Nice Going Sawyer

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❝I don't speak smartass❞

"Thank you for calling Charlie's Books, where you request and we fulfill, this is Sawyer speaking how can I help you?"

"Do you guys have any books on coming out to your homophobic parents who deem all lgbtq+ people as sinners from hell?"


"Please tell me you do, because I am struggling here"

"Unfortunately we do not, but can I give you words of advice?"

"Yes I'll take it"


"Don't what?"

"Don't come out, well not until you move out of your parent's house"

"But I'm tired of holding it in, I'm pretty sure they already know but are pretending to be blind"

"Then.... what's the issue if they already know?"

"It's more of the confirming it for them, that's terrifying me"

"Listen, we don't have those kinds of books here but there is this thing called the internet, have you heard of it?"

"......actually I haven't"

"You're kidding right?"

"Does it sound like I'm joking to you, Sawyer?"

"Yes it does"

"Do you hear the humor in my voice? can you tell that I'm laughing?"

"I'm sorry I don't speak smartass"

"You sure about that miss 'have you heard of this thing called the internet' now that's being a smart ass"

"It was a genuine question, I was being serious"


"Hello, you still there?"

"Suddenly I can not hear"

"If you're done being a smart ass, is that all you called for because I have to get back to work"

"Isn't answering phone calls and talking to customers apart of your job?"

"Yes and?"

"Well I am a customer and we are on the phone and you still have not helped me so as far as you doing your job, you suck"

"Oh fu- listen, you called and asked a question, I provided you with an answer, and if that is all, good day."



"Same time tomorrow?"

"For what?"

"Guess you'll have to see tomorrow, nice chatting with you Sawyer"

"But I-"

dial tone

hey guys, here's chapter one, i hope you guys like it, if not *in rhemas voice* mind ya business lmao i'm jk don't forget to comment your thoughts .

comments literally make my day.

also these chapters will be short. (:
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