Office Romance

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Jessica’s POV:


This can’t be real. A Hughes boy wants me, like actually wants me. I must be dreaming. Why on earth would he want me? Ohhh that smirk. How I would like to wipe it off.

With a kiss.

Don’t judge me. He just admitted he was feeling the same thing I was and did I mention that he was a hunk and a half. He called me ‘baby girl’ and said I was his. I would be lying if I said his possessiveness didn’t turn me on. ’Cause it did, massively.

But. I’m not an idiot. I’m not just gonna play putty in his hands. He wants me, he’s gonna have to work for me. I were about to open my mouth when he spoke “so Miss Taylor, do you accept the job as my PA”. I looked at him with confusion on my face.

What the hell is he talking about. I’m here for the floor manager job not to be his PA.

“I’m sorry Mr Hughes” I was interrupted by him once again ” Please call me Adam” He said with a lustful look in his eyes. Oh so hotties name is Adam. It suits him. That can wait I need to correct him first. “I’m sorry.....Adam. But I applied for the floor managers job not to be the CEO's PA. There must be some sort of mistake” I finished but by the looks of it Adam didn’t like what I said. He suddenly looked really pissed. He spoke up once again “I’m afraid to tell you Miss Taylor the manager job has been filled, but you have a better job now your going to be the PA of the CEO of the company. Plus I don’t want you downstairs. Too many people, which means too many eyes on what is mine, and that is something I will not allow. Your mine and I will not let anyone mess with what’s mine”. He finished leaving me a bit breathless. His affect on me was too strong. I don’t know if I will have the strength to resist him at this rate. But at least I figured out what pissed him off. He was thinking of all the attention I would be getting from the males down their. Since he is so riled up lets mess with him, just a little bit.

“Mr Hughes, I don’t really understand how I have ended up applying to be a PA and that too for the CEO, but I will accept the job. This is too good of an opportunity to give up. So thank you for the opportunity.” I looked at all 4 boys while I spoke. I turned my head back to Adam ” and as for you Mr Hughes I don’t quite understand why you keep labelling me as yours, because I can assure you I am not yours.” I finished making him even more pissed off then he were. He looked like he was gonna explode so I made a lie up and I didn’t even mean to say it out loud but he heard it. ” I have a boyfriend”.

Well I’m an idiot. I probably just ruined all my chances of getting with him. Well done Jessica. Well done.

A smirk replaced his scowl. I looked at him confused. I turned my head to the other 3 boys and they too were smirking. What the hell. I looked back at Adam who asked a question I was not expecting. “Really Miss Taylor you have a boyfriend? Do you mind telling me your boyfriends name?

Oh shit. I didn’t think of that did I.

As if on cue someone started hoovering outside the office and I remembered the hoover I had at home. But me being the idiot I am I told him the full name and boy did I feel embarrassed.

“Henry the Hoover”. See this is why they say think before you speak.

All 4 boys burst out into laughter while I slapped my hand over my face trying to hide my embarrassment. Seriously. Henry the Hoover. Uggghhhh kill me now.

Billy spoke up first “Adam you have some competition, I heard Henry does an amazing job” and he started laughing again.

I removed my hand from my face and managed to look at Adams face. He was staring at me waiting for me to speak. Well I can’t possibly embarrass myself any more than I already have so I’m just gonna let my mouth do as it wills.

“Ok I lied. I don’t have a boyfriend. I’m single, but am not ready to mingle. So stop trying to claim me cause I only belong to me ok, not you. Am I clear?” I finished pointing my finger at him and one hand on my hip. I was waiting for him to have a quick comeback but he said nothing. Well this is awkward. I lowered both my hands to my side and stared at his face. I thought he was gonna say something and he did, but actions are louder then words. A lot louder.

He grabbed me by my waist and pulled me closer in one swift move causing both my hands to rest flat on his chest. The part of his chest my hands were on were rock hard. I could feel his pecks and they do not disappoint. I looked directly in his eyes, I tried looking away but I couldn’t. His eyes were captivating I got lost in them, I was in a trance. I only broke out of it when he spoke.

“ baby girl your mine now and I will let no one else take what’s mine” he growled. My heart fluttered at his possessiveness but before I could even process what he said he slammed his lips onto mine. He was devouring me, kissing me as if it was his last. This was not a gentle kiss, him telling me he likes me. No. This was him showing me I was his, letting me know that no one else could look at me the way he could, touch me the way he could. What he didn’t know was that I was his the first time I looked into his eyes. There was no coming back from this. I can guarantee that my lips are going to be bruised after this. I was running out of breath and I gripped his shirt trying to drop the hint. He moved away reluctantly and placed his forehead against mine. We were both panting from that make out sech.

