Office Romance

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Jessica's POV:

It was around 7pm, and I was sat on the sofa looking through the windows, at the amazing view.

I keep thinking back to the scene that took place a few hours ago. I can feel my blood heat up again and I knew my cheeks were once again bright red.

I can't believe Adam put me in a position like that. Ughhhh. That was so embarrassing. I am so glad the boys didn't linger on the topic for too long. They flipped it back onto Adam who stood with a confused face. I couldn't help but smirk. I know that I have got the support of my new brothers, which means I can mess around with Adam and get away with it. I just need a plan. What can I do first. Something that will irritate him, really bad. Hmmmmm.

I have been sat here for the last half an hour trying to come up with a plan but I can't seem to make one. I guess I will have to observe him and find out what pisses him off before I plan my next move. Maybe I could ask Matt and Max to help me come up with something. In fact, yes. That is what I will be doing. I will ask them tomorrow when I see them at the office.

I jumped off the sofa excited for tomorrow and walked to my room. My room was massive compared to the one I had back in Sheffield. It had a Queen sized bed in the middle. Opposite from where I was stood, there was a door leading to an ensuite and another door opposite the bed leading to a walk in wardrobe. It was huge! How many clothes do they think I own?

I started by setting all my clothes and shoes, putting them in their own area. It took an hour to put my things away. I checked the time and saw it was 8:20pm, so I decided to have a quick shower before jumping into bed.

I took my toiletries and placed them on the vanity. I loved the bathroom. There was a mirror that covered half the wall. The shower was one of those fancy ones which I knew I would have trouble starting. After fiddling with the shower for what felt like forever, I finally got it going and did my normal routine.

I got out of the shower and wore a pair of shorts and a vest. I laid in bed and started thinking about Adam. How can I fall in love with someone I have only known for a few days and know nothing about? Maybe I am just imagining all of this, maybe it is just an infatuation? What if he doesn't like me? What if it is all in my head? What if he finds someone else, someone prettier?

I started getting a headache because of my wild thoughts and decided it was best if to go to sleep. I drank a glass of warm milk and drifted off into a deep sleep thinking of my mystery man.



"ugghhhh" I woke up to a screeching noise. I sat up and rubbed my eyes. It was the doorbell. I picked my phone up to check the time.



Who knocks on someone's door at this time. I patted down my hair to look somewhat presentable while I was walking down he stairs.


Who knew walking on glass would freeze your feet.

The bell hadn't stopped ringing since I woke up. this better be good. "KEEP YOUR HAIR ON, I'M COMMING" I jogged over to the door to reveal the 4 brothers who all had smirks on their faces while mine held a scowl.

"What could possibly be so important that you had to wake me up at 5 in the fucking morning?" yeah I know I'm being rude but I am not a morning person. At all. Billy started laughing and spoke first, " well good morning to you Jess" he sniggered. Max went next, "well we thought we would ask you if you wanted to join the four of us on our morning run. The more the merrier. He smiled at me. Normally, I would have smiled back but I was in a really bad mood at the moment.

"so wait a minute, you just rang my bell at 5:30 in the morning like you had a serial killer running after you and you woke me up from my deep peaceful sleep just because you wanted me to join you on a run? Are you joking" They stood still and said nothing while holding confused expressions. "No I don't want to fucking join you on a run, I want my bed now fuck off and good night." I shut the door on their faces and went and laid back in bed. I had two hours left to sleep and I intended on having them.

I jumped out of bed. My alarm rung in my ears scaring the shit out of me. I walked into the bathroom and did my normal routine. "Awww fuck!" I banged my big toe against god knows what and it really hurt. What a good start to the day. You know I feel like killing those brothers they have ruined my mood.

I waddled out of the bathroom and walked to the wardrobe. I couldn't decide what to wear. It was my first day at the office today and I needed to make a good impression. I looked through my clothes and spotted the right ones.

I started laughing when I saw myself in the mirror. It was professional but provocative. I wore a black pencil skirt that had a slit in the back with a white shirt tucked in with the first three buttons open.


I made a plan without even thinking about it. Plan distract Adam without even trying. I hope Adam falls for this.



