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Jessica’s POV:

I sat in Adam’s lap for 30 minutes crying like a little baby. I feel like such a twat. Not only did I sit on his lap and cry like a child, but two people also got fired because of me. Ok. I mean, I know they were talking bad about me but they didn’t deserve to be fired. That was too extreme. And I can’t believe that Matt fired them and not Adam. I knew Matt was the serious twin but I didn’t know it would be to this extent.

After I eventually calmed down, Adam explained the work I had to do. But he didn’t let me out of his lap. He made me do all the work sat in his lap and every time I tried to get up he would glare at me and tighten his grip on my lap. And me being the hot head I am tried some not so nice ways to get out of his lap. I scratched him, punched him, I even flicked his nose but he didn’t budge.

And Adam being the freak he is didn’t let my attacks go free. Every time I hit him, he would hit me but in a different way. And by that I mean kissing the shit out of me to the point I couldn’t breath and took five minutes to calm down.

I stopped all my attacks on him after the 5th time of Adam trying to kiss me to death. So I just sat on his lap with my arms crossed pissed beyond the limit. I could actually feel steam coming out of my ears. Urghh Why will he not let me go.

I sat still for another 30 minutes before my arse started hurting from sitting in one place. I shuffled to the middle of his legs trying to get comfortable. I moved a bit more and abruptly stopped when I felt Adam’s head on my shoulder and a small groan left his mouth. He sounded like he was in a lot of pain. I got worried and quickly turned my head cupping his cheeks with my hands. I lifted his head up and looked into his eyes. “Adam, what’s wrong, are you ok?” He grabbed my hands with his own and lightly chuckled. What the hell.

“Baby I’m fine there’s nothing to worry about. You shouldn’t be worried about that groan. You should be happy that you got that noise out of me by doing nothing.” He finished, placing a small kiss on my forehead and turning back to his paper work.

I sat there confused. What the hell was he talking about? What did he mean? I did nothing and he gro.....


I could feel my cheeks heating up and I knew they were red because I heard Adam laughing at me. I put my head down in embarrassment before a smirk made it’s way to my face. Heheheheh. Well if Adam won’t let me go, maybe I’ll make him.

I grabbed a pen and started writing on one of the contracts he gave me to amend. I glanced back at Adam to see him engrossed in his work. Just the way I wanted.

I slowly started moving, rubbing myself on him. I saw Adam’s head whip to mine from the corner of my eye. But I continued doing my work. I could hear his breathing escalate and I had to bite my lip to stop myself from laughing. I kept ‘moving’ on Adam for around 5 minutes before stopping. I must say, this mans self control is impeccable. I thought he would have thrown me over his desk by now. Well I guess it’s time to take it up a notch. I raised myself slightly to reach over the table to get another pen. I heard him sigh in relief when I stood and I couldn't help but laugh. I quickly covered it up with a cough. I leant back to sit down, but instead of sitting down normally, I jumped.

I jumped back down in his lap earning a very loud and painful groan from Adam. He grabbed my hips and tightened his grip. He moved towards my ears, “Jess, what the hell are you doing?” he whispered while groaning. It didn’t help that I continued moving as he was talking to me. I looked at him with the most innocent look, as if I was oblivious to the trouble I was causing. “Mr Hughes, what’s wrong? Why do you keep grunting?” I battered my eyes trying to make him believe my act.

“So your trying to tell me that you don’t know what your doing to me or why I am groaning? Why do I find that so hard to believe.” I shrugged my shoulders and turned my face back to my work. I bit my lip, trying my hardest not to laugh. All my laughter stopped and my breathing hitched when I felt his hand on my thigh. All movements from my side had stopped. He moved his hand to the bottom of my skirt, trailing his hand up my leg, touching my bare skin. “M...Mr H..Hughes. What a..are you doing?” I looked back at his face to be met with a proud smirk. Oh for fuck sake.

