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Heal My Heart

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Reaper stood watching Jeannie. It has been two years. Two years since she has talked to him. Two years since she has punished him for letting the club whore suck his cock. Two years since he held her, kissed her. Two years since she wore her cut. He was done waiting for her. It was time they settled things. He saw his brother Red Eagle the president of the Falcon MC put up with his VP and enforcer. Shit, this is trouble he doesn't know and he knows once Red Eagle finds out about Jeannie he will bring their mom and dad to the clubhouse.

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Chapter 1: Valkyries Party

Red Eagle president of the Falcon MC pulled up with his VP, Horse, and his enforcer Ryker. They saw Jeannie as they were walking to the clubhouse. "Red Eagle said. I’m in love." Horse said not with her. She is Reaper’s Valkyrie. "You’re lying." No Horse said. She has been his Valkyrie for two years. And it has been two years since she has lived with him or talked to him. Red Eagle stopped walking and said. "What the fuck would he have done for that to happen?" The first night here Reaper was caught by Jeannie with his cock shoved down a club whores throat. "Wow, and why the fuck would he do that when he has a Valkyrie that looks like that?" No one knows. But she is making him pay for it. "I can’t believe my brother is so fucking stupid." Horse and Ryker said. Did you just say your brother? "Yep, he is my younger brother. This is going to be so fun. I am going to piss him off so follow my lead he said walking into the clubhouse."

"Steve, How have you been since we last saw you?" Good and you? "Better than my brother. I hear that my brother as that beautiful woman sitting out on the rock by your lake as his Valkyrie. A Valkyrie who left him the day they arrived here and she hasn’t talked to him in two years." Reaper said fuck you Red Eagle stay away from her, don’t talk to her or look at her. She is mine. "Doesn’t look like she is yours. I wonder do mom and dad know about their daughter in law? I doubt it." He handed Horse his phone under the table. "Text my parents let them know about this." Horse grinned and did as he asked. "Just what the hell did you do to make your Valkyrie leave you?" None of your fucking business. Just then Elizabeth, Cammy, Tammy, and Kelly walked in. Elizabeth said. Steve, we are having a party this weekend. It is Jeannie’s birthday Saturday and she has a week off from work so we plan on getting her drunk. " Steve yelled are you crazy? You know how she is when she is drunk." Tammy grinned and said. Tell your visiting club members not to touch her and she won’t break an arm.

"Dammit, Elizabeth you are going to be the death of me." But you also know how funny we all are when we get drunk. "You five girls are funny." But we need to make sure more prospects are here. You girls climb on top of everything. The last time that Jeannie got drunk she climbed on the bar and ran across it jumping on that stupid mother fucker who slapped her ass because she couldn’t get to him any other way. She could have broken her neck. And you. You jumped off the bar and grabbed the fucking light swinging on it. The club members present were laughing so hard. But boss. They are so funny and we all had a good time watching them. Fine he said. "Boss it has been a year since they got drunk we can let them five have some fun. After all we all know that with the job Jeannie does she needs it once in a while." I said fine. "But you boys are all going to help baby sit them. We don’t mind." Remember Tammy’s birthday when they all decided to jump in the fucking lake. Now that was funny.

"Steve said, you thought it was funny because we all had to jump in and get our Valkyrie’s out of the lake." Well we would have done it but you all yelled at us not to touch them. We just followed orders. "Alright I get it Steve said." So this Friday is the party. "Fine. I also supposed you want some joints." Naturally we do. After all you all have your fun we want to have fun too. "Fine I said." Now that is settled we are all going shopping. "Fuck me. No short dresses." Promise the yelled as they headed out the door to walk and get Jeannie.

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