Office Romance

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Jessica's POV:

I felt like laughing in his face as he stared at me speechless. I just threatened him in his office and I got away with it. I can't wait to see how far I can push his boundaries, see how far he is willing to go.

"Miss Taylor, can you please follow my brothers, they will show you around the building and also give you the contract I need you to sign." Billy told me with a bright smile on his face. I knew I would get on with these brothers, I had only been here a couple of minutes and they were already giving me a brotherly vibe.

I am 100% sure that the reason I am feeling that way is because of that hot Adonis stood giving me daggers. I must say one thing, I am really lucky that he is giving me a second look but of course I would never tell him that, I do have some pride you know.

I followed the brothers as they took me around showing their empire. " So as you can see the top floor is only for the CEO and his assistant, which in this case is you. The meetings you will arrange will all be on this floor, we have one big room for when the crowd is big and a smaller room next to it to that can fit in a smaller meeting of 5-6 people. Of course we wouldn't let you die of dehydration and hunger so there is a little kitchen that you can make your coffee and food for your late nights. Oh, and if you can't tell already I'm Matt, the elder and more good looking twin." he finished with a wink causing me to chuckle.

It didn't take long for Max to speak up and voice his opinion "what the hell do you mean good looking we look exactly the same, your just jealous that I am loved more and to top it I'm smarter then you, do you know I don't even know how Adam gave him the Head of HR job. He's dumb as shit." Max finished after giving Matt a slap over his head.

I couldn't help but laugh. I suddenly remembered my siblings and how we always fight in the exact same way. Will I really be able to move out of my home, a home I have known my whole life and uproot to a completely new city, a new home, a new job.

I didn't realise I had stopped walking and was staring into space until one of the boys shook me. " Hey are you ok? You look really sad all of sudden." I nodded my head and continued walking, I looked up at the boys and I could tell they were not satisfied with my answer but I knew I was being stupid and I didn't want to worry anyone. " Max will be joining us in 2 minutes, he just had a quick call to make" Matt finished, he looked really suspicious but it wasn't my place to ask so I just shrugged it off.

Max eventually showed up after a couple of minutes and they both continued to show me around the building. I was exhausted after we had finished walking around, this building had too many floors. All 51 floors had something on it and to top it off I stopped listening after we passed the 10th floor.

They took me back to where I had my interview and I saw Billy and a really worried Adam. He looked at me as if my arm was hanging off and I was really confused. I looked at the boys next to me silently asking them what was wrong, They shrugged their shoulders and mouthed a sorry.

What the hell is happening?

I was bought out of my daze when I saw Adam taking long strides towards me. Before I could say anything his arms were around me and he placed gentle kisses on my forehead. I didn't even realise when I wrapped my arms around his waist, it was only when I tried pushing him away when I acknowledged what I had done. I moved back and I could feel my cheeks heating up.

"Baby are you okay? What happened? Why did your mood change all of a sudden? Is everything ok?" He kept rambling on I was about to ask him what he was talking about when I realised that he was talking about the moment I had when the boys were showing me around. I turned to the boys and they both rubbed the back of their necks in nervousness and then Max had the audacity to wave at me. I glared at them before turning back to Adam.

" Mr Hughes, I am perfectly fine I just remembered something which caused me to get lost in the moment Matt and Max had just blown this up for no reason at all. I am absolutely fine." Adam let out a sigh of relief before hugging me once more. " I was so worried, I thought something happened to you" he rested his hands on both sides of my face and looked directly in my eyes. It was as if he was trying to find something that wasn't their.

Well things have got serious all of a sudden and I am not liking it at all. I think I like angry and possessive Adam more than gentle caring Adam. Well I guess I am going to have to rile him up a bit. Heheheh. My speciality.

"Mr Hughes" I took this moment to remove his hands from my face and he let them fall by his side. This action alone made his face tense up and I felt like laughing. It doesn't take much to get him angry. "I told you there is nothing wrong with me but thank you for worrying about my health and safety. While there is nothing wrong with me, there is however a problem regarding me" I wanted to laugh so bad but I had to keep it in. His face had a worrisome look on it. "What is it? Tell me. I will solve it, no one will be able to hurt you I won't let them."

