Edible Arrangements (The Hollens Book 6)

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"Let's get this straight, Kyle! I'm not your friend. I'm your boss!" Zenobia Hollen and Kyle Livingston were the best of childhood friends. They practically grew up together and was always there for each other as much as possible but when Kyle and Zenobia went off to different colleges, they grew apart. And now as a young adult, Zenobia is a manager at Hollen Tower. And she's in need of her own personal bodyguard. Guess who showed up for the job position?

Romance / Mystery
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Hello Everyone and thank you for choosing Edible Arrangements for your reading satisfaction today!

Please note that this book is work of a series. (The Hollens) and it's the last book of the series.

*I would advise you to read the entire 5 books on the series to have a clearer understanding but if you choose to read on, that's quite OK.

Books On The Series (The Hollens) :

-Hot Coffee

-Molten Chocolate

-Cookies and Cream

-Cherry On Top

-Freak Shake

-Edible Arrangements

**Edible Arrangements is based on Zenobia's story(EJ's and Zenia's daughter)**

It's a novel filled with mature content and language. I'd recommend 16 age+ readers.


-I'll love everyone to know that this novel is a work of PURE FICTION.

-Absolutely NO COPYING of my novel.

-DONT POST my novel outside of Inkitt without my knowledge.

-LET'S RESPECT everyone's opinions/comments underneath this novel. I don't stand for bullying especially over the internet.


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