Office Romance

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Adam’s POV:

What a little vixen. I don’t think I have ever felt this way before. I felt like me lower region was about to explode.

Not touching Jess for a week was not an option. After all the drama and jess nearly leaving me, I needed her. I needed to show her how much I love her. Her moans were like music to my ears. It took all the self-control in me to listen to her commands. “ADAM!” she shouted as she started reaching her high.

I stepped forward and gripped her thighs. She came from my mere touch,

I was starving. I was hungry for her essence, I licked off every dripping bit from her hand. She stood up smiling, walking out of my office as if she has just accomplished the biggest thing ever.


Adam junior feels like he’s about to rip through my pants. I looked down to assess the damage.

I sighed and waddled over to my hidden bathroom. No one knows about this bathroom, only because I hate sharing my bathroom.

A cold shower wouldn’t fix this problem. I’m going to have to resort to other means.

I groaned internally.

Don’t worry Jess, I’ll make you pay for this.

A few hours later…...

I sent Jess a message to let her know I’m taking her out for dinner. I told my secretary to get a dress for Jess so she could get changed at the office to save time.

I was just signing a contract when I heard a knock on the door. “Come in.” I looked up to see Jess. I automatically smiled. “Hey baby, your just on time. I stood up walking around my desk trying to get closer to her. “Adam what’s with the sudden plan and where are we going?” she asked looking confused.

I shook my head at her before placing a box in her hands. “Stop asking questions and change into this dress.” “Adam, where did yo…...” I cut her off as I pushed her into the bathroom. “Oh my god! Where did this come from, I never knew you had a bathroom in here.” She looked around in amazement.

“Jess I know, I know I’m amazing, you don’t need to keep telling me. Now go and get dressed we are getting late.” I pushed her through the door and was met with a glare. She put a hand on the door closing it while muttering ‘arsehole’. I couldn’t help but chuckle.

While I was waiting I w resumed the work I was doing. I looked back up when I heard the door open, and my mouth dropped open. “Are you trying to kill me?” I asked as I felt Adam junior tightening in my pants. I adjusted my man not even trying to hide it causing Jess to giggle. “you’re so horny” she found this situation amusing. Don’t worry darling I’m going to wipe that smile off your face very soon.

“Now will you tell me where we are going?” she asked while tapping her foot. “Nope now let’s go,” I grabbed her hand and led her to the car.

Jess didn’t shut up once kept asking for our destination, so I played some music to piss her off.

Heheheh, I’m an evil bastard.

After 30 minutes, we finally reached our destination. My family home.

I looked over to Jess whose mouth was wide open. She turned her head towards me. “What the hell Adam, this place is amazing! Whose is it? It’s so big.” I chuckled. If only she knew.

“Never mind that Jess, come on we are getting late.” I jumped out of the car and ran to the other side to open Jess’ door. She thanked me and linked her arm with mine. We made our way to the door before I rang the bell.

This is either going to turn out really well or really bad.

The door opened and Hannah appeared. “ADAM! You finally remembered us.” She squealed as she threw her hands around me. I chuckled before looking at Jess who was glaring at the side of Hannah’s head. I couldn’t help but laugh. It’s not nice when the shoe is on the other foot.

Hannah moved back before looking over to Jess. “I grabbed Jess by the waist and pulled her closed to me. “This is Jessica, my girlfriend. And Jess this is my older sister Hannah.”

Jess’ eyes widened as did Hannah’s. Jess looked terrified. She looked at me whispering ‘sister’. Hannah was the complete opposite of Jess. “GIRLFRIEND! OMG! Adam, I thought you were joking when you said you had a girlfriend, I didn’t think you actually had one, nor would she be this beautiful, you’re a very lucky man.”

Hannah stopped her yapping before attaching herself to Jess giving her the biggest squeeze ever. “Oh, where are my manners, come in mum would love to meet you.” Hannah moved to the side before walking inside letting us follow behind her.

I looked at Jess and nearly shit myself when I saw her throwing daggers at me. “Are you flippin mad? Why the hell would you make me meet your family without telling me we are meeting them, you just wait till we get back, I’m gonna kill ya!” she whisper shouted. “Oopsies” I said before grabbing her hand and pulling her inside.

We entered the living room where everyone was sat. it wasn’t just mum and dad. There was mum, dad, Billy, Matt, Max Hannah, Sophia, and Ellie.

I kinda told them all to be here so Jess could meet them all together.

Jess tightened her grasp on my hand. I could literally feel the nerves emitting from her.

I squeezed her hand and leaned closer to her. “Hey, I know it looks daunting meeting so many people in one go, but I promise they are harmless, I’m with you every step of the way.” She gave me a small nod and held me close, taking deep breaths.

