Office Romance

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Adam’s POV:

“I’m sorry Mr Hughes”. She started but I was quick to cut her off “please, call me Adam” I need to hear my name roll out of that beautiful mouth of hers.

“I’m sorry.... Adam, But I applied for the floor managers job not to be the CEO’s PA. There must be some sort of mistake”. I was on cloud nine, the way she sung my name. My high was quickly interrupted when she said she applied for the managers job. My anger rose and I could tell she knew I was pissed. All the men that work on the first floor drool over pretty women, and they don’t stop until they get their fill.

Just the thought of other men thinking they could take what was mine made me shake with anger. I wanted to punch the wall, but I couldn’t because I would end up scaring her away. I needed to let her know she was mine and there was no other way to let her know so I had to be blunt. I know it’s probably not the best way to let her know that no one else can have her but I’m not one to beat around the bush.

“I’m afraid to tell you Miss Taylor, the managers job has been filled”. It hasn’t been filled but she doesn’t know that and there is no chance that I’m going to let my girl work with those bastards. “but you have a better job now. Your going to be the CEO’s PA, plus I don’t want you downstairs. There’s too many people, which means too many eyes on what’s mine and that is something I will not allow. Your mine and I will not let anyone mess with what is mine” I growled. I need her to know that she is mine and no one else’s. Her breathing started increasing and I smirked pleased with the effect I have on her. At least I know it’s not one sided she has feelings for me too but she is going to make me fight for her.

What she doesn’t know is I’m ready to fight a whole army of men for her. No one will have her but me.

She is quite something. I expected her to stay quite but she didn’t. I can tell I am going to have my hands full with her. I mentally sighed before she spoke. “Mr Hughes, I don’t really understand how I have ended up applying to be a PA and that too for the CEO, but I will accept the job. This is too good of an opportunity to give up. So thank you for the opportunity.” She looked at all 4 of us. She was being professional but I didn’t like the attention she was giving my brothers. She looked back to me, I was wrong when I though she was done.

” And as for you Mr Hughes I don’t quite understand why you keep labelling me as yours, because I can assure you I am not yours.” I swear this girls is going to be the death of me. I don’t think I have ever gotten angry as many times as I have in the last 20 minutes. Why does she not understand that she is mine. I was ready to unleash my beast but she stopped me. ” I have a boyfriend”.

My pissed off face turned into a smirk. What she didn’t know was I had done research on all the candidates prior to meeting them. If they had a boyfriend or a partner then it was a straight no. I know your going to say ‘that’s discrimination’ but I need my PA to be ready to drop what they are doing and do the job I asked them to. Too many excuses are made when a partner is involved. So as you can tell I did a background check on Jessica too. She has no boyfriend. Which is why me and my brothers were smirking at her. Well I might as well keep her game going. “Really Miss Taylor you have a boyfriend? Do you mind telling me your boyfriends name?” I thought I was going to have to drag the lie out of her. But I didn’t she landed herself a hole all by herself. “Henry the hoover”. She said in a rush and the laughter just spewed out of me she knew she screwed up because she slapped her hand over her face.

I was ready to let her go but once again she decided to piss me off. she actually believes she is not mine. I stood there thing of what to do next. I tried communicating with her telling her she’s mine but I guess words don’t seem to register in her head. So I did the next thing that came into my head.

I grabbed her and I kissed her.

I couldn’t stop once I started. She tasted amazing. I was going high from this kiss. I wasn’t gentle she needed to know she was mine. I kissed her as if it was my last.

She grabbed my shirt letting me know she was running out of breath so I hesitantly moved back and rested my forehead against hers. She tried moving back but my grip on her hips tightened.

“Have I made myself clear? I am the only one with the right to touch you. No one else has the right do you understand? I don’t want any other man drooling over what is mine.”

Even after that steamy kiss she still had the audacity to say no. She said no again.

She walked out of my grasp and went to my brother “Billy” she said and I tuned her out. I closed my eyes trying to calm my anger down. She refuses to say my name but she says his name as if he is her best friend.

I opened my eyes to when she spoke about her living arrangements. If it was up to me she would be living with me in my bed where I could take care of her. Give her care that no one but me would be able to give her. but I knew it would be too quick for her and she would freak out so I settled for the next best thing, the presidential suite that’s right next to my place.

“Your staying arrangements have already been taken care of the moment you agreed to the job. You will be staying in The presidential suit its on the same floor as me, Billy, Max and Matt.” I told her in a ‘end of conversation’ tone. But this girl is stubborn as hell and said no again. It made me wonder has she ever even said yes in her life. Does she know that word exists?

“Miss Taylor who said you will be paying. Accommodation will be free of charge. Do not argue any further regarding this matter because you will not win and you are staying in the presidential suite no where else.” I finished and I knew my brothers thought the same. They already considered her family because of me so there is no chance she would win this argument. It was 4 against 1.

I looked at her and waited for her next comment. She was pissed that we were not giving her a choice in this matter. "Look, I'm grateful for the offer but I can't accept. If I do accept then it will make me look like a gold digger. You know the thing you were calling me before, and that is not a look I would like to attain." She said and it made me angry again. This time I was pissed at myself for saying that to her, but I didn't actually mean it I just wanted a reaction out of her.

"Jessica, I have already apologised for saying what I did, I didn't mean it, it was just a test to see what you were going to do. And as for anyone knowing, it wont matter because we provide accommodation for staff who need it so you would not be the first one. And I'm not giving you a choice you will be staying in the presidential suit ." I finished and felt relieved when I saw her relax.

"As long as I'm not getting any special treatment then I suppose I can manage living in the suit." She said feeling a bit nervous. I knew it was because she indirectly addressed my feelings for her, so me being the twat I am decided to push her a little further.

"And why would you be getting special treatment Miss Taylor" I smirked as she started to blush, but then she mirrored me with a smirk of her own. " well what can I say Mr Hughes, there is a psycho who thinks he has some sort of a claim over me and thinks he can order me around. I just need him to know that he has nothing on me and needs to control his feelings before I puncture them myself." I though she finished but she turned her head and looked at my brothers who all had a smirk on their face looking at me before diverting their attention back to her" boys if you know who he is, will you let him know that I'm not interested and to back away. Because if he doesn't then I have ways of my own to get rid of him" she finished looking back at me.

She just threatened me in my own office. I should be pissed but I'm not. All I want to do is throw my brothers out and show her what a psycho I am. I wonder how she would react to getting 'punished'. You know a couple of spanks, I wonder if she would enjoy it, moan in pleasure.

OKAY. I need to stop thinking of that I'm lighting a fire within myself that can't be doused. But I can't help it, the things I want to do to her. Images of me and her are running through my head and it's getting hard to control myself. I just hope she gives into me, and fast.

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