Office Romance

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Jess’s POV:

I was sat on a stool in the kitchen trying to finish my bowl of cereal. I had not been able to sleep and spent the full night crying. Why did he do this to me?

I could feel tears filling my eyes but quickly blinked them away as I heard footsteps.

“Morning” I said trying my best to sound as happy as possible. “Good morning bunny. How are you feeling?” Jacob said sitting on a stool pouring himself some coffee. “A lot better Thank you; did you manage to get any sleep last night?” I said as I turned to throws my cereal in the bin, I had no appetite thanks to Adam. “I did actually. Those beds are really comfortable.” He started laughing.

I guess your wondering why Jacob isn’t on a murder spree. Well after I closed the door on the brothers faces, I tried ignoring Jacob’s question. But it didn’t really work as he followed me around the house, I ran into the bathroom and sat in there for 30 minutes hoping he would leave it, but come on, he is my brother. He doesn’t let things go that quick.

He was sat on my bed waiting for me. “I swear Jessica, if you go back into that bathroom, I’m gonna break the door down.” He glared at me. I knew he was being serious because he never calls me by my name let alone my full name. I walked in and sat next to him on my bed. I looked at him ready to make an excuse. “Spill.” Well, that’s not gonna work. “It’s nothing as serious as your thinking, I just had some trouble at work that’s why I was feeling a bit down.”

He looked at me like I had grown two heads. “You had problems at work, and you didn’t bother ringing me to tell me!” he began raising his voice, making it clear that he’s angry. “Jacob calm down, it’s nothing major, but you know how I am. One of the girls at work accused me of sleeping with the Billy, the COO also my bosses’ older brother to get the position I am in. that’s why I was in a mood and why they were all stood outside my apartment yesterday. They told me not to worry about it and that they would deal with the women, i.e., fire her.” Ok so I lied. Well technically it was not a lie. A woman at the office accused me of sleeping with Billy because I was so friendly with the boys. And of cause the boys heard about it and fired her. “Are you sure your, okay?” he gave me a weary look. Almost as if he didn’t believe me. If I told him the truth, I would be on the Motorway traveling back to Sheffield. So, no thanks I would rather fib.

After a while of convincing, I finally got up and got ready. I picked my keys up heading to the door. “Jacob, I’m off, I’ll see ya innabit.” I shouted before opening the door. As I was about to walk out, Adam was right there. I could feel my heart breaking all over again remembering last night. Not wanting to start another argument, I decided to ignore him. Not only did I have to ignore Adam, his brothers decided to join him.

I spent the morning avoiding the boys. I was kinda shocked that they didn’t barge into my office the minute they reached, but I was grateful for the space. It was nearing lunch and I was getting ready pack up, when Jed knocked on my door. Jed is a friend I made from the finance team. I met him and a few others when I went down to meet Matt. No, I didn’t tell Adam or the boys of my friendship with Jed, because their overprotective asses would have probably fired him for talking to me.

“Jed! Come in, take a seat. What made you come here?” I asked returning back to my seat. “Hey Jessica, nothing in particular, I just thought I’d come up to see you, it’s been a while.” He sat down making himself comfortable. “That’s so sweet of you. I rarely get time to go anywhere, you know how busy it gets, and Mr Hughes has a lot of work for me to do, leaving me little time to go out with friends.” Ok I lied. Shoot me. But I couldn’t really tell him that Adam hated the guts of the male workers and refused to let me speak to any of them, let alone go out with them.

I was talking to Jed for about 30 minutes, not realising how quick the time went. I was taken aback when Jed asked to go to lunch with him. It sounded like he was asking me out on a date. I shrugged it off and agreed to go with him. I locked my computer and was about to stand when the door flew open.

Fuck! Adam!

He stood there with a cold expression. I was stuttering like an idiot. Of course, he had to walk in now. I tried playing it off, but Jed had to open his mouth and say we were going for lunch. Do you know what? I don’t give a shit what Adam says, I am going for my break with Jed weather he likes it or not.


I froze as Adam screamed. I have never seen him like this. His face was bright red, and he was shaking in anger. Before I knew it we were alone and I was caged between Adam and a desk. All I heard was “what we went through over night” and that was all it took for me to burst into tears. I was overwhelmed with emotions okay. Don’t judge me.

Before I could even comprehend what was happening, all the boys were in front of me, and Adam was explaining what had happened.

I am such a bitch. I made this all about me. I knew the boys and knew they would never act like that unless there was something wrong. Yet I didn’t use my brain. I just decided to accuse them of being God knows what. That was all soon forgotten as we ended up in a pile on top of Adam.

Shit got funny when I told them about Jacob. I couldn’t stop laughing. My baby was embarrassed. I was trying to control my laughter when he kicked the boys out. All my laughter was taken away when he confronted me about Jed.

Uh oh!

Again, me being the dumbass I am, tried playing cool. But that didn’t work. “I told you what these bastards are like and what did you do? You went and agreed to go out for lunch with them.” He stalked his way towards me. We kept moving back until I got caught between him and his desk.

I swear, we have a thing for desks and walls.

