Office Romance

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Jessica's POV:

Beep, beep, beep, beep

"urrrgggg, I guess its time to wake up" I looked over at my phone to check the time and felt like screaming when I say 6:30. I don't know if you can tell but I am not a morning person, especially when I have to wake up at stupid hours like today. In case your wondering why I am waking up so early, it's because I am looking for a job. I am 20 years old and don't have a lot to call my own, and that is something I plan on changing.

First I jump into the shower and spend about 45 minutes in there. Yes I know I spend a lot of time in there but it is relaxing. Once I am done, I dry myself and wrap a towel around me and head to the wardrobe to pick some clothes out. " for crying out loud!" why can't I just go to an interview dressed in my pyjamas, its a lot less of a hassle. I end up picking a black pair of leggings and and a black knee length dress that hugs all of my curves. I am not on the skinny side or the chubby side, I am just in the middle and I buff out in all the right places if you get what I mean. I curl my naturally black hair and put a bit of makeup on nothing much though. Just a bit of foundation, mascara and a clear lip gloss. I look in the mirror one last time to make sure I look ok. I mean I'm not the prettiest but I'm not the ugliest either. once I approved I took a black pair of flats and went downstairs. It was roughly 7:45 when I went down after finishing getting ready. "Good Morning baby" my mum chirped. "morning mum" I replied in a zombified state. Yeah I wasn't joking when I said I was not a morning person. Emma she's not a baby anymore you do know that right, morning sweetheart" my dad said to both me and mum. "she will always be my baby and so will the other too" mum said causing me and dad to laugh. By other two mum was talking about my brother Jacob who was 25 and my sister Stephanie who was 23. mum was 48 years old and dad was 49 and that left me as the baby of the family at 20.

being the youngest has its advantages you know. one being that you get literally everything you ask for and your loved the most but don't tell my brother and sister that hehehehe. The biggest disadvantage of being the youngest is that every single person is very over protective of you, and I mean bloody over protective. if I go out with my friends my dad and brother stand in front of the door. first they check what I am wearing even though they know I don't wear clothes that show a lot of skin, once they approve they ask about 30 questions on where I am going, who with and why and there's plenty more where that came from. oh and lets not talk about the number of times they call once I have left the house. but still i would have it no other way it proves they love me.

we all sit at the table and have breakfast together like we normally do. I had to argue with dad and Jacob because they insisted on diving me to London but I refused and managed to convince them to let me take a train. I gave mum and dad a kiss and hugged my brother and sister and left for my interview.

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