I entered the office and went straight to the lift. I stopped on the top floor and walked over to the rude lady I met last time and once again she didn't even let me speak. "Mr Hughes is waiting for you in his office, I'm sure you know where it is." She didn't even wait for me to finish and walked away.

How can someone be so ignorant.

I shrugged her off not wanting to ruin my mood. I made my way over to Adam's office and knocked on the door. I waited until I heard a 'come in'.

I opened the door and walked in to see all 4 brothers sat the same way I saw them when I came for my interview. I walked towards them and stood next to them. "Good morning Mr Hughes, could you please assign me with the work I need to do for today" I looked at Adam but he looked extremely pissed. I furrowed my brows in confusion. I looked over to the boys but they all looked equally pissed. They all stared at me but no one said anything. I looked behind me to see if they were glaring at someone stood behind me but there was no one there.

"Mr Hughes is something wrong" I tried breaking the awkward silence. But they just kept glaring at me. Max stood up and walked over to a cabinet and pulled out what looked like a blanket. He walked over to me and draped it over my shoulders.

What the hell!

He moved back and kept glaring at me. I broke eye contact and looked at the blanket around my shoulders. "Right can someone tell me what's going on 'cause your really starting to piss me off and why have you put a blanket around me?" Yeah. Not the best way to start your first day, but what is their problem?

"Well Jess, why do you think we are pissed" Billy spoke gritting his teeth. "Well if I knew, I wouldn't have asked" I gave a sassy reply. God they are really starting to get on my nerves.


It's because I left them hanging this morning when they came to ask for a run. But why are they so riled up over such a little thing.

"Is it because of what happened this morning? Because if it is, I have no intention of apologising because you were the ones who woke me up from my sleep, not the other way round." Matt spoke up next "No! It's not because of that either". What. Well what else could it be.

Before I could ask the question, Adam stood up. He glared at me as took steps towards me. "do you really want to know why we are pissed" He said taking a step closer. "Did you look in the mirror before you let" He said taking another step closer.

I don't think I have ever felt so self-conscious as I did in that moment. Do I look Ugly. I thought I looked professional. Oh. I could feel tears building. I looked up at Adam and blinked them away. I didn't blink them away fast enough because he saw them. His eyes softened for a second before turning back into a glare.

"Did you wear those just to piss me off" He said taking his last step inches away from me" All the emotions I felt were replaced with anger. "What the hell do you mean? Why are you so pissed? What I wear has nothing to do with you" I said pointing a finger at his chest.

Billy spoke up again "you shouldn't have worn that" Ok these boys need to learn when to shut the fuck up.

Adam opened his mouth before I could open mine. "I told you, I don't want any other man looking at you. You wearing that means a lot of unwanted attention. From men. Jessica I have already told you, Only I will look at you the way I do. You were already the gossip of the office, and you've just spiked the commotion even more just by walking through the office in what your wearing. I will not allow it. Go home and get changed. Now."


OMG! He's jealous! Wait. That means my plan is working. YES!!

I couldn't help the smile that cam onto my face. I looked over at the boys who were now stood in a line, arms crossed glaring at me. I chuckled before turning back to Adam. "So all of this" I pointed between Adam and the boys "is because of what I am wearing" I shook my head laughing.

I pulled the blanket off of me and passed it back to Max. I walked over to the sofa and sat down. I waited till all eyes were on me. "Right now that I have established that you don't like what I am wearing, I'll just tell you a few points about me. One, I don't actually care about your opinion on my clothing and I am going to be wearing whatever I want. Two, I am here to work for you and that is what I intend on doing. And last but not least Three, I don't listen to the office gossip and quite frankly I don't give a shit and neither should you, so if that is it can you kindly show me to my work." I finished knowing I hit a nerve.

Hahahaha if only they knew I did this on purpose. It is just a bonus that I have pissed all 4 of them off together. I guess I found their first pet peeve.

"There's no way in he.." Adam started but I shot him a look that dared him to continue. He glared back at me and sighed like the dramatic barbie he is. "fine" he said through gritted teeth.


Point one goes to me.

Author's note:

So guys what do you think. Do you like the game that is starting between the two of them. Do you think the boys were right to get pissed. Let me know what you think in the comments and please remember to like, share, comment and write a review.

Thank you

Nafeesa xxxx

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