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I was in a bliss. I don’t think I have ever felt as happy as I am today. It feels like a dream.

Adam left over an hour ago and I already missed him. It feels like I have known him forever and not just a couple of months.

I sat on the sofa and flicked through Netflix trying to find a decent film to watch. After flicking for what felt like ages, I decided on The Notebook, cause I mean why not?

I finished watching the movie as well as 3 other ones and Adam was still not back. It was already 8 Pm and I was beginning to worry. I contemplated phoning him. I mean late nights like this must be a common thing for him. But he could have at least sent me a message to let me know he won’t be back. I picked my phone up and dialled his number. He didn’t answer.

I tried dialling Billy’s phone next, but he didn’t answer either. I tried Matt and Max and they same thing happened again.

Now I was heading into panic mode. They have never not answered my phone before and now that all 4 of them are ignoring my call, it just doesn’t feel right.

Another 2 hours had passed, and it was 10 Pm.

I picked my phone up to try again when I heard the front door open. I looked at saw all 4 brothers entering the house.

“ADAM!” I shouted running towards him. I gave him a big hug before moving back and looking at the boys. “Are you all ok? Where have you been? Why are you home so late? Why did you not message me? Do you know how worried I was?” I spat out all in one breath.

I looked back at Adam; he was looking at me with an expressionless face. He took his self out of my hold and walked over to the sofa. They boys followed him and spread themselves out on the sofa.

Why are they ignoring me?

“Is anyone going to tell me anything?” Again silence. Now I was starting to get pissed. “Helloo, am I talking to a brick wall here? Someone answer me!” I slightly raised my voice at the end.

Adam looked at me, fists clenched. “What, what do you want me to say? I told you I had to go to work, and I did, now that my work is done, I am back.” He finished staring me dead in the eyes, with no expression.

“I know you did, but all I’m saying is it would have been nice for you to send a message to let me know, do you know how worried I was, especially when none of you answered my call?” I leant down and held his hand, stroking the back of it with my thumb. Before I could say anything, he shrugged his hand out of my hold. I quickly stood back up in confusion. “Adam..” I was cut off.

“What do you want? I’ve already told you that I was working what more do you want? Stop it Jess cause your really starting to piss me off, why are you acting like one of those clingy bitches for? And you couldn’t have been that worried I mean look at this, half of this stuff wasn’t there when I left, so how worried were you? You don’t have to pretend Jess, it’s ok if you didn’t care. And stop pretending to be someone you’re not because it’s actually starting to piss me off. Oh and just to let you know I don’t answer to anyone so next time you ask me questions like this, don’t expect an answer.” He finished with a black face.

Tears welled up in my eyes. What has happened to him? Why is he being so cold. A stray tear fell down my cheek and I quickly wiped it away. I felt heart broken. This is why I never wanted a relationship in the first place because my heart can’t take this. All I could feel was sadness and anger.

I looked Adam dead in the eye. “Don’t worry. This won’t happen again.” I turned around and picked up my phone and bag. I headed straight for the door. “Jess. Wait.” I heard Adam shout, but I couldn’t. I walked out of the door and ran to my apartment. I unlocked the door and quickly locked it keeping the key in so Adam couldn’t get in. I leant against the door and Adams words playing in my head, causing my bank to burst. I couldn’t stop crying. It felt like someone had just stabbed me in the heart. I was wailing. I knew I was being an idiot, but this was all new for me. I felt used. I was expecting this day to finish in a very different way.

I quickly stopped crying as I heard banging on the door. “Jess, baby please open the door. I know your in front of it.” Adam shouted. “Baby sis please open the door” I heard Billy, Matt and Max shout. But I remained still. Tears were still flowing down my face. I reached for my bag and took out a notebook and a pen. I quickly wrote something down before folding it and shoving it under the door. All banging stopped. Before it started again, but even louder.

I didn’t pay and heed and went and sat in the lounge. I cried and I cried, and I cried. I felt like an idiot. One for crying over something like this and two for giving myself to another person. I should have just stayed in Sheffield. None of this would have happened if I had listened to Mum and Dad.

20 minutes had been, and they were still knocking on the door. But what they didn’t know is, that once I decide on something, it is very hard to convince me to change my mind. That is why they have been stood outside my apartment for the last half an hour. I went to the kitchen to grab some water. I washed my face trying to calm myself down, which I eventually did. I was about to head up stairs when I heard silence.

I headed over to the door to see if I could hear them. But I heard a different voice. It was a man, with a very familiar voice. “Who are you and what are you doing here” I heard Adam shouting. I waited to hear the reply of the other person to see if I could make out who it was. “what are you all doing in front of my bunnies apartment?” I heard the other guy shout.


OMG!!!!!! IT’S JACOB!!!!!

I didn’t waste any time in opening the door. I saw Adam looking in relief when he saw me, but I couldn’t care less right now. I pushed past him and ran to my brother. “Jacob” I shouted while all the tears I held back flew out like a river. Jacob rubbed my back trying to calm me down. “Hey, hey, its ok, ohhhhh stop crying.” I kept sobbing and latched on to him like a koala. “I missed you so much” I pulled back and held his face giving him a kiss on his cheek.

“Jess.” I heard Adam call me from the back. To be honest I completely forgot about them. I turned around ready to answer before Jacob spoke. “Sweetheart, who are these men and why were they outside your apartment.?” I looked at Jacob and smiled.

” This is Mr Adam Hughes. My Boss. And this Is Billy, Matt and Max Hughes his brothers who I also work for. And as to why they were stood out outside of my apartment, they were going home. They are not only my Bosses but also my neighbours, so they were probably making their way home. Anyways enough of this let’s get you inside, it’s been ages since I spoke to you and I have a lot of catching up to do.” I grabbed his hand and started pulling him inside. I stopped when I heard Adam call me. “Yes Mr Hughes, Is there a problem?” I finished giving the same cold and emotionless look that he gave me. “Yes, there is, don’t call me that again and who is that and why is he going into your apartment?” He looked furious.

Good now he knows how I feel.

“My personal life has nothing to do with you Mr Hughes, outside of office hours I am free to do whatever I want. Please refrain from interfering with what I don outside of office hours, it doesn’t seem very professional. Now if you don't mind, can you leave me alone?” I turned around, pulling my brother inside the apartment shutting the door on their face.

I turned around to my brother who was glaring at me. “Explain.”

Oh shit!

Authors note:

Hiiiiiiii, I hope your all well!!!!!

I just thought I would let you know, that I have my nursing exam very soon so my updates might be a bit late until they are over. So I apologise in advance.

Also I'm not getting the feedback I need for me to continue this story. Please Like and Review so I know your opinions, if not it may lead to me stopping this book.

Thank you

Nafeesa xxx

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