Office Romance

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Adam’s POV:

We left her house shortly after that little scene took place. All four of us went to my house giggling like little teenagers.

“Oh the look on her face when she saw us looking at you wrapped around her was priceless” Billy said while jumping on the sofa. “Adam the next time your going to play with my little sister can you let me know before hand because that is something I do not want to see” Matt said shivering in disgust. “Why, I found it quite funny to be honest with you. Oi our brothers not a nun after all, you were getting me a bit worried there” Max finished laughing like an idiot.

“Just because I don’t put my life on display like you do, doesn’t necessarily mean I am a nun. It just means that I am a private person.” I said defensively. Oh please change the subject. PLEASE!

“Really so how many girls have you slept with and no you can’t change the subject until you have answered the question.”

Oh for fuck sake.

“I...Um....I...errrm, Three” I whispered.

“What was that Adam I didn’t quite catch that?” Max said with a smug look on his face.

“why are you being a prick, you know I’ve only been with three girls before so why do you keep pestering me? Just because I’m not a man whore like you.”

“I’m a man whore and proud” Max stood giving a fake salute. What did I do to attain such a brother. The rest of the evening was spent with the boys laughing at my expense. I eventually had to kick them out and went to my room.

I hopped in the shower and once I was done I put on a pair of shorts and jumped into bed. I closed my eyes and tried going to sleep. I tossed and turned but couldn’t drift off. That little devil kept invading my thoughts. The was she felt in my hands, how she gave in and wrapped her hands around my neck. The way she rubbed herself on me. The way she yanked on my top to take it off. UGHHHHH!!!

I jolted up and jogged to the bathroom. Guess who has to go and have a cold shower. Oh my luck.



I met up with the boys at 5am. It has turned into a tradition of some sort, for us brothers to go on a morning jog together and we have been doing so for the last 11 years without fail. I finished putting my shoes on when Billy suggested that we take Jess with us. I felt like a 2 year old child, getting excited for a sweet. Well if you get to think about it I am getting a sweet, just in the form of Jess.

We walked over to Jess’ door and Max being the idiot he is rang the bell and didn’t take his finger off it. He only let got when we heard her shout “KEEP YOUR HAIR ON,I’M COMING!” We all started laughing but my laugh stopped halfway when she opened the door and I saw what she was wearing. I don’t know how I controlled myself when I saw her in those extremely short shorts and that vest that left nothing to the imagination. I completely zoned out and shamelessly checked her out. Of course she didn’t stop me because she was too caught up in her rage. I was pulled out of my thoughts when I heard the door slam in my face.

I turned back to my brothers who looked confused and were rubbing the back of their necks. Max looked at me with a smirk “She’s a feisty one, good luck brother, your going to need it” He finished causing me to chuckle.

Don’t I know it.

After I finished my run, I quickly had a shower and wore my clothes. I wore a black suit with a white shit. Don’t ask me what brand it was because I don’t have time to bother with that shit. I stepped out of the door and met with my brothers. We go to the office in one car which is why they were stood in the hall waiting for me. I walked forward and stood outside Jess’ door. I was about to knock on the door but I quickly turned to my brothers and put my finger on my lips telling them to be quite. They quickly shut up and joined me with their heads against the door.

I could hear music. She was singing. She sounded amazing, but it wasn’t her singing that got my attention, it was what she was singing.

Oh when your lips undress me

Hooked on your tongue

Oh love your kiss is deadly

Don’t stop

Oh baby if only you give me the chance. I can promise that once I start, there will be no stopping.

I didn’t realise when the boys moved back, but when I turned around they were all staring at me trying their hardest not to laugh. “Shut your faces, don’t even think about saying another work. Especially you Max” He looked at me and pretended to zip his mouth and throw away the key. If only it was true.

We entered the office and as usual, all the attention was thrown on us. We stood outside the lift and waited for it to come down. While we were waiting for the lift, I heard a loud noise of chatter coming from behind me. I turned around to see what was happening and they boys followed pursuit. There was a massive crowd of my employees, all male members, no doubt talking about one of my female workers. I was about to turn back around when I heard my baby’s name being called. “Oh what was that babes name? I think it was Jess. Did you see her? What a babe” One said and I clenched my jaw trying to control my anger. Another one spoke up “Ohhh my days, did you see her arse though. Her perky plump arse, that skirt she’s wearing is just out lining all her good features. I’m first in line by the way. I get to take her before any of you lot do.” That was the last straw. I took a step forward to go for the kill but I stopped when Matt went forward and stopped in front of the two men we heard. “Mr Davis, Mr Howard” They turned to Matt and saw that he was pissed, they stood their shaking.

Little pussies.

“You are both fired you have an hour to pack your things, pass your ID to reception and get the hell out of my building. I don’t need to explain why I’m firing you because you already know the reason” He walked away from them and put his hand on my shoulder. He looked at me giving me a look telling me to leave it. He pushed me into the lift.

Everyone surrounding the lift walked away and those inside the lift walked out leaving just us four brothers. I think they could tell we were pissed. Billy shouted out first. “How the fuck did she get here before us and what the fuck is she wearing that made those wankers lust over her like that” He finished holding his head trying to calm his anger down. “I don’t know but we need to have a serious talk with her” I finished, walking out of the lift and heading to my office. The boys followed and we all sat on the sofa waiting for her. None of us said a word as we were all trying to calm ourselves down.

I heard a knock on the door, Immediately knowing who it was. I told her to come in through gritted teeth. All four of us looked directly at her. She looked so fucking sexy and if I wasn’t so pissed I would have pushed her against the wall and snogged the shit out of her. But as I said, I am pissed so I will do no such thing.

