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Baby, Let me in

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New York, New York

Monday flew in the calendar and Manhattan was bustling with commuters always on the go to work. As a beauty writer for Brown Magazine, she couldn’t even focus on her blogs at all in her cubicle. There were too many moments where she stared out her window and mindless watched tiny crowds of people moving around below her from the twelfth floor. The thought of Dylan was distracting her and she was annoyed by it. Infatuation was creeping on her and all she could do was sigh. They don’t see each other much during the week, which is why he takes his time to see her on the weekends or during the week after work at the hospital if he can.

She cut her eyes to the vibration of her iPhone, it was a text from Dylan. She immediately grabbed her phone to open the message and it was a silly selfie of him in his nurse scrubs. A smile grew on her face as she swung her feet playfully at her desk. He texted ’Work is crazy over here at the hospital. I hope are having a better day than I am.’ Dylan was so handsome, there was no doubt about that. Sometimes she gets a little suspicious of why this guy is attracted to her. She really hopes he’s not trying to fulfill a fucking fetish because she’s really not in the mood for that again. This will be the last time she’ll date outside her race if that’s the case. She sent him a selfie back with a coffee mug in the pic and texted ’Work is boring over here.

Sometimes she allows herself to get distracted by texting him parts of her workday. However, it got to lunchtime quickly and she needed a girl’s pep talk. Sage needed to call her best friend, Yasmine Brown. Yasmine has known her through college, the met sophomore year in a Creative Writing course. Sage changed her heels and switched into her flats to head out to her favorite salad bar up the block to grab lunch. Sage wasted no time to call her once she sat down at the table to eat.

“So, how did the date go?” Yasmine, Sage’s best friend asked over the phone.

They always do this, every time they got some news or tea they immediately call or text each other. They tell each other everything.

“It went great actually, but girl I don’t know. This guy is like a geeky high school with me.” Sage stuffed her mouth with her Caesar salad.

“That’s great he likes you.”

“I get that but I’m not sure about him yea know?” Sage chews loudly over the phone. “It’s been a while since I dated a white guy before. This guy is Greek and part Italian, I think. I just want to make sure that this is not one of his fetishes yea know? White guys like to date black girls because either they never had one or they just got that jungle fever, then they leave to go back to their white girlfriend after they had their fun. Or better yet, they are married and they want their black girlfriend too.” Sage looked around her at the restaurant to make sure she wasn’t talking too loud around white customers. “I ain’t got time for that shit.”

“From my understanding, he’s pretty well cultured so you shouldn’t have too many issues. But I don’t know him that well. He’s one of Frank’s friends. Frank knows him a bit more than me.” Frank is Yasmine’s fiancé. “But it’s only been three months, you gotta give Dylan more time. Worst case scenario, you just dip and keep it moving.”

“I know but it’s so nerve-wracking in the beginning. You never know with white dudes. It’s hard to tell if he really wants to know me or get in my pants. But, We will have to see. But this guy gives me the Hebbie Jebies. I just don’t…”

“You don’t want to waste your time with another dude. I get it. Oh! You know what, how about this? Let’s do a double date next Sunday! We can go to your favorite brunch spot and we can chit chat, connect and see how it goes. I think it’s time for a double date!” Yasmine suggested.

“That should be nice. Dylan is usually off Sundays. Maybe this will help calm my nerves with him.”

Sage’s nerves with Dylan were sometimes off the charts. She couldn’t tell if she was just nervous or scared of Dylan. Dating outside of her race is always a challenge. Sage just needs to know that Dylan is dating her because he genuinely likes her, if not she will bail on him in a heartbeat. White fetishes are not what she has time for. Sage is three years from thirty and at this point, she doesn’t want a boyfriend, she wants a fiancé and eventually a husband. Sometimes Sage wished she could read minds, she would have avoided so many dead-end relationships. The waiting game sure does suck.


Sunday came quicker than last week. Both couples were already heading to The Egg Table, Sage’s favorite brunch spot in East Brunswick, New Jersey. Sage actually felt better about this double date, at least her bestie was going to be with her this time around to get to know Dylan a bit more. Dylan on the other hand, needed this. He figured he can ask Yasmine for some advice to crack her open some more. In the car, Sage was looking beautiful this Sunday, he had to hold her hand on their way to the restaurant. His thumb ran across her silky chocolate knuckles and played with her freshly manicured nails. She got her nails done, cherry red this time and it loved it on her chocolate skin tone.