JACKPOT!!!! He fell for it just as I expected.

I smirked and confusion was evident in his beautiful grey eyes "you are the problem Mr Hughes, I told you before and I'm telling you now. I am not yours to claim. My name is Jessica or Miss Taylor. In fact you have to call me Miss Taylor it will be informal for you to call me Jessica" Yes! To say he was pissed would be an understatement. So lets anger him some more. "Billy, Max, Matt feel free to call me what ever you want I don't mind what you call me you can call me Jessica, Jess, Miss Taylor or even babe, I'm not fussed about you three" I finished and stood before me was a bright red Adam. I knew he was about to explode so I started walking over to Billy.

I took a couple of steps forward before I felt someone grab the back of my neck and I was pulled against a hard muscly chest. I looked up to see Adam, he looked as if he was about to murder someone. What is he doing? I was about to ask but he beat me to it. "You are mine, only mine. They will address you by Miss Taylor and nothing else I will be the only one to call you Jessica, Jess or babe." He growled in frustration. I should have been pissed that he was man handling me but it turned me on. Oh god. I'M SUCH A FREAK! I looked at his face thinking of a comeback but he smirked at me.

Oh shit! This can't be good.

He pulled me closer to him if that was even possible. My chest against his. My hands fisted his shirt on his chest. His hands were on my hips. I were about to ask him what he was doing but my question disappeared as fast as it came as shock travelled through my body. He moved his hands moved from my hips slowly up my sides and got extremely close to my chested goods. He bent down and whispered " This belongs to me and only. No one else but me. Am I clear Baby?" My breathing was unsteady, I was too close, I couldn't think properly with him this close. I was 2 seconds away from jumping him so I quickly nodded my head and pushed on his chest so I could move away. But his grip on me tightened. "Words baby girl" He said getting dangerously close to my lips. I knew if I kissed him this time I would give in. "Yes. Crystal clear" I finished and I could tell I looked like a tomato I could feel the heat radiating off me and the smirk and his face told me everything I needed to know.

He finally let go and I speed walked over to Billy who was also smirking at me. Bastards.

"Can I quickly sign the contract so I can go home I'll miss the train if I leave any later." I tried to divert the attention away from me, it worked but they all knew what I was doing they were not dumb people. Billy's smirked deepened before he walked over to the desk in the middle of the room." Come over here, your contract has been written up all it needs is your signature and your free to start. Oh by the way, you will be starting on the Monday coming which is 4 days. I spoke with the CEO and he wants you to start as soon as possible. He was trying to push for tomorrow but I managed to convince him to give you 4 days. So if your okay with that then you can sign the contract. Feel free to read through it, I talked you through it before but feel free to have a read through" Billy handed me the contract, I didn't need to read through it, I trusted what he said and I know it has only been like a couple of minutes but I know they wouldn't do me over like that.

I placed the contract down and reached over the large table to grab a pen. As I was getting back up I heard a cough. It was a hacking cough, it sounded like someone was choking so I turned around to see what had happened. I saw a bright red Matt and Max and a smirking Adam all looking at me. My eyes went as wide as saucers as I quickly realised what was happened. They were all staring at my arse. I turned around as fast as I could and said 'perverts' loud enough for them to hear and I heard chuckling in response.

I signed the contract and handed it over to Billy.

Do you know what I just realised, I have no idea who the CEO is and I just signed a contract to work for him. I hope he is nice otherwise I will not be lasting long at all.

"who will I be working for? I just realised that I have no idea who the CEO is. Is he nice? Will he be easy to work with?" I stopped when all the boys started laughing at me.

Is he really that bad? Oh, what have I landed myself in?

Matt was the first one to speak up "do you really not know who the CEO is?" Max was the next one to speak up "So you just signed a contract without knowing who your working for" Billy was quick to speak up "Oh Jessica, he is going to give you a run for your money, he won't let you breath in piece."

I was feeling very overwhelmed by the information so I looked to the only one who could provide me with a bit of comfort but he was stood their smirking. He walked up to me and took his hand out waiting for me to shake it, I slowly moved my hand and placed it in his. "It is a pleasure to meet you Miss Taylor, I am Mr Adam Hughes, CEO of the Hughes Corporation"


I guess I am officially fucked.

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