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The Gangleader's Obsession (BOOK 1)

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Shania Jakes has been through a life of hardships and is looking for a haven. She chooses Brad Homes as that haven. He is the young, hot, brilliant and rich CEO of Homes Enterprises and GEM Co. She thinks marrying him would be easy and they will have a boring life but soon finds Brad and boring just don’t go together. Brad has his own demons that he’s running from and with one slip up… they come to hunt them both. A power hungry Drug lord father-in-law, bent on slimming his way into Brad’s business. Her torturer from hell, a criminal mastermind that will stop at nothing to obtain the focus of his obsession. Now Shania finds herself being targeted, not knowing who to trust. This isn’t what she signed up for at all. See what awaits Shania at the other side of her vows... (TRIGGER WARNING, contains abuse, rape and other mature themes)

Romance / Action
Nia Shan
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Chapter 1

Hey ,

Welcome to The Gangleader's Obsession.

This is one of my first works and I have edited it to make it bearable (cause it was a major mess!).

Written in 2015, it is an action packed, gang romance with hot sex and scenes to keep you on your toes.

I hope you enjoy! Don't let the first chapter scare you off. It gets better as it progresses! Thank you in advance for the support.

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Most importantly keep safe!


Nia Shan.


I could hear my heart pounding- bum, bum, bum, bum, bum- loudly in my ears.

My golden skin now looked like a painting of purple, black and blue and my brown curly hair was a bird’s nest. I lay on the cold hard floor in this dark room crying until my eyes were red and puffy.

How could I be so dumb?!

I thought he loved me. When we were together, he took me shopping, bought me gifts and showered me with love, at least that’s what I thought it was.

‘You’re a pretty little thing,’ I remembered him saying. ‘I would love to have you for my own, as my trophy’.

How could I have fallen for him?

He was just another pretty face, a possessive one and let’s not forget strict and abusive. He had me eating off the palm of his hand, wrapped around his little finger just how he wanted me. I was weak, vulnerable and naïve. So desperate to escape my past, to move ahead, to feel loved and cared for that, I fell right into his arms... The arms of this temperamental man.

Maybe I was made to never know how it feels to have a normal and stable family, be carefree and safe.

I thought maybe, just maybe he was the one I was meant to find. The one who would show me how much he cared, and to love me, but right here, right now it doesn’t feel that way.

I remembered it like it was yesterday. The day we met. He, a young, strikingly handsome, and relatively wealthy man. The type of man women swooned over. The type of man a woman would do anything- and I mean anything for.

…and I?

Well, I was a young and beautiful woman with a bright future ahead of her in the field of Architectural Arts. A woman who had been through hell and was looking for security in heaven. I was the type of woman to go by undetected, if I didn’t make myself visible you wouldn’t know I was there.

That was how I liked it, fame and popularity were only there to prove to someone that they were important and seen. Laying low was there for the ones that knew they were important and didn’t need anyone to prove it to them.

It’s understandable that, that one night I rose to fame- that one night I ran away from the security of laying low was the day the past and future started to haunt me.

One year earlier

“Drink! Drink! Drink!” I heard the people at the bar shout as I drained a bottle of vodka.

“Yeah!” I screamed as I pounded the bottle on the table earning cheers from the wasted partiers around me.

They scream my name and I pump my fists in victory. I was wasted right now. This was my first night out since I came to this school and I was enjoying the visibility to the highest.

“Pay up,” I said to the man sitting beside me on the leather barstool. He was the one who had bet me to chug that bottle of vodka and it was time he paid the piper.

He slapped 50 bucks in my palm and smiled at me.

There was something about him, something alluring. Was it the fact that his teeth were pearly white? Seeing I was used to seeing slightly yellow ones.

Was it his smile that could melt a thousand icebergs or was it his eyes that were a deliciously light chocolate brown? They held a look of pain and hardships but in them, there was a glint of hope. Something I was starting to lose day by day.

“Nice...doing business with you,” I said my eyes lingering on his figure, my throat was burning from the vodka and my head was a bit light. I needed to scram before I said anything stupid.

So with that, I got up and walked over to the booth where my friends - well, my roomie and her friends were. She literally dragged me here, she said that it was my last year and I needed to have fun. She knew that I was anti-social to the max, so she always tried to make me socialize and tonight I finally caved in.

The booth had red seats and a jet-black table. It was dimly lit and it was on the far side of the huge bar.

I had to push through a couple of drunken people dancing on the floor to make it to them but I made it there safely. I staggered over to the booths with a grin as I tucked the 50 bucks in my bra.

“This is fun!” I screamed as I hugged my roomie who was playfully fighting me off. It was my first time going to a club and already I felt drunk; the vodka pushed me over a bit but, I was okay... I think.

“That’s it, Shania! Come on let’s go, I want to see you move that sexy ass of yours!” yelled Chris, he was the football player in the group or was it soccer?

He grabbed my hand, we moved to the dance floor, he ground on me to the beat of the song and I felt his leather pants rub against me. He wrapped his arms around me, his blue-sleeved shirt hugged his muscles, and his wild brown curls fell to his shoulders. I was in a tight red dress that hugged my curves perfectly as I moved. I wasn’t shapeless, I had a near hourglass figure and enough bust and rear for my size.

