Office Romance

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Adam’s POV:

I laid in my bed once again wide awake staring at the ceiling. I rolled over to check the time, 5:30am. Well I can’t sleep so I might as well go and burn some energy. I got into the lift and went a floor down to my personal gym, it's one of the perks of being a CEO. I stayed in the gym for roughly 2 hours and by the time I had showered it was 8:00am. I walked in my walk in closet and took out my Hugo Boss suit. It had black a jacket and trousers and a white shirt. I put a hand through my blackish brown hair to set it in place and once satisfied, I went downstairs.

As I was walking down the stairs I could hear laughter and screaming. Ahhhh the joys of having a big family. Can you hear my sarcasm. As I walked in the kitchen I could see my mum, dad, brothers and sisters all sat at the table talking about a past memory that had everyone in stiches. "good morning, what has you all in a good mood" I asked as I walked to the table and sat next to my dad.

"Morning darling we are talking about the time your dad put his hand in the toilet because he thought he could get back the money your brother flushed down" mum said as she giggled hitting the table causing me to chuckle. I looked over at my father and he was sat with a scowl on his face clearly not amused with the fact everyone was laughing at him. "cheer up dad, it was years ago plus you have washed your hands plenty of times to get rid of all the poo particles that were possibly present on your hands" I commented causing dads scowl to deepen and the laughter got louder, by this point everyone were in tears. By everyone I mean Billy who was 25, Hannah who was also 25, Mark who was 24, Matt who was also 24, Sophia at 23, Ellie at 22 leaving me to be the baby of the family at 20,oh and of course my mum Anna who was 50 and dad Jason who was also 50. Believe it or not mum and dad share a birthday and yes we have 2 sets of twins in the house. Hence why it is always busy, there is never a moment of peace so if it is quite for a change then you know something is wrong.

After we ate breakfast it was time to go to work. I got there later than normal I reached at 9:30, which is very late for me as I normally be here for 7:30 but I guess a one off is alright. Being the CEO means having a massive workload as you can assume, so I do have a personal assistant but in the last year I have gone through 25 assistants. The reason being, they keep trying to seduce me because of my position. They either tried touching me in a seductive way or wore clothes that were way to small for them. I'm not being funny but I don't have time for that shit, I have a business to run.

As we walked through the building me and my brothers had all the attention on us. You would think that they would get used to seeing 4 good looking buff men but clearly not. But it is a daily occurrence for us so we are not really bothered nor do we take any notice of the ladies eye fucking us.

We got in the lift and rode all the way to the top floor where my office is. My office is massive and is something I take pride in, I have full length glass windows so as you can imagine, the view is amazing you can see most of London from my office, it helps calm me down when I am stressed. I have 2 black sofas on the right side of the office and my desk is on the top centre opposite the door.

I walked over to my desk and started checking through my emails. My brothers went and sat on the Sofas preparing to interview and fill the spot for my personal assistant. I know you are all probably itching to know why the youngest of the kids is the CEO and not the oldest. It all boils down to this, non of them were interested in in running the family business, they didn't want to take on such a big work load, but I was always interested in business so I took over. I wanted my brothers to work my side so I managed to Convince Billy to be COO, Matt is the head of the Finance Department and Max is the head of the HR Department. I tried to get my sisters involved but they completely refused and said they wanted to build something themselves which they did and are successful in their own businesses.

"Adam are you going to at least pretend to be interested when we are interviewing these girls" Billy asked me knowing I was just gonna sit and stare. I sighed and said " if they stop trying to get in my pants then yes I will" which resulted in my brothers laughing and shaking their heads. I looked at the time and it was almost 10 which meant the first candidate was due anytime soon. I told the boys and we all sat on one sofa leaving the other bare for the candidate. I sighed once again. Lets just get this over and done with.

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