Office Romance

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CHAPTER 17: I love you

Adam’s POV:

It has been 3 months since Jess started working for me, and boy have they been hard. She is such a little minx. She is not as innocent as she looks you know. It has been 3 whole months, I have been enduring her teasing. Yet I kept my cool. But all the self control I have is beginning to ware out.

She without fail rubs herself on me at least 3 times a day. Then she has the audacity to look at me and ask me what’s wrong, knowing exactly what’s wrong with me.

I know I sound like a nymphomaniac but I assure you, I am not. If I was, well let’s just say Jess would finally know what it would feel like to hand over her V card. It is only because she is a virgin, why I have not made my move. Waiting for 3 months for that sexy enchantress has been hell. If she didn’t still hold her V card, I can assure you, that first night she come, I would have had her chained to my bed.

But I can’t, not until she is ready or until she instigates things herself. But who’s to say I can’t tease her a little. And by little I mean a lot. She thinks she is the only one who can play games, but what she doesn’t realise is, I am an even bigger player than her.

I remember, on her 4th week here I made her sit in with me and the boys for a very important meeting and I made her prep for it the night before. I needed her to make notes on it so she could help send emails off to the right people. Jess being the little tease that she is decided to wear a tight fitting dress that fell mid thigh. She had her cleaverage on show as well, well too much for my liking anyway. I couldn’t even send her home to change because we were already running late for the meeting so I made her sit right next to me away from the other men. I had to try so hard to resist the urge to get up and punch all the men in front of me for staring at my baby like she was some sort of prize. Well she is, but only for me.

I could tell the boys were pissed as well, well mainly because Matt threatened to throw all of them out if they were to continue staring at his little sister, but yeah. I would have though Jess to get angry at Matt’ statement, but she snickered instead.

She kept swiping her hand against my hand every time she leant over to grab a paper, and when she would drop her hand, she would drag her nails across my leg. So I thought why not play her at her own game.

I waited for her to swipe her hand against my leg and grabbed it before she could take her hand back. I intertwined out fingers tightening my grip on her each time she tried to move. I eventually started letting her hand loose, hoping she would fall for my trick and she did. Once I loosened my grip she quickly took both her hands and placed them both on top of the table. I internally smirked.

I then moved my hand to her thigh. I started moving my hand higher and higher and closer to her middle. Once I was near her precious part, I tightened my grip on her inner thigh causing her to gasp out load. It took all of my strength to not laugh out loud, but instead I turned to her and asked her if she were alright. She glared at me while nodding. Let’s just say, that once we finished with the meeting, I got one of the biggest telling’s off I have ever had before in my life. I also ended up wet after because she tipped a jug of water over my head. At least it was worth getting wet over.

But things got serious as soon as she started. After receiving death threats from those to bold headed bastards, that got fired the day she started, I couldn’t hold myself back. I ensured that she was safe in every single way. I know I am suffocating her, but I would rather her alive and kicking, than 6 feet under because of those daft bastards.

Yes I know some of you might say I am over reacting but if I didn’t do the things I am doing, my brothers would have made sure they did the same thing to ensure her safety.

I was quite surprised with Jess to be honest with you. I expected her to have a massive hissy fit, tell me and the boys to fuck off, but to my amazement, she didn’t. I knew she would burst at one point, I just didn’t know when.



It was nearly time for me to go home. The boys and I were were in a meeting. We were convincing Mr Myers to merge his company with ours. Not only would it benefit him, as he was struggling to cope, but it would benefit us as it had a lot of land that came with it. “Mr Hughes, am agreein’ t’ all terms an’ conditions’. Ey up, ows’ bout we go dawn t’ boozer oor tha can cum over t’ mine for a Yorkshire brew” Mr Myers says. I don’t know if you can tell, but he has a very strong Yorkshire accent. An accent I can barely understand. Thank God for Max, he has a few friends who also have a Yorkshire accent, so he can understand bits. He either translates what he says to me or he answers on my behalf because I don’t know if you could, but I have no idea what he just said.

“Mr Myers, we woul...” Max was rudely interrupted by the door that violently flung open. I looked directly at the door, about to knock the head of the person who just barged in, but I saw my baby stood red as a tomato. Oh God, today just had to be the day she blew up. “You know what I have had enough of this, you babying me, not even letting me breathe properly without asking 101 questions. I have had enough. I’m done. I’m done with all of this. I’m done with you and your brothers and I quit” She finished taking deep breaths.