He finally moved his head back with his hands still on my hips and looked at me with yet again another smirk. He moved his right hand to my lips and traced them with his thumb. My lips were still relatively sore from his kiss. He was too close I can’t think properly when he is this close. I tried to move back but his hand moved from my lips back to my hip and his grip tightened. “Have I made myself clear? I am the only one with the right to touch you. No one else has the right do you understand? I don’t want any other man drooling over what is mine. he growled pulling me closer. My hands once again landed on his chest.

You know what lets play a game with him. I’m gonna play hard to get. That kiss was absolutely mind blowing and there is no way on earth that I will leave him nor will I let any other girl near him. If he thinks he can be possessive, I will be too.

“Mr Hughes, I understood every word”. I told him looking him dead in the eyes.

But I wasn’t done there. Nope.

I placed my hands over his and it was quite funny to see his face light up thinking of what I was gonna do next. He didn’t anticipate my next move, which was a bonus for me. I bought both his hands in front of me and held them looking to see his reaction. Once a smile sat on his face, I mirrored his expression and then dropped his hands which fell to his side and swung backwards and forwards due to the weight of his arms. It was so hard for me not to burst out laughing when his beautiful smile turned into a sext scowl.

“And I don’t agree to a single one.” He looked pissed. YAY!!! My plans working. “Firstly, like I said to you before I am not yours or anyone else’s. The only person I belong to is me, not you but me. Secondly, you wont see me parading around the office scouting for a boyfriend because frankly I can’t be bothered to do any of that stuff and thirdly if I do find someone you will be the first to know.” I finished winking at him. I knew I struck a nerve and boy did I enjoy striking it.

I looked at his hands, he had clenched them into a fist and was shaking with anger and jealousy and all I had done was mention me going out with another boy and lover boy over here looks ready to murder someone.

He was about to step forward to grab me again but I quickly moved over to the other men and stood in front of oldie. I mean Billy. I knew it would irritate him if I called Billy by his name because he wanted me to call him by his name but I kept calling him Mr Hughes. So I did exactly that. “Billy, where do we go from here. I mean I have accepted the job so when would you like me to start and is there anything in particular that I need to do before I start the Job”

I looked over to Adam to see him with eyes closed and his hands shaking even more than before. I’m heading in the right direction then aren’t I. I Looked at the twins and it looks like they caught onto my game because they were smirking and giving me thumbs up telling me they approved. I smiled then quickly got rid of it when he opened his eyes. I turned back to Billy and waited for him to answer. “Miss Taylor you can start on Monday and as for you doing anything before you start I need you to sign a contract. you can read through it but all it is saying is that you agree to work here by your own will and that you will remain loyal to us by keeping all information confidential and that if you every want to leave then you will give 4 weeks notice. But other than that there is nothing else you need to do.”

Billy finished and I answered back almost immediately “Would it be possible if I was to start not on the Monday coming but the following Monday. I didn’t think I would be getting this job so I didn’t plan anything and I will have to move to London so it will take me a couple of days to find a flat and get settled.” I hope they agree otherwise I’m screwed. Thankfully, Billy agreed and was going to continue before Adam opened his mouth.

“Your staying arrangements have already been taken care of the moment you agreed to the job. you will be staying in The presidential suit its on the same floor as me, Billy, Max and Matt.” he spoke in a ‘end of conversation’ tone. But I have to argue with this I can’t afford to stay in a presidential suit. “Mr Hughes, thank you for the offer but I’m going to have to kindly decline. I can’t possible afford to live in a presidential suit, I will just find a one bed flat somewhere near by”

I was going to continue but Adam interrupted me again. “Miss Taylor who said you will be paying. Accommodation will be free of charge. Do not argue any further regarding this matter because you will not win and you are staying in the presidential suite no where else.” Ok he is starting to piss me off now, he needs to stop trying to control this situation and let me have a say. “Mr Hughes like I said before I cannot afford to live in a presidential suit, I will be paying for the place I live in, I don’t want anyone else paying for my accommodation when I am perfectly capable of doing so myself.” I could tell he was going to argue further but this time it wasn’t Adam on his own, all 4 men agreed with each other and wanted me to stay in accommodation for free. It would prove his point from earlier, that I am a gold digger. That’s why I’m not agreeing to it.

I am capable of doing my own shit I don’t need help from someone else.

Authors note:

Heyyy!!! What do you think so far? Did you expect that kiss? Do you think Jess is going over the top about the accommodation? Let me know what you think in the comments.

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