going on between us. The only thing we have between us is the hate for each other. There will always be hate between us. It’s been like this for years and I’ve made a mistake to think I can ever ask him about his parents.

God, I am an idiot.

I, now, wish I kept my mouth shut.

Should’ve kept my mouth shut.



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