I looked back at the men in front of me, to see all of them looking at me with a smirk. “Gentlemen, we will catch up on this tomorrow. I apologise for the interruption.” I said to which they left without hesitation. I looked back at Jess and I could feel my anger rising. Out of all the days she could have picked, she picked today of all days. Such a dumbass.

“Jess, darling, would you like to tell me what that was about.” I glared at her, thinking she would realise the mistake she made, but who was I kidding. She’s more pig headed than I am. “Well are you deaf? Did you not here what I just said? I’m done with all of it, with you. I’m leaving. I’m quitting my job and moving back to Sheffield. And no I don’t want your opinion so don’t bother giving it.” I froze in my seat. My eyes widen to such an extent, I thought they were going to fall out of there sockets.

She walked over and dropped her ID and her apartment key on the table in front of me. She looked between me and the boys, said a quick bye and walked away, heading for the door. At that moment, all I felt was anger. How dare she think about leaving me, that too over something so stupid without even talking to me about it.

My legs moved as if they had a mind of their own. I jumped out of my seat and dashed towards her. I grabbed the back of her neck, spinning her around against the wall. I couldn't begin to tell you the amount of anger that surged through me. "Matt lock the door" I growled. I saw the look on Jess' face, she looked as if I was about to eat her. I immediately regretted what I said but I just need to make sure that she doesn't run. Matt got up and locked the door without further question.

Even though she was shitting herself, she did not give up her front. "Oi you fucking arsehole, open the door. If you don't I'll scream and I promise I will make it loud" She looked at Matt glaring at him to which he laughed "baby sis, first listen to what he has to say and then maybe I will open the door" If looks could kill, Matt would be more than 6ft under.

She looked back at me "Fine. Scream it is." She took a deep breath in and opened her mouth to scream. Me being the bastard I am took advantage of her open mouth, and attacked her with my own. She fisted my shirt, trying to push me off. To be honest, I don't even think that could pass as a try. She bit my lip trying to get me to move back but I responded with a groan. As soon as she heard that noise of pleasure, she seized all movements and froze. I moved back with a smirk, my anger dissolving by the second.

"Baby would you like to sit or do you want me keep you pinned to the wall. I would choose the first option because if I am standing this close to you any longer, I will not be able to guarantee a conversation and it won't just be a kiss either." She looked at me with wide eyes. I moved in closer and whispered in her ear, "No baby, it will end up with me and you starch naked and you bent over that table" I bit her ear before moving away. She let out a sigh of relief, I couldn't help the chuckle that escaped my mouth as I saw her walk over to the chair with shaky legs.

"Now, let's get to it. Baby, to be honest, I thought you would have burst a long time ago. I didn't think you would have actually lasted this long but you did. And I wasn't angry that you barged in on my meeting, which by the way was extremely important. It was that you spoke of leaving me. Now what did I tell you from day one" I asked her but she looked down while she fiddled with her hands. "Jess" Still no response. I put my finger under her chin, lifting her head up. I looked at her waiting for an answer.

"You said that I was yours and that you would never leave me nor could anyone else have me." She finished and I couldn't help the smile that made it's way on my face. "see baby that wasn..." I was stopped by Jess as she covered my mouth with her hand.

"I wasn't finished. See you told me to tell you what you said, but did you remember what I said? I recall telling you on many occasions that I am not yours, I belong to no one but me. But did you listen? No you didn't because you being the fucktard that you are made it go in one ear and out the other. Well guess what I ain't got time for your shit any more. So I am giving you a choice. And this doesn't just go for you, this goes for all of you so make sure your stupid asses are listening. You either let me leave and go back to my life and don't show me your faces ever again, or you can let me live my life the way I want to without any of your interference or input. That means letting me leave the office when I want without having to go home with you, or go shopping on my own, oh and I want my own office, not the shabby little desk I have in your office, I want my own like I was promised at the start."

She finished with her hands on her hips. My anger was rising again. Why won't she let me protect her. I was broken out of my trance by the boys. their faces were bright red, One look at them and anyone would be able to tell that they are pissed. Billy was the first one to shout. "What the hell Jess, do you really think we are going to agree to your conditions? Like hell we are. I'm not apologising for protecting you" Matt joined in as soon as Billy stopped. "Jess can't you see, those monsters out there will try to destroy you. I don't call you my little sister for no reason. I am going to live up to my role as your big brother, I don't care if you hate me for it as long as your safe" Max was quick to join in. "Do you think this is a joke? Someone is threating to kill you and instead of taking precautions, you want to waltz around as if nothing happened. Well feel free to do so but I am going to still do the things I was doing before to make sure you are safe" My brothers were fuming, as were I.