“A…Adam, what are you d... doing? I cursed myself for stuttering. He responded with a smirk. He pushed my hair behind my ear. My breathing hitched. Every little touch of his turned me on. “No harm done, huh.” He picked me up sitting me on the desk, before spreading my legs wide, standing in between. “you’ve been a very naughty girl Jess; I think it’s time you got punished for your behaviour.” I literally had a tap open between my legs and he hadn’t even touched me. But I still tried reasoning with him. “Aa...Adam, let’s talk about this.” I tried creating distance between us, putting my hands on his chest, and lightly pushing. That failed, as Adam pulled my arms slamming me against his chest. “Talk. Who said anything about talking?” he didn’t even give me a chance to respond as he slammed his lips onto mine. His one hand tangled in my hair, and the other gripping my waist.

He bit my lip causing me to moan. I could feel him smirk in the kiss. Cheeky bastard. I fisted his shirt with one hand and trailed the other up his chest. I pulled on his shirt and pulled away from his attack. “Off” I ordered looking at his shirt then back into his eyes. Adam chuckled in response. “Baby I think you have the wrong of the stick. I’m the one in charge here, and let me remind you, you’re in trouble.” With that he put his hand up my skirt, reaching my sex. He let out an animalistic growl. “You had that fucker in your office while you had no knickers on!”

Without warning he thrusted two fingers inside me. I couldn’t help the noises that flew out of me. “Oh......Please…. A…dam.” I needed a release and I needed it now. Sensing my desire, he added a third digit, hitting hard than before. “ADAM!” I shouted, closing my eyes just as I was about to cum.

It never came.

I opened my eyes looking at Adam, to see him stood there with a smirk on his face.

“What happened baby? You want a release? Too bad you’ve been a bad girl.” He put his fingers in his mouth sucking off my essence, groaning as he did so. All that did, was turn me on even more. “Adam…please I need you.” I was practically begging him to finish me. But all he did was laugh. The fucker actually laughed at me.

“fine if you wont do it, I’ll do it myself.” I waited for a reaction. “go ahead sweetheart, but it’s not going to feel as good as me.” He chuckled.


“Adam if you don’t finish me off,………I won’t let you touch me for a whole week.” I felt quite proud for coming up with that ultimatum. But all I got was a laugh. “Baby we both know that I will survive the week. It’s you who is going to have trouble waiting.” Is this dumbass for real.

It was at that point I decided to make his week a living hell. Starting now.

I smirked at him causing him to frown before covering it back up with a smirk of his own. “Adam. Two can play at that game. Listen to me and listen to me carefully. Whatever I do from now, no matter how tempting, you are not allowed to touch me.” He looked at me with a frown. “What do you mean?”

Payback’s a bitch. Hehehe

Keeping my eyes on him, I moved further back on the desk. I spread my legs as wide as I could. I opened the top three buttons on my shirt, exposing my red lacey bra. Adams eyes darkened. I felt happy, knowing that my plan was working. I squeezed my breasts, pulling one out of my bra, I played with my nipple, just the way Adam does, biting my lip at the same time.

Adam took steps forward trying to reach me. “STOP! Don’t you dare Adam, you’re not allowed to touch me remember.” I smirked at him as he glared at me. “Baby come on, you can’t just not expect me to touch you whilst you’re doing that in front of me” he whined and I couldn’t help but laugh at him. “I thought you were able to resist me for a week, what happened now?” I resumed what I was doing. I removed my hand from my breast, trailing it down towards my sex. Adam clenched his hands into a fist, following the movement of my hand. I was too turned on by all of this, as the moment I touched my clit, my head went flying back and a string of moans left my mouth. “Ahhhh fuck!” I shouted as I added digits into my core. My eyes rolled back as I finger fucked myself, and to make things harder I moaned Adam’s name. He closed the remaining gap and held onto my waist. To be honest his touch helped me with my release, as the second he touched me, I reached my high screaming his name. I was breathing heavily. I pulled my fingers out of my core and looked around for some tissue to clean myself up. Before I could do anything, Adam took my fingers, sucking my essence, not letting any of it go to waste.

Aaaand, I was ready for round 2.

“Baby please let me help you!” he looked at me, desperately wanting me to agree. Sorry mate you dug your own grave.

I pulled my skirt back down and buttoned my shirt. I stood in front of Adam with the biggest smirk ever. “Well, it was nice doing business with you Mr Hughes, and hopefully there will be a time where there is more action on your part. Oh and you might want to take care of that ‘little’ problem of yours.” I left him with his mouth open, while I couldn’t stop laughing. Should have thought about that before playing with me.

Let's see who wins.

Author's note:

Hiiiiiii!!!!! I'm back with another chapter. I tried to just jump into the sexy stuff, but it didnt sound right, i needed to add in Jess' side to what happened, but i made the sext scene longer to make up for it. I just thought I would make that clear, before anyone comes at me in the comments again for saying that its too repetitive

.It took me ages writing this chapter, it was quite hard to make up a game in a sex scene. let me know what you think, and theres a surprise for both you and Jess in the next scene so keep a watch out for the next chapter.

let me know what you think and Like, Comment, Share and Review.

Love you all

Nafeesa xxx

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