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Jessica’s POV:

I sat in in the car and was about 30 minutes into my journey. Yes I know your wondering how I was sat in a car when I came on the train. The explanation is quite simple really. Mr Hotshot refused to let me go. It took Billy, Matt, Max and I to convince him to let me go and he agreed after an hour of convincing. But he found out I came by train and forced me to take his car and driver. It was either his driver or I spend the night with him and believe me I did but if I did then who knows where the night will have ended so I simply took his car.

It took another 2 and a half hours to reach home and all I could think about was the kiss he gave me before I left. I can’t believe I gave in so quick it only took him 2 seconds to make me give and and make me hang off him like a koala. God I must have looked like such a push over, but if it meant I could have a kiss like that, I would make myself look like an idiot any day of the week. By the looks of it I will be getting a lot more kisses since I will be working for the devil himself.

I am such an idiot I can’t believe I didn’t check who the CEO was before I went. I was shocked when I found out that one of the Hughes brothers liked me, so imagine the amount of shock when I found out that he was the CEO himself.

This is going to be a very difficult journey. I can just tell.

It was around 6PM when I got home and my nerves immediately went haywire. How are they going to take the news, are they going to let me move to London without a fight?

I stalked my way towards the door. I fiddled with my bag trying to look for my key but I couldn’t find it. Well there goes my plans for sneaking in. I lifted my hand to knock but it was suddenly opened and I was engulfed into a bear hug by my mum. “OHHHH MY BABIES BACK! HOW DID IT GO? DID YOU GET THE JOB? DID THEY REJECT YOU? OH baby it doesn’t matter if they did there are plenty of other jobs out there for you” “Mum calm down” I tried butting in between her rambling but before I could she dragged me into the house and into the living room “Hey guys” I muttered while prying my hand out of my mums strong grip. “well did she get the job or not?” my dad asked looking directly at mum. Mum shook her head and I was surprised she didn’t pull a muscle. “No babe she hasn’t told me yet”

I was then hounded with questions from the 4 people sat in front of me. So I went and sat on the sofa so I was facing all of them. The situation kinda reminded me of when I went for my interview but instead of 4 hot hunks it was my jumpy mother, flabby father, daunting sister and my annoying as hell brother.

What a replacement.

I got myself comfortable and started explaining “Well if you give me a chance to speak I will tell you what happened.” I waited until there was complete silence before I continued. “So you all know where I went and why I went so lets skip that. while I was waiting to be called in, all of the women who were called in came out either crying or extremely pissed. So as you can tell I was shitting myself.....Oh sorry I mean pooing myself. Anyway when it was my turn I gave them my file, they checked it and we spoke to each other. I spoke to all 4 brothers and they were relatively nice and when they finished asking questions, they decided I was the best one for the job...” I was interrupted by screaming. Before I new it I was at the bottom of a human pyramid. “WAIT I’M NOT FINISHED” I pushed all of them off me and waited for them to go and sit back down.

Ok just rip the bandage off. I took a deep breath.

“As you know I originally applied for the floor managers job but once I was accepted for the job I found out that it was not the managers job I had applied for but it was to be a PA...... for the CEO.” By the time I had finished their jaws had fallen and their eyes were wide. Well they are already in shock so I might as well give them some more. “And because I have been accepted to be the PA of the CEO, it means that I will have to move to London and that too in 4 days” I finished and it was like I was struggling to breath. No one said a word. Their eyes and mouth still wide open and we sat in awkward silence until the screaming started again.

Dad was the first one to jump up and shout “THERE IS NO WAY IN HELL MY BABY IS MOVING TO ANOTHER CITY ON HER OWN!”




They all continued shouting and I let them. I stood patiently waiting for 5 minutes, I though by now they would have calmed down but they seemed to be getting louder. I need this to stop.

I stood on the sofa and screamed at the top of my voice. “ENOUGH, I DON’T WANT TO HEAR ANOTHER WORD!”

They all stopped immediately and looked at me in shock. I have never raised my voice at my family, not even as a joke but I had no choice, they wouldn’t let me finish.

“I am sorry for shouting but you didn’t let me finish. I have no choice but to go now I have already signed the contract and I can’t leave without giving 4 weeks notice. My accommodation has already been taken care of, all I have to do is move in. And before you ask where, it is in a very good area. In fact it is in the same building as the CEO and his brothers. And you don’t need to worry about my financial security because I will not be paying for the place I will be staying in. The company pays for my rent.”

They fell into silence again. “Please someone say something” my voice broke at the end. I didn’t want to go if my family didn’t agree but I really didn’t have a choice. I didn’t think through this when I signed the contract.

Mum was the first to speak this time. “Hun I am really proud of you, we all are but you have to understand you are the baby of the family. Whatever you needed, we gave it. Where ever you needed to go we took you. You didn’t even know how to get from A-Z on the bus until last year. I'm sorry for being over protective but look at it from my point of view, your my youngest child, if I didn't put up a fight what kind of mother would I be?"

I never did see it from their point of view, we have never been apart and now that I am finally moving it is indefinitely. I looked at them individually and my heart almost broke. Mum, Jacob and Steph were crying and dad was looking at the ceiling trying to blink his tears away.

"I'm really sorry that I didn't think about how you would feel. But you knew deep down that if I was to get this job regardless of what it was I applied for, I would have eventually have had to move. It's just that I have to move sooner rather than later. Please I don't want to go without knowing you are all happy for me to leave, I know it hurts for you to see me go because I am feeling what your feeling times 4 because I am leaving the 4 most important people in my life." By the time I finished I was sat in a puddle of tears. Who knew saying goodbye would hurt this much.

"Sweetpea" I looked up at dad. "I am extremely proud of you, we all are. And your right we did know you would have to move but I was really hoping it was later on but no it is in 4 days. We don't even have enough time to say goodbye. But it doesn't matter, we are going to spend these last few days with each other and make the most amazing memories we can. But before we do any of that I need to set some rules". Dad finished with a stern look on his face.

Here we go.

" Rule number 1- you have to phone us every single day you are gone and if you can't, you have to send a text.

Rule number 2- I expect you to come and visit us once if not every month and least every 2 months.

Rule number 3- Expect random visits from me because I will be checking up on you and there's no point of even arguing about this because I am going to do it regardless of your opinion.

Rule number 4- No Boyfriends. AT ALL! I mean it Jessica. If I find out you have a boyfriend I will personally show him how over protective I can be."

Dad finished with an evil grin on his face. It's a good job I didn't tell them what had happened during my interview because if I did he would be on his way now to murder Adam.

"I agree to every single one of those rules dad. Now can I go and freshen up. It's been a long emotional day and I need a shower"

They all started laughing and I walked upstairs to my room. I had an ensuite which I walked into straight away. I let the shower run so it could warm up while I undressed. As soon as the water hit me I let out a sigh. I could feel my muscles relax and I felt calm.

But of course my 'calmness' was interrupted by Adam. They way he dominated over me so easily and I let him. His kisses, his earth shattering kisses, and how he made my breathing hitch without even touching me. I could just see Adam's face, him grabbing me, telling me I'm his and he's mine. Any normal girl would probably run away from such possessiveness but I am anything but normal. I have never felt this way before. I know it has only been a couple of hours, but the time away from him feels like years. Adam does not know, but he has my heart, it is all his. I can't believe I am saying this.

I am in love with you Adam!

Authors note:

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Secondly, I am sorry I haven't updated quicker but I am juggling between uni work but I will be uploading a chapter very soon.

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