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Heal My Heart

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Chapter 2: Jeannie Stays in her RV this Week and Goes for her man

The girls were in the RV getting ready. Jeannie was nervous. "Are you sure this is going to work she asked?" The girls said fuck yes. He is going to be jealous. Jeannie he is scared to make the first move. He loves you. He hasn’t been with a woman since you left him. He stares at you all the time. He said he wants you back but is scared because you have refused to talk to him. "I know I said. But I was so hurt." We know. But believe us. We have all been through it. Hell, do you think our men don’t know what is going on? They all do accept Reaper. You dance you have fun you smoke a little and you get drunk. Hell, you will end up in his lap before the night is over mark our words. If you do anything dangerous he will be there to save you. And watch the look on his face when you walk in. The men are going to have him sitting with his back to the bar watch how fast his head turns around to see what you are wearing.

It was 10:00 and the girls walked toward the clubhouse. As they walked to the door about 10 club members were standing outside. "Fuck me they said. If Reaper doesn’t go for her tonight I say Jeannie is up for grabs." The girls all smiled. They know they did their job. The guys followed the girls in unable to stop looking. Whistles started going through the clubhouse." Fuck me. Jeannie, you look hot." Reaper’s head swung around and when he saw Jeannie he got an instant hard-on. He was looking at her with lust in his eyes. Jeannie knew she would have him on his knees tonight and in her bed finally. Red Eagle was watching Reaper. He loved this girl. She knew how to bring his brother to his knees. If this didn’t get him in her bed there was definitely something wrong with Reaper.

The girls walked over to Steve and he handed them a joint. The girls grabbed their beer and walked to the VIP table saved for the Valkyrie’s. They sat down and smoked the joint and drank their beers. they had around three more with Elizabeth and Jeannie walked to the bar and ordered five peach slammers. They carried them to the table and have the club members watched them. As they reached the table they heard them yell and slam the drinks and swallow. They then hit the dance floor. They danced for a while and walked back to the table where "Steve said. Countdown for the shoes to come off." And they did. Reaper sat at a table with his back to the wall watching Jeanne. Steve, Hammer, Red Eagle, and his enforcer and VP sat with them. Next thing you know several Prospects lift the girls up on the bar. They started dancing to whip out and Reaper swore his cock couldn’t get any harder but he was wrong.

Then the door flung open and some uninvited guests arrived. A bunch of college boys. They saw the girls on the bar and one of them walked up to where Jeannie was dancing and he grabbed her off the bar and tried to kiss her. Reaper was across the room and grabbed the boy off of her. He told him "to leave and keep his hands off his woman." Several prospects grabbed them and took them outside. Reaper threw Jeannie over his shoulder and carried her to her RV. Once in the RV he walked back to her bedroom and threw her on the bed. She bounced and looked up at him grinning.

Reaper growled and said. "Do you think this is funny?" I do Jeannie said. At least someone wants to touch me. Reaper leaned down with his arms on each side of her. "You think I don’t want to touch you." Yes, I think you don’t want to touch me. Instead, you wanted a whore to touch you. Get the fuck away from me. He grabbed her hair and made her look at him. "Jeannie, I said I fucked up. I was sorry." Sorry, she yelled. What you’re sorry I caught you in the act? "No, I’m sorry I did it. I’m sorry that I made you feel as if you weren’t good enough for me. I’m sorry that I made you feel unattractive because god help me your not. I’m sorry I didn’t make love to you at the motel. fuck I’m sorry about everything. I’m sorry I let you walk away from me."

He leaned down on her and to shut her up he kissed her. He took his shirt off and threw it across the room. Reaper continued to kiss her and show her that he wanted her. He showed her that he loved her in his touch and making her moan for him. He then gave her what they both wanted. Him inside her. Him making her scream his name. Her in his arms at last. Him cradled between her thighs. He proved to her all night long and into the early morning just how much he wanted her and loved her.

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