I walked towards my parents before giving them both a hug. I gave my other sisters a hug and nodded at my brothers. “There is someone I would like to introduce to everyone.” I grabbed Jess’ hand and pulled her to my side. “Everyone, meet Jessica, my girlfriend.” I looked around the room almost nervously waiting for a reaction. All I got was extremely big smiles. Mum was the first one to move forward. She hugged Jess. “It is so nice to meet you, Jessica. I’m anna, and you cannot believe how happy I am to see you.” Mum moved back standing next to dad. “It is a pleasure meeting you Mrs Hughes, and you too Mr Hughes.” Jess moved forward to shake dad’s hand, but dad being dad pulled her into a bear hug, causing her to chuckle. “No need for the for the formalities dear, Jason and Anna will do.”

Jess nodded her head smiling before turning to me. Jess met my remaining sisters next before turning around to look at my brothers. To my surprise, she crossed her arms and glared at them. Max was the first one to speak up. “What did we do now?” Jess raised her eyebrow. “Really. So, you didn’t know Adam was going to bring me here?” All 3 of them smiled at her before walking over to us. Matt put a hand over my shoulder.

“Well Jess, we told this buffoon to tell you, but he wouldn’t let us tell you, so if you want anyone to blame, you can blame him, but if you want to blame someone else, you can blame Billy because he was the one who gave the idea to Adam.” Matt looked over at Billy smirking, while Billy looked like he was about to shit himself. He laughed nervously. “Yeh but I didn’t think he would actually go ahead with it.” Jess didn’t say anything but just kept glaring at him.

Thankfully, Mum interrupted the stared down. “Come on kids the dinners getting cold” we all made our way to the dinning table ready to eat.

Dinner went really well. Jess mingled with everyone really easily. You wouldn’t have thought that is was her first time meeting everyone, she got comfortable so quick and it pleased me so much to see her like that with everyone. I needed her so much right now. I needed her alone. Now.
I pushed myself towards the end of the sofa “Right Jess shall we get going, I need to pick a few files up from the office before heading home.” I didn’t but I needed an excuse to leave.

Sophia whined as I finished speaking. “Adam, you go, leave Jess, let her chill for a bit, the boys are here to drop her off when she wants to go.” I really love my sister, but right at this moment I feel like killing her. “I would but I need Jess’ help finishing the files off for the meeting tomorrow.”

Come on, someone take a hint.

Jess looked at me confused, “Adam there is no meeting tomorrow, what are you talking about?” Oh for crying out loud.

I was about to speak when dad started laughing. “Anna doesn’t that remind you of something. He wants some alone time with Jessica, and you are all hounding him to let her stay, let the poor guy take his girlfriend and go.” Dad was laughing as he finished mum joined him while everyone else was smirking at me and Jess was looking at the floor as red as a beetroot.

“Finally, someone got it” I said as I stood up. “Adam!” Jess said looking horrified. I didn’t wait to reply as I pulled her up from the sofa. I grabbed her hand in a tight grip. “Bye everyone.” I didn’t wait for a response before pulling Jess out of there. I could hear laughter and Jess asking me what I was doing but I didn’t stop until I reached the car. I opened Jess’ door who looked at me like I grew a second head.

I helped her in before climbing myself. “Adam, what on earth is wrong with you? You didn’t even let me say bye to your family.” She was shocked at my behaviour, to be frank, so was I. But it was the only way I could control myself. “Just give me 5 minutes” I didn’t look at her and kept driving till we reached home. I could feel her staring at me, trying to figure out what was wrong with me.

I finally parked up and got out of the car. I went to Jess’ side and opened her door before grabbing her hand and pulling her inside the lift. “Adam, can you tell me what’s wrong? Did I do something?” she asked worriedly. If only you knew baby. If only you knew.

I pulled her out of the lift once we got to our floor and walked over to my apartment. I opened the door and pulled Jess inside of it. Jess let go of my hand and stood against the door. “I’m not going anywhere until you tell me why you’re acting like a caveman.” She crossed her arms and had a look on her face that showed she meant business.

I walked towards her grabbing her arms and placing them above her head. “wha….” I didn’t give her a chance to speak as I slammed my lips against hers. My free hand roamed around her body, feeling her beautiful curves. She managed to get her hands free and grabbed my hair causing me to groan.

I picked her up making her wrap her legs around me. My tongue slipped into her mouth, and I was rewarded with a moan. I walked over to the sofa, dropping her on it, before taking off my shirt. I straddled her before attacking her lips again. “Adam” she moaned as I kissed her neck. “You’re mine. And only mine.” I growled.

Author’s note:

Finally, uploaded another chapter. Sorry I kept you waiting so long, but we got there in the end.

What’s your opinion on Adam taking Jess to meet his family without her knowing?

Was he wrong or was he right for not wanting her to worry?

Looks like someone has forgotten about the pact they made not long ago.

It might take me a bit of time before i upload the next chapter so i thought i would warn you in advance.

Let me know what you think and like always, don’t forget to like, comment, share and REVIEW!!!!1

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