Fated Love

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Bree Wilson has basically been abandoned by her parents. When a teacher starts to notice her lack of caring. An accident almost takes everything from Bree and she found she was fated for something different.

Kat Thomas
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Chapter 1

Bree Wilson hated science class more than going back home at the end of the day. It wasn;t that she hated Science it was him. The hot teacher that every girl in the school fawned over. He happened to live in the same apartment complex as her and he parked his car next to hers every day. Though he didn’t outright say anything to her ever he did seem to enjoy in calling her on every question in his class. It was the only time they really spoke. She just didn’t want to deal with him today. The fact he was only a few years older than most of the students he taught made her wonder who he knew or how senile some of the hiring board really was. To her it seemed to be a mistake to have a man like that near teenage girls.

She heard the bell and soon found herself in the hallway fighting to get to her next class when she stopped and was thinking about skipping. It wasn;t like she had anyone who would care if the school called the house. She didn’t know where her mother was, it had been over a week since she was home, and her father basically gave up years before though he didn’t live with them anymore. He had his new family to worry about while Bree was left on her own most of the years she had been in the cramped stupid apartment. The voice that came from behind her though brought her out of her fog, “I don’t think you want to miss today’s class, Miss Wilson.”

“Whatever Mr. Dannen I really don’t care about it either way.” Bree replied as she continued forward.

“If you do miss it and I have seen you leave I will give you a detension.” He said.

“And like I will show up for that.” She said sarcastically.

“Then it will go into a Saturday school.” He said with a sigh.

“Sir, Respectively, don’t try to scare me with detesions and Saturday schools. They don’t work on kids no one cares about.” Bree said and she continued towards the door.

“What are you talking about?” he asked as he reached out and grabbed her shoulder to halt her and then it came off. “I wouldn’t be arguing with you to get to class if I didn’t care.”

“Then you are the only one.” She said.

“Bree, go to class.” He said, “I won’t call on you today.”

“Mr. Dannen I am really just want to go home.” Bree said.

“I would prefer you to stay.” He said and Bree looked up over her shoulder and she thought she saw something flicker on his face that she didn’t know. It momentarily confused her.

“fine.” She said as she walked still in front of him and just hung her head low. She started thinking of all the things she needed to do after school.

“Good. I would like to see you after class.” He said.

“I can’t today.” Bree said. “I have to go cash my check.”

“And you can’t do that tomorrow? “he asked.

“Well I would like to eat tonight.” Bree said and he looked at her.

“Bree where is your mother?” he asked as the got to the classroom.

“Who knows and who cares.” Bree said as she walked in to the classroom and sat in her seat. She took out her book and opened to the assignment that had been due that day. Though she didn’t have a parent who seemed to care about what she did in school or for anything, she did want to leave when she graduated. She wanted to be better then her mother who only had a high school education and that had been a major issue between the two females. Bree wanted more out of life.

Somehow even though the older woman was never around to help with anything the bills did get paid. Bree never wanted to know how either since her mother didn’t have a steady job. though she knew that her mother had many friends that she would spend time with. Taking care of her daughter was not something the older woman cared for. Breee had heard her mother talking to her father once before about her and it was then she knew that neither of her parents cared enough to see if she was taken care of. They met her basic needs and then left her on her own. At seventeen she was almost done and ready to leave as soon as she graduated.

Bree works parttime at a home store int eh area. Though it wasn’t much she had worked hard and was saving to get away. The best thing her mother did was allow her to get her license and then to buy her a small car. That was more than she had ever hoped for from either of her parents.

As the period was getting ready to end the man in the front of the room dismissed everyone but he leveled a stare at Bree to stay in her seat. She did. Thoguh she knew she had things to do she also knew he wouldn’t give up either. The last thing she wanted was any trouble he could bring into her life.

“Now care to explain?” He asked as he sat on the table next to hers and looked down to her.

“About?” she asked.

“Having to cash you check to be able to eat, Where your mother is, maybe everything in between.” He said as he looked at her.

“Why?” she asked and made a face at him. “Both my parents know what I do when they are around. Why do you care? I do my work, I answer all your questions, and I am not starving so what of it?”

“Why do you get hostile when I am just asking a question?” he asked.

“Because we have a system.” She said. “That is all you need to know.”

“Bree.” The man in front of her said as she stood up.

“Don’t worry about me. I do just fine. Now I need to go so I can do what I have too.” She walked out the door and he just stood his head at the small girl that had just walked out of the room.

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