Office Romance

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Adam’s POV:

I have been chasing her for the last couple of minutes. I must say, I underestimated her. The little rat has some speed, she somehow keeps managing to get free.

She has thrown whatever came into her hand at my face trying to get free. I don’t know how many times a pillow has smacked me in the face, but all I know is that it fucking hurt. Just wait until I get my hands on you.

After chasing her for roughly 5 minutes I could tell she was starting to get tired and I was just waiting for the right moment, so I could pounce on her. I was starting to get really impatient as the time went by. I just needed her in my arms.

It was at that moment, that I saw she was getting tired and she bent over with her hands on her knees to catch her breath. I took the opportunity and jumped on her causing her to scream. She landed on her back while I placed all my weight on top of her. I didn’t even bother taking any of my weight off her. I would class this as one of her punishments. This one being the nicest of them all.

She started wiggling, trying to get out of grasp but I just tightened my grip on her. I don’t think so baby. I’m not letting go now. I couldn’t help the smile that spread on my face seeing her struggle against me. Her body wanted the same thing I did, but her mind was telling her something different. “MR HUGHES” She started shouting, still wiggling to get me off.

She shouted again once she realised I wouldn’t move. “MY HUGHES MOVE” but to no avail. She thought she was clever, by talking in a gentle tone and calling me by my name, but I know her game. She is trying to play me, make me surprised by the fact she called me by my name. Not today baby. Not today.

“Fine, Adam could you please get your heavy ass off of me, pleaseee” She pleaded, and I couldn’t help but smirk. “My heavy ass. Oh baby, you’ve seen nothing yet”. Her eyes widened and If possible my smirk deepened. “please” she whispered. I could tell my words were starting to have an affect on her, so I continued. “hehe what did I say when you ran? I think it was something among the lines ‘if I catch you, then I will not be letting you go’ and guess what I have caught you so I guess that means I am not letting you go” I lowered my head and placed gentle kisses along her jaw. She started squirming against me. Her eyes closed as I placed a kiss on the corner of her mouth. I moved back causing her eyes to flutter open.

“your so beautiful do you know that?” Before I knew what I was doing, my lips were against her seeking the bliss that I have craved over the last couple of days. I was not gentle at all. I was making her aware of what she missed over the last couple of days and what she will be missing in the future if she keeps playing hard to get. I held her arms above her head, so she couldn’t move.

I started moving my kisses down to her neck. I starting biting and sucking purposely leaving marks and as I moved to the side. I needed everyone who looked at her to know she was mine. She needed to know she was mine. She is probably going to kill me after this but it will be worth it. She started moving her arms letting me know she wanted to touch me. I moved back and attacked her lips once again and slowly let her hands go. As soon as I left her hands she she gripped my hair making a guttural groan leave my mouth and I could feel her smirk into the kiss.

We continued for what felt like forever. I couldn’t get enough of her, especially when she indirectly told me to take my top off. I slowly started opening the buttons on her dress. I was about to move my hand to the end of her dress to pull it off but stopped when I heard the doorbell.

For fuck sake.

But me being a twat I didn’t stop even when she told me that someone was on the door. I only stopped when I heard Max scream. “WHERE’S MY LITTLE SIS AT? LOOKS WHOSE HERE JESS, IT’S YOUR FAVOURITE NEW BIG BROTHER MAX!”

We both froze staring each other out. Neither of us knew what to do next. I just ended up smirking. I found this situation really funny and I knew she would end up really embarrassed and I couldn’t wait. Max bought me out of my thoughts when he screamed again. “Jess where are yo.....OH MY GOD!” I could tell by their shadows that all 3 of my brothers were stood in front of me and also by the look on Jess’ face.

She caught me off guard when she pushed me with full force. It was a very powerful push but it was enough to shrug me off. She stood up as soon as I was off her and I did the same. But I didn’t expect what she did next.

She slapped me.

She fucking slapped me.

She is such a good little actress. If I came in with the boys, I would have believed her story too. “Oh my, I though you were a robber. I’m sorry for slapping you.” She finished throwing her hand over her chest. I froze in my spot. What the hell just happened. I can't believe she just slapped me. And the worst part is, my dumbass brothers actually believed her.

Billy was first, then Matt then Max. All 3 of them telling what an idiot I am and how they would fuck me up the next time I did something like this that would hurt or scare her.

I looked over at Jessica and she was stood crying. i stood their feeling proud. Even though the bastards just threatened me, they stood up for Jess and went against me, their own flesh and blood. But I would have it no other way. They all indulged in a group hug, the boys reassuring her, that they would keep her safe.

I still can't get over the fact that she just slapped me so she doesn't get embarrassed. Well baby 2 can play at this game. Heheheheh. I'm gonna make you regret that slap baby.

I started smirking at the plan I had forming in my head and at that moment Jess looked over to me. Her eyes widened upon seeing my smirk. She knew that I was going get her back for her little bust up. But what she didn't know was I am settling the score right now.

"Hey. Billy, Matt, Max, I must say I am really happy with the way you just reacted to this situation. But. I need to tell you something. You know this new little sister of yours, she's a very good actress." I looked over at the boys and they had a look of confusion written on their face, I then looked over to Jess. I smirked as she was pleading me with those beautiful big brown eyes to keep my mouth shut. Sorry babe, no can do.

"Your all a bunch of idiots. Look around the room, the pillows are everywhere, I have no top on, remember our position when you walked in. If she really thought I were a robber, then why didn't she scream when you first came in." I finished and all three boys looked over to Jess. They raised an eyebrow and Jess looked directly at the floor.

Billy spoke up first. "Jess, what does he mean? Are you going to tell me what happened here?" I started laughing once he finished asking his question which resulted in all 4 of them looking towards me. "You see what happened was little miss Jessica here thought it was a good idea to run away from me when all I really wanted was a kiss. So I told her that I would not be letting her go once I caught her. You guys walked in at the wrong moment. She just made me take my top off, and I was about to pull hers off. If you don't believe me ask Jess or you can ask her to show you" I finished and walked over to Jess.

I lifted her face up and made her look at me. "So baby, do you want to let the boys know what happened or would you like me to show them." She looked me in the eyes and shook her head thinking I was going to stop. Instead of stopping, I leant down and captured her lips again. I pulled away and I smirked. She didn't fight me this time.

But I wasn't done yet.

"If you don't believe me look at my hair and the back of my neck, I'm sure I have her nail marks all over me." I turned around and showed them my back and they all gasped.

I turned back around and found all three boys looking at Jess. It was Max who spoke this time. "Little sis, you could have just told us that you were in the middle of fucking. I would have turned around and waited for you to finish. There's no need for you to be embarrassed, you have needs, he has needs and you were helping each other scratch the 'itch' hahah if you get what I mean" he finished with a wink.

And just as I had assumed, my baby was bright red, heating up in embarrassment. Well it serves you right for slapping me.

"Right, I have had enough of this bullshit. Adam stop teasing Jess, leave her own and stop trying to embarrass her. If you keep on doing it I'm gonna be your up myself" Billy finished while hugging Jess.

I am so confused. "Wait so even after I just told you she was lying, your still supporting her over me" I said scratching my head. Matt spoke next, "We have already told you that she comes before you so whether she is right or wrong she will always be right in our books, so piss off Adam and leave her alone"

Well that back fired.

I looked over to Jess and she stood there smirking at me. I knew why she was smirking. I just can't believe that my plan backfired.

It's ok Jess, I don't think you remember that you are going to be working under me in every aspect. Lets see how long you last resisting me.

Your time starts now.

Authors note:

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