“Why Miss Taylor, do you think you are the only one who knows how to play games?” He finished with a chuckle. His hand moved dangerously high. It was situated on the inner part of my thigh. I looked at him with pleading eyes. “Adam, Please.” He looked me in the eyes before removing his hand. My eyes closed and I sighed in relief. Before I could open my eyes, my lips were involved in another vicious attack. I was quick to reciprocate what Adam was doing. He moved one hand from my hip and tangled it in my hair. I moved both my hands and placed them around his neck. He kissed and nibbled and sucked my lips. I couldn’t keep up with his stamina, I was short on breath, if he didn’t move, I would probably pass out from the lack of oxygen.

He eventually moved away moving his forehead to mine. The way I was breathing, you would think I just ran a marathon. He nearly killed me with that kiss. Imagine the title in the newspaper if that did happen.


Randy bastard.

Remind me to never play this game with Adam again. “Jess, baby. I told you once before and I’m going to tell you again. Stop igniting a fire that your not willing to put out.” I was about to open my mouth to reply but he tightened his grip on my hips. I looked at him in confusion. He pulled my hips down, literally connecting them with his own. I gasped when I felt that thing against my back. I looked at him with wide eyes. I tried getting up but he pulled me closer. I could feel EVERYTHING. I tried getting up again but he held my face this time. We were so close. Our noses were literally touching. “Now do you know what I mean? I know you are not ready for that Jess so you need to stop doing the things that you are. I only have a small amount of control left and that little bit of control is the thing that is stopping me from taking you on this desk. So unless you want that to happen, I suggest you stop”

I think I have forgotten how to breathe.

Just hearing those words had me gasping for air.

I nodded my head and quickly jumped out of his lap. I ran out of the door, using coffee as an excuse to leave.

Oh my god!




3 months had passed. I had gotten into a good routine, I love my job and I have fallen in love with Adam even more, if that’s even possible. We continued teasing each other, but teasing was as far as we went.

But I am starting to get really annoyed. If you thought he was possessive before, you thought wrong. A few days after I started I got a letter from someone who was threating to kill me. We found out that it was from the two men that Matt had fired. What was their names, Harvis Marvis, oh whatever. But ever since then the boys have not let me out of their sights. I had to wait until all 4 boys were finished with their work and go back home with them in their car. Every night. Adam even went to the extent of putting another desk in his office for me to use. When I questioned him as to why he was doing this, his response was because he didn’t want me too far, where he couldn’t reach me within 2 seconds because he would miss me too much. When I tried pushing on the matter, he ignored me and told Max to ‘watch’ me while he attended his meeting.

They would search my apartment every night while one of the boys stood with me in the hallway. I couldn’t even go shopping without being assisted. And you know what, I have had enough of this shit.

I was currently waiting for the boys to come out of their meeting so we could go home. I shouldn’t have to wait for someone to take me home. I shouldn’t have to tell someone my every movement. Before I knew it my legs were moving towards the conference room. I pushed the door open and all eyes were on me. I looked at the biggest devil in the room, Adam. “You know what I have had enough of this, you babying me, not even letting me breathe properly without asking 101 questions. I have had enough. I’m done. I’m done with all of this. I’m done with you and your brothers and I quit” I finished glaring at Adam. I didn’t realise how worked up I had gotten until I stopped talking and tried catching my breath.

“Gentlemen, we will catch up on this tomorrow. I apologise for the interruption.” He finished waiting for the men to leave. The 5 of us were left. Adam crossed his leg over and glared at me. “Jess, darling, would you like to tell me what that was about.” I could tell he was pissed because I could see him clenching his jaw. Good. Now you know how I feel.

“Well are you deaf? Did you not here what I just said? I’m done with all of it, with you. I’m leaving. I’m quitting my job and moving back to Sheffield. And no I don’t want your opinion so don’t bother giving it.” I walked up to Adam and gave him my ID and my apartment key. I could always buy new things when I got home. I looked between the boys and Adam “Bye” I said and turned to walk out of the room.

I only took a few steps before I felt someone grab my neck, spinning me around with my back against the wall, revealing an extremely pissed off Adam.

Author’s note:

So guys what do you think? What would you have done if you were in Jess’ position?

I just want to say a massive Thanks to @saupoleitulalomanu for giving me the idea of Jess leaving. I do really appreciate it.

Let me know what you would like to happen or what you think might happen.

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Thank youu!!!!

Nafeesa xxxxxx

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