Sage had on a short white short sleeve lace top with tight dark washed denim jeans. This time she exposed her manicured toes with her gold sandals. He loved how she always looked her best. He figured it was a zodiac sign, Virgo women always want to look her best in any situation unless she’s in the comfort of her own home. He always loved how mysterious she is too, he doesn’t know much about her but that’s just the beauty of knowing her. He nearly scares the crap out of her when he kissed her knuckle at the red light. Her big brown eyes on him just makes him melt.

“You look beautiful today.” He complimented.

She nearly squirmed in the passenger seat with him. “Thanks.” She blurted nervously.

Dylan looked as scrumptious as ever with his curly brown hair freshly washed and his olive skin constructing against his black colored shirt. His blue eyes shine right in the sunlight. She imagined Dylan tossed out the shower with his hair soaking wet, in only in a towel. Even better, just freshen out the gym, sweaty and hot. She can only imagine his hot sweaty on top of her….nevermind. Sage behave! It’s been a while since she has had sex and she’s due; however, she needs to wait and control herself.

“What do you use for your skin? It’s always so soft.” He complimented.

“It’s a whole skincare regimen and it’s a secret.”

“Well, whatever it is. It got your skin glowing.”

Sage only smiled. It was the first time that a man took the time to acknowledge her skincare regimen. Most men don’t take the time to slow down to appreciate the little things a woman does, not for him, just for herself. She kept the mental notes on that. After the couple pulled up in the driveway, Dylan grabbed her hand proudly before leading her inside the restaurant.

As soon as the two walked into the noisy restaurant, Yasmine flagged them down at the table. Dylan wasted no time to lead her to the table. Everyone greeted each other with hugs and handshakes before taking a seat. Yasmine Brown came with her fiancé Frank. Yasmine was a caramel complexion compared to Sage. Yasmine Brown is mixed with Black and Puerto Rican, with curly black hair that she usually keeps in a short tapered cut. Yasmine had huge hazel eyes and a lot of curves in that yellow sundress. Her fiancé Frank Cruz, was a tall Afro-Latino dude, with dark brown skin, slim muscular stature, and short black hair in a fade wavy cut. The two have been dating for at least four years before Frank proposed to her this year. The two were happily in love as always.

“So have you guys been?” Yasmine asked.

“Good.” Both Sage and Dylan responded in unison. They were almost in sync.

“Oh my gosh, I have to say you guys are so cute together. Can I get a pic of you! I won’t put it on Instagram I swear!” Yasmine beamed.

“Oh lord, Yaz. Can we look at the menu first before you pull out your phone?” Frank rolled his eyes. Yasmine was always the Instagram attic, Sage usually goes along with it.

“What? Look at them, they are cute together. It will be quick I swear!” Yasmine eagerly pulled out her iPhone.

Sage and Dylan looked at each other to gain approval but they both ended up shrugging. One photo of them together wouldn’t hurt. This would be their first photo together ever. Yasmine snapped a bunch of pics of them on her phone before texting the photos for them to have. Sage had to admit, they were super cute together as a couple.

“So, what’s new with you two?” Yasmine sipped on her water.

Dylan was the first to speak “Nothing too crazy yet. We are just trying to get to know each other a little better. She’s going to be my new workout buddy.”

“Wait, I didn’t agree to that yet.” Sage intervene.

“Girl, just do it. It will do ya’ll some good to do it together. And those that fupa.” Yasmine teased.

“Hey!” Sage playfully threw her straw wrapper at her “My fupa is not that big. I just haven’t find time to work out.”

“Look, all the more reason to get back in shape with my boy.” Frank suggested “ One thing, about Dylan he don’t play about the gym. He’s always been that way.”

Dylan shrugged “Lifting patients are heavy so I need to stay in shape. Sooo Sage, what do you say? Wanna work those kinks out.” Dylan meant that figuratively and literally. More time with her is golden for him but working her ass out would be great too. Her ass looked great in those tight jeans. Shit. She looked good in anything to him.

Sage only gave him side-eye and groaned “Fine, but it has to be after work. I am not getting up super early to work out.” Yasmine smiled at her response, she just wanted Sage to have a good time with Dylan. This would be good for her.

“I am so out of shape though.” Sage pouted and that was super adorable to Dylan. Her bottom lip puckered out and all he thought about was kissing her.

