Office Romance

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Adam's POV:

The three of them eventually left and Billy and I were alone. He turned to me and had a mischievous smile on his face. What the hell is he smiling at. “you my brother, are whipped” He finished chuckling. A smile presented itself on my face as an image of Jessica passed my eyes.

“You know I have never looked at a women the way I do with Jess. She is beautiful, I just can’t seem to take my eyes off her. Billy I have never felt this way before. You know I used to ridicule people who believe in ‘love at first sight’. I used to think they were idiots. I have joined that list and am at the very top. I can’t imagine my life without her and she’s only been here 5 minutes.” I said while looking down to the floor and rubbing the back of my neck suddenly feeling really nervous.

I am not a person who shares their emotions, I tend to keep them to myself no matter how overwhelming it could be. I don’t like feeling vulnerable or showing people my weak points. But if it means making Jess mine then I am willing to jump off the edge of the earth. She means too much to me. I looked back at Billy who had a loving smile on his face. “don’t worry brother she will not be going anywhere. I find a new little sister and I’ll be damned to let her go. But have you thought about her leaving now. Once they come back she is going to sign the contract and leave. She might even take 2 weeks to come back” He said suddenly looking really serious.

" The hell she is! I want her starting tomorrow I can’t stay that long without seeing her.” I started panicking which is really weird because I always keep a strong composure. “Adam, we can’t make her start that quick but I know your not gonna let this go so I am going to tell her she has to start on Monday. And I am not taking no for an answer”. Billy had his ‘I ain’t taking no bullshit from you’ face on, I knew it was futile arguing with him so I reluctantly agreed.

I suddenly got a phone call from Max “who is it” Billy asked trying to look at me phone. “It’s max” I said and quickly answered the phone.

“Max, what’s up?” “Hey Adam, nothing much but I thought I would let you know that something is wrong with Jess. We were showing her around and she suddenly stopped and when I turned to look at her she looked really sad and depressed all of a sudden. I’m sure it’s nothing but I though if I didn’t tell you, you would eat my head if you found out. And before you say, I’m not bring her back until I have finished with the tour we only have a face more floors so I will be there in 10”

Max said and I started pacing the room worry etched on my face. “Thank you for letting me know Max but speed the tour up and bring her back to me I need to know what is going on with her. And you idiot I’m not a dinosaur that I’m going to bite your head off” Max chuckled at my last sentence causing me to roll my eyes.

"Don’t worry I won’t let anything happen to my new little sister and I will bring her back as soon as I can” A smile made its way to my face. My brothers have already accepted her as their own. I am so luck to have such caring and loving brothers. I am such an Arse to them sometimes but they never hold it against me.

After a while I heard the door open and instantly knew who it was. She looked at me in confusion and then looked at Matt and Max. I took big steps and strode over to her. I grabbed her and started placing small kisses over her forehead. “Baby are you okay? What happened? Why did your mood change all of a sudden? Is everything ok?”. I just started bombarding her with questions. But she looked over to the boys who were nervously waving at her while she was glaring at them.“ Mr Hughes, I am perfectly fine I just remembered something which caused me to get lost in the moment Matt and Max had just blown this up for no reason at all. I am absolutely fine.” She replied causing me to sigh in relief. I placed my forehead against hers. Thank God it was nothing serious.

I feel at peace knowing that she is well and that she is by my side where I can protect her. I wanted to stay here in this position for ever. “Mr Hughes” she spoke breaking my trance. She pushed my hands away from her and took a step back. I tensed at the sudden movement feeling slightly pissed that she rejected my touch.

“I told you there is nothing wrong with me but thank you for worrying about my health and safety. While there is nothing wrong with me, there is however a problem regarding me” I instantly replied “what is it? Tell me I will solve it, no one will be able to hurt you I won’t let them.” I finished and Jess reciprocated by smirking.

“you are the problem Mr Hughes, I told you before and I’m telling you now. I am not yours to claim. My name is Jessica or Miss Taylor. In fact you have to call me Miss Taylor it will be informal for you to call me Jessica. Billy, Max, Matt feel free to call me what ever you want I don’t mind what you call me you can call me Jessica, Jess, Miss Taylor or even babe, I’m not fussed about you three.

By the time she was finished I was shaking in anger. I knew she could tell because I literally had smoke coming out of my ears. She walked at a fast pace away from me walking towards Billy.

Oh no you don’t.

I grabbed the back of her neck and turned her around slamming her straight into my chest. She looked up at me with wide eyes with a questioning look. But I answered before she spoke “You are mine, only mine. They will address you by Miss Taylor and nothing else I will be the only one to call you Jessica, Jess or babe.” I knew she liked what I was doing because her eyes were darkening with lust, so I continued. I moved my hands from her hips and started stroking her body getting extremely close to her chest. She gasped causing me to smirk.

" This belongs to me and only. No one else but me. Am I clear Baby?” She nodded her head in answer but I wanted to hear her voice. See if it sounded as flushed as her face looked. “words baby girl” “Yes crystal clear”

I let go of here with an accomplished look on my face. I could tell I l looked like a smug twat but I was happy with the way she reacted to me, how she gets out of breath so quick without me even touching her.

She took the contract off Billy and went to sign it. She bent over the table and her luscious round arse was in the air for me to see. I heard Max say wow and I simply winded his stomach. He shouldn’t have been looking but the smirk didn’t fall from my face even when she turned to look. I chuckled when I heard her shout perverts, if only she knew of the thoughts that travelled through my head. The things I wanted to do to her.

She broke my chain of thoughts once again but this time I was shocked and extremely happy at the same time. “who will I be working for? I just realised that I have no idea who the CEO is. Is he nice? Will he be easy to work with?” The boys burst out in laughter and if even possible my smirk widened. The boys began ridiculing how she signed the contract without knowing who she would be working with. So she looked over at me in confusion and my smirk did not die down.

I walked over to her and held me had out she took it and shook my hand. “It is a pleasure to meet you Miss Taylor, I am Mr Adam Hughes, CEO of the Hughes Corporation” I felt like laughing so loud, you should have seen her face. She looked like a fish, mouth open and eyes wide as saucers.

I knew she was in shock even though I though she would have realised I was CEO when I asked her to be my PA but clearly not. So why not confuse her some more. In fact not confuse her but lets work her body up in a way only I can.

I didn't let go of her hand so I still had her in a grip. I pulled her flush against my chest. Her breathing hitched as she realised what I was doing. I gripped her hip tightly so that she couldn't move away from me and cupped her face with my other hand.

"You know when I said that I would let no one else be look at you, I was serious. Apart from my brothers, I will let no other man look at you. You are mine and only mine, no one else will have you but me. Do you understand baby?"

She still didn't say anything but her mouth finally closed she had a look of anger and confusion on her face so before she could open her mouth I decided to close it for her. I slammed my lips against hers. Kissing her as if it was my last. I licked her lower lip for access but she refused and started pushing me away. I dragged my hands up and down her body to her arse and gave it a squeeze, she gasped and I took the chance and invaded her mouth. She stopped pushing and wrapped her arms around me neck giving me her all.

I forgot my brothers were present until I heard a cough. I broke the kiss and lent my head against hers. She was bright red and extremely out of breath. I rally want to kill those stupid brothers of mine. Why did they have to ruin the moment?

She looked into my eyes and then quickly hid her face in my neck causing me to chuckle. I wrapped my arms around her seeking all the comfort I could possible get. This is my life now

I love you Jessica

Authors note:

So guys what do you think so far. Are you liking Adams possessiveness or do you think it is too much. Let me know what you think in the comments.

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