My Ex-wife

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It's about a guy who thought the wife cheated on him. He found out that she didn't cheat , after six years they meet again. But not alone with twins. What will happen when they meet Come find out here 🤍My Ex-wife🤍 What will happen to them

Romance / Drama
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6 years before

I was waiting at home for Liam. Since he is the CEO of a multibillion company here in New York; he rarely had time to come home early without being tired but even so I wanted to share some good news and hopefully he would take it well. I heard the front door open Liam entered looking more stressed than usual. I went to give him a peck but he tilted his head. ‘Wow that hurt,’ I thought to myself.

“Babe what’s wrong?” I asked noticing that the air felt heavy; but instead of answering me he looked at me in disbelief.

“How can you do this to me?” Liam shouted.

“I don’t know what you are talking about Liam. Please tell me what’s wrong. I’m worried about you,” Elyne replied.

" You’re worried about me? You are worried about me?” Liam asked Elyne, rhetorically.

“I didn’t expect that your acting skills had advanced that fast. Did you worry about me when you broke our marriage?” Liam continued rumbling.

“Broke our marriage? What on earth do you mean? I’ve always been there to support you, love you and be your best friend. I love you and I would never do anything that would cost me to lose the ones I love. You know that better than anyone,” Elyne replied.

“You know what? At some point, if I didn’t know the truth, I would have believed everything that you’ve said. You’ve really changed. You’re not the girl I married ,” Liam stated.

The house went silent as Liam pulled out some photos out of a brown envelope and passed them on to his wife. As Elyne, took in the images in the photos, her only thoughts were who did this? The sight was terrible enough to see.

“Care to explain that?” Liam finally asked.

“I don’t know who this person is Liam. You have to believe me, I don’t know her,” Elyne stammered.

“You don’t know? Elyne stop fucking playing with me right now. That’s you. That’s you there in those pictures. You are cheating on me. With my cousin for God’s sake. What’s wrong with you? Why did you have to ruin us? We were so perfect,” Liam stated.

“Were? As in past tense? You’re not even going to me hear me out are you? You’re just gonna make assumptions and not care to listen to your own wife? Do you actually think that I can cheat on you? After all we’ve been through?” Elyne asked Liam with her eyes glossed to the core.

“I don’t think it actually. I know it. I’ve seen proof, Elyne. You have to know to stop acting when the truth’s already out,” Liam replied.

“Oh and yeah, it’s were. We’re getting divorced. The papers are already in the envelope. Sign them and leave by tonight. I don’t ever wanna see your face until we’re officially divorced or even afterwards. The clock is ticking Elyne, tick -tock,” Liam stated as he stepped outside their house for some air.

Elyne dragged her body up the stairs to their matrimonial room, a room of love, just for the both of them. After finally shutting the door, she fell onto the floor clutched her knees together and bent her head down so that she could have a good cry.

After finally recollecting herself, Elyne made it her mission not to take anything that her husband had purchased for her, that was the clothes he bought, the jewelry he got her, anything she knew never belonged to her. Her former closet was now half full, after her bags were fully packed. Memories flushed through her head as she tried to bury them all along with her failed marriage.

Dialing her best friend’s number, Elyne sat down as she filled Ava in on the past events. Like all best friends, Ava came as quickly as she could, ready to beat the hell out of that bastard.

**Three months later**

“Mrs. Elyne Knight, kindly present your papers to the judge,” the court clerk stated.

“Mr. Liam Knight, kindly present your papers to the judge,” the court clerk stated.

Elyne and Liam stood, and presented their papers to the judge handling your case.

“Mr. and Mrs. Knight, I see that you’ve already made my work easier, by signing all the papers needed. If I may; Mrs. Knight, do you need any financial support from your husband now or later in the future? ” the judge asked.

“No, Your Honor. I do not his support, financially or in any ways, I can fend for myself thank you,” Elyne replied.

“And you Mr. Knight? Do you need any kind of support, financially or any way from your wife? Now or in future?” the judge asked again.

“No Your Honor. I am well on my own,” Liam replied.

“Very well then. By the power invested in me I now nullify your marriage officially. You have both gotten back your initial names, Anderson and Knight. I now pronounce you as divorced,” the judge said, hitting her hammerhead, and finally signed the divorce papers.

It’s all over. Elyne was no longer a Knight, she was single and an Anderson.

“Liam. I have something to say. It will take very little of your time. I promise,” Elyne stated.

Liam nodded his head, signaling her to go ahead.

Elyne fumbled with the locket on her neck as she removed it and placed it on Liam’s palm.

“I never got the chance to give this back to you. I hope life treats you well, Liam. I wish you all the happiness in the world. Good bye Liam Knight,” Elyne stated as she made direct contact with Liam’s eyes. As she turned around, in her heart she knew leaving was the solution, not only to her but to her future children.

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