“Oh, we can work on that.” Dylan said huskily as he wrapped his arm around her. He meant every word of that and Sage caught on to it with side-eye. Deep down, she wanted him too. It’s been too long since a man has been in between her legs. Dylan wanted to tease her a bit to see her reaction, it was cute to him. Yasmine giggled a bit at them.

“On other news.” Yasmine began. “As you guys both know that Frank and I are engaged. We need some help with planning our engagement party. I haven’t gotten around to when we will have this date but Sage. The reason why I brought you to brunch is to ask you, will you be my maid of honor?”

Sage’s excitement almost went through the roof. Anything about weddings and engagements excited because deep down she was a hopeless romantic at heart.

“Oh, of course, I would! I would be more than happy to be your maid of honor!” Sage beamed. The two of them beamed and squealed with glee. The guys just shook their heads at the women.

“Oh there are a bunch of venues and restaurants in New York we can have it. Oh, what about a rooftop bar!?” Sage suggested.

“Whoa whoa, how about we stay within budget! New York is expensive.” Frank intervened.

Yasmine rolled her eyes “Babe, why are you such a party pooper?”

“I’m just saying, booking a restaurant in New York is pricey as hell.” Frank added.

“We can pitch in. We all have careers, we can participate in the expenses. I have a couple of friends that manages a couple of restaurants in Manhattan and Soho.” Dylan suggested.

“Oh Soho?! Ouuuu, I like this guy. I am going to need your connections.” Yasmine beamed.

“Oh hell..” Frank huffed. Out of the four of them, Frank was extremely money conscience because he neither came from money or may a lot of money right now as an artist.

“Hold that thought, let’s start with brunch with some coffee.” Yasmine said.

Yasmine sat up to order coffee from the bar, and Dylan used this chance to follow her. He needed help opening up Sage and why not ask the best friend. Dylan didn’t hesitate to tap Yasmine on the shoulder before they two sat at the bar. “Hey, can I talk to you for a minute?” He asked. One thing about Dylan, he doesn’t have a lot of pride, if he needs help he will ask.

“What’s up?” Yaz asked.

“I need your help with Sage. You two have known each other for a pretty long time so..I figured I ask you. What’s Sage’s deal?” Dylan really needed to know.

“Elaborate a little.” She insisted.

“Well, I just want to crack this girl open a little more. She’s super nervous around me and I get it this a whole new relationship for her. So things are nerve-wracking for her, I can feel that. I can sense that with her. So, can you give me a bit of insight? Like, what is her ideal date? What does she really like? Maybe, how does she like her coffee? Something like that.” He asked.

“Well first, you have to give her some time. She’s been through a lot with men and she’s at the last bit of her patience. Listen, this girl deserves a lot and she knows it. Just show her that you are serious about getting to know her and she will come around.” Yaz began.

Dylan nodded “Okay, got it. So how do I get brownie points with her?”

“First, and very important. She is lactose-tolerant. She won’t accept any coffee that’s not soy or almond milk-based. You can even sprinkle a little cinnamon on top if you want. But she’s really a latte type of girl, she will only do plain coffee if she has to. She’s bougie like that. And, the summer is still young. Take her to the beach, she loves the ocean and soaking up the sun. Wine tasting is another option too. But despite all the bougie-ness, she does appreciate a little Netflix and chill. I mean Netflix and chill, not put the Tv in the background and fuck.” Yaz gave the best advice she can give this guy and hope he listens. “And the rest is on you, I am not spilling all the beans. You gotta put in the work and find out the rest.

“Okay, I will work on that.” He said, as he took a glance at his woman at the table chatting it up with Frank as she waits.

“Oh yeah, she’s a piece of work but you will see what kind of woman she is once she opens the door to you. She likes to be wooed. Keep planning out dates like you have been doing. She’s usually always planning things with guys, it’s nice to let the guy do all that work.”

Dylan didn’t mind working for it, not one bit especially if this means getting the woman that he wants. Sage, this girl is different and he can feel it. She is super special and he couldn’t wait to get her to open up. He couldn’t wait to have her on his arm proudly and not because she’s a trophy but to say she is his woman publicly. Once the two ordered their coffees, Dylan served Sage’s first. She wasn’t expecting him to get her coffee with her asking but she had to ask.

“Oh, what coffee did you get me?”

“It’s a vanilla latte with soy milk, just in case you are lactose intolerant.” He said proudly.

Sage nodded with approval “Very smart because I am.”

Dylan couldn’t help but smile because he knew he won some brownie points. He couldn’t wait to woo her this summer because he will win this game of love.

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