Office Romance

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Jessica's POV:

warning: it's a lengthy chapter but I didn't want to carry Jessica's POV of the interview in two separate chapters. Happy Reading:)

I finally reached my destination and hurried off the train. I checked my phone and sighed in relief it was 10:00 my interview started at 11. I had to catch a a taxi from the train station, I eventually managed to flag one down after 5 minutes. "Hi, can you take me to the Hughes Corporation building please" I politely asked the oldish taxi driver. He was looking at me as if I had grown 2 heads and made me feel very self-conscious. "sorry is there a problem" I asked because he wouldn't stop staring. " sorry miss it's just that it is very rare that someone asks to go to the Hughes Corporation building, literally no one who works there catches a taxi, they are so up themselves, so it was a bit of a shock to here you say you wanted to go there, I apologise for staring" the driver explained which made me relax. I thought it was because of the way that I looked. "no worries but can we please get going I'll be late for my interview" I replied. "of course miss get you there as quick as I can" " thank you".

we eventually reached there after 30 minutes I checked the time and realised I still had 25 minutes left. I paid the taxi driver and got out. I stood in front of the building and my eyes widened and my jaw dropped. I looked up but the building never ended. There must have been around 40-50 floors here. I suddenly felt really nervous, what was I thinking when I applied here, this is so out of my league I know I'm not gonna get this job but I'm here so I might as well try.

After giving myself a five minute pep talk I walked through the revolving doors and walked to the reception desk, I avoided looking around so that I don't look like a fish with my mouth opening and closing. The receptionist saw me coming and started smiling. in instinct I smiled back. " hello miss, how can I help" she asked in a sweet voice. let me just tell you this women was gorgeous with her perfect white teeth, blonde hair and slim figure. "Hi, I'm here for and interview fo.." she interrupted my sentence "ah yes miss Taylor, am I right" I nodded in response. "please take that lift over there and head to the top floor it's number 51and you will be greeted by the receptionist up there." I thanked her and headed to the lift. my nerves were increasing 10 folds. I got in the lift and after what felt like forever the doors opened.


I walked out of the lift and to the other receptionist but unlike the lady downstairs this one was scowling at me. She was quite young and pretty too with silky brown hair she didn't even give me a chance to open my mouth. " Miss Taylor, join the other ladies in the waiting room and wait for your name to be called out" she didn't even wait to see if I had any questions and just walked away. well someone's a bit of a bitch. I walked into the waiting room and sat down. there were a lot of people applying for the managers job. I looked at all the girls in the room ,they had one thing in common, they were all dressed like little whores. I'm not one for shaming other girls you know wear what your comfortable with but their tits were literally hanging out. I suddenly felt like a nun.

Oh well.

20 minutes had passed and everyone that had gone in had come out in tears or extremely pissed. Well I know for a fact that I am not gonna cry so I'm probably gonna come out pissed. There was me and another girl left and she was finally called which meant that it was my turn next.

Oh shit.

After 5 minutes the horrible receptionist called for me to follow her. I did as she said and she told me to go through the door on the end of the corridor.

I went to the door and took a deep breath before knocking on the door. I heard someone from the other side telling me to come in and so I did. I opened the door and once again I was shocked by the room, the view was to die for. I looked to the right of the room and saw 4 men staring right at me. Let me just put in that those 4 were a fine piece of meat. I approached them at a steady pace feeling slightly intimidated. One of the men stood he looked to be the oldest of the 4 but he couldn't have been older than 26. " Miss Taylor, it's a pleasure to meet you" He had a big build and light blue eyes and silky blonde hair. "Mr Hughes it's a pleasure to meet you too" I replied as confidently as possible as we shook hands. "please miss Taylor take a seat." I took a seat. I handed him my file and waited while they all read through it.

I took the time to look at the other 3 men, 2 of them were twins and were a slightly bigger build then oldie and they also had blonde hair and light blue eyes. I looked over to the last man on the edge of the sofa, he looked younger that the rest of them but he had the biggest build of them all. His eyes were a beautiful grey colour and were so captivating. I don't know what it is but something is pulling me towards him, like an invisible magnet. I was still staring at his face and he suddenly looked up met my eyes.

Oh shit.

My cheeks heated up in embarrassment and I quickly turned my head to the windows pretending to look at the view. I am such a fucking idiot, I'm definitely not getting the job now ugghhhh. "Miss Taylor" one of the twins spoke bringing me out of my trance, I looked at him and waited for him to continue. "you are more than qualified for the job, you have both a level 2 and 3 in business and your work experience in different law firms are quite impressive".

Damn he has a deep voice.

"Thank you sir" I replied I didn't know what to say, I mean what else are you supposed to say to that.

Oldie spoke once again "Miss Taylor I think this job role would suit you the best" he finished causing my eyes to nearly pop out of it's sockets. Before I could say anything the youngest one who hadn't spoken yet got up. What is it with him, I have some sort of pull towards him I don't know why but it's starting to piss me off. He walked towards me which automatically made me stand facing him. He opened his mouth for the first time. "why should I give this job to you" he started coming closer to me " what makes you so different from the rest"

He took a step closer.

He was extremely close now, too close for me to think rationally and this stupid pull towards him isn't helping. I could feel his breath on my face, my breath hitched and I felt like kicking myself for reacting that way. He spoke again "you might just be trying to get close to me just like the others for one reason. Do you know what that reason is?" He said looking me dead in the eyes. "Money".

Wait a minute.

My anger rose very quickly.


Ignoring the pull I was feeling from him I narrowed my eyes at him and saw confusion in his eyes. I kneed him in the balls. I'm probably gonna regret that but who the fuck does he think he is calling me a gold digger he's such a prick. He kneeled over trying to catch his breath. I was still fuming though kicking him in the balls didn't lessen my anger. " who do you actually think you are calling me a gold digger, you know nothing about me, absolutely nothing so stop assuming things. do you really think I applied for this job just to get close to you? Well let me tell you, your wrong 'cause firstly I don't know who you fucking are other than your last name, secondly, you need to pull your head out of your arse 'cause it's so far up that all of your shit is getting stuck in you brain that is if you have one. Take your job and shove it where the sun don't shine"

I picked my file up and glanced at the other 3 men, they looked at my face and burst out laughing. What the hell. do these people have bipolar or something? One of the twins went to help the guy I just kneed stand up. I looked over to see what he was gonna do but he started laughing too.

You know what forget being professional.

" your guys heads are fucked, I'm leaving." I picked my purse up and started walking towards the door when all 4 boys ran in front of me. " WHAT?" I said in an aggressive tone. Oldie spoke up first "Look we are really sorry about that, what he did was not a part of the plan but he deserved being kneed in the balls though, but still don't make a habit out of it. Oh and I'm Billy by the way" he said while laughing. Ok so oldies name is Billy. I'm still pissed though I mean he did call me a gold digger, like what the fuck. "Well what was the purpose of calling me a gold digger?" I asked looking directly at the one who said it.

He looked at me and walked closer, he was only one step away from touching me, damn these stupid feelings. "look I'm really sorry for saying that. I didn't man it but I had to make sure you were different from the rest. If I were to go on first appearances I would have hired you on the spot." He said causing me to blush. Oh god I'm such an idiot. He took the remaining step forward and bought his mouth to my ear and whispered " by the way the only reason I came this close before, as well as now is because I feel a pull towards you and I know you feel it too. I'm afraid baby girl your mine now and there's no way I'm letting you go" he said leaving a small kiss on the side of my ear causing me to shiver. He pulled back with a smirk on his face. Knowing the effect he had on me.

Stupid idiot.

Don't worry darling I will find a way to wipe that smile off your face one way or another.

Authors note: I will more likely but uploading another chapter tomorrow or the day after.

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