…and despite the stereotypical belief, I can dress; I may be anti-social but, I had taste.

Chris was extremely handsome but I knew his type. Hit and ditch. So, I wasn’t expecting anything more than this dance.

We danced until the song ended and I was ready to leave the floor when the same guy from the bar held me back. He spun me so my back is to his front and started to grind on me. I shrugged and said ‘what the hell’, it was just a dance nothing more.

We danced song after song until I couldn’t feel my feet just enjoying our bodies together.

I angled my head to look at the man behind me and once again, I was speechless. He was stunning. He was outfitted in a pair of sleek, black jeans and a stylish, black and white shirt. He wore a gold watch and had messy, brown hair with white streaks.

“Are you okay?” he asked as his eyes aligned with mine.

I stood there looking at him speechless at how sexy he was. What did they say the most attractive ones are the most dangerous? Take amphibians, for example, the colourful ones are the most poisonous.

I finally regained my voice after shamefully staring at him. “I’m fine but, my feet are killing me.”

“Would you like to sit with me?” he asked, his voice was enchanting.

Not wanting to be rude, I nodded and he led me to his table a few feet from the bar. I could feel my roomie’s eyes on me but my attention was stuck on the man in front of me.

“Um... so, may I ask what your name is?” I asked him as he sat down. I wasn’t going to sit with a guy and I didn’t know his name.

“Brad... Brad Homes,” he said as he chuckled at my eagerness. “And you are?”

“I am Shania Jakes,” I replied as I played with my fingers. Damn, I feel like a silly teenager sitting with her crush.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, aren’t you a cute little thing,” he said.

“Cute little thing?” I asked with a brow raised.

“Forgive me, I meant beautiful woman,” he said emphasizing each word.

“That’s better,” I blushed and he laughed, it sounded so melodic. No, I was worse than a teenage girl.

“I would love to have you as my own, as my trophy,” he said again. “You’re priceless and beautiful, someone to be displayed to the world. Someone to claim as my own.”

“Aren’t you a sweet talker?” I said as I try to keep my face impassive.

“My mother told me that once. That’s because I always used my words to get out of trouble when I was younger. But, I think her exact words were that I was a devil in disguise,” he joked.

“That’s moms for you.” I joke.

“So where’s your mom now?” I asked as I leaned on the table.

“She’s dead. She died in an arson,” Brad replied and I saw a frown form on his face. So, I changed the subject not wanting to pry.

We talked for a long time just enjoying the company. He was a nice but... boring guy. I had to admit it but I wasn’t looking for that much excitement. I’d have enough in my teenage years. He was good enough for me to settle with if I wanted to and that was a very big if.

A blonde woman that came over to Brad and whispered into his ear soon interrupted us.

“I have to go,” he said sadly and I frowned but then he handed something. “Here’s my card. Call me, I’d love to continue this discussion.”

With that, he got up from around the table, winked at me and left.

I stood watching as he walked away, admiring him from back profile: muscular and broad. I soon averted my eyes as he disappeared in the crowd and I stumbled over to my friends’ booth.

“So, who’s the hunk you were talking to?” Shanice, my roomie asked as I took a seat.

Shanice was 5 ft. 7 inches, slim, had a brown complexion and black hair that fell to her shoulders. She wore a green dress that complemented her brown eyes and black heels. She had a small hourglass figure that suited her body type and made her look sexy.

“Brad Homes,” I replied as if it was nothing.

“The millionaire?! You lucky bitch!” She screamed running over to me and hugging me, tightly.

She was the type of girl that fantasized about meeting a rich guy and having a big wedding so, to sum it up she was a fame seeker.

“Aren’t you lucky?” piped up Mason. He was a tall, medium built, light complexion and black curly-haired guy outfitted in a black shirt and white pants.

Mason sat in the corner of the booth with a vodka bottle in front of him, watching us with amused eyes.

“Of course I am,” Shan said as she went to sit on his lap and kissed him chastely on his lips.

They were together for four years now. They were two lovesick puppies; he was studying to be a doctor, she a designer. They were the perfect couple, always playing, laughing, and showing each other how much they loved one another. They were the definition of total admiration.

“So, he gave you his number?” she asked.

“Yeah, but I’m not sure if I’m going to call him,” I replied.

“Like hell you are!” She exclaimed. “A millionaire doesn’t just come up to a girl like this every day... You are going to call his sexy ass even if I have to glue your hand to that phone!”

Mason cleared his throat and Shanice blushed. “Oh come on, you know your ass is sexy too and plus, I wouldn’t change my big boy for nothing.” Her hands disappeared down his shirt beneath the table and he grunted causing her to grin.

“Gosh, stop you’re in public,” I scolded.

They laughed at me and kissed again. I looked away only to see Chris and a blonde pressed against the wall, hands roaming and tongue lost in each other’s mouth.

“PDA much.” I gagged deciding I’d rather stomach the couple before me than Chris and Blondie.

Shan looked over at me as I gagged and stuck her tongue at me causing me to chuckle. I looked down at the card in my hand and smiled.

Maybe I will call him.

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