Jess was quick to respond back "You don't need to suffocate me in order to protect me. I appreciate your worry for me, I really do, but you need to talk to me before you try to make decisions about me. In fact you shouldn't even be making decisions for me, I am more then capable of doing so my self an.." I didn't let her finish. I stood up and grabbed her wrist. She stopped arguing and looked at me with a questioning look. "Matt unlock the door" My brothers looked at me in anger. "Are you really going to listen to what she is saying, she doesn't understand the severity Adam but you do" Billy shouted trying to get me to listen.

"Billy, your in charge, I'm taking her home only phone me if it is an emergency you cannot handle" I pulled Jess out of her seat to which she resisted. "Adam, get off of me, this isn't funny anymore, let's sit down as adults and talk it out" I stared at her face before walking out of the conference room pulling her along with me. I pulled her in the lift and I received a number of profanities. All of which I completely ignored. I pulled her out of the lift once we reached the ground floor. Jess decided to stop walking in the middle of the reception, I tried pulling her along with me but she refused to move.

By this point we had a very big audience. I glared at her and pulled her with force so she collided against my chest. I moved to her ear and whispered "Look around you, you have a very big audience so you can do this the easy way or the hard way. You can either move yourself and walk out of this building in a calm manner, or I am going to throw you over my shoulder and take you out screaming" I looked at her to see her looking at me with wide eyes. She didn't choose an option so I bent down to pick her up, she quickly moved back. "I'll walk, I'll walk"

I pulled her out of the building and strapped her in the car. Once we got to our floor, she pulled me towards her apartment. I looked at her with raised eyebrows, daring her to defy me. "well you said you wanted to talk, so we will in my apartment" She finished pulling me towards her door once again. I pulled her in the opposite direction flinging her over my shoulder. She started shouting every name under the sun as I made my way to my apartment and took her in. I finally put her down and ended up with a stinging cheek.

She fucking slapped me again!

"Adam, tell me what you want. You do all these stupid things telling me you want me but you haven't actually shown me. In the past 3 months all I have got is few damn kisses, nothing else. If you don't like me, fuckin let me go. Why are you making this painful for the both of us!" It took me a moment to register her words. She wants me.

She actually wants me. She's such a fucking idiot. How could she think that I don't want her. I was about to open my mouth to tell her how I feel but she beat me too it. "Adam, I can't do this waiting game, it's just not me. I'm just going to make this easier for the both of us and leave. It's pretty clear you want nothing to do with me so I take the first step forward." I saw red. I pushed her against the door and attached my lips on to hers. I kissed her with all the force I had, put all my emotions, my feelings into this kiss. I reluctantly pulled away looking her in the eyes.

"baby, how could you think that I don't want anything to do with you. I have done nothing but make it dead clear that you were mine. I made sure no other male would come within 10ft of you let alone speak to you. What the hell made you think I didn't want you" I moved my hand to wipe the stray tear that rolled down her cheek. "Adam you other than kissing me and telling me I'm yours, what have you done. We haven't even been on a date. If you were so serious about me why have I not met your family. For fuck sake Adam you haven't even touched me since the night I moved here."

By the time she had finished she had a fountain of tears rolling off her face. I cupped her face with both my hands. " Baby, the only reason I haven't touched you is because I knew that it would have been your first time. I was waiting for you to make a move or at least indirectly tell me what you wanted. I think I have made it more than obvious but I will tell you, I love you Jessica, I love everything about you, I love the way you stand your ground, the way you have me wrapped around your finger, the way you have my brothers wrapped around your finger, I love how you twitch your nose when your mad, I love your courage. I love everything about you Jess. I love you"

I stopped realising what I said dropping eye contact. Shit. It was too soon to say I love you. What if she gets scared. What if she runs away. I looked back at her face to see if I could I could decipher her feelings. But I heard the 4 most beautiful words come out of her mouth.

"I love you too" She said with a shy smile. I could feel tears pricking my eyes threatening to fall. "What did you just say? Baby please repeat it again." She put both her hands over mine "I love you Adam, I have since day one. Since I saw you on the day of the interview and I looked into those stormy grey eyes of yours. My heart was yours from the very start, you just didn't realise" I couldn't help the tears that fell down my face. I was over whelmed with emotions. "you love me?" I questioned once again not believing what she said. She nodded again and that was all she needed to say. I smashed my lips against hers, showing her just how much I loved her.

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