Office Romance

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Jessica’s POV:

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. He loves me. Adam loves me. Like he actually loves me.

I wanted to say so much more, but my thoughts were lost when Adam attacked my lips for the umpteenth time.

He pushed me against the door kissing me with more passion then ever. I gripped his shirt pulling him towards me. Any sort of control I had was gone.

He slowly moved down from my lips to my Jaw, peppering little kisses along the way till he reached my neck. I whimpered my legs were shaking. If Adam didn’t have such a tight hold on my hips, I would have fallen a long time ago.

“Adam……. Please” I couldn’t help it; his teasing was driving me mad. I moved my head back causing Adam to groan in displeasure. I moved my hand down his chest feeling his abs till I reached the Jackpot. I gripped him hard. He let out an animalistic groan. “Baby, if you keep doing that I wont last any longer” he was panting hard, sweat was scattered on his forehead adding to the fire within me. I pushed my lips against his with as much force as I could. I quickly pulled back. “Adam, please. I know your holding back, but I don’t want you to. I need you…now”. I somehow managed to get my thoughts together and hoped Adam would take the next step.

I know this would be my first time but, there is too much tension between the two of us for him to go slow. I jumped up wrapping my legs around his waist catching him off guard. “woah baby”! he looked at me with wide eyes. I looked at him with a glare and used my most authoritative voice, “bedroom. Now”.

He chuckled shaking his head. “Yes Ma’am.” He swung around and headed for the stairs. I don’t know how or when we got to the room that quick or when we took our clothes off but all I could see was Adam and his sexy ass hovering over me staring at me with those dark grey eyes. “you don’t know how long I have wanted to do this”. He said placing wet kisses all over my neck. The noises I was making were so embarrassing, but I couldn’t care less. I needed him now.

His kisses moved down to my breasts, he took the right one in his mouth biting and pulling my nipple while he squeezed the other. I was panting so hard, withering under his touch and his predatory gaze.

“Adam, please I can’t wait any longer”.

I pulled him back up to me and pulled his lip between my own. Adam stopped all movement and cupped my face. “Baby, I want to make your first time special, I don’t want to do anything that you will regret later on.” He finished; worry etched on his face.

I couldn’t help the smile that made its way to my face. I mirrored his movement and cupped his face rubbing it with my thumb. “I couldn’t think of a better person to do this with. Adam, I love you, I don’t want to wait any longer, I want to give you my everything.”

I started tearing up again. It just seemed unreal to me. I never thought this moment would come but it did, and I am with the love of my life, which is the cherry on top of the cake.

“unless your all talk and your actually an old man who moves like a slug and you’re trying to find excuses to go slow.” I finished with a smirk.

If you ever need a man to go faster or to make a move, just insult their pride using their dick and watch how well it works.

He looked at me in shock. “old man” he shook his head. “slow” he chuckled. “Oh baby, I’ll show you who the old man is, don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

Without waring he slammed 2 fingers into my core making me scream. “Adam…. ohhhhh” I dropped my head onto the pillow. “would an old man do this…. huh.” he pushed his fingers deeper adding a third. I screamed once again. “Adam..I’m…I’m gonna…” The know in my stomach tightened. Before I knew it, this euphoric feeling flew through my bad, stars appeared in front of my eyes. It took me a minute to come back to my senses and when I did, I saw a smirking Adam. He looked me dead in the eyes and pulled his fingers out of me causing me to gasp.

He bought his fingers to his mouth and licked of my essence. He closed his eyes and grunted “so sweet.” I couldn’t help the blush that appeared on my face. He saw me blushing and he chuckled. I glared at him and he chuckled even louder. He bought his head down and kissed me breathless once again.

He moved back with a mischievous glint in his eyes. He grabbed my hand and moved it to his chest slowly moving it down till it met his shaft. No way. Surely that can’t be it. I looked down and I nearly stopped breathing. I looked back at Adam so fast that I nearly got whiplash. “your joking aren’t you, that’s not going to fit.”

Adam chuckled. “don’t worry baby, it will.” I couldn’t help but panic seeing that thing. Sensing my discomfort, he placed a reassuring kiss on my lips and cupped my cheeks. “I promise I will never hurt you. Do you trust me?” he finished looking me straight in the eyes. Without hesitation I nodded.

He leant down kissing me once again.

He lined himself up against my core. “Are you ready?” I nodded once again, pulling his down for a kiss.

He pushed his entire length in one go. I gasped; eyes widened while stary tears crept down my face. He kissed them away, waiting for me to adjust to him.

I tapped Adam’s arm letting him know he could move. He made slow movements any sort of pain was replaced with pleasure. “Adam…. Please” I whimpered. Adam was groaning in what sounded like pain. “Baby are you sure, if I go any faster, I won’t be bale to stop myself.” He managed to get through his pants. “Adam, I’m sure now move because right now my theories of you being an old man are being proven.” I finished with a smirk.

“old man huh. I’ll show you what an old man is.”

And boy he did.

He pounded into me at a pace I dint know was possible. All that could be heard was the groans that came from me and Adam. “baby, your so tight.” Adam tightened his grip on my hips. I felt that knot again but 10 times stronger. “Adam…I’m…. I’m gonna cum” I tried to get through my panting. “me too baby girl, let go.” As if on cue I screamed the loudest I have stars appearing before my eyes again. “Oh fuck!” Adam shouted as he came down from his high before collapsing on my chest.

We were both breathing heavily. Adam rolled onto the side of the bed pulling me with him laying my head on his chest. He lifted my head up and pecked my lips. “Baby, are you okay?” He asked with a concerned gaze.

I smiled at him, looking into his beautiful grey eyes. “I’ve never been better.”

Author's note:


It took me a long time to write this chapter coz I've never written anything like this before. I am working on some more chapters but because I haven't wrote for a long time, I lost my mojo so it's taking a bit of time.

I will be taking another chapter soon soo keep an eye out.

and like always please

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