“Good morning Mr Hughes, could you please assign me with the work I need to do for today” She said in a joyful tone. Can she not tell we are pissed. No one spoke, we all just glared at her instead and I could tell the silence was bothering her because she spoke again. “Mr Hughes is something wrong?”

Again not one of us spoke. Max got up and went to my cabinet and pulled out my blanket that I use when I stay over night at the office, and wrapped it around her covering her just the way I wanted her to.

“Right can someone tell me what’s going on ’cause your really starting to piss me off and why have you put a blanket around me?” She was getting agitated. Good now she will know how I felt hearing what I did. Billy asked her why she thought we were pissed and she thought it was because of what she did this morning. No baby. That’s not the problem, your sexy arse is the problem.

I stood up and starting taking slow steps towards her. “do you really want to know why we are pissed” I said taking another step towards her. “did you look in the mirror before you left?” I said not thinking and felt like such a dick when I saw tears in her eyes. She quickly blinked them away but not fast enough as I still saw them. My eyes softened for a moment before glaring at her again.

I took another step forward, standing inches away from her. “Did you wear those to piss me off?” ’cause if you did, your doing a very good job. “What the hell do you mean? Why are you so pissed? What I wear has nothing to do with you” She pointed her finger at my chest and all I wanted to do was push her against the wall and punish her for using such a tone with me. What is my obsession with pushing her against the wall. I sound like such a psycho.

“you shouldn’t have worn that” Billy said bring me out of my trance. She looked at Billy as if she was about to eat him so I quickly spoke before she could. “I told you, I don’t want any other man looking at you. You wearing that means a lot of unwanted attention. From men. Jessica I have already told you, Only I will look at you the way I do. You were already the gossip of the office, and you’ve just spiked the commotion even more just by walking through the office in what your wearing. I will not allow it. Go home and get changed. Now.” I clenched my hands into a fist trying to hide my anger, but I could tell I wasn’t doing a very good job.

I thought she was going to burst in anger but surprised me when she laughed lightly. What the hell. “So all of this” she pointed between me and the boys “is because of what I am wearing” She started shaking her head. She walked over to Max passing him the blanket before strutting over to the sofa and taking a seat. She spoke again. “Right, now that I have established that you don’t like what I am wearing, I’ll just tell you a few points about me. One, I don’t actually care about your opinion on my clothing and I am going to be wearing whatever I want. Two, I am here to work for you and that is what I intend on doing. And last but not least Three, I don’t listen to the office gossip and quite frankly I don’t give a shit and neither should you, so if that is it can you kindly show me to my work.”

She finished and I could feel steam coming out of my ears. "There is no way in he.." I stopped when I received a glare from Jess, daring me to continue. I sighed really loud and muttered "fine." I felt like banging my head against the wall why did I agree so quick?

Well if she is going to be so stubborn, I think it is only fair I do the same.

"Right ok. Miss Taylor I need you to sort all of these files out and put them in chronological order. once you have done that, you will need to write up and send off some emails about different contracts that you will have to read before writing the email. Once you have completed that, let me know and I will address you with some more work." I said while sitting down in my chair. "I will get onto that straight away. Can you tell me where my office is so I can get started?" She said and I couldn't help the smug look that portrayed itself on my face. I masked it as soon as it came and replaced it with a serious one.

"Miss Taylor come here please" She looked at me all confused and so did my brothers. She stood at my desk and waited for me to continue. "Not there Miss Taylor. Right here." I pointed to the spot right next to my chair and she actually listened without putting up a fight but she had a weary look on her face. Without giving her a second to think, I grabbed her hands and pulled her onto my lap. "OMG! Mr Hughes. What are you doing?" She said wriggling on my lap. She was starting to cause a fire. a fire only she would be able to put out and I knew she wouldn't so I needed her to stop.

"Miss Taylor, I suggest you stop moving because your igniting a fire that I know you will not be willing to put out" She looked at me confused, before realisation kicked in and she turned bright red stopping all movements. "Good job baby, you actually listened without arguing for once. Now about your office. Your office will be in my lap until you stop wearing clothes like this. I can't let you prance around like this when all of those twats are out there looking for your arse." She looked at me with anger "There are so many people in the building, I am not the only one with an arse that they can look at and they won't waste their time looking at me anyway so can you let me go to my office."

I knew she was going to feel bad for what I was about to say next but she needed to know. "Right well you can go and ask the two men that got fired this morning for talking about you in a way they shouldn't have, I don't think they enjoyed walking away from a job that they have been in for the last 8 years. If I hear any male talking about you in that way again, I will not hesitate to get rid of them either so the option is yours. Either stop wearing clothes like these, or use my lap as your office simple. Pick and choose your option."

She sat there with her mouth open. It was obvious that she was shocked, I just didn't know which part she was shocked at. She tried getting up out of my lap but I tightened my hold on her. "You fired two people because they were talking about me? WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?" She shouted and started wiggling again. I held her hips and kept her still. "No I didn't fire them, Matt did" She stopped fighting me and glared at Matt. Rather him then me. "Why" she spoke, while clenching hr jaw.

Matt shrugged as if this was normal. "He talked shit about my baby sister and I told him to piss off simple. Jess, Sweetheart, you don't know these people like I do. They had a cue ready, numbering who gets to bang you first, and trust me if you didn't agree, they would have used any means to get you in their bed. So I don't apologise for protecting you"

I looked back at Jess and she had tears in her eyes. "They actually said that" she whispered but it was loud enough for me to hear. I cupped her face with both my hands and made her look at me. "I promise you baby, no one man will be allowed within 10 feet of you unless I am with you or Billy, Matt and Max. We won't let any harm come to you ok. Do you trust me?" She looked deep in my eyes and nodded her head. I pulled her head forward and placed a gentle kiss on it before pulling her head into the nook of my neck.

I will guard you with my life baby. I will not let anything happen to you.

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