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Adam’s POV:

We have been interviewing girls for the past hour and a half and not one has proven worthy of being my PA. I know I’m picky but the girls I have interviewed have all shown that they are only here for one reason and it is not for the job they applied for.

You think I’m joking? I can assure you that I am not. One of the girls we interviewed sat and stared, didn’t say a word. My brothers tried calling for her attention, but nothing. I got bored and eventually asked her if she was alright. And guess what sleeping beauty finally woke up and opened her mouth. She said “I only want to talk to the original Mr Hughes not those imposters, the fake ones. I want the real deal. So Mr Hughes what do you say will you go on a date with me or are you going to make beg?” She finished fluttering her eye lashes and pouting her lips thinking I would fall for it.

Well guess what I don’t have time for this bullshit.

“I’m just going to get straight to the point. You obviously didn’t come here for a job, you came here for a completely different reason. It’s a real shame that I don’t hire sluts because if I did you would be on top of the list. Now get out of my office before I call security to throw you out.” I replied in a relatively bored manner. You see the things I have to deal with. We had a total of 30 people interviewing today and 27 of them did exactly the same thing she did. I’m so glad that we only have two people left then I can call it quits.

Matt called my name, making me turn to him and my brothers. “Bro I know all of the girls that have come in here today have been throwing themselves at you but you could at least pretend to be a bit interested. You called them whores and sluts and threw them out of your office without a single glance. Like what the hell!” he finished throwing his hands in the air.

Max continued “Yeah Adam you have had 28 girls literally at your feet and didn’t even tell one to hook up with you. Are you blind or something? I can’t even call them ugly ’cause they were all sexy mamas who I would open my door to any day. What! I’m just saying” He threw his hands to his head once he saw me glaring at him. I don’t know if you can tell but my twin brothers are very open when it comes to women. They are both man-whores and would fuck literally anything walking.

" I don’t know if you two idiots realised but I need a PA not some fake barbie doll who doesn’t know what being professional is if it hit them in the face. I need someone reliable, not someone who drools over every client that walks through the door.” I snapped back running a hand through my head. I just need to get this over and done with. Please god send someone with at least half a brain. There’s only two girls left. I can do this. Well at least before I have a mental break down.

The next girl came in her name was Molly I think. Not like I was really paying attention but guess what girl number 29 was exactly the same as girl 1-28. I looked at my brothers with a face that said ‘kill me now’. Billy laughed and said “one more left and then you go and cry yourself to sleep” and for some bizarre reason Max and Matt found it funny and they all burst out into tears. Yep I need to get their heads tested. I were about to say something when Billy spoke ” Ok so the last ones called Jessica Taylor, lets get her in so I can get back to the hot girl waiting for me in my office” he said raising his eyebrows with a mischievous smile on his face. I forgot to tell you that Matt and Max got their man-whoriness from Billy. Looks like I’m the only sane one.

We were patiently waiting for Miss Taylor to come in when the finally opened. I looked over to the figure at the door and I felt like my heart stopped. Words couldn’t describe how beautiful she was. I knew from that point that she would be mine and I would let no one else look at her.

She sat calmly waiting for us to finish looking through her file, I felt her eyes on me so I looked up and met her beautiful brown eyes. She didn’t even give me a chance to look into them properly as she turned her head and pretended to look at the view. I saw her cheeks go red in embarrassment and smirked. At least I know I have the same affect on her as she does on me. It wasn’t long after, that Billy and Max told her that they wanted to give the job to her. Honestly, I couldn’t have been more happier.

I know your gonna think I’m weird but I needed to get a reaction out of her, she wouldn’t look at me after I caught her staring and it was starting to piss me off. I walked over to her without saying a word. She automatically stood when she saw I was walking towards her. I was so close. Close enough for my hands to roam all over her body and ohhhh I wanted to, so bad. But first, the reaction. I could tell she wasn’t the type of girl run after someone because of fame or money, just by looking at what she was wearing.

I could feel a smirk coming on my face when I saw the way her body reacted by me being so close, but I kept a serious face and said something I knew would probably piss her off. Yep you guessed it right I called her a gold digger and boy did I repent for it.

She actually kicked me in the balls and it wasn’t slowly either. I dropped to the floor because she winded me and started shouting saying I had no right but I was barely paying attention because I was trying to get my breath back. I heard my brother laughing as Matt came to help me up. I looked at her face and saw her face bright red and her nose twitching in anger. Ohh she looked soo cute and I couldn’t help but laugh with them.

She walked towards the door after saying our heads are fucked and I suddenly stopped laughing and I think my brothers realised that I had a thing for her and needed her to stop because the next thing I knew, us 4 brothers jumped in front of her blocking her exit telling her not to go.

Billy was still laughing but was the first one to speak up “Look we are really sorry about that, what he did was not a part of the plan but he deserved being kneed in the balls, but still don’t make a habit out of it. Oh and I’m Billy by the way”. My anger was starting to rise. Why the fuck was he introducing himself. Brother or not I will kill him if he lays eyes on what is mine.

My thought was broken when my girl spoke. She looked directly at me glaring, “Well what was the purpose of calling me a gold digger?” I instantly felt bad for saying it but she wouldn’t look at me and I needed to get a reaction out of her. I looked at her and knew I need to stake my claim. I needed my brothers and her to know she was mine and only mine. I walked towards her only leaving a small gap.

“look I’m really sorry for saying that. I didn’t man it but I had to make sure you were different from the rest. If I were to go on first appearances I would have hired you on the spot.” I said causing her to blush.

This girl is going to be the end of me.

I quickly filled the gap and leaned over to her ear and whispered ” by the way the only reason I came this close before, as well as now is because I feel a pull towards you and I know you feel it too. I’m afraid baby girl your mine now and there’s no way I’m letting you go”. Her body shook and I knew that she felt the same way I did, I moved back looking at her face smirking. I knew she was shocked by me being so upfront but I needed her to know she was mine so before she had a chance to speak, I asked ” so Miss Taylor do you accept the job as my PA?” It didn’t take long for her face of shock to turn